Zheng Youming's heart trembled when he saw Li Yundong, especially when he saw that Zi Yuan was participating in the competition. He couldn't help comparing her to the beauty in his arms.

The girl in his arms could be considered a rare beauty. Moreover, though she was a lady in the streets, she was a freak under the sheets. What was even more valuable was that her tea skills were extremely exquisite and could be said to be excellent both in terms of beauty and art. Otherwise, he would not have been willing to give away so much to arrange such an activity. On the one hand, it was to advertise his tea leaves, and on the other hand, he wanted to promote the beauty in his arms.

But now, compared with the beauty in front of him, Zheng Youming suddenly felt that the woman he was embracing was not a phoenix, but a local chicken!

"It's true that when comparing people, the inferior ones have to die. When comparing goods, the inferior ones have to be done away with!"

Zheng Youming suddenly felt very upset. He whispered to a staff member next to him, and the staff member nodded. He then walked over to the lady at the registration desk and took out the competition materials of Li Yundong and his companions.

When Zheng Youming saw it, he was shocked again. "The highest grade Yellow Mountain Maofeng?"

The beautiful woman next to him craned her neck to get a look at it. She was also surprised. "That's a really good tea! I'm afraid that your Tie Guanyin won't be able to beat it!"

Zheng Youming glanced at her and said, "If my tea can't win over that tea, can you, a tea lady, win over her?"

As he spoke, he hinted at Zi Yuan with his eyes.

The beautiful woman glanced at Zi Yuan and snorted sourly. "You like her? Then why are you still hanging around with me?"

As she spoke, she prepared to break free from his embrace and leave.

Zheng Youming quickly smiled and said, "Oh, don't be angry. You know that there's only room for you in my heart."

The girl's anger turned to joy and she said, "You men love the new and hate the old. Humph, I know this well! I don't care. You have to guarantee that I will win first place, otherwise, I will not let you get away with it."

Zheng Youming smiled bitterly in his heart. "Oh my god, don't you see that these guys are determined to win? He has already taken out the best Yellow Mountain Maofeng. If the strength of both sides is too disparate, and the onlookers are not blind, won't the audience curse me to death if I brazenly manipulate the game? I'm going to get myself into trouble. Do you think you'll be able to get off the hook and have a good life? In the end, you'll be in trouble just like me, won't you?"

The tea lady cast a few glances at Zi Yuan. Even though she didn't know much about Zi Yuan's skills, she was deeply worried just from looking at her otherworldly temperament. "Her temperament isn't something that can be faked. If she didn't have any ability, she wouldn't have dared to come here. I'm afraid she has some real competence."

The tea lady looked worried. "What should we do? Are you going to let others steal the win from us?"

Zheng Youming snorted and said, "How could I allow the fertilizer to flow into an outsider's field? I'll handle this! This b*stard always messes up my plan. How can I let him succeed this time?"

He called to a staff member next to him and whispered in his ear. The staff nodded and walked into the arena. After a while, a man and a woman came out of the club.

The man was about forty or fifty years old. He was dressed in a sharp suit and smart leather shoes, looking energetic and extraordinary. The woman seemed to be in her twenties. Although she was plain-looking, her eyes were sharp, and her eyebrows expressed her arrogance.

Zheng Youming smiled when he saw them. He shook hands with the middle-aged man and said, "Manager Zhong, I might need your help this time."

Manager Zhong smiled slightly and said, "Come now, you are being too polite. We will work together often in the future! If you need anything, just let me know."

Zheng Youming said with a smile, "Just now, there was a contestant who had great competence and brought the best Yellow Mountain Mao Feng tea..."

Before he could even finish his words, Manager Zhong laughed and said, "The best Yellow Mountain Maofeng? Haha, Manager Zheng, congratulations! Your advertisement has worked well. It seems that even a real tea merchant has been attracted. Are you worried about this? But I remember that you have a lot of treasured Taiping Monkey King. You are the king of tea. You surely don't even need my help!"

