Early the next morning, Li Yundong woke up from his meditation. At this time, Su Chan and the little foxes were also getting up early. After seeing Li Yundong, they suddenly shouted, "Leader, good morning!"

Although Li Yundong had nearly been killed by a sneak attack before, when he saw the group of young beauties saying hello to him early in the morning, he couldn't help but feel happy. He finally felt that he was a leader and that everything was worth it.

"Waking up early in the morning and being surrounded by a group of beautiful girls. What more could a man ask for!"

Li Yundong was in a good mood and he greeted them with a smile, saying, "You're all up so early! Is all the luggage packed?"

Su Chan smiled and said, "My luggage is already ready, as for the others'..."

Before she could finish speaking, the other little foxes interrupted. "Leader, we have no luggage. Let's go, we can't wait!"

"That's right, Leader. We want to have our own rooms. It's uncomfortable and inconvenient for us all to squeeze into the living room!"

"Exactly. Sometimes you can even step on people when you get up to use the toilet!"

"Hey, Second Shijie, the one you stepped on was me. I was wondering who it was that had stepped on me in my sleep yesterday!"

"Fourth Shimei, I didn't blame you when you stumbled into me. How could you be so wicked as to sue me first?"

"Wow, second Shijie, you are really too much. You stepped on my arms so hard that they turned blue! Look, look for yourself!"

"Hey, stop bickering, you two. Second Shijie, yesterday you fell right on me and it was really painful!"

"That's right. I was crushed by you too, and your pointy jaw went right into me!"

"Hey, what do you mean? I'm also a victim. If it hadn't been for someone pressing my belly last night, would I have been unable to stop myself from needing the bathroom?"

"What? Who was pressing on your belly?"

"Who slept next to you yesterday, Second Shijie?"

"Was it you? Or you?" The little foxes looked over one by one, all shaking their heads, until finally their eyes fell on Li Yundong. They said in unison, "Leader, you must pass judgement!"

Li Yundong suddenly felt harrassed. Though it was nice for a group of little beauties to be surrounding him, if they were screaming and chattering around him all day, it was a hell of a lot of pain.

Li Yundong hurriedly pulled a face and said deliberately, "Nonsense, you are all from the Fox Zen School and should be courteous to each other. I don't think it's proper for you all to care about such things."

The little foxes puffed up their mouths and bowed their heads, looking aggrieved and falling silent.

Li Yundong could see that they were dissatisfied, but at least there was no more noise. He then said, "Okay, everyone, pack up your things and let's go!"

When the little foxes heard that they were finally going to move to a new home, they clapped and cheered again.

Cao Yi shibo, who had been watching from one side for a while, suddenly chimed in. "Don't rush to be happy so soon. The Leader has been supporting you with free food and drink for so long. You should work harder to help the leader with your living costs."

The little foxes had been hanging out with Li Yundong for a long time. Their awe towards him had faded as they had grown closer. They immediately ran up to Li Yundong one by one, smiling. "Master, let me rub your back!" "Master, let me massage you!"

Su Chan saw this and immediately hugged Li Yundong nervously, then looked at the crowd of girls vigilantly. "What are you planning? Yundong belongs to me! You are not allowed to touch him!"

The little foxes yelled one after another, "Su Chan, you are too possessive! The leader belongs to all of us. What's wrong with us caring about our leader?" After that, they swarmed up to him, pounding his back and pinching his shoulders to show their great hospitality.

Su Chan's two fists were outmatched by all those hands, and she was quickly overwhelmed. Li Yundong only felt that his field of vision had been filled with a sea of snow-white arms. The little foxes were very attractive, and he found himself a wave of pale buttocks as their cosmetic powders irritated his nostrils. Li Yundong thought to himself extravagantly, "Good Lord, no matter how firm a revolutionary fighter is, in the face of such temptation he will give in soon enough! How can it be like this?"

Li Yundong's face was stern. With his voice hinting at the Mantra Mahāmudrā's achievement method, he scolded, "Stand up straight. Is it right for you to be so presumptuous with your leader?"

When the little foxes heard this, they were thoroughly shocked and began behaving themselves.

