This sneak attack immediately caused Su Chan and the rest to cry out in alarm. One by one, they shouted, "Shameless!"

Zi Yuan was completely furious. "Stop!" she shouted.

They shouted quickly, but Li Yundong's reaction was even faster. Only by feeling a strong wind blowing overhead did the pores around his Baihui acupoint suddenly open, making him immediately think that something was wrong. With a ballpoint pen in his hand, he plunged the nib into the opponent's chest like lightning without so much as a second thought.

Li Yundong could feel that the blow was like a thunderbolt. It was extremely powerful, to the extent that even granite could be pierced by it, not to mention a man's skull. If he hit back all-out, he still might not have been able to withstand the blow that the opponent had planned for a long time.

Therefore, he simply allowed the opponent to hit the top of his skull, and he himself also struck at the opponent's Huagai acupoint.

Li Yundong infused all his Zhenqi into the ballpoint pen. At the critical moment of life and death, even diamond could have been entered by it, not to mention a human chest.

The Huagai was the most important acupoint of the human body. If this person's Huagai was pierced by Li Yundong, he would die at once from death Qi. Li Yundong bet that the opponent would not dare to exchange a life for a life.

Moreover, there was a ballpoint pen in Li Yundong's hand, which was much longer than his enemy's fingers. Although he had started making his move later, he had arrived first!

As the saying goes, an inch longer, an inch stronger.

The man never thought that he would have ruined his plan by giving Li Yundong a simple pen. He was so angry that he had to twist his feet and turn around to avoid Li Yundong's fierce thrust. His hand, which was still inserted into Li Yundong's Baihui acupoint, also quickly turned back and he pressed two fingers to the tip of Li Yundong's pen.

As soon as his fingertips caught the pen with a snapping sound, the two men's Zhenqi crashed into each other fiercely. It was like two fierce armies suddenly colliding with each other like tides, shaking the two men's bodies violently. With a snap, the pen was smashed into countless pieces.

Right at the moment that the pen burst, the elevator in the stairwell also opened with a crash. Li Yundong was startled and saw the fragments flying in all directions, some straight into the elevator.

These fragments were extremely powerful. If ordinary people were hit by them, it would be no different to them being shredded by shrapnel. They would either end up dead or at least seriously injured.

Li Yundong quickly turned his body, withdrew his arm, and instantly tucked it into his sleeve. He flung the sleeve like a long, wide whip, and swiping the fragments away.

But as Li Yundong turned his body, he immediately turned his back to the person who attacked him. All the vital parts of his back were exposed to his opponent, putting him in the most unfavorable position possible in combat.

Seeing Li Yundong's weakness, the opponent immediately stepped forward without thinking and hit Li Yundong with his palm. Using his full strength, even granite could have been broken into pieces.

Li Yundong, however, seemed to have been expecting the opponent to take the opportunity to attack. He grabbed the sleeves with the pen fragments in them and swung them back.

This time, Zi Yuan's eyes suddenly burst with brilliance. Su Chan, Ruan Hongling, Cao Yi, and the other Cultivators also cheered. Zi Yuan secretly thought to herself appreciatively, "Li Yundong's performance is excellent. His aptitude for cultivation is rare in this world, and his talent for fighting is even more shocking. He actually thought of a way to deal with this in such a short time. Moreover, he can defeat the enemy simply by relying on the environment and his own clothes. Amazing. He is really amazing!"

Just as Su Chan and the others were cheering, there was a snap. Li Yundong's sleeve hit the palm of the opponent, and all the fragments suddenly buried themselves into the palm of his hand.

In a flash, the two men began fighting like lightning and thunder. The man groaned and took a step back, clutching his palm. The moment Su Chan and the others' applause began, two young women came out of the elevator chatting to one another.

As soon as the two women walked out of the elevator, they heard the cheers of Su Chan and the others. They were shocked, their eyes wide. They looked at Li Yundong and the man in front of them, who was covering his hand and wearing a helmet and sunglasses, keeping his head down. For a moment, they didn't know what was going on.

When the person who had made the sneak attack saw secular mortals present, he immediately clasped his hands and turned to walk into the elevator.

