Li Yundong was surprised to hear Zi Yuan say that. In his eyes, Zi Yuan has always been a quiet, elegant and humble fairy. But suddenly, she had said such a thing, provoking him into stealing the Medicine King Tripod and grabbing a powerful magical weapon. If he did grab it, he would certainly get himself into a feud with the world's foreign sects!

"Didn't you say that it would be difficult for me to move forward in the future if I have deep grudges with others?" Li Yundong asked, looking at Zi Yuan in surprise.

Zi Yuan said in a grave tone, "In the face of such great changes, I have a vague feeling that something important will happen in the cultivation world and we will very likely be destroyed, turned into a pile of ashes, blood and gore if our cultivation and strength are not strong enough."

"Since the battle in Tianlong Mountain, I have seen you be busy with worldly affairs every day with no time to cultivate. Although your cultivation is still strong, as we all know, your cultivation has not made any improvement since then. If it had, you would have reached the high realm of the Sixth Heaven long ago and been able to cultivate Yin Spirit into Yang Spirit!" Zi Yuan said, sighing softly as her eyes fixed on Li Yundong.

Ever since Li Yundong had gained a great reputation after the battle at Tianlong Mountain and defeated Zi Yuan, she hadn't given him any guidance on his cultivation. Now that he was being lectured by Zi Yuan, he immediately revealed an embarrassed expression.

Zi Yuan continued, "I know that as the head of a sect, you have to worry about making a living for so many people. It's difficult for you to cultivate because you're trapped in the secular world. That's why I suggest you find another way. Otherwise, if you continue to cultivate at this speed, you won't be able to reach the Yuanying phase even after a hundred years."

Her words roused Li Yundong's arrogance. "You reached the Yuanying phase at the age of twenty. Can't I reach the Yuanying phase by the age of one hundred and twenty? It's ridiculous! There is a limit to you looking down on me! Tonight, I will cultivate to the Yuanying phase just to make you see!"

Li Yundong had been so busy making a living these days that he had not had the same spirit he had had when undergoing divine punishment. At this time, he had been stirred up by Zi Yuan. He made up his mind, and his temperament and momentum changed.

Li Yundong did not intend to say any heroic words to Zi Yuan. He only wanted to return to his room, then start working on his cultivation and prove his ability to Zi Yuan with his actions.

Being so smart, Zi Yuan naturally noticed the change in Li Yundong. She was laughing internally, but her expression remained unchanged. She continued, "I've already said what I need to say. Participate in the Taoist assembly or not, it's up to you. Whether or not you want to steal the Medicine King Tripod is also your decision. I'll go back to my room now."

Li Yundong watched her leave and mused for a while alone in the room. Before long, Zhou Qin returned with a business license that had been approved. Li Yundong called her to the room and asked about the matter of getting the license signed. Then he asked Su Chan and the others not to disturb him because he was going to sit in meditation and cultivate for a while.

Li Yundong sat cross-legged on the bed after Zhou Qin had left. Before long, the Zhenqi in his body slowly flowed out from his two kidneys, as if a warm current was flowing through his whole body. After a while, he was sitting in meditation and had turned into his own Gods‘ soul in his Spirit Space.

Li Yundong controlled his Gods‘ soul of superhuman powers, using it to fly into the sky and go into the ground of his own Spirit Space. He could make it do whatever he wanted, which really meant that he had reached Ishvara Cultivation as the Gods‘ soul was showing up and changing according to his will.

But after he had manipulated it for a while, Li Yundong suddenly thought, "Why can't I transform my Yin Spirit into superhuman powers?"

Thinking about this, Li Yundong quickly concentrated all his Zhenqi into the Neidan in his lower Dantian. It didn't take long for his Yin Spirit to jump out.

But after jumping out, Li Yundong looked at himself only to find that there was no change. Not only was his Yin Spirit not strengthened, there were also signs of it retreating.

Li Yundong's heart froze. He tried to control his Yin Spirit with his mind, but he found that his Yin Spirit had not changed at all even after trying for a while.

He couldn't help thinking, "Why can my Gods‘ soul make a change at willl in my Spirit Space, but my Yin Spirit can't?"

