Su Chan picked up the writing brush and stood in front of the table. She closed her eyes for a moment and waited for the laughter of the crowd to subside. Then, she opened her eyes and began writing the characters for "Disanxian" with a solemn expression.

Everyone came to see Su Chan's handwriting, which was beautiful, each stroke perfectly smooth. There was an indescribable dexterity and elegance in her writing style. Li Yundong and the others were all good at writing, but when they saw Su Chan doing it, they all cheered.

Su Chan put down the writing brush proudly and said to Li Yundong with a smile, "What do you think?"

Li Yundong admired her in his heart, but he pretended to be angry and glared at her. "What are you proud of? There are still two people that haven't written yet."

He then said to Zhou Qin, "My dear disciple, it's your turn. Hurry up and do me proud!"

Zhou Qin thought of Li Yundong's scribbled "Sautéed Potato, Green Pepper and Eggplant" from earlier and couldn't help laughing.

Li Yundong said angrily, "Hey, are you kidding me? You're actually laughing at your master?"

Zhou Qin quickly smiled apologetically and said, "No, I wouldn't dream of it!"

Li Yundong looked at her doubtfully. "Really? How's your handwriting? If it's the same as mine, don't make a fool of yourself."

Zhou Qin chuckled and said, "It's just so-so. I'm just a little bit better than you."

Su Chan immediately chimed in, "It's just a little bit better, by about five thousand times!"

Everyone laughed. Li Yundong guffawed too and said scoldingly, "Su Chan, you're asking for a beating!"

After laughing for a while, Zhou Qin walked over to the table, concentrated, and began writing the characters for "Disanxian". By now, everyone knew of her background and knew that Zhou Qin had originally been an official lady. Later, she had given up everything and started to cultivate with Li Yundong. They thought that Zhou Qin's calligraphy would be mediocre, but seeing it now, they could tell that Zhou Qin's calligraphy was very good. The handwriting was dignified, stable, and majestic. It was bold and powerful, revealing a momentum that would never bow.

Seeing this, Su Chan sighed and couldn't help admiring Zhou Qin a little more. She secretly thought to herself, "As the saying goes, characters are as good as people. Only the person who wrote this could do such a thing."

Zi Yuan nodded approvingly as well. "They are indeed good characters. However, even though the characters are good, they have too much professionalism and lack Su Chan's spirit and clarity."

Zhou Qin also put down the writing brush and said with a smile, "Of course. Su Chan's handwriting seems to be alive, as if the characters can jump off the page. I can't compare with her."

Upon hearing that, Su Chan was so overjoyed that her eyes crinkled with laughter.

At this time, apart from Zi Yuan, everyone had finished writing. Li Yundong smiled and said to Zi Yuan, "It's your turn, isn't it?"

Zi Yuan waved her hand in refusal and said, "No, just use Su Chan's characters. Her handwriting is very good."

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Extreme modesty is equivalent to pride. Everyone has had a go at writing, yet you won't. Do you look down on us?"

Zi Yuan smiled helplessly and said, "Well, when you put it like that..."

After that, she walked over to the table gracefully, held her sleeve with one hand, and gently grabbed the writing brush with the other.

Li Yundong could see that her posture was elegant. The arm holding the writing brush revealed a piece of white wrist, the skin as white as snow. Before she even started writing, she began exuding a different kind of heart-wrenching charm.

An air of calm came down over Zi Yuan, and then she quickly wrote down three characters on the paper. Everyone could see that her writing was really lively. There was a gust of earthly air that was rushing to the sky between the strokes of the characters,

Everyone was able to tell good from bad, so they all cheered loudly.

Zhou Qin said in praise, "The 'Disanxian' are the real words of the immortals. They really are immortal, which makes people feel refreshed and happy!"

Su Chan was still a little unconvinced. She picked up the characters Zi Yuan had written and looked at them. She glanced at the back of the paper and saw that there was also clear handwriting there. She flipped through a few more bits of paper and saw that the words below were also very clear. Su Chan immediately sighed in admiration. "Zhenren Zi Yuan is indeed worthy of being the future leader of the Linggong Sect. Let's not talk about cultivation for the time being. Her calligraphy is really written in a forceful style. It's amazing!"