Since the two normal women were present, Li Yundong did not give chase. He just stared at the elevator's closing doors, glanced at the two stunned girls, then picked up the parcel that had fallen to the ground with his feet and headed through the door.

After closing the door, some people gathered around and asked Su Chan, "Are you all right?"

Su Chan patted her chest and said, "Yundong, you reacted so quickly. I hadn't even come to my senses yet. If it had been me just now, I would have died!"

Zi Yuan also nodded and said, "Li Yundong's reaction was immediate. The sleeve flick just now was really exquisite and admirable. It seems that your kung fu skills haven't been left to rot."

Cao Yi and the others also chimed in with praise. "Leader is so awesome. It was really dangerous just now. I even thought that Leader might not be able to avoid it."

Although Li Yundong had defeated his opponent in the blink of an eye and the others were looking at him with awe, the truth was that Li Yundong himself was still scared, sweat running down his back as he calmed down.

He said with a grim face, "This person's cultivation is definitely not inferior to mine. Just now, I didn't even notice that he was going to sneak up on me, which means that their cultivation of Qi is close to the Cultivation of Back to Basics. He must be a top master of a sect. But why would this kind of person be so despicable as to sneak up on me?"

Zi Yuan sighed. "This is the trouble with becoming famous. Everyone wants to defeat you. Once they do, they can spread the news everywhere. Since ancient times, there has been no first place in literature and no second place in martial arts. It is also the same in the cultivation world. After I became famous, there were many people who came to challenge me. If I had not been above worldly considerations regarding cultivation, I would have been annoyed to death. Li Yundong, you are involved in secular affairs for cultivation, so you should be more careful."

After hearing this, Ruan Hongling was stunned. She looked at Zi Yuan with a strange expression and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. However, she quickly swallowed back her response and remained silent.

Li Yundong said with a solemn expression, "I don't know which sect he belongs to, but his behavior was despicable!"

"This person was wearing a helmet and sunglasses. Obviously, he doesn't want us to recognize him by his appearance. He also used fighting techniques to challenge you and didn't want us to recognize his sect from looking at his magic. I think it'll be difficult to know who he is..." Zi Yuan said with a frown.

Li Yundong's face was neutral. He raised his head and said, "In short, everyone should be careful. Tomorrow, we will move to our new home. Later, we will live in even more scattered locations and we'll all need to be more careful."

Everyone acknowledged this in unison. After everyone had dispersed, Li Yundong stopped Su Chan and said, "Su Chan, the opponents' means are getting more and more nasty and shameless judging by these two sneak attacks. You must stay by my side, don't run off, and don't leave my sight. Do you understand?"

Su Chan nodded with a smile. "Got it. Yundong, although my Cultivation Quotient is not very high, it's still not that easy for others to catch me!"

Li Yundong smiled and patted her head tenderly.

At this time, Zi Yuan pulled Ruan Hongling away and whispered once they were in their room, "Hongling, I think something strange is going on."

"Sister Zi Yuan, what's wrong?" Ruan Hongling asked curiously.

Zi Yuan looked at her. "I keep feeling that ever since Li Yundong took over as the Leader of the Fox Zen School, there has been a mastermind manipulating everything. There has been a whole series of things targeting him. Especially these sneak attacks, which are simply unbelievable!"

Ruan Hongling said with confusion, "I was wondering why you said that many people sneaked up on you after you became famous. Your reputation was known by everyone and not earnt through fighting like Li Yundong. Moreover, you are a rare beauty and a high-level female cultivator in the Cultivation World, so you are respected as one of the top masters of the younger generation."

"That's right. Everyone gave way to me. For some male cultivators, it's not noble to fight a female cultivator like me, regardless of whether they win or lose. That's why no one has ever challenged me before," said Zi Yuan, nodding.

"Then why did you say that?" Ruan Hongling asked curiously.

Zi Yuan smiled slightly. "I'm saying it not only for Li Yundong to hear, but also for the hidden traitor inside the Fox Zen School to hear."

Ruan Hongling was alarmed. "A traitor? There's a mole among the Fox Zen School?"