Upon seeing this, Cao Yi came to the rescue and said, "Alright, let's take some things. It can be regarded as helping the leader with solving his problems."

After saying this, she opened the door to the room that was filled with tea goods and said, "We previously divided the goods into bags. Let's carry a few bags each by ourselves, and try to move them all at once."

Li Yundong watched intently and was shocked. "There are thirty or forty plastic bags here, and each of them is the size of four basketballs. These little foxes from the Fox Zen School will be totally overloaded just by carrying two of them!"

Li Yundong inhaled a lungful of cold air. "Where did you find so many plastic bags anyway?"

Cao Yi laughed, "These were brought by Zhenren Zi Yuan." Then, she said to the other juniors, "What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and come and get it!"

After saying that, she picked up a bag with each hand.

Li Yundong saw that Cao Yi had decided to carry four bags and that half of her body had been swallowed up, looking extremely encumbered. He was surprised and asked, "Can you manage it?"

Cao Yi smiled. "Leader, you are underestimating us too much. Although our cultivation levels are low and our fighting skills are not advanced, we can still manage this kind of thing!"

Li Yundong smiled. "Seeing that all of you are peerless beauties, I sometimes forget that you are all cultivators. That's right, it is impossible for cultivators to be burdened by such little things."

Li Yundong waved to the little foxes. "Little ones, grab some bags. We're going to our new home!"

The foxes responded with laughter and rushed over to the bags. Some took two bags, others took three, and Zhou Qin came out of the room carrying one bag. It was just at this time that Zi Yuan And Ruan Hongling also arrived. Seeing this, they laughed and said, "It's so lively in here. Everyone has their lot? Well, let's carry two bags, shall we?"

As she spoke, Zi Yuan picked up four bags, and Ruan Hongling took two as well.

But when Li Yundong finally wanted to pick some up, he suddenly discovered that the last few bags had been swiped by Zi Yuan, Ruan Hongling, and the others. He smiled and said, "Everything's already taken. What shall I carry? By the way, I still have some luggage. Let me pick this up."

Su Chan immediately jumped over at this time, dragged out the suitcase that had already been sorted out, and said with a smile, "I'll take it. These are ours. I want to take it myself!"

Li Yundong threw up his hands and said helplessly, "You all have things to take. What should I have?"

Cao Yi laughed and said, "Since you are the leader of the sect, you don't need to carry anything. Just leave this to us."

Li Yundong was a little embarrassed. He said shyly, "It's not good to let a big group of beautiful women carry everything while I sit around empty-handed. Doesn't that sound a bit shameful?"

Zi Yuan couldn't help but scoff with a smile. "Bah, look at the corners of your eyes, they're almost crinkling with laughter. Stop showing off when you're already so lucky!"

Sure enough, Li Yundong laughed and waved his hand. "Okay, everyone, let's go!"

The group of people set off from New Hongsheng District. When they were on their way, they only saw the passers-by staring at them and could hear some say in surprise, "It can't be. Such a large group of beautiful women are holding so many things while clustered around a bare-handed man? Am, am I wrong? Is this kind of thing even possible in today's society? I, I am not living in the old world, am I?"

When Li Yundong's group came to Riverside Village, they immediately attracted a lot of people's attention. Fortunately, this community was dominated by luxury houses. Many houses had been purchased by rich people and left without occupants, so the occupancy rate was not high and they did not attract a large area of onlookers.

The group of people entered and divided up their rooms. Li Yundong took the second floor bedroom near the rooftop in the east, while Su Chan and Zhou Qin shared a room in the west wing. Cao Yi decided to live in the room next to Li Yundong's. The other four little foxes lived in the two rooms downstairs. Liu Yuehong, Zhuang Yating, Zi Yuan, Ruan Hongling, and the other three little foxes lived in the suite next door.

In this way, the house suddenly appeared a lot more spacious. The little foxes had a new place to live, and they all gathered in the living room of Li Yundong's section of the house. They were so excited that they jumped around the room, so noisy that they almost blew the roof off.