Su Chan turned to Li Yundong and said sincerely, "Yundong, use the Zhenren Zi Yuan's writing. Her calligraphy is indeed better than mine."

Li Yundong smiled and stroked her hair. "So, that's it?"

Su Chan nodded. Although there was a smile on her face, everyone could see the disappointment in her eyes.

When Li Yundong saw that, he decided to do something. Waiting for the crowd to finish their short discussion, he saw that Su Chan had found an excuse to return to her room. He quietly hid Su Chan's calligraphy and went to her room.

When Su Chan saw Li Yundong entering, she was surprised. Then, she pouted and said, "You're here to laugh at me, aren't you? Go on. After all, it's my fault that I'm not as good as others."

Li Yundong walked over with a smile. He held the little girl in his arms and let her sit on his lap, then hugged her tightly and kissed her. Li Yundong said softly, "Silly girl, look at what this is." After that, he took out a folded piece of paper.

Su Chan looked at it and saw that it was her own writing. She said unhappily, "Isn't it just what I did earlier? It's not as good as Zhenren Zi Yuan's work, and it can't be used as a plaque. What are you using it for? Making fun of me?"

Li Yundong said gently, "Silly, although Zi Yuan's work was well done and we're going to make a plaque with it as it was elected by everyone, in my heart, your work is the best."

Su Chan was stunned and looked at Li Yundong in confusion. "Why? My work is not as good as Zhenren Zi Yuan's."

Li Yundong laughed and tweaked the tip of Su Chan's nose. "You're so stupid. These words are written by you, so of course I like them the most! Whose work I regard as best is not the same as whose work I like the most."

Upon hearing this, Su Chan was greatly moved. She looked at Li Yundong with tears in her eyes and said, "Yundong, you are so kind to me!" Then, she fell into Li Yundong's arms as if she wanted to melt right into his body.

Li Yundong held Su Chan in his arms and chuckled. "You must be very touched, hm?"

Su Chan raised her head, wiped the tears from her face, and nodded her head vigorously. "Yes!"

Li Yundong reached his hand out and said, "Then why don't you give me back my scrawly handwriting?"

Su Chan couldn't refrain from smiling through her tears. She struggled to extract herself from Li Yundong. "I see, it turns out that you just want your scrawly handwriting back! No way, this is my future heirloom. I'm going to pass it down through the generations!"

Li Yundong held Su Chan in his arms and didn't let her run away. He scolded her with a smile, "Su Chan, how dare you disobey me? I'll fight to the death with you today!"

They laughed and played for a while. Li Yundong had finally made Su Chan happy again. By the time the two of them headed downstairs together, the little girl's unhappiness had disappeared. Li Yundong said to Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin, "Since the name of the store has been decided, I think we should split into two groups. One group will go to the store, and the other group will go to the Administration for Industry and Commerce to register. What do you think?"

Zi Yuan nodded and said, "Yep, sounds good!"

Zhou Qin volunteered herself, saying, "Then I'll go to Administration for Industry and Commerce. After all, I'm more familiar with it."

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Even if you didn't offer, I would make you go. There are so many people here, but you understand this kind of thing the best. If not you, who would go?"

Zhou Qin chuckled and said, "I'll be there in a minute."

Li Yundong nodded. "Okay, we'll go to the store and discuss how to renovate it."

After the discussion, Li Yundong, Zi Yuan, Ruan Hongling, and a group of people from Fox Zen School went to the Pedestrian Street again. The shop had been cleared out and Li Yundong had already received the key after signing the rent contract yesterday. As they entered the shop, they began to talk about how to decorate it and how to design it.

While they were having a heated discussion, not far from Pedestrian Street were a few people looking at the store from a distance.

These people were all dressed in ordinary clothes, but one of them was relatively short and fat. He was the disciple of the Zhengyi Sect that had gone down the mountain with Zhang Tianhe and dragged the iron tower. The other was a beautiful young woman, Zou Ping. Next to Zou Ping stood a tall, thin young man. Although his appearance was ordinary, he had an extraordinary bearing and his eyes were as sharp as lightning.

