After performing the Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, the audience both on and off stage were momentarily dumbfounded. Only Shen Wancai was so excited that his face turned red. He suddenly walked up to the stage, his lips trembling. He stared at the bowl of Huangshan Maofeng Tea, and after a long time, said in a trembling voice, "This kind of tea skill really should only be found in the heavens, how can it be shown here in the human world? Graet master, can this tea make me immortal by drinking it?"

Although Zi Yuan was not only beautiful, but also young, Shen Wancai absolutely would not dare to belittle her. He knew that only a person who was truly on the level of a master could perform such good work, so he respectfully called Zi Yuan master and did not dare to offend her.

Zi Yuan smiled slightly and cupped her hands. "It won't make you immortal, but it will benefit the Qi and Spirit and should be fine to prolong life."

Shen Wancai's eyes revealed a hint of disappointment, but he quickly became excited again and respectfully asked, "Can I have a taste?"

Zi Yuan elegantly spread out a palm and motioned, "Please."

At this time, it was extremely quiet on the stage. Apart from Li Yundong, Zhong Qingsong, Lin Xueqing, Su Chan, Ruan Hongling, and a few others who were dragging the tea table with Zhenqi, everyone was staring at the stage, their eager eyes fixed on Shen Wancai. All were hoping to drag the old man down, and then talk to the fairy and get a taste of the bowl of tea themselves.

Shen Wancai was so excited that his hands were trembling. He picked up the cup of "Zhang Guolao riding a donkey" tea. He held the teacup in his hand and it swayed in the air and splashed a lot of tea, causing many people below the stage to grumble internally.

Shen Wancai brought the teacup to his mouth and carefully took a sip. He then raised his head and drank it down in one gulp. He felt that his whole body was becoming hotter and more powerful as the tea slid down his throat. But when the tea reached his stomach, there was a cool and fragrant aftertaste, which made him feel refreshed.

Even Shen Wancai himself was not sure about how amazing Zi Yuan's methods were, which gave him a strong feeling that after drinking this bowl of Immortal Tea, he could become a saint. Or maybe this Huangshan Maofeng Tea was really fragrant and elegant, and no other tea in the whole world could match it.

After drinking the cup of tea, Shen Wancai couldn't help bursting into tears. He stood on the stage for a long time before letting out a long sigh and saying in a choked voice, "I'm over halfway through my life and have gone to countless places. It's the first time I've seen an immortal's tea skill like this. It's the first time I've drunk the kind of tea that an immortal can drink. It's only today that I feel that I haven't lived in vain."

The audience under the stage didn't know Shen Wancai's identity and only thought that this old man was a little strange, but the referees on the stage and Zheng Youming were very knowledgable about Shen Wancai's background and power.

When the old man was sixteen, he had started from scratch. When he was around twenty years old, he'd run all over the country. When he hit thirty, he went south to go to Shenzhen. In the end, he had made his first bucket of gold in Shenzhen. From then on, he had been out of control and established a large-scale light industry group all over the country. When he reached fifty years old, he moved the headquarters of the group back to his hometown of Tiannan City. He had received a warm welcome from the municipal government and hid as an overlord in Tiannan City. His name was not only well-known in the business field of Tiannan City, but also renowned in other provinces.

Some people knew more, like that this old man had founded a commercial kingdom on his own, and that his business was spread all over Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. He had experienced countless storms in his life. Not only was his character tough, he had also cultivated a proud and arrogant character. It was impossible for ordinary people to talk to him, let alone receive his praise.

Seeing that he was in tears after drinking the tea, Zi Yuan smiled and said, "Elderly gentleman, happiness will hurt the heart and sadness will hurt the lungs. You'd better keep a calm mind as you drink this tea, otherwise the sentiment will not be good and any panacea you consume will be rendered useless."

