Though Li Yundong himself had always tried to keep a low profile, it was hard for him to do so now as he was being accompanied by so many belles. He had no alternative but to return to Hongsheng New District before various envious eyes.

It was not too noisy when those little foxes chattered along the street. However, once they entered the quiet community, especially when they entered the building, their babbling was reminiscent of a group of ducks, which made Li Yundong very impatient.

After the group entered the elevator, it was immediately crowded with beautiful girls. People who wanted to get in the elevator were amazed by the scene: Li Yundong standing at the front, followed by many peerless beauties.

The people outside the elevator were shocked to witness this. After seeing them, the men felt ashamed of themselves and almost jumped out of the building directly; the women wanted to be blind and complained that their parents hadn't given them beautiful appearances. Though Li Yundong had made room for them, they were still unwilling to get into the elevator. They just shook their heads like rattles, staring at the elevator doors closing in amazement, and watched Li Yundong take those beautiful women upstairs.

It wasn't until the elevator doors had closed that they began to wonder about the identity of this man who had been surrounded by such a group of belles.

Li Yundong felt uncomfortable about being stared at like this. When he finally got out of the elevator, he cleared his throat and said: "Here we are."

All of a sudden, the little foxes came out of the elevator in a wave and cheered, "Hooray!"

All of them were young and beautiful, and their voices were clear and bright. They cried out in the corridor suddenly, which immediately prompted the people in the surrounding rooms to open their doors and poke their heads out to see them.

When one man poked his head out to take a look, he was so amazed that he began to drool. Just when he was about to go out and deliberately strike up a conversation with them, he was quickly pulled back by a hostess.

Li Yundong pretended to be angry and glared at the lively little foxes before shouting, "Be quiet!"

Cao Yi also said to the juniors, "Don't make any noise. Don't embarrass our leader."

Li Yundong nodded to Cao Yi before saying, "I have something to tell you later. Don't make noise now."

After saying that, he opened the door.

Pushing the door open, Li Yundong noticed a familiar smell. Before he could even pass through the door, Su Chan, his little fox, cheered, then jumped in and rolled on the sofa. With her taking the lead, the little foxes behind Li Yundong were suddenly eager to do the same.

Seeing that the situation was worsening, Li Yundong cleared his throat and glared at Su Chan.

The little girl noticed Li Yundong glaring at her. At first, she blinked her eyes in confusion, but after she saw the fellow disciples behind Li Yundong staring at her too, she immediately understood. "Oh," she said, getting up from the sofa obediently. With her head down, she rubbed one corner of her clothes between her fingers. Step by step, she went over to Li Yundong and pouted, saying pitifully, "Leader, I've been too presumptuous. You can punish me."

Li Yundong glared at her. "You will have to sleep in the living room at night!"

"What?" Su Chan raised her head and looked at Li Yundong imploringly. However, when she saw Li Yundong's determined expression, she had no choice but to give another "oh" and lower her head in disappointment.

Li Yundong acted as if he couldn't see her dejection. With a stony face, he said to the disciples of the Fox Zen School behind him, "Come on in everyone."

When the foxes saw that Su Chan had been reprimanded, they immediately became much more obedient. One by one, they passed through the doorway, and the spacious living room suddenly became crowded.

Li Yundong found that Cao Yi, Su Chan, and the other seniors of the Fox Zen School were all being overly cautious now. He smiled and said, "Don't be so nervous. You're acting as if you've entered a gangster inn."

After hearing Li Yundong's words, everyone burst out laughing, and the tense atmosphere dissipated significantly. Li Yundong pulled out several chairs in the dining room and said, "Su Chan, Zhou Qin, you and the other sisters can sit on that sofa or the carpet. Cao Yi and the other shibos can come to the dining room and sit on the chairs here."

Cao Yi smiled and said, "Leader, you don't have to be so polite. We can sit with the juniors."

Li Yundong immediately pressed Cao Yi and the others into their chairs and said, "No, the seniors have to be respected. We have to make this clear."

After everyone was seated, Li Yundong found that everyone was looking at him eagerly. He said, "Since I took over as the Leader the Fox Zen School, we have been disturbed by others. I must do some self-reflection. I do not believe that I am qualified to be the Leader of our sect."

As he said that, he stood up and bowed to the people of the Fox Zen School by way of apology.

Seeing his behavior, the Fox Zen School was so startled that everyone present stood up. Cao Yi and the other shibos said in succession, "Sect Leader, you're being too serious." "Sect Leader, it's not your fault!" "Sect Leader, it's you who saved the Fox Zen School from being exterminated."

The junior disciples of the Fox zen Sect also said, "Sect leader, we know very well how kind you are to us. The former leader wouldn't even let us go down the mountain. However, not only did you allow us to go down the mountain, you also provided us with accommodation. You are too kind to us!"

The other little foxes also echoed, "Yes, yes, you also bought us good clothes. It was so wonderful of you!"

After hearing their words, Li Yundong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He thought, "Oh my god, this is a group of innocent little girls who don't know anything about the real world. If they met other men, they would not only make sure these girls are eating and living, but also sleeping!"

Li Yundong cleared his throat and said, "All right, there's no need to discuss this further. Now that I have taken you down the mountain, I'll be responsible for your food, clothing, and accommodation. I'll also find a house for you in a few days, but for now you'll have to put up with staying in this room."

