Li Yundong rushed in, his movements swift. The moment he rushed into the stone room, he saw a short, thin man standing within. He was holding a lit torch in one hand and looking up at the characters on the wall.

Li Yundong glanced at him and suddenly felt that the man was very familiar. He shouted, "Who are you?"

The shout shook the rocks of the stone room. The short, thin man suddenly looked back, but at the moment he turned, he seemed to find something wrong. He immediately raised his hand to cover his face with his sleeve, then transformed into a blue light and rushed toward Li Yundong.

"Good timing!" Li Yundong shouted. After that, his Qi and blood surged, and his Zhenqi rushed out. His index fingers were touching, making a Fixed Fundamental Palm, which had the ability to move mountains and part seas.

By this time, Li Yundong's cultivation quotient had reached the intermediate level of the sixth Hua Ying realm. As long as he cultivated Yin-based Zhenqi from the Yang Qi, he could turn from a Yin Spirit into a Yang Spirit, reaching the top cultivation of the Sixth-fold Heaven, Yuanying phase.

His Mahamudra was more powerful than it had been last time he'd settled a score with the Great Six under siege. His palm was shining with a strong golden radiance. Obviously, the Yang Qi had flourished to an incredible level.

The man who rushed towards Li Yundong didn't dare to face him head-on. With a strange cry, he twisted his body and moved around under Li Yundong's palm in an extremely strange way, like he was some sort of slippery loach.

Li Yundong saw that the man was evading his attack, so he rushed to the front of him, shouted and threw a punch.

This punch seemed ordinary, but its strength was powerful. Even if the Arhat had been hit by this punch, he would have been turned into a pile of scrap iron.

Li Yundong's punch was fierce and fast. It was impossible for an ordinary cultivator to have dodged it. However, the man's feet suddenly made another turn and his body slipped to the side against Li Yundong's arm, as if there were no bones in his body.

This time, the enemy seized the opportunity. Li Yundong's waist and abdomen were in range of the enemy. He was shocked and thought to himself, "How could this person's movements be so strange?"

Although Li Yundong hit nothing twice in a row, his kung fu was extremely amazing when he was facing an enemy. Without thinking twice, he immediately sank his aura. The aura of the upper dantian on his head poured down like a waterfall. He clasped his hands and pressed down, his body shaking violently, like a black bear shaking off lice.

This move was Li Yundong's "Heaven and earth embrace", which he had learnt from Zhang Tianhe. It was equivalent to connecting his whole body's aura and densely covering every part of his body. In an instant, he had a strong ability to resist attacks.

Li Yundong pressed down and his body shook, causing the ground beneath his feet to tremble in turn. The air around him was violently shaking, like a majestic wave, blowing away his enemy in an instant.

But the man didn't seem to want to fight with Li Yundong at all. He took advantage of Li Yundong's attack and jumped into the tunnel.

"Damn, he's trying to run away!" Li Yundong thought.

Li Yundong's feet stopped, and he swiftly began chasing his opponent.

Although he was fast, he was no match for the man. The two men rushed out of the corridor in the blink of an eye, and as soon as they were out, the man turned into a blue light and left like lightning.

Meanwhile, Su Chan and Zhou Qin were floating in midair. When they saw Li Yundong come out of the corridor, Su Chan rushed over to him.

"Yundong, are you okay? Who was that guy?" Su Chan asked nervously.

Li Yundong looked in the direction of the man's departure with hatred in his eyes and said, "I'm fine. I don't know who that guy was, but judging from the situation of the fight just now, his movements are strange and cunning. I have only seen one person like him."

Su Chan hurriedly asked, "Who?"

Li Yundong responded in a deep voice, "The former leader of the Fox Zen School, Liu Ye!"

Su Chan was shocked. "That's impossible! Isn't he dead?"

Li Yundong thought for a while, his face surprisingly grim. "I'm not sure, maybe there are multiple people in the world who can move their bodies so strangely. However, the only thing I'm sure of is that the secret room of our Fox Zen School has been exposed. Hurry up and copy down the Heavenly Jindan Technique. I'm going to seal up this secret room."

Su Chan nodded and turned to look at Zhou Qin. The two quickly flew into the stone cave. When they were at the entrance, Su Chan looked at Li Yundong, who was floating outside the cave but not nearing it. "Aren't you coming in?" she asked.