Zi Yuan nodded. "That's right. The last time Li Yundong talked to me privately, he suspected that there was a spy in Fox Zen School. Now I am also suspicious. A series of events started happening right after Li Yundong took over the position. Firstly, Zhangsun Hong was killed, and Liu Ye's body disappeared, and two big golden snakes' bodies were stolen. Then, there were sneaky attacks coming one after another. Next, Renyuan Jindan came out, and Fox Zen Sect was besieged. Recently, the Medicine King Cauldron and the Immortal Pen were supposed to appear. Moreover, the Taoist assembly, which is held once every four years in the cultivation world, is supposed to be held again soon. At that time, leaders from all sects will gather together for fierce battles. The sphere of influence in the cultivation world will be reformed."

Zi Yuan frowned slightly and said, "This series of events makes me feel faintly that someone in the Cultivation World is orchestrating a great conspiracy! Based on my understanding, although some cultivators from each sect will no doubt be dissatisfied with Li Yundong, they would not be so crazy. They must be being instigated by a manipulator to oppose Li Yundong."

Speaking of this, Zi Yuan suddenly lowered her voice, "I even suspect that if Li Yundong hadn't withstood the attack and had been killed just now, the entire Fox Zen School would have been wiped out!"

Ruan Hongling opened her mouth in surprise and said, "Sister Zi Yuan, aren't you overthinking?"

Zi Yuan shook her head and said, "No. Last time, you heard Second Shibo say that a Great Catastrophe was going to happen in the Cultivation World. Although Second Shibo's character is extreme, she is not a person known to bluff at random. So, I am also wondering about what will happen. What does this matter have to do with the Fox Zen School, the hidden traitor of the Fox Zen School, and Li Yundong? What does this series of events against Li Yundong have to do with this so-called Great Catastrophe?"

Ruan Hongling suddenly yelled, "Ah! Sister Zi Yuan, I have had a thought. Do you think that the mole could be..."

Without waiting for her to finish, Zi Yuan cut her off by saying, "I'm not sure yet, but what I said to Li Yundong was just to paralyze the traitor. When he can't stand it anymore, he'll reveal his true colors and throw himself into the trap!"

Ruan Hongling suddenly chuckled and said jokingly, "Sister Zi Yuan, there are only foxes in this room. At that time, every one of them will have their tails, which are their "true colors". Wouldn't that mean that all of them are hidden traitors?"

"I never expected that the descendants of our Linggong Sect would be in the same room as the Cultivators of Fox Zen School. This is truly extraordinary," Zi Yuan said with a smile.

Ruan Hongling made a palm with one hand, lowered her head, and said, "Amitayus. I certainly don't know anything about anomalies, but I do know that someone is in love with someone, so she is always considerate of him, hoping she will be able to help him finish everything and achieve true fulfillment. That's why she is so condescending!"

"Hongling, what are you talking about!" Zi Yuan's heart suddenly trembled and she blushed, glaring at Ruan Hongling as she said angrily, "What nonsense are you spewing!"

Ruan Hongling giggled and said, "Looks like i was right. I can see you blushing!"

Zi Yuan suddenly turned solemn. With one hand spread, exposing the palm, she put her head down and solemnly said, "Hongling, in my life, my greatest wish is only to follow my master's footsteps and cultivate to be an immortal. The reason why I came to the mortal world is that Jindan has appeared in it in response to my master's psalm. To me, all of this is just like the reflection of the moon and flowers on the surface of water, a transient scene."

Ruan Hongling rarely saw Zi Yuan being this serious. Her smile faded and she asked softly, "Sister Zi Yuan, are you really not interested in him at all?"

Zi Yuan lowered her eyes and replied quietly, "Does it matter if I have feelings for him or not? Hongling, the current situation is so complicated and confusing, like a tangled yarn. It's precisely the time for us to carefully analyse and prevent ourselves from getting hurt before it's too late. Let's not get entangled in these sentimental matters of love."

Ruan Hongling said nothing but a gentle "oh", and in her mind, she sighed lightly. "Sister Zi Yuan, you still haven't answered my question! Second Shibo has such a Cultivation Quotient, but she has never been able to get rid of the mortal world's love and hatred. Since you have chosen to be involved in secular affairs for cultivation, how can you be detached from the mortal world?"

Thinking of this, Ruan Hongling couldn't help feeling a little dazed for a while.