Old lady Xu hadn't dared to confirm it before. She just tentatively called out to her. At this time, she saw Zhou Qin turn around. It was them. She knew Zhou Qin, so she also knew that the man beside her had to be the little miracle-working doctor who had cured her. She smiled and said, "Miss Zhou, it's you."

At this time, Li Yundong turned around and recognized that it was the old lady in front of him whose body he had cured of dampness in the hospital. He laughed. "It's you, old lady!"

Old lady Xu held Zhou Qin with one hand and Li Yundong with the other, seeming very enthusiastic. A smile bloomed over her old face like a chrysanthemum. "Little miracle-working doctor, you left in a hurry last time. I wanted to thank you but I couldn't find you! God, I have finally met you today. You cured my illness. My body is making a remarkable recovery now. It's like I have become a dozen years younger than before!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Grandma, I only did what anyone else would have!"

Old lady Xu said disapprovingly, "Well, don't say that. How can there be such a good person in the whole world? A good person must have a good reward. Otherwise, who would be motivated to be nice? If there were only bad people, wouldn't the world be in chaos? I must thank you today. Have you eaten? Let me count the number of people here..."

Old lady Xu smiled and said to Li Yundong, "Gracious me, there are more than a dozen beautiful girls with you! Little miracle-working doctor, you are so lucky! Let's go and eat together."

Li Yundong smiled and politely declined. "We've already eaten and we are in a hurry to see the shop!"

Old lady Xu asked curiously, "Why are you looking at a shop? Do you want to start a business?"

Zhou Qin explained with a smile, "Old lady Xu, we intend to open a boutique teahouse. You know, drinking tea can promote health preservation and improve longevity!"

Old lady Xu said happily, "Well, once it's open, not only will I come to your teashop, I will also bring my friends to drink there every day! We trust the little miracle-working doctor!"

Li Yundong's heart was filled with both joy and worry. He was happy that the store would already have a group of stable customers upon opening, but he was worried that he would not find a suitable property in the first place.

Zhou Qin saw Li Yundong's wry smile, so she smiled and said to Old Lady Xu, "Old Lady Xu, you're so kind. We appreciate your generosity, but it's not certain that this store will be opened now!"

Old lady Xu asked, "What's the matter? Is there some problem?"

Zhou Qin sighed and said, "We chose a shop and made a deal with Director Wang of the Administration for Industry and Commerce, but in the end, he went back on his word."

Old lady Xu's jaw fell open. "He went back on it? Why? Why did he go back on his word? Why didn't he do what he promised?"

Zhou Qin shook her head. "I don't know. When I called him just now, he didn't give any details. Maybe Li Yundong has offended someone."

Old lady Xu slapped her thigh and said angrily, "That b*stard! Give me the phone and I'll tell him!"

Zhou Qin and Li Yundong looked at each other in surprise. Li Yundong asked curiously, "Old lady Xu, can you help us?"

Old lady Xu laughed and said, "That little villain is my son, so what do you think?"

Li Yundong and the others were overjoyed. Zhou Qin smiled and rang the number. Over the phone, Director Wang said impatiently, "Hey, didn't I tell you? If I say this thing won't work, then it won't work..."

Zhou Qin didn't wait for him to finish his words before handing the phone to Old Lady Xu with a smile. She shouted into the cell, "Wang Dongliang, you little good-for-nothing, get over here!"

With a clatter, the sound of something falling came from the other side of the phone. Wang Dongliang exclaimed, "Mom, why are you using this number?"

Old lady Xu said loudly, "Boy, I am waiting for you at No. 138, Donghe Road right now. If I don't see you within half an hour, you will not be welcomed into my house again this year!" After that, she hung up.

Old lady Xu looked up with a smile and said to Li Yundong, "Let's wait here for a while. That stinky boy will come soon."

Sure enough, after about ten minutes, a Honda screeched onto the Pedestrian Street. A man, about 1.8 meters tall and seemingly 30 or 40 years old, got out of the car. He was wearing the uniform of Administration for Industry and Commerce and reeked of alcohol. It was Wang Dongliang, the director of Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Wang Dongliang glanced at Li Yundong, Su Chan, Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, and the others. He was so shocked that his eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets. "Who is this guy? How can he bring so many beautiful women with him?"

In his opinion, Li Yundong had to be an official or a rich second-generation kid. Especially when he saw Zhou Qin standing next to Li Yundong and faintly looking to him as the leader, he became more certain of his own opinion.

It was common to see someone lose their power and influence in official circles. However, although Zhou Qin had lost her power, as a daughter of the Zhou family, news of her hot-tempered personality had spread all over Tiannan City. Almost everyone was in awe of Zhou Qin's fiery temperament.

Although Wang Dongliang was not afraid of Zhou Qin, a powerless beauty, he wondered how a powerful man could subdue a woman like Zhou Qin and make her follow him obediently.

What was the background of this man?

Wang Dong quickly thought, "I've miscalculated. Zhao Yougen, that wretch, set me up! I drank too much at that time and made a promise him too quickly!"