Zheng Youming waved his hand with a bitter smile. "No matter how good the tea leaves are, they need to be handled by an expert. Manager Zhong, don't make fun of me! Take a look yourself..." He then pointed to Zi Yuan not far away.

Manager Zhong's expression immediately changed when his gaze fell upon her. He quickly exchanged a glance with the female companion next to him. The woman also looked at him in surprise, as if she couldn't believe her eyes.

"What is it? You know her?" Zheng Youming saw their reactions and asked in a hurry.

Manager Zhong chuckled and said, "We do have some connections. What do you mean by this, Manager Zheng?"

Zheng Youming tentatively asked, "Manager Zhong, since you and her are old acquaintances, why don't you persuade her to withdraw from the competition?"

"Well..." Manager Zhong pondered for a while. After that, he said, "Alright. I will give it a try! However, this woman is not as simple as she may appear. I am not sure if I can do it."

Zheng Youming smiled and said, "Where there's a will, there's a way. Since we're friends, this way we won't have to damage our friendship."

Manager Zhong smiled slightly and walked over to Zi Yuan and the others. Once he was close, he greeted them and said, "The Spiritual Master of Zi Yuan from the Ling Palace of the Zhengyi Sect has actually come to this small tea competition. This is really rare."

"Zhong Qingsong, the master of the Yellow Mountain Pine Valley Cottage? Why are you here?" The Zi Yuan turned around and looked at the woman next to Zhong Qingsong. "Could it be that you're also here to participate in the competition?"

Zhong Qingsong chuckled. "I'm just the organizer's partner. Why is The Spiritual Master of Zi Yuan in the mood to participate in such a small competition?"

Having said that, he then looked at Li Yundong and asked, "Who is this?"

Zi Yuan smiled slightly and replied, "This is Li Yundong, the current leader of the Fox Buddhist Sect. This is my Junior Sister, Ruan Hongling. This is Su Chan from the Fox Buddhist Sect, and this is Li Yundong's chief disciple, Zhou Qin."

As Zhong Qingsong listened to her calmly introducing Li Yundong, he couldn't help feeling shocked and stunned. What surprised him was the fact that there had recently been a rumor circulating in the Cultivation World that the Six Sects had forced them to return to Tianyuan Mountain without accomplishing anything. He hadn't expected that this person would end up in front of him. He was shocked to find that the lofty and arrogant Zi Yuan was colluding with the master of the Fox Buddhist Sect!

Zhong Qingsong subconsciously looked at Li Yundong. He saw that the boy in front of him had a calm face. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised into a subtle smile. He had an extraordinary bearing and his eyes were shining, the light in them bottomless.

He was astounded and thought to himself, "He seems to be a capable man, but unfortunately, he hasn't gone down the right path!"

Zhong Qingsong and the young woman next to him were looking at Li Yundong. The woman saw that there were no ordinary mortals around, so she asked directly, "Are you Li Yundong?"

Li Yundong was neither humble nor arrogant in his response, simply nodding and saying, "Yes."

The young woman looked at Su Chan next to her and then at Zhou Qin. She secretly thought that Zhou Qin was a pervert and a slave to his own lust. She curled her lips and said, "It's said that you have amazing magical powers and excellent fighting skills. You even forced the six sects to retreat from their siege..."

Li Yundong smiled slightly and said humbly, "I was just lucky."

The young woman snorted. "I know you are lucky because I wasn't there. If I had been, it wouldn't have been your turn to do it."

As soon as she finished speaking, Su Chan retorted, "That's right. You must have known that something was going on beforehand, hence why you purposely waited instead of going. Then, when everything had settled down, you were free to jump out and spout big talk!"

Ruan Hongling also felt anger in her heart. "Where did this guy come from? He's like some giant toad yawning. What a big mouth! Where does she put my sister, Zi Yuan, with his words?"

Ruan Hongling couldn't help mocking her. "Anyone can talk. I just wonder if she has any real skills."

The young woman glanced at them arrogantly and said in a tone dripping with disdain, "How dare a three-tailed Demon Fox, a little cultivator who hasn't even cultivated the Yang Qi, be so arrogant?"