Shen Wancai was usually referred to as Mr. Shen, Old Master Shen, or something like that. When had he ever been called an elderly gentleman by a young person? Shen You and Shen Hui, who were watching from backstage, were shocked to hear it. They thought in their hearts, "Oh no, Dad is going to be mad. He hates nothing more than being called old."

However, when Shen Wancai heard Zi Yuan say that he was an elderly man, he surprisingly didn't get angry. Instead, he let out a long sigh and said, "You're right. I just drank this cup of tea for nothing."

After that, he looked at Zi Yuan and said with an ingratiating smile, "May I have another drink?"

Shen Wancai was not an ordinary person. He was a judge and a business giant. When he said this, the audience under the stage all began cursing him in their hearts. The referees on the stage were even more angry and one of them said, "If you drink it, won't there be less for us? Let's also have a taste of this tea!"

Zi Yuan didn't know what they were thinking, so she smiled towards Shen Wancai and said, "Go ahead."

Shen Wancai was overjoyed and immediately picked up another cup of tea, treating it as if it were a precious treasure. This time, he didn't drink it down in one gulp. Instead, he took many careful sips. He clicked his tongue and sighed as he recited a poem: "A friend from Yue gave me tea from Shanxi. I picked up the golden bud and poured it into the golden tripod. The scum floating in the white porcelain killed the fragrance. It was like an Immortal drink."

From one side, Zi Yuan smiled and continued, "A drink washes away drowsiness, bringing a feeling of refreshment from all over the sky; Drinking again, I suddenly feel like rain is sprinkling over light dust; Three drinks will allow one to attain the Tao, there is no need to deal with any trouble."

Shen Wancai was surprised and delighted when he saw that Zi Yuan actually knew about this extremely uncommon tea poem. He laughed and said in a somewhat shameless manner, "Since three cups of tea can help me attain the Tao, I still need one more cup."

This time, Zi Yuan didn't say anything, and the audience could no longer stand it. They all began shouting, "You old man, you're really too bold! It's not enough for you to drink two cups, you still want to drink a third? You're too shameless!"

"That's right, hurry up and get off the stage!"

Shen Wancai didn't get angry and merely smiled. He cupped his hands, waved to the judges on the stage, and said, "Let's all come and taste it together!"

After he called to them, the other judges dared to step down from their seats and come over to the tea table to taste the tea. After drinking it, some of them who were well-educated began to sing and praise it while others just kept fawning over it.

Zheng Youming's eyes were filled with envy from his place in the audience. He took advantage of the chaos on the stage to squeeze his way up. He had just reached out his hand to take the last cup of tea when Shen Wancai suddenly said, "President Zheng, will you give this cup of tea to me?"

Zheng Youming's outstretched hand froze in mid-air. He looked up at Shen Wancai and forced a reluctant smile to show on his face.

Shen Wancai tilted his body and cocked his head as he gave him a sidelong glance, "What's wrong? You don't want to relinquish it?"

Zheng Youming shivered under Shen Wancai's glance and he immediately withdrew his hand as if he had received an electric shock. He cupped one hand in the other before his chest and said with an ingratiating smile, "Pardon me. Old Master Shen wants to drink tea, so I dare not snatch it away."

Shen Wancai laughed. He turned his head and looked at the other judges, asking, "Do you have any objection?"

He seemed to be asking for permission, but it wasn't like anyone would dare to object. They shook their heads and began flattering him. "We are just half immortals after the sips we've taken. Old Master Shen, if you drink three glasses of wine in a row, you will be a whole immortal. Rather than having one more half immortal, it is better to have one true immortal, so that we can follow you in your rise to the heavens!"

Shen Wancai laughed and said, "How am I an immortal..." He pointed to Zi Yuan and said, "This is an immortal!"

With that, he saluted Zi Yuan. Then, he picked up his teacup and said loudly to the audience, "Since everyone wants me to drink it, I shan't disappoint."

Seeing that the old man was really being so bold, the audience laughed and scolded him one after another.