Wang Dongliang's eyes kept rolling as he tried to think of a way out. He smiled and greeted Li Yundong, Zhou Qin, and the others. He then said to Old Lady Xu with an apologetic smile, "Mom, why did you call me over in such a hurry?"

Old lady Xu's expression was not one of affection. She raised her hand and slapped him round the head. "You fool, don't you know what you have done?"

Trying to dodge, Wang Dongliang said with a bitter expression, "Mom! We're in public! Think of my reputation!"

Old lady Xu became even angrier. She bent down to take off her shoes and began hitting him with them. "Do you still care about your reputation? You brat, you made your mother look less than human. Your mother's reputation has been completely ruined by you!"

Wang Dongliang covered his head with one hand and pulled his mother over to the door of the shop. With a sad face, he asked, "Mom, what have I done wrong? Please tell me."

Old lady Xu said breathlessly, "Didn't you promise to rent the shop to Miss Zhou in the beginning?"

Wang Dongliang's heart thumped, and he thought, "I did, but how does Zhou Qin know my mother?"

Wang Dongliang had been working as an official for a long time, and he had long been sly. He asked cunningly, "Mom, how do you know Zhou Qin?"

"How do you think? From the hospital!" Old lady Xu said angrily.

Wang Dongliang smiled bitterly in his heart and thought, "Mom, Mom, how can you cause me trouble even just by living in the hospital? When I asked you to move to a high-level nursing room, you refused, and now look at what's happening to me!"

However, this thought could not be expressed. Wang Dongliang smiled apologetically and said, "So she was also on your ward?"

Old lady Xu spat, "Bah, you jinx!" She pulled Li Yundong over and pointed at him as she asked, "Do you know who this is?"

Wang Dongliang had long wanted to get to know Li Yundong's inner thoughts. He straightened up and stretched out one hand with a smile, saying, "Hello. May I have your name?"

Li Yundong smiled, seemingly neither humble nor pushy. "It's nothing special. My name is Li Yundong."

Wang Dongliang thought to himself, "Sure enough, it's him!"

Old lady Xu said, "You idiot, he's the one who cured my illness! This is the Little Miracle-working Doctor!"

"Ah!" Wang Dongliang opened his eyes wide and gawped at Li Yundong. "You are the Little Miracle-working Doctor that my mother keeps talking about? I'm sick of hearing the story! Today I finally get to meet you. You really deserve your reputation!"

Li Yundong chuckled. "Old Madam Xu thinks too highly of me."

Although Li Yundong was young, he had an extraordinary temperament. Especially when he treated others with propriety, he had the demeanor of a master. Wang Dongliang felt sincerely surprised, and his face began to heat up. "Nice to meet you. I have always wanted to thank you face to face but could never find a chance. I never expected the flood to dash against Dragon King Temple! Sorry, I'm really sorry."

Wang Dongliang saw that Li Yundong, surrounded by beautiful women, really didn't look like an ordinary person. He couldn't figure out his background. In addition, his mother was making trouble right next to them, so he could do Li Yundong a favor. He said, "You want to rent this shop, right? No problem, I'll go back and sort it out for you!"

Li Yundong was overjoyed, but he didn't show his elation on his face. He just smiled faintly and said, "That's great. But for how many years will we get to rent it?"

Wang Dongliang said, "Usually, it'll be for two years, or maybe even three."

"But I have limited money. Can I pay the rent for it year by year?" Li Yundong asked.

Wang Dongliang's face was full of embarrassment. "This..."

He hesitated for a moment, and Old lady Xu immediately patted him with her shoe and shouted, "What are you thinking? What's the difference between renting for one year and renting for two? It doesn't matter who you rent to, but if you rent it to this Little Miracle-working Doctor, he will bring benefits to society. I'm still waiting to taste his tea!"

Wang Dongliang's arm was covered with dusty shoeprints by this point, and he looked embarrassed. He smiled bitterly and said, "Mom, please stop making a fuss. We have our own rules!"

Seeing that Old lady Xu was about to glare at him again, he quickly said, "However, rules are inanimate, but a person is alive!"

Wang Dongliang thought for a moment and said, "It wouldn't be impossible to rent it every year, but the three hundred thousand yuan of rental fees must be paid."

Before Li Yundong could open his mouth, Old Madam Xu next to him opened her mouth wide and exclaimed, "Three hundred thousand? Are you a robber or a hooligan? Last year it was two hundred thousand. You're raising it to three hundred thousand this year? No, no, two hundred thousand is okay. Don't you know that this country is suppressing the housing prices now? You are openly going against the government!"

Wang Dongliang didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Mom, these are two different things! You need to stop fooling around, okay? I beg you! Our Administration for Industry and Commerce has a goal to hit every year!"

Old lady Xu said angrily, "What damned goal? Who are you fooling? I know what you intend. Won't the extra money be redirected right into your pocket? No, no, no, I don't care about the others. If the little miracle-working doctor wants to rent this shop, I must do my best to secure it! I can't fail to repay my obligation to him! Two hundred thousand for one year of rent! You can handle it yourself. Anyway, I said it here today. If you don't agree, you needn't call me 'mother' in the future. I have no need for an ungrateful son like you!"