Su Chan and Ruan Hongling were both infuriated by this comment. Just as they were about to speak, Li Yundong stopped them and winked at them. Zhong Qingsong also turned his head and shouted in a low voice, "Qing'er!"

The young woman named Qing'er harrumphed and turned her head away, raising her nose in the air with a look of abject haughtiness on her face.

Zhong Qingsong smiled at Zi Yuan. "He's my disciple. He's gotten used to me spoiling him and grown a little arrogant. Please excuse him."

Zi Yuan faintly smiled and said, "No big deal. It's normal for young people to be proud and arrogant."

Qing'er glanced at her and suddenly asked, "Are you old? Why are you talking like you're some old woman?"

Li Yundong noticed that the young woman was talking impudently and seemed to have no understanding of basic etiquette at all. He frowned and said without waiting for Zi Yuan to speak, "Perfected Immortal Zhong, do you have something to say? If there's nothing else to discuss, we'll take our leave."

Zhong Qingsong saw that the other women in their group, including Zi Yuan, were all following Li Yundong's lead. As soon as he opened his mouth, the others fell silent. Zhong Qingsong couldn't help feeling sincere amazement in his heart.

He glanced at Li Yundong, then turned his head and said to Zi Yuan with a smile, "Alright, I won't lie in front of The Perfected Immortal. I have heard that Perfected Immortal Zi Yuan has also participated in this tea ceremony. I came to ask for some respect and hope that Perfected Immortal Zi Yuan will show a little humility for me."

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "If it's convenient, I will help you since we serve the same Tao."

Zhong Qingsong returned her smile and replied, "That would be great. If Perfected Immortal Zi Yuan could withdraw from the competition, I'd owe you a favor."

As he finished speaking, Su Chan and Ruan Hongling's faces immediately changed, and Li Yundong and Zhou Qin looked furious. Zi Yuan also frowned slightly and asked, "Why should I withdraw from the competition?"

Zhong Qingsong smiled and said, "Because the organizer this time happens to be my partner. In order not to hurt everyone's friendship, I think it would be better for Zhenren Zi Yuan to willingly withdraw from the competition."

His words were polite, but there was a hint of threat in them that indicated that this was more than a mild request.

The look on Zi Yuan's face was as deep as water. She did not speak, only diverted her eyesight at Li Yundong.

Li Yundong snorted in his heart and said, "What Zhenren Zhong means is that you have already intervened in this matter and this is what you're really after. Can't others point it out?"

Zhong Qingsong smiled politely, then opened his mouth and said, "You're too serious, Zhenren Li. However, that's indeed what I mean."

Li Yundong had been planning the matter in front of him for a long time. Now that he was so close, how could he give in? He laughed and said angrily, "Then if you were to get involved in everything, all the people in the world would no longer have the right to live?"

Zhong Qingsong's expression frosted over as he looked at Zi Yuan. "Zhenren Zi Yuan, what do you think?" The meaning behind his words was: I'm asking Zi Yuan, and you, Li Yundong, should stop interfering and just leave it to me.

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "What Zhenren Li thinks is what I think."

Zhong Qingsong's face changed, and Qing'er, who was standing to one side, sneered. "Master, what's there to talk about with this self-abased woman? Just let her participate in the competition, and I'll participate in it too. I'd like to see what Zhenren Zi Yuan can really do!"

Ruan Hongling couldn't help saying angrily, "Watch your mouth!"

Qing'er snorted and said, "What? You can do it, but I can't say it? Is there anyone in the cultivation world that doesn't know that Zhenren Zi Yuan is willing to abandon herself and hang out with the people of the Fox Buddhist Sect? The six major sects are now in an uproar. They feel that they were deceived and are discussing making trouble with you! Look, Zhenren Zi Yuan, if you have time to join in the fun, you'd better think of a way to protect yourself first!"

With that said, she glanced at Li Yundong again with a look of pure disdain. "As for you, since you're so greedy and lustful, why don't you just take your mistress off to a cave and stay in there for the rest of your miserable life? What are you loitering around here for? Do you really think that you're an invincible Great Cultivator in this world?"