Regarding Cao Yi, Liu Yuehong, and Zhuang Yating, the three senior shibos of the Fox Zen Sect, he asked, "How about you three senior shibos sleep in Su Chan's room? Her room is the most spacious. Would that be acceptable to you guys?"

Cao Yi, Liu Yuehong, and Zhuang Yating all laughed. "Sure. We'll listen to the Sect Leader."

Li Yundong then turned to the remaining seven juniors of the Fox Zen Sect and said, "The seven of you will sleep in the other two bedrooms, okay?"

The little foxes of the Fox Zen Sect all nodded their heads and said in a clear, unified voice, "We will obey the leader's words!"

Although Li Yundong did not have any improper thoughts regarding the beautiful little foxes, he was still happy in his heart to hear so many stunning girls say these words to him together. Li Yundong nodded and then said to Su Chan and Zhou Qin, "How about we three sleep in the living room?"

Hearing his words, Su Chan could not help but let out a cry of disappointment. Zhou Qin, however, was struck by a thought. She knew that Li Yundong was showing the innocent relationship between Su Chan and her to the people of the Fox Zen Sect.

Zhou Qin didn't say anything. However, Cao Yi and others from the Fox Zen Sect immediately stood up, shaking their heads as they said, "No, absolutely not!"

Li Yundong asked in confusion, "Why?"

Cao Yi said seriously, "How can we let our leader sleep in the living room while we take the bedroom! Though Fox Zen School is only a small sect, we at least understand basic etiquette. We absolutely won't let our distinguished leader sleep in the living room! No, no!"

Liu Yuehong nodded in agreement. "Sixth Junior Sister is right. We'd rather go without sleep than have you, Sect Leader, sleep in the living room."

Zhuang Yating also said, "Exactly!"

Seeing that the three shibos had spoken, the juniors of the Fox Zen Sect immediately echoed, "That's right!"

Li Yundong smiled bitterly and asked, "Then what should we do?"

Cao Yi said, "The Leader should have a room for himself, and then the three of us can sleep in one room together. Su Chan and Zhou Qin should sleep in the final room. The juniors of the Fox Zen Sect will all sleep in the living room. That's how it should be."

Li Yundong shook his head and said, "Seven people crowding the living room? How would that work?"

Cao Yi said firmly, "We cultivators don't need much to be comfortable. We only need to sit in meditation to pass the night. The living room is spacious enough for seven people. You yourself said that there is a difference in age, so I think that you should also know the difference between seniority and juniority. Only in this way can we make everyone follow the order of seniority."

Li Yundong still shook his head. "No, I can't allow this to happen. If everyone is squeezing into the living room, how can I be expected to sleep in a room all to myself?"

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong with eager eyes, wishing he could say, "I'll share a room with my girl." However, she clearly understood that while it was possible for Li Yundong to say such a thing privately, in front of so many people of the Fox Zen School, it was impossible.

While she was still thinking about Li Yundong, Cao Yi suddenly said, "Leader, if you don't agree, we won't dare to stay in the room. Otherwise, even if we sit in meditation, we won't feel at ease."

The rest of the people from the Fox Zen Sect also replied together, "That's right, Sect Leader!"

Seeing that they had joined forces, Li Yundong had no choice but to sigh and say, "Well, let's do as you say. I'll go and find a house tomorrow. Please can you all make do for the night?"

The people of the Fox Zen Sect all laughed. "Of course, no problem."

Li Yundong also smiled helplessly and said, "Well, I've said all I should say. If you need to go out, you must go out together. Don't go alone, and please let me know in advance of your departure."

The rest of the people from Fox Zen School nodded in acknowledgement.

Upon hearing Li Yundong's words, Su Chan immediately jumped up, rushed over to Li Yundong, and said eagerly, "So Yundong, I can't go to your room anymore, right?"

Li Yundong was not willing to be overly affectionate toward his little girl in front of the disciples of the Fox Zen School. He deliberately said with a straight face, "What do you mean? As long as it's not time for you to sleep, you can go whenever you want."

Su Chan pouted unhappily. She thought to herself, "I just want to sleep in your room and you know it. How can you talk like that!"

But she was quick-witted and immediately came up with an idea: "Why don't I use bilocation to conceal my real body in Li Yundong's room and put a fake body in my own room?"

As soon as she thought of this, Su Chan was filled with elation and thought, "Little girl, you are the smartest! Recently, you haven't made any progress in your cultivation quotient with the master, but your cleverness has improved significantly!"

Thinking of this, Su Chan immediately brightened and said with a smile, "I want to go to your room to see if you're hiding any women in there."

Li Yundong laughed and scolded, "What the hell would I be hiding? With women like you around, do I need to have anyone else? I already have my hands full dealing with all of you!"

Li Yundong's words were very ambiguous. The juniors of the Fox Zen Sect all turned their faces away and giggled.

Seeing their weird expressions, Li Yundong realized that he'd said something wrong. He cleared his throat and stopped talking.

Su Chan ran over to Li Yundong's door with a cheeky smile on her face. She gripped the door handle with one hand, turned around, and said to Li Yundong with a smile, "I'm going to open it!"

Li Yundong glared at her angrily and waved his hand. "Do it then!"

Su Chan twisted the handle of the door and pulled it towards her. As soon as she pulled it, countless small plastic bags poured out in a huge flood, drowning Su Chan in an instant.

Li Yundong was startled and frightened. He immediately rushed over and asked loudly, "Are you okay?"