Yan Fang looked at Zi Yuan and said with a smile, "What, did you promise to help me?"

Zi Yuan frowned, took a deep breath, and began brainstorming. After pondering for a while, she slowly said, "Second Shibo, the Fox Zen School has been taken over by Li Yundong, and he is a good, brave man. He said that he would revive the Fox Zen School and make this poorly known school become decent once again. I believe he can do it, why don’t you give him a chance? There are times when a grudge is better off buried."

Yan Fang's face changed drastically, and she said furiously, "Asshole, what are you talking about!? That guy disturbed me last time, I haven't settled the matter with him yet, and you're actually speaking for him!? Are you mad?"

Zi Yuan said calmly, "Second Shibo, my master once left a psalm to point out that my future practice needs to rely on Li Yundong. Therefore, I made contact with him. At that time, I discovered that he was not only a cultivation genius, the likes of which has not been seen for 500 years, but also that is an all round amazing man!"

Zi Yuan was utterly calm, and she spoke with confidence and composure. "Second Shibo, let me ask, if a man willingly suffers divine punishment and walks the way of the Tao, can he be a bad person? If a cultivator is surrounded by beauties the whole day but still maintains the Yuan Yang body, can he be a bad person? If a man knows that his love is a fox spirit but still is infatuated, can he be a bad person? It seems that in the end he is not so bad. I believe that one day he will give up his sin, mend his ways, and finally promote our path of righteous Cultivation!"

Zi Yuan said in a powerful voice, "Second Shibo, regardless of whether you believe it or not, I do firmly believe that Li Yundong will be able to transform the Fox Zen School, a poorly known sect, into a respectable organization that promotes righteousness! Therefore, second Shibo, I won’t help you. On the contrary, I’d like to persuade you to let this go. Is there any grudge in this world that cannot be resolved? You have already killed so many people from the Fox Zen School, and Liu Ye is already dead. Ao Wushuang has also been sealed away by you, Second Shibo. Let it go!"

Yan Fang laughed loudly, then looked at Zi Yuan and asked meaningfully, "Zi Yuan, are you in love with him?"

Zi Yuan's face changed drastically, and she said in a flustered voice, "Second, Second Shibo, what are you talking about!"

Yan Fang sneered in response. "You don't need to try and hide it. As one who has been through the experience, I can naturally tell what's going on! You are going to protect this guy? Well, I can tell you that a catastrophe will come, so don't regret it!"

The panic in Zi Yuan's heart was only momentary. After all, she was a cultivation ace, so she soon settled her mind and asked, "What catastrophe?"

Yan Fang sneered. "Do you think I want to destroy the Fox Zen School just for personal revenge? Huh. Yes, at first I really just wanted to trouble Ao Wushuang, until I accidentally discovered the secret of the Fox Zen School."

"What's the secret?" Zi Yuan asked.

Yan Fang opened her mouth to speak, but heard the sound of footsteps coming from the stairwell. Her expression changed and she swallowed her words. "It's not good for you to know now, but let me tell you, I will destroy the Fox Zen School. It's settled! If you go your own way, don't complain when I'm not polite to you!" she said with a sneer.

Then, her body flashed and quickly hit the wall of the stairwell before swiftly disappearing.

Ruan Hongling was shocked. She cried out involuntarily, "Sister Zi Yuan, Second Shibo is Yang Spirit body, isn't she? The Yang Spirit body must be a physical avatar. It's impossible for someone to pass through a wall!"

Zi Yuan's expression was grave. "Second Shibo’s soul has already been cultivated to the pinnacle state of the Yuanying phase, and now she can switch between Yin and Yang as she pleases. At the moment she is about to hit the wall, she transforms her Yang Spirit into a Yin Spirit, allowing her to pass through."

Ruan Hongling took a shocked breath. "Amazing! Second Shibo's primordial spirit has been out of her body for so long, and she can still be so powerful. This is too outrageous!"

Zi Yuan shook her head and said, "No, it stands to reason that a person who is out of their body in Yang Spirit for so long cannot be too powerful. Even Zhang Sanfeng can only be out of his body in Yang Spirit for three days and his primordial spirit remains unfailing. If you want your primordial spirit to leave the body for so long but still be unfailing, you have to first cultivate to the cultivation of Jinshen phase!"

Ruan Hongling had a brainwave. "Unless..."

Zi Yuan also looked at her and nodded slightly. "Unless she has found a boarding body!"

After saying that, Zi Yuan's eyes suddenly lit up. She quickly turned and rushed into the clothing store where the members of the Fox Zen School had been browsing.

When she rushed in, Su Chan just changed into a new milky-white lace dress. She looked girlish and charming. When Su Chan saw Zi Yuan, she jumped over and said with a grin, "Sister Zi Yuan, am I pretty in this dress?"

Zi Yuan sized her up, smiled, and said, "Very beautiful! By the way, Su Chan, where are your three Shibo?"

Su Chan blinked her eyes, pointed at the fitting room, and said, "They're over there. My sixth and third Shibo are trying out their clothes in the locker room. My fifth Shibo has been out for a long time ."

As she spoke, the locker room door creaked open, and Zhuang Yating walked out dressed in a Qipao, looking gorgeous and brilliant. Su Chan smiled and greeted her. "Third Shibo, Sister Zi Yuan and the others are looking for you."

Zhuang Yating raised her head and asked, "Zhenren Zi Yuan, Zhenren Hong Ling, what can I do for you?"

Zi Yuan smiled, shook her head and said, "Nothing." As she spoke, she cast a meaningful look around the dressing room Cao Yi was in, and pulled Ruan Hongling out of the door.

After Ruan Hongling had walked out with Zi Yuan, she whispered, "Sister Zi Yuan, why are you..."