Shen Wancai paid them no attention. He raised his head and drank up the third cup in one gulp. The others on the stage looked over and saw that his cup was as clean as if it had just been washed. There wasn't a single drop of tea left within. Although they were smiling, they felt lost in their hearts.

In particular, Zheng Youming looked at the empty teacup and thought, "Even though I'm the organizer of this tournament, I didn't get to taste this cup of tea. What's going on?"

When Zi Yuan saw that Shen Wancai had just finished drinking, she smiled and said, "Since we've already finished the tea, please let us hear your comments. Who is the winner?"

As soon as she said that, Zheng Youming shivered and winked at Shen Wancai.

Shen Wancai acted as if he hadn't seen anything. After drinking three bowls of tea, he had regained his calm. He looked at Zi Yuan with interest and suddenly asked, "Why didn't you ask this question when I was about to drink the third bowl of tea just now? If you had asked me at that time, I would have said that you were number one. Weren't you afraid that I would change my mind after drinking all of your tea?"

Zi Yuan smiled, "Heaven's justice can be found in the hearts of the people! If you can give a judgement that goes against your conscience, then the Immortal Tea will become ordinary water. Even if you have become an immortal, you will become a mortal. As the saying goes, Zhenren does not lie. That's what it means."

Shen Wancai laughed and clapped his hands, saying loudly, "Well said! First place is yours! If you weren't victorious, I, Shen Wancai, would be the first to dispute it!"

As soon as he'd finishing saying this, the other judges who were looking at him eagerly also chimed in, saying, "Zi Yuan should be the winner!"

Zheng Youming's legs trembled when he heard that. His face was pale, and he was filled with anger. "You old b*stard, how can you be so generous with my money? This is a competition held by me. I paid for the bonus, but in the end, I didn't get a single sip of that tea. Instead, I just paid out two million yuan for nothing. What the f*ck is going on?"

Zheng Youming's heart was full of tears. He felt that this was the most tragic thing in the world, but the more tragic thing was... he had to pretend to smile and announce loudly that Zi Yuan would be the winner of the competition.

"What the hell is going on here? Is there any justice in this world? Are there any laws?"

But Zheng Youming was not a simple person. The moment his felt his expression darkening, he immediately forced a smile, and then with a look of joy and pride, he said loudly, "Congratulations to Miss Zi Yuan and her Huangshan Maofeng Tea!"

Under the stage, Su Chan and Ruan Hongling couldn't help but sigh when they saw his behavior. They felt that this man was bold and that his expressions could change so fast. He was really a rare talent.

Zheng Youming announced the results loudly up on the stage, and the audience immediately burst into thunderous applause. Amidst the cheers, Li Yundong, Zhong Qingsong, and Lin Xueqing suddenly decided the winner.

Li Yundong was fighting one-versus-two, but he was not at a disadvantage. On the contrary, although Zhong Qingsong and Lin Xueqing were both at the Yang Spirit of Yuanying phase, the Zhenqi in their bodies was not comparable to Li Yundong's Jindan's Qi. On the contrary, they were completely suppressed by him.

As he secretly fought with them, Li Yundong was listening to everything going on around him. When he heard that Zi Yuan had won first place, his heart immediately calmed. He didn't want to fight with these two people in public, so he said, "The winner has already been determined and announced publicly. Do you want to carry on like this until you meet death?"

Zhong Qingsong and Lin Xueqing had been using all their strength to resist Li Yundong's majestic Zhenqi all this time. They looked steadily forward and listened attentively. It was extremely difficult for them to move their eyes, let alone speak. However, they saw that Li Yundong was still able to speak while he was fighting two people by himself and his voice was as loud as usual. They were shocked and thought, "Li Yundong looks no more than twenty years old. Why does he have so much Zhenqi in his body? Why does he still have the strength to speak when fighting alone? Even if he started cultivating in his mother's womb, he shouldn't be able to have practiced to such a level!"