The young man looked at the store and said with a smile, "Younger sister, is this the same Zhenren Li who beat back the major sects? He doesn't look like much. How much of a cultivation quotient can he have when he's with a large group of fox spirits? I'm afraid he doesn't live up to his name."

Zou Ping harrumphed and said, "Senior fellow apprentice, although this fellow is a lecher, his cultivation quotient is real! Isn't that right, Huyan?"

The disciple of the Zhengyi School called Huyan said in a low voice, "Shijie Zou Ping is right. This person's cultivation isn't to be underestimated. Senior fellow apprentice, you have to be careful!"

The young man still didn't believe it. He sneered and said, "He's hanging out with women all day. No matter how powerful he is, he can't be that strong! I'm afraid even his Neidan is Pseudo Vital Orb. Ha, Zhang Tianhe actually lost to such a guy. I'll definitely beat him to a pulp later!"

As Zi Yuan was known as the number one master of the younger generation in the cultivation world, almost all cultivators respected her to some degree. Even young people with great Shentong did not compete with her for the first place. Firstly, they admired her beauty and temperament, and secondly, Zi Yuan herself had amazing strength. Thirdly, even if they won, there would be no glory for them in beating a young lady.

But now, Li Yundong had taken the top spot, and countless young cultivators were eager to challenge him.

This young man was not a nobody. In fact, he was the direct disciple of Zhang Tianshī. His name was Wang Lingfei, and he was Zhang Tianhe's senior fellow apprentice. His cultivation was no lower than Zhang Tianhe's, but Zhang Tianhe was the son of Zhang Tianshī, so Zhang Tianhe's status in the sect was far higher than his. Thus, he had always been dismissive of his Junior fellow apprentice.

Zhang Tianhe got all the benefits, learned all kinds of good achievement methods, and consumed only the best Elixirs of life and spiritual elixirs. But in the end, his cultivation quotient had not surpassed Wang Lingfei's.

When Wang Lingfei heard that Zhang Tianhe had been defeated by Li Yundong in one round, he gloated even more in his heart and thought to himself, "Zhang Tianhe was defeated in one round. If I can defeat Li Yundong, not only will I become famous, I will also prove myself in front of the leader. Why shouldn't I do it?"

Zou Ping knew what he was thinking. After only a little instigation from her, Wang Lingfei started following her.

When she saw that Wang Lingfei was so arrogant that he was even belittling Zhang Tianhe, whom she secretly liked, Zou Ping was pretty unhappy. She curled her lips and looked indifferent, but the expression disappeared in a flash. She then smiled and said, "Senior fellow apprentice, let's help you keep the troops in battle formation."

The young man snorted. "You don't need to do that. I can do it alone."

Just as Wang Lingfei was about to step forward, he suddenly saw four young men who looked like gangsters opening the door casually and entering the store.

The young man was taken aback. When he saw that there were ordinary people inside, he stopped, intending to wait for them to leave.

These young gangsters entered the store. If they hadn't seen anything, all would have been well. However, they looked and were shocked by the number of beautiful women in the store, their mouths watering.

Li Yundong saw that these people's hair was colorful, and their clothes were rough. Their eyes were filled with greed and they looked as though they wanted to feast on the women around them. Li Yundong was unhappy and shouted in a low voice, "Who are you?"

Li Yundong's voice, which contained the Mantra Mahāmudrā, made the gangsters come to their senses.

The leading yellow-haired gangster with bird's nest-like hair wiped the saliva from his mouth. With his hands on his waist, he pompously said to Li Yundong, "Hey, who's the boss here?"

Li Yundong and Zi Yuan looked at each other, and Zi Yuan nodded. Li Yundong understood and said, "I am. What can I do for you?"

The yellow-haired gangster shouted, "Nothing much. I just want to tell you that from now on, you will have to pay us a protection fee every month!"

Li Yundong didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he heard that. "What? Pay you protection fees every month? Who do you think you are? What age do you think we're living in? Do you think this is Hong Kong? Do you think you're Xu Wenqiang?"

The rest of the foxes of the Fox Zen Sect also felt suspicious and thought, "They are too audacious and ignorant. They are actually trying to blackmail our leader? Do they want to die?"