Li Yundong's words had feeling Zi Yuan a little absent-minded for a while. Ever since she had seen the shadow of her master on this boy, she had been subconsciously chasing after the figure of her master. However, it now seemed that he and her master were really two different people.

Her master was modest and calm, with a broader mind that enabled him to exercise self-restraint. However, the boy in front of her seemed to have trouble calming himself, hating evil as his enemy.

Zi Yuan's eyes were filled with confusion. Seeing her like this, Li Yundong sensed that she no longer wanted to participate in the tournament. He said, "Zi Yuan, I know that you have difficulties. If you don't want to participate anymore, I won't force you..."

When Zi Yuan heard this, it was as though she had just been awoken from a dream. She said with a laugh, "Who said that I didn't want to?"

Li Yundong was stunned for a moment, then he was exhilarated and chuckled spontaneously. "Are you willing?"

Zi Yuan smiled slightly. "The art of tea is not something that can be learned in just a few days. Moreover, a man like you running up and performing the art of tea certainly wouldn't be delightful to watch."

Li Yundong laughed appreciatively. "Well, I won't need to show up if you are willing to do it."

Although Su Chan and Ruan Hongling weren't going to compete, they shared the same feeling of hatred at that moment. When they saw Zi Yuan agree to fight, they were overjoyed. Even Zhou Qin, whose face had been as cold as frost a moment earlier, couldn't help but smile.

A few days later, the first Chinese tea culture challenge tournament started at the workers' cultural square in Dongwu City. When Li Yundong and the others arrived to the square in groups, they saw that it was decorated with lights and streamers and that the crowds were immense.

Reporters with camcorders and cameras were everywhere, snapping photos of sexy waitresses and elegant tea ladies. Many reels of film were being used up at this moment.

Li Yundong was a little surprised. "How come there are so many people here?"

Su Chan was such a natural extrovert that when she saw the boisterous scene, she felt nothing but excitement. She cheered and clapped her hands as she said, "It's so lively! Yundong, when will we go on stage?"

Li Yundong looked around and saw that there were many sponsors participating in the competition. There were beautiful, refined ladies holding all kinds of tea leaves and the signs of sponsors. Those who took part in the competition under their own private identities like them could find nothing in common with the other competitors.

Li Yundong smiled and said, "I don't know. There should be a draw later, right?"

Zhou Qin looked around and said in a deep voice, "There's a lot of famous tea here. Look over there. There is West Lake Longjing, which is known as the first of the top ten teas in China. There is also the Dongting Biluochun, also known as 'Scared of a Man's Fragrance'. Next to it is Junshan Silver Needles, which is also known as 'Golden-Inlaid Jade'. Next to the Silver Needles is Yunpu tea, which is known as 'tasteful antique tea'..."

Zhou Qin listed them one by one. Suddenly, her expression changed and she whispered in shock, "Li Yundong, look!"

Li Yundong looked in the direction she was pointing and saw that Qing'er, the proud disciple of Zhong Qingsong, as arrogant as could be, was also participating in the competition. Although they were cultivators of the Pine Valley Cottage of Mount Huangshan, they hadn't chosen to use the tea leaves of Mount Huangshan, but the Da Hong Pao of Wuyi!

Li Yundong was rather ignorant about the world of tea, and thus was forced to ask, "Why have they chosen this?"

It was Su Chan who answered him with a smile, "This is the best of teas, even more luxurious than the Yellow Mountain Maofeng! I heard my master say that such a top-grade red robe can be sold for more than a hundred thousand yuan with twenty grams of tea!"

Li Yundong couldn't contain his amazement. "What? Wouldn't it cost more than a hundred thousand yuan just to drink a sip of tea?"

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "Tea culture has a long history. There are both high-end and low-end tea leaves. Anyone can afford low-end tea leaves, but high-end tea leaves are only enjoyed by the rich. Now there are only four red-robed tea trees on the steep cliff of the Nine-dragons Cave. Tea leaves as scarce as those are naturally as expensive as can be!"

Li Yundong couldn't help but exclaim, "Christ! As a cultivator, I can't even raise my own disciples, but this bunch of people can actually drink a hundred thousand yuan in a single sip of tea? What is the world coming to!"

Su Chan pulled on Li Yundong's hand and said with a smile, "I believe you will make a lot of money in the future. I will enjoy all the pleasure in the world with you!"

Li Yundong laughed and patted the little girl's forehead affectionately. "Okay, I'll consider your words to be my lucky charm! But you'll have to eat less. With your appetite, even if I had a mountain of gold, I'd still eventually run out of cash!"

Su Chan pouted and said with a sulky face, "You can't talk about me before you make enough money. I hate you! I'm not fat..."

Her innocent demeanor made both Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin smile. Li Yundong only laughed harder and rubbed her cheek.

They were a group made up of one man and four women. The man was handsome and the women were beautiful, and they all had different temperaments. They immediately attracted a lot of people's attention. Many reporters and tourists were taking photos of them with their mobile phones and cameras.

Li Yundong and the others were talking and laughing happily when they suddenly heard a surprising voice coming from one side of them. "Beauty, I've found you again!"

Li Yundong and the others turned and saw a handsome young man shouting at Su Chan with a look of pure ecstasy on his face.

Li Yundong took a closer look. "Gee, isn't this the rich second-generation fool who chased after Su Chan and was teased by me in Shantang Street? Why is this guy here? Wait, there is a girl standing next to him. She looks familiar too!"

Su Chan, who was standing to one side, frowned and tugged on Li Yundong's sleeve. "I've met this guy twice now. He's so annoying. Why is he everywhere?"