Seeing that they were excited, Li Yundong didn’t want to stifle them, as it was rare for them to be so happy. But not long after, the doorbell rang. Li Yundong remembered the experience of the last sneak attack. This time he knew how to prepare and was covered with Zhenqi. He opened the door with secret vigilance, but as soon as he opened it, he saw a middle-aged woman wearing a red armband standing aggressively before him. She glanced inside and saw that the house was full of stunning beauties, and she suddenly became shocked and scared. She thought that there must be an official or rich second generation kid living in the house.

The middle-aged woman had originally wanted to denounce him, but at this time, her momentum declined. She squeezed out a smile and said politely, "Hello, I am from the community's property office. Someone has complained that you are being too noisy, so I came to see what's going on. Can you keep it down?"

Li Yundong suddenly understood. He laughed and said, "I'm sorry, I haven't been controlling them properly. I'll give them a good talking to later."

After that, Li Yundong turned back and scolded the little foxes, "Be quiet, don't you see that your ruckus has caused someone to come and complain?"

Frightened by Li Yundong, the little foxes suddenly quieted down a lot. They all stuck out their tongues and gestured silently before quieting down.

The middle-aged woman saw that these beauties had immediately fallen silent as soon as Li Yundong had ordered them too. She was more and more certain of her own thoughts. "This young and handsome man must be an official or a rich second generation kid. I can't afford to offend him. I must avoid meeting him in the future!"

The smile on the middle-aged woman's face became more and more attentive. "Haha, just be careful in the future. I have no other issue to discuss. If you want anything in the future, you can come to us and we will definitely do what we can to assist."

"Okay, okay," Li Yundong said laughingly.

After seeing the middle-aged woman off, Li Yundong turned around and said with a straight face, "Are you still cultivators? You were acting like a group of prisoners who have just been released from your cells! Especially you, Su Chan, you took the lead in making trouble. What does that make you look like?"

Li Yundong's reproach made the little foxes immediately lower their heads in shame, and Su Chan's chin was almost on her chest.

After being reprimanded by Li Yundong, the group of little foxes watched Li Yundong leave with eager eyes. They all looked at each other and said, "Well, what should we do now then?"

After being scolded by Li Yundong, they kept their voices low, as if they were a pack of thieves.

The little foxes turned their attentive eyes to Su Chan. "Su Chan, you've been in the Human World for a long time. Do you know anything interesting we can do?"

Su Chan thought for a moment and was delighted. She was about to shout, but then she quickly remembered Li Yundong's reprimand just now. She covered her mouth with one hand and said in a low voice, "I've got it. Let's watch a soap opera!"

The little foxes immediately beamed with joy. "Great, great!"

Seeing that they were overjoyed and their voices were already getting louder, she immediately gestured for them to be quiet and said, "Don't be so noisy!"

The little foxes all started chattering and repeating to one another, "Be quiet."

Su Chan rolled her eyes and said, "I'll ask Yundong if he will let us see it."

As she spoke, Su Chan quietly went upstairs. At the top, she tentatively pushed open the door, stuck her head in, glanced around, and gently called, "Yundong!"

Seeing Su Chan acting like a thief entering the room, Li Yundong immediately felt both angry and amused as he asked, "What are you doing?"

"Can we watch TV?" Su Chan asked timidly.

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. "You hardly need ask! Just don't make your voices too loud!"

Su Chan suddenly cheered. "Master, you're the best! We love you so much!" Then, she rushed in, hugged Li Yundong, and kissed him hard on the face before rushing out again like a gust of wind.

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Hey, when watching the TV, don't make trouble! Be careful of drawing complaints again!"

Su Chan's clear voice rang from outside the door. "Got it!"

Li Yundong shook his head and was unable to stifle a laugh. He sat cross-legged in the room and was about to start Qi control. Suddenly, there was the sound of a TV jingle playing in the living room. Li Yundong was stunned when he heard it.

He thought to himself, "If you are going to watch TV, at least find something good. Cartoons are fine, too, but you're choosing such old animations? You not only watch such old animations, you even sing their theme songs!"

Li Yundong continued to hear bursts of familiar music coming from the living room. The little foxes hummed, "Cucumis! Cucumis! Seven flowers on the cirrus! Not afraid of the wind! Not afraid of the rain! La la la la! Di di da da dong dong da! Cucumis! Cucumis! ..."(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4m_55rj-UM)