Li Yundong thought about all the Buddhist and Taoist classics he had read one by one. Suddenly, he remembered that the poem in the eighth phase of the 'Heavenly Jindan Technique' said, "Eight Cycles Resurrection Zone, Zhou Xingtian to raise babies. Sometimes, there will be a fire in the nest of elixirs, and sometimes there will be a deep cold spring to make the red turtle."

Thinking of this, Li Yundong suddenly realized something. "I used to cultivate the Heavenly Jindan Technique. When I reached the eighth phase, I woke up naturally. I didn't finish the eighth turn completely. Why don't I try to finish the eighth phase completely today?"

He then took back his Yin Spirit. "Previously, when my Yin Spirit was out of my body, it was the Zhenqi that was generated by the five Zangs that drove the Yin Spirit out. That is to say, my Yin Spirit came from the five Zangs, heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. In fact, it didn't match with the Heavenly Jindan Technique at all."

The Heavenly Jindan Technique used Dan Qi cultivation as its base. It stimulated the kidney, and then through the combination of the Yin and Yang Qi of the two kidneys and nerve training, it triggered a fire in the heart. In the end, the heart fire and the kidney water would intersect and merge into one, forming the Neidan!

"Why don't I give it a try or just use the power of Fire and kidney water to activate my Zhenqi?"

Li Yundong did just this. His internal organs were extremely powerful at this time. Not only could he control his heartbeat, he could also control the changes of his six viscera.

He activated his liver and began to secrete a large amount of Dan Qi. All of a sudden, his face turned blue, just like the Dan Qi he was using. Then, Li Yundong felt that the breath of his two kidneys was being stirred up by Dan Qi and slowly moved out of his two kidneys.

The internal organs of the human body were all connected, just like a light move, one thing to be moved while others stayed still. It was easier to say but harder to do than ascending to heaven. Only great concentration and wisdom could pull it off.

Li Yundong had been plagued by mundane matters, so he couldn't be at ease and wouldn't have been able to reach this step naturally. However, at this moment, he had been provoked by Zi Yuan. His whole body immediately calmed down and he easily accomplished this step.

Li Yundong felt like there was a light Qi slowly rising in his chest. When it reached the Dantian and the heart, it slowly became hot like a flame, and the other turbid Qi slowly sank like a vast ocean.

Li Yundong knew that this was a sign of heavenly fire and natural water!

Then the Qi in Li Yundong's Dantian began to grow hotter and hotter, flowing from the top of him down to his right kidney slowly. Li Yundong knew that the right kidney belonged to Yang, and the left belonged to Yin.

As soon as his right kidney merged with the heavenly fire, it immediately turned into a scorching flame, as if it was burning a hole in alchemy. Then, Li Yundong tried to guide the burning Qi of his right kidney slowly toward his left kidney in order to combine Yin and Yang.

At this time, the kidney Qi of Li Yundong's right kidney slowly came out, like a huge black tortoise slowly stretching out its head and crawling toward his left kidney little by little.

In stark contrast to his right kidney, his left kidney felt as cold as a glacier. As soon as the blazing Yang Qi was injected into it, the Qi immediately rolled and the Yin and Yang merged!

This was none other than "Sometimes having a fever in the lair of the elixir, going deep to find the red turtle in the cold spring"!

Then, the Yin Qi and Yang Qi of Li Yundong's two kidneys merged into one, rushing to the heart and Dantian. Instantly, the ground water and the heavenly fire also became one. The water and fire were mixed together, and heaven and earth were harmonious!

Li Yundong felt as if an atomic bomb had exploded in his body, and his heart and kidneys' Qi caused a violent nuclear reaction as soon as they touched!

His own Spirit Space exploded in an instant. Li Yundong suddenly found that his Gods‘ soul in the Spirit Space had changed its appearance.

In the past, although he had had a three-headed and six-armed body, his appearance and skin had still been fair. As long as others did not look at his three-headed and six-armed body, he could still be regarded as a normal person. But now, his Gods‘ soul was really black and green like iron. Two different colors of Qi were continuously being emitted from his nose. A thick black Qi was coming from his left nostril. It was the Kidney's Qi, and a bright red stream of Qi was coming out from his right nostril, which was his heart Qi.

