After school, Li Yundong's face was frighteningly dark. Zhou Qin and Ruan Hongling couldn't help covering their mouths and snickering when they thought of what had just happened in the classroom. Like a child who had done something wrong, Su Chan kept her head down all the way, fiddling with her clothes, and dragging her toes against the ground without saying anything. Although the little foxes all kept their mouths shut, they kept looking at Li Yundong and Su Chan with their smart eyes and internally gloated a bit.

Finally, they entered the house. Li Yundong's face was as stiff as stone. He shouted, "Zhou Qin, Hong Ling, do you have anything to do?"

Well, it was time to show them the door.

Zhou Qin was clever. She quickly said, "I'm going to read." She covered her mouth to hide her snigger and ran into her own room. Ruan Hongling rolled her eyes and said with a smile, "I'll go and find Zi Yuan!"

After the two of them had left, there were only the small foxes of the Fox Zen School standing in the living room and staring at one another.

Li Yundong opened his mouth and wanted to teach the little foxes a lesson, but he didn't know how to express what he wanted to say.

He suddenly felt a little depressed. In his view, if one of these bad girls had spoken, Su Chan wouldn't have been so mischievous. However, the reason why these foxes hadn't spoken was because of him telling them that they couldn't.

Seeing Li Yundong's ominous expression, the foxes looked at each other and walked over to Li Yundong in unison. They said in aggrieved voices, "Leader, please punish us! Although... we don't know what we did wrong, it's our fault for having made Leader unhappy."

Li Yundong's gloom intensified. "Good lord, you p*ss on my leg and tell me it's raining!"

Li Yundong was furious. He waved his hand and said impatiently, "Go away. Clear off back to your rooms."

The little foxes had been waiting uneasily for Li Yundong to punish them and were surprised to see him back down like this.

They were overjoyed and cheered one after another, "Long live the leader, long live the leader!"

Li Yundong scolded, "Why don't you go back now? Don't you think you've caused enough trouble?"

The little foxes were shocked and immediately began scampering away like little birds or rodents.

Su Chan was with them. She rolled her eyes, turned around, and wanted to muddle through the issue with them, but when she turned around and took a step, her ears suddenly perked up, as expected of an extremely vigilant little fox. When she saw that Li Yundong didn't react to her taking a step, she was delighted. She took another step forward, and there was still no response!

Su Chan was overjoyed. Just as she was about to flee, she heard Li Yundong say in a drawn-out tone, "Su... Chan!"

The smile on Su Chan's face suddenly evaporated. She turned around and resentfully moved to Li Yundong with an expression of having being caught red-handed. She lowered her head and said, "What is it? I also have something to attend to."

Seeing her like this, Li Yundong was so angry that he almost could have laughed. With a livid expression, he asked, "Oh? What are you going to do?"

Su Chan rolled her eyes and said, "I want to practice cultivation!"

"Why are you practicing at this hour? When Zi Yuan comes back, it will be dinner time," Li Yundong responded.

Su Chan was quick-witted. She quickly explained, "I'm going to do some housework!"

Li Yundong snorted and said, "Forget it. Do you want to break down the ceiling?"

Unwilling to give up, Su Chan said, "Zi Yuan will be back soon. I'm going to start cooking."

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Cooking? What kind of dishes can you cook? Don't tell me that you forgot what you suffered before. Did you forget how badly the kitchen was messed up last time?"

Su Chan pouted sourly and said unhappily, "I can cook four dishes now!"

Li Yundong's jaw dropped in surprise. "Oh? When did you learn to cook, hm?"

Su Chan snorted and said proudly, "I learned from Cao Yi! This is true bravery after experiencing shame!"

Li Yundong laughed. "Oh, this is so rare! Cao Yi can cook?"

Su Chan looked like she had discovered Li Yundong's weakness. "You underestimate Shibo. I'll tell her!"

Li Yundong pretended to be angry as he said indignantly, "You dare snitch on me! I am her leader. Have you ever seen a subordinate snitch on their superior?"

Su Chan snorted and said confidently, "Anyway, with your girl's intelligence and wit, I believe that it won't be long before a top chef appears in the world!"

Li Yundong laughed as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the world. "Hah! It's so funny that I think my stomach might burst! You're really shameless when it comes to flattering yourself!"

Su Chan stomped her feet and said angrily, "You're so annoying. I really know how to cook! If you don't believe me, I'll cook something for you!"

Li Yundong firmly denied without a moment's hesitation. "No way! For the safety of all the innocent people in this world, you can't enter the kitchen!"

Su Chan threw herself into Li Yundong's arms and said coquettishly, "No, let me do it! I really know how to do it!"

However, Li Yundong refused to give in. "No, one must remember history or they will be doomed to repeat it. Do you want to move to a new house?"