Li Yundong glanced at Shen You, and then his gaze fell to the girl next to him. She was curiously taking pictures of her surroundings with the single reverse camera in her hand. When she turned her face, Li Yundong was suddenly shocked. "Isn't this Shen Hui, the woman with a child's face and huge breasts?"

Shen Hui turned and also immediately saw Li Yundong, shock filling her heart. "Why are you here?"

Shen You, who was next to her, glanced at Shen Hui and moved in front of her. She asked curiously, "Sister, do you know this guy?"

Shen Hui snorted. Seeing Shen You coming over, she looked at him with an expression of disgust and quietly inched away from him. She sneered and said, "Of course I know him. We're old acquaintances." As she said that, she cast a malicious look at Li Yundong and flashed him a fake smile.

Shen Hui cast her eyes over the beauties next to Li Yundong before sneering and saying, "By the way, what are you doing here instead of staying in Tiannan City? Don't tell me that you are also here to participate in the competition?"

Li Yundong remembered what had happened last time and felt a little embarrassment in his heart. He coughed and said, "What, you won't allow me to?"

Shen Hui laughed and said, "Why wouldn't I? However, if you're really here to participate in the competition, I'll give you a chance. If you'll bend down and wipe my shoes clean in front of all of these people, I'll guarantee that you'll win the championship. If you don't agree, I'll grind your reputation into the dirt!"

Li Yundong was so proud that he couldn't endure a girl with a temper such as this. He immediately pulled a long face and said with a sour smile, "Why don't you kneel down and kowtow to me three times in front of these people? Then I'll take you as my disciple instead of spanking you. Otherwise, I'll strip off your clothes and slap your butt. What do you think?"

Shen Hui's face immediately turned pale, and she trembled with unbridled rage. "Li Yundong, don't be arrogant!"

Li Yundong sneered and said, "It seems that I am not the one being arrogant here!"

Shen You, who was standing to one side, rolled her eyes and asked Shen Hui in a low voice, "Sister, did this guy offend you before or something?"

Shen Hui glared at him. "It's none of your business!"

Shen You didn't take her too seriously. His favorite thing was making trouble for Li Yundong. It would be better to make this guy depressed so that he could win his love over more easily!

Shen You smiled and affected a noble air. He raised his chin and said to Li Yundong, "Hey, I suggest you go back quickly. Don't participate in this competition."

Ruan Hongling, who had been pressed by Zi Yuan, couldn't stand it anymore. She jumped up and shouted, "You two are simply shameless. Don't show off here. Don't you have some great father? Get out, get out of here. Without your dad, you're nothing."

Surprisingly, Su Chan agreed. She nodded hard and pulled a face at Shen You.

Shen You was startled, but when he saw Ruan Hongling's furious expression, he began to feel that the girl was still interesting even when she was angry. Especially when Su Chan, who was standing to one side, made a funny face. The cute look made him feel strangely itchy.

In the face of her beauty, Shen You was dazzled for a moment. He could not walk any further and turned into an anthomaniac.

Shen Hui, who was watching from the side, felt a wave of nausea wash over her. She glared at Li Yundong fiercely, but just as she was about to leave, she saw a familiar figure coming over. She was immediately delighted and greeted him. "Dad!"

Speak of the devil, he had really come!

Li Yundong and the others all shifted their attention, only to see Shen Hui, like a little bird, throwing herself into the arms of an old man in his sixties. This old man had long hair and was dressed in a sharp suit and leather shoes. He was slightly rotund, but his eyes were still sharp and bright.

Zhou Qin frowned and whispered in Li Yundong's ear, "This is Shen Wancai, the boss of the Wancai Group in Tiannan City. He is a big shot in Tiannan City. I don't know why he's here in Dongwu City. Maybe he is doing business?"

While they were busy speculating, they saw Shen You, Shen Hui, and several bodyguards surrounding Shen Wancai as they walked to the ring. Shen Wancai greeted the host, Zheng Youming, and the others in the ring, and then sat straight down in the referee's seat.

When Li Yundong saw this, he immediately took a deep breath. "No way! He is the referee?"

Zhou Qin frowned. "No wonder Shen Hui was spouting nonsense. It turns out that she already knew Shen Wancai was the referee. Well, with Shen Wancai's influence, his score will directly affect the other referees. The others will probably not dare to offend him."

Su Chan looked worried. "You think so? Then we'll be in trouble, won't we?"

Ruan Hongling was so angry that her face had been drained of color. "What the hell is this! A group of well-dressed guys may look glamorous, but their backs are covered with dirt! Bah! I'll tell everyone what's really going on!"

Zi Yuan quickly grabbed hold of her and shouted, "Nonsense! Do you have any evidence? The competition hasn't even begun yet and you're already making a scene!"

Zhou Qin also said urgently in a low voice, "What should we do now? Fight or retreat? Make a decision now!"

Li Yundong couldn't help hesitating for a moment. He had never thought that he would encounter so much resistance by attending a simple tea competition. He was having to deal with the dual hidden rules before the start of the competition, plus the double threats of the hosts and judges all at the same time.

No matter how determined Li Yundong was, he couldn't help feeling a little nervous and grimacing internally. But just as he was hesitating, he glanced into the ring and saw Shen Hui looking at him with a defiant look, as if she was saying, "Get out of here, or you'll be embarrassed!"

Next to her, Shen You's lascivious eyes kept roaming over Su Chan's body.

This time, Li Yundong was truly irritated. His face went as dark as water, and he said flatly, "I once said that we cultivators should have spirit. We know that there is a tiger in the mountain, and we will march to the side of the mountain. If we retreat because of such a small thing, then what use has all of our cultivation been? We should just go home and do some kids' stuff!"