Zi Yuan waved her hand and interrupted her, "Don't speak of this. There are some thing you just need to know in your heart, and I can't confirm anything right now. However, this matter is very strange. We'll see."

Ruan Hongling nodded, then asked again, "Sister Zi Yuan, do you intend to tell Li Yundong about our encounter with the second Shibo?"

Zi Yuan pondered for a while before shaking her head. "Forget it, it's better not to tell him. Some things can cause misunderstandings."

"All right," Ruan Hongling said. She secretly thought to herself in her heart: "Sister Zi Yuan, don't you want Li Yundong to know that you are in love with him? Are you really in love with this guy?"

While they were discussing this, Li Yundong was sitting in the dining room alone, closing his eyes to rest, when suddenly he heard a voice coming from beside him. "Oh, isn't this the wine fairy?"

Li Yundong opened his eyes and saw a middle-aged man in a suit with a dignified appearance standing in front of him. He had two beautiful women on his arms and was looking at him with a smile.

Li Yundong took a look. "Hey, isn't this Zhao Yougen, the guy who tried to force-feed Cao Kefei alcohol when I was with her last time?"

Li Yundong laughed in his heart. "It's really a small world when it comes to running into enemies. How could I be seeing this guy again?"

Li Yundong hadn't stood up. He just raised his eyelids and looked at Zhao Yougen calmly, pretending not to know him. "Who are you?"

Zhao Yougen seemed to have forgotten the pain he'd suffered previously. He grinned, dragged a chair over, and sat down casually. Then he asked the two women beside him to also sit down. "Little brother, the world really is small. Looks like I'll meet you wherever I go. Hey, how is Mr. Cao doing recently? You made a lot of money with her, didn't you?" he said.

Li Yundong was not a fool. Naturally, he could understand that Zhao was secretly mocking him for living off a woman. In the past, Li Yundong might have felt a spark of anger in his heart, but now, what kind of person was he? How could he be bothered by such a person?

Li Yundong said with a smile, "Ah, I remember now, you are President Zhao, the man who was drunk and shameless last time! What, you want me to drink with you again this time?"

Zhao Yougen's expression changed when he heard Li Yundong drudging up the past as soon as he opened his mouth. But soon he laughed again and said to the two beautiful women beside him, "Young people are really hot-tempered, aren't they?"

Although it was nearly winter, Tiannan was in the south and the two women were dressed fashionably, showing reams of skin. Their faces were slathered with heavy makeup and they looked coquettish. When they had seen Li Yundong for the first time, their eyes had lit up and they'd looked him up and down with interest. At this moment, when they heard Zhao Yougen's words, they thought, "He is more than hot-tempered. He is a handsome man with a heroic spirit!"

But they were living off of Zhao Yougen. Of course, they had to follow what he said. The round-faced beauty covered her mouth, tittering and making fun of him. "Young people are indeed hot-tempered. They can't all be as calm as you, Mr.Zhao."

The one on the right laughed even harder and said, "Mr. Zhao is a successful man! Others can't compete with him."

Li Yundong felt strange, but he remained calm. He looked at Zhao Yougen with a smile, as if he was merely curious about what he was trying to do.

Last time Zhao Yougen had tried to teach Li Yundong a lesson, but had ended up being humiliated by Li Yundong instead. Fortunately, he had reacted relatively quickly at that time and avoided humiliation when he was drunk. Otherwise, he would have had to live in shame from then on.

This matter had been a source of shame for Zhao Yougen and he had always wanted to take revenge. Today, he had found two lovers with which to attend a small wine party. As they were passing by, he had noticed Li Yundong sitting alone in the restaurant. He had suddenly remembered the past grudge and brought the two beautiful women in to put on airs and show off.

Zhao Yougen sat nobly and tapped on the teacup in front of him. The round-faced woman poured him a cup of tea obediently, while the pointy-faced woman on his left raised the cup and presented it to him. She said in a sweet voice, "Mr. Zhao, please have some tea."

Zhao Yougen grunted and proudly lifted the teacup in his hand. He then said to Li Yundong, sounding arrogant, "Little brother, women are still so thoughtful! Don't you think that a man would have a hard time if he tried to cater to a woman for money? Although you can ask women for money if you have good enough abilities, it still doesn't look good for you. It's better to make money by yourself to give to women and let the women cater to you instead, isn't it?"

Li Yundong secretly snickered, and the smile on his face only deepened. He nodded and said, "Yes, you are right."

Zhao Yougen raised his chin and said arrogantly, "Little brother, I think you're a good-looking man. Regardless of your other qualities, you're also really good at drinking. Why don't you follow me? You can be my drinking partner in the future and I won't treat you badly. After one month, erm, I'll give you 5,000 yuan. What do you think?"

The round-faced beauty next to him exclaimed, "Really? 5,000 yuan for drinking every month? You'll give him that so easily? Mr. Zhao, you're being unfair! I want it too!"

The other beauty also complained like a spoiled child, "Mr. Zhao, you can't treat one of us better than the other!"

Zhao Yougen's face was full of joy. "Well, well, well, you are so greedy. I've given you enough money already, haven't I? I'll make it up to you when I go back! Hey, I'll give you a good meal too, not only money!"

His last sentence was meaningful. The two women giggled and said coquettishly, "Mr. Zhao, you are such a naughty little villain!"

Zhao Yougen wrapped his arms around both of the women's shoulders and said to Li Yundong proudly, "Little brother, how is it? It's such a good deal. Won't you agree?"

Li Yundong couldn't help raising his head and bursting into laughter when he saw how arrogant it was that Zhao had asked him, a cultivator, as well as the leader of a sect, to be his hired drinking partner.