Li Yundong shook his head. "The enemy is still unknown right now. I'll help you by keeping watch outside. You guys can move faster alone. Su Chan, if you find anything wrong, signal me as soon as possible."

Su Chan nodded obediently. The two turned around and went deeper into the cave. Both of them had been there before. Su Chan turned to Zhou Qin and said, "Sister Zhou Qin, you can copy the big one, I'll do the small one."

Zhou Qin nodded. "Okay. Well, this division of labor will speed things up."

They worked together to copy the Heavenly Jindan Technique, and then checked their work carefully. After confirming that there were no wrong words in their copies, they came out of the stone cave.

Seeing them come out, Li Yundong secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at them and asked, "Are you two all right?"

Seeing that Li Yundong was so nervous, Su Chan smiled sweetly and said comfortingly, "Of course! We're fine, don't worry"

Zhou Qin also nodded and replied, "All is well. We've finished copying it. Not a single word is mistaken." As she spoke, she prepared to hand over the manuscript to Li Yundong.

Li Yundong waved his hand. "You guys should hold onto them for a while."

However, Zhou Qin refused to. "As the saying goes, a simple man is innocent, but he will be corrupted by treasure. I don't know how to cultivate, but I can tell that these must contain some extraordinary cultivation secrets. If such a treasure were to be discovered by others, we would be in big trouble," she said grimly.

Li Yundong was slightly stunned. He took the manuscript and put it in his pocket, then nodded and said appreciatively, "You are really thoughtful. You're right. If this thing got out, I'm afraid it would immediately cause big trouble."

With that, he suddenly sighed and said, "However, maybe the Heavenly Jindan Technique has already been spread. I don't know how many things the person in the stone room recorded."

Su Chan's face was full of worry. "Yundong, will there be many sects coming after us and looking for trouble?"

Seeing that the little girl was so concerned, Li Yundong felt sorry for her in his heart. He touched her smooth black hair with one hand and said with a heroic smile, "Don't be afraid. I'm here! I can beat them back. How can our Fox Zen School be bullied by others?"

Looking at Li Yundong, Su Chan's heart swelled with love and pride. She couldn't help thinking, "Half a year ago, he still needed me to protect him. Now, he is protecting me and my sect!"

Li Yundong patted the little girl's shoulder with a gentle smile on his face and said, "Take Zhou Qin outside and hide yourselves away somewhere."

Su Chan was a little confused, but she always listened to Li Yundong and did whatever he wanted. She controled her Qi, flying more than ten meters away with Zhou Qin, but her eyes were fixed on Li Yundong.

Li Yundong also flew out of the cave by controlling his Qi and flew above the entrance. Then, he suddenly ran his Qi. The inside of his body crackled like a string of firecrackers, and his body suddenly expanded. His arms became as thick as his legs, his thighs became as thick as his waist, and all the muscles in his body swelled. He was like a Vajra Guardian who had descended to earth.

Zhou Qin and Su Chan had never seen Li Yundong use such magic. Their eyes widened from their shock at the sight.

Li Yundong suddenly raised his hammer-like arms to punch at the mountain wall.

With a loud bang, the mountains and ground trembled violently!

"Crash!" Countless boulders began falling down, blocking the passage in an instant.

Su Chan and Zhou Qin saw a huge rock rolling down the mountain and heading straight toward Li Yundong's head. They exclaimed at the same time, "Watch out!"

This boulder was four or five times the size of a millstone and no doubt weighed thousands of pounds. If it hit someone, they would immediately be pulverized, leaving little more than minced meat. Li Yundong heard their cry. He looked up, but he didn't panic. He just took a deep breath, waved his arm, and smashed the boulder with his bare arm, like he was swinging a baseball bat. The boulder was smashed over the sealed hole, and with a bang, the rubble sank deeply into the opening.

At this time, the shaking of the Tianlong Mountain finally settled down, and only the scattered gravel continued to fall.

Su Chan and Zhou Qin were struck dumb. Zhou Qin had always known that Li Yundong was a cultivator and had mastered all kinds of fantastic magic, but she had never thought that Li Yundong could be so powerful! Just now, he had easily thrown a one thousand kilogram boulder into the entrance of the cave like a cannonball, as if it were nothing more than a small mud pellet!