Qing'er's words made Li Yundong silently furious in his heart. But at this time, in public, he knew that he couldn't lose his temper. His face was indifferent, showing no trace of his inner emotion. He made a gesture to stop Ruan Hongling and Su Chan, who were about to start spewing profanity. Without looking at Qing'er, he said coldly to Zhong Qingsong, "Go and tell your host friend that I will take the two million yuan from him! Even if it's a piece of meat in a tiger's mouth. I, Li Yundong, will take it this time!"

After that, he turned around and strode away!

As soon as Li Yundong left, Zhou Qin immediately turned around and left with Li Yundong. Su Chan and Ruan Hongling shot a glare at Zhong Qingsong and Qing'er at the same time, then turned to chase after Li Yundong.

Zi Yuan opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end she just sighed helplessly and followed them.

Zhong Qingsong looked helplessly at Qing'er beside him and said, "You really can't control your mouth. If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have brought you here. Now, I've offended the cultivators of two sects!"

Qing'er snorted and said, "It's not a big deal. I've been learning tea skills from my master since I was a child. It's an ancestral skill. Why should I be afraid of her! What's more, now the Zhengyi sect has sealed off the Spiritual Palace. The news of this matter has spread all over the world. Zi Yuan is now a stray dog. What's there to be afraid of? As for Li Yundong, he's just some scummy lecher. Nothing to be proud of there!"

Although Zhong Qingsong was scolding Qing'er verbally, in his heart, he felt that Qing'er was right. After saying a few words, he did not pursue the matter seriously anymore.

After Li Yundong and the others left the workers' Cultural Palace furiously, Ruan Hongling and Su Chan, the two little girls, couldn't bear it anymore. They shouted at each other, "You b*stard, you are so uneducated!"

Su Chan was so angry that her cheeks puffed up. "I'm completely livid. Yundong, you have to teach her a good lesson!"

Li Yundong snorted, "She is a female cultivator. How can I teach her a lesson? If she wins, I will be disgraced, and if she loses, people will say that I bullied her!"

Beside him, Zi Yuan sighed and said, "Actually... we can make a concession."

Li Yundong turned his head and said angrily, "A concession? How far are we going to compromise? If I can make it today, then I will make it tomorrow! Without a diamond drill, I don't need to take this porcelain job. Since they are daring to host this tournament, they should also be mentally prepared to be kicked out! I want to see what skills this woman who speaks louder than heaven has! If you don't want to participate in the competition, I won't stop you. You can teach me the tea skills, and I will participate in the competition instead!"

Zi Yuan sighed. "Look at how angry you are. How can you cultivate to such a level? You're truly abnormal!"

Li Yundong laughed before saying angrily, "I, Li Yundong, only pay attention to the four words of cultivation: mental state, no impedement! I don't think I'm a person who makes trouble. I don't take the initiative to bully others, but if others take the initiative to bully me, they won't come to a good end! Zi Yuan, I think you are too modest, making others think that you are weak and easy to bully. After seeing your sect degenerate like this, everyone is walking all over you! I'm ticked off just watching it, how can you bear it?"

Ruan Hongling, who was standing to one side, felt like a soulmate to him. She nodded forcefully and said loudly, "Li Yundong, you finally said something worthwhile today!"

Li Yundong glared at her and was so annoyed that he burst out laughing. He scolded, "I'm not sure your words are even human speech!"

After being lectured by Li Yundong, not only did she no longer feel furious, she even felt a strange sensation in her heart. She smiled helplessly and said, "You're really overbearing."

Li Yundong laughed loudly and said, "Overbearing? Didn't you hear me just now? The more modest you are, the more others will think you are weak and easy to bully! External Alchemy is involved with the Chinese medicine business, so they won't allow others to point fingers at them. This so-called Pine Valley Cottage of Mount Huangshan actually wants us to withdraw from the competition simply because they run a little tea business? Are you kidding me? They want to leave us with no road to go down? Well, then I'll take all their roads and make them all have no way to go!"