The two Qi condensed and didn't disperse, spiralling around his Gods' soul like red and black cassocks draped over his body, but also like two-colored auspicious clouds gently supporting his Fashen.

Li Yundong was overjoyed. He knew that the final necessary performance of the eighth phase of the Heavenly Jindan Technique was to spit out red and black Qi from his nose. He had already cultivated to the highest Cultivation of Eight Turns of Fire!

Li Yundong's heart trembled as he mobilized the Zhenqi that was generated by the Dan Qi. Then, he immersed his Neidan in his kidney-water and mobilized his Zhenqi to draw out his Yin Spirit.

At this time, Li Yundong felt like his body had lightened, and then a person jumped out of his body. He saw at first glance that his body was sitting cross-legged on the bed, while he himself was standing on the ground. Li Yundong found that his body was not growing bigger at this time, but smaller!

Especially his arm, which was small and round, and just like that of a newborn baby!

Li Yundong was stunned and tried to pick something up with this hand. As expected, he easily picked it up!

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing as he realized that he had finally reached the Yuanying phase and created his own Yang Spirit!

Once a cultivator cultivated the Yang Spirit, he would transcend the Five Rings of Life and Death and no longer be bound by life, death, or illness and could be considered a 'Zhenren'!

Li Yundong didn't have time to stop his cultivation before he suddenly heard a light knock on the door.

Startled, Li Yundong quickly found a place to hide with the help of his small Yuanying phase body.

He thought to himself, "It must be either Su Chan or Zhou Qin. Let's see if we can't frighten her."

Li Yundong was secretly proud of himself, but he had not been expecting that when the door opened, it would reveal a stunning sight. He saw that the woman near the door was carrying a plate with a bowl of soup. She had a graceful, romantic figure and a beautiful appearance. It was Cao Yi of the Fox Zen School, a woman with high prestige!

Li Yundong wondered curiously, "What is she doing here? Didn't I tell everyone not to disturb me? It's possible that Su Chan and Zhou Qin would take advantage and come to disturb me, but Cao Yi shouldn't have come to disturb my cultivation!"

While he was hesitating, he saw Cao Yi's eyes twinkling at the door. She hesitated for a moment, as if she was wondering whether she should enter. But just as she was about to come in, Su Chan suddenly asked curiously from behind her, "Sixth Shibo, what are you doing? Didn't Yundong say he wouldn't allow anyone to disturb him?"

Cao Yi was startled and came to her senses. She turned around and smiled at Su Chan. "Oh, Chan'er, it's you. I have made some soup for the leader. I'm wondering whether I should bring it in for him."

Su Chan rolled her eyes and said with a smile, "Sixth Shibo, let me do this!"

Cao Yi smiled and said, "Okay." Then she put the plate in Su Chan's hand and left in a hurry without even looking at Su Chan and Li Yundong. She was in such a rush all the way that she bumped into a woman at the corner of the stairs. The two screamed together.

Cao Yi focused her eyes and found that it was Zhuang Yating who had bumped into her.

Zhuang Yating rubbed her forehead and complained, "Shimei, are you in such a hurry to be reincarnated?"

Cao Yi smiled awkwardly and apologized, then carried on her way.

Su Chan, who was at the top of the stairs, looked at them and wondered, "How strange. With Shibos' strength, there's no reason for them to bump into each other. Why are the two of them being so weird today?"

The girl was simple-minded and didn't think too much about it. She smiled, walking through the door with the plate. Because she could see that Li Yundong was doing Qi control, she kept her movements light all the way, as if she were a thief.

When she put the soup dish down, she squatted on the bed, held her chin in her hands, and stared at Li Yundong with admiration and infatuation in her eyes.

Li Yundong was hiding in the corner, observing the girl who was staring at his body. She didn't say a word, as if she would accompany him for as long as he sat like this. Li Yundong felt a wave of warmth in his heart and wanted to tease her, so he quietly came behind her and coughed.

Though this cough was not too loud, Su Chan was so frightened that all the hair on her body stood on end!

Su Chan thought, "Yundong has been sitting in meditation to cultivate Qi alone in this room. Who else could be hiding here?"

Without another word, Su Chan threw a backhand punch at Li Yundong!