Zhou Qin was so shocked that the hair on her back stood on end. She said slowly, "Can a human even be so strong? Is, is he for real?"

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong with admiration and said, "Li Yundong is now only two steps away from being one of the greatest cultivators alive. When he reaches the Cultivation of Jinshen phase, he will be even more powerful. By that time, he will have acquired earth-shattering power and become no different from a true immortal or a Shen."

Zhou Qin's shock intensified. She thought to herself, "I knew Li Yundong was very strong, but I never expected him to be this strong! I don't know how long I'll take to catch up with him!"

Su Chan also thought in her heart, "Yundong's cultivation speed is too fast and far surpasses mine. I have to work harder, or I'll only become a burden to him!"

After Li Yundong had sealed the entrance to the cave, he flew over to Su Chan and Zhou Qin. As soon as he got near, Su Chan exclaimed with a look of admiration and curiosity, "Yundong, you are so awesome! What kind of magic did you use just now? How are you so powerful? I almost worried that our Tianlong Mountain would be completely decimated by you!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "That was the Heavenly Jindan Technique!"

"Is the Heavenly Jindan Technique really so amazing? It can make you as muscular as Hercules?" Su Chan asked.

Li Yundong began explaining, "When the Heavenly Jindan Technique reaches the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Cycles, it can change a person's bones, flesh, and internal organs, which is equivalent to recreating them. When the person practices to the Seventh Cycle, it is equivalent to them gaining a second life. Thus, they are able to break through the limits of the human body and freely control the growth of their bones and flesh."

"I used to hear my master say that the greatest cultivator could cultivate superhuman powers. At that time, I thought it was just a fairy tale. I never expected it to be true. Can you cultivate superhuman powers, Yundong?" Su Chan asked excitedly.

Li Yundong laughed and shook his head, saying, "Not yet. The cultivation method of the Heavenly Jindan Technique is not the same as the ordinary nine dens cultivation one. It mainly improves the flesh and blood by cutivating the gall bladder, stimulating the metabolism of the human body, and making people more powerful. To cultivate superhuman powers, one must practice to the ninth phase of the Heavenly Jindan Technique. I have only practiced to the seventh phase, so I'm still two levels away from the ninth phase."

Su Chan smiled and said, "Only two phases! It won't take long! When you finish learning, you have to teach me!"

Li Yundong chuckled. "It's normal for one to advance a thousand miles along the path of cultivation in the beginning. However, the further one goes, the slower one's progress becomes. Zi Yuan herself is a talent, known as the number one Master amongst the younger generation of the Cultivation World. However, once she reached the Yuanying phase, it was difficult for her to make even an inch of progress. This goes to show how difficult it will be to cultivate in the higher phase!"

Su Chan grinned and said cutely, "I don't care. You have to teach me!"

Li Yundong smiled at her dotingly. "Okay, okay. When we return, I'll teach you the Heavenly Jindan Technique." As he spoke, he turned his head and looked at Zhou Qin. He saw that the girl was also looking at him, her eyes filled with hope.

Li Yundong smiled at Zhou Qin and said, "Don't worry. I'll teach you everything I know too. I won't hide anything from you!"

Hearing this, Zhou Qin was overjoyed. A smile shot up from the bottom of her heart and bloomed over her face.

Li Yundong waved to Su Chan and Zhou Qin, saying, "Let's go back. There's no need to waste any more time here."

The three flew from the mountain to the Taoist temple. As soon as they landed in the backyard, Li Yundong heard a noise coming from the front of the Taoist temple.

Li Yundong was slightly stunned. He exchanged glances with Su Chan and Zhou Qin, then said, "Let's go and see what's going on."

He quickly rushed into the front yard with the two, only to see Cao Yi and the others of Fox Zen School confronting a group of people, who were all dressed as tourists. The leader was a young man dressed in casual brown clothes and wearing a brown casquette. His face twisted with rage, the man shouted at Cao Yi, "We bought tickets at the foot of the Tianyin Mountain. Since this is a scenic spot, why won't you let us in! Is this Taoist temple your own private property or something?"

Li Yundong was stunned. Only at this moment did he remember that the Taoist temple of Fox Zen School was still open as a tourist attraction!