Su Chan knew it was impossible to persuade him, and she couldn't help choking with tears in her eyes, "You don't like me anymore. You don't love me anymore! You don't believe me anymore!"

Li Yundong suddenly felt a headache coming on and his heart softened. He thought for a moment and gritted his teeth as he made a decision and said resolutely, "Well, you can do it. if you really destroy this house, I will go and buy another!"

The little girl smiled through her tears at first, but when she heard Li Yundong's second sentence, she immediately said angrily, "You're so annoying. I can really do it!"

With suspicion creeping into his tone, Li Yundong said, "It's really weird. When did you learn how to cook? Why did I never see you learning with Cao Yi?"

Su Chan explained with a smile, "I secretly sought her training out a few nights ago."

Li Yundong smiled. "Show me your skills."

"I'm sure it will shock you!" Su Chan said proudly, as if she had already made a feast. She rolled up her sleeves and walked into the kitchen. When she turned around, she saw Li Yundong following her closely.

"What are you doing here?" Su Chan immediately asked, demanding to know what he was up to.

Li Yundong shook his head and said, "I don't trust you. so I have to follow you to keep an eye on proceedings."

Su Chan stamped her feet and said, "You're so annoying. I can't do it if you're breathing down my neck the whole time!"

Li Yundong laughed. "You said the same thing last time, and in the end the kitchen got blown up!"

Su Chan was both ashamed and annoyed. "That was a long time ago. It won't happen again this time. I've already learned how to use this hearth!"

Still laughing, Li Yundong said patronizingly, "This is called a gas cooker, you twerp! Let me see how you use it, then I will be relieved."

With a snap, Su Chan turned on the gas cooker, turned the heat up and down, and then turned it off. She said angrily, "You can rest easy now, right? I told you I knew how to use it."

Li Yundong thought for a moment and said in a still-uneasy tone, "Hey, do you know where the seasoning is?"

Su Chan replied, "Of course I know. Don't worry! I'm not a child anymore!" With that, she pushed Li Yundong out.

Li Yundong was surprised and smiled. "Hey, you pushed me out the same way last time, and then the kitchen exploded!"

Su Chan stamped her feet yet again. "If I blow up the kitchen this time, I promise I'll go and throw myself off of a cliff or something!"

Li Yundong was shocked. He covered her mouth and pretended to be angry, saying, "What are you babbling about? I'm still waiting for you to catch up with me in terms of cultivation so we can make progress together! It doesn't matter even if it really blows up, just as long as you're fine."

The little girl's cheeks turned red. She felt a sweetness in her heart, and her charming smile seemed to transform her face. "Don't worry! Just wait and soon you'll get to eat delicious foods!"

Having said this, she turned around and entered the kitchen, not forgetting to close the door behind her.

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing and shaking his head. After a little while, he opened the door a crack and furtively peeked into the kitchen.

Unexpectedly, Su Chan seemed to know what she was doing. She noticed him watching and said angrily, "You don't trust me!"

Li Yundong smiled apologetically and said, "No, no, no. I just wanted to ask Chef Su which four dishes she's cooking? Please enlighten me."

Su Chan walked to the door, slammed it shut, and shouted through it angrily, "I won't tell you!"

Li Yundong shook his head and reluctantly returned to the living room, wondering what the girl would cook.

But after a while, Li Yundong suddenly slapped his thigh and said, "I'm actually letting this girl muddle through it. I forgot to rebuke her!"

On second thought, it seemed that he couldn't blame her for what had happened at school. Thinking of this, Li Yundong smiled to himself.

Only a moment later, Zi Yuan returned. Li Yundong looked at her and couldn't help taking note of the fact that although this fairy-like girl had been busy all day, her clothes and hair were still perfectly turned out.

Li Yundong admired her in his heart. He smiled and said, "A fairy is a fairy. You have been busy all day and yet you are still so elegant. I admire you. If I were you, I would be so tired that my tongue would be hanging out of my mouth."

Zi Yuan smiled slightly. She looked around the living room and asked curiously, "Where are the others? This room should be very lively at this hour."

Li Yundong sighed and said, "I sent them all back to their rooms. Those little girls tortured me so much today that I almost died of anger."

Li Yundong looked at her and asked, "Where are Cao Yi and the others? Didn't they go out with you?"

ZI Yuan smiled gently. "They'll be there soon. They wanted to buy something and went off together. I ended up coming back by myself."

Li Yundong didn't think too much about this and instead asked, "How's the decoration going?"

"I've already come up with two plans. You can read them and share your thoughts with us," Zi Yuan said.

"No, you can make your own decision. I trust your judgment. It must be at the level of Divine Transcendence, after all. If I join you, maybe the immortal grade will be diluted by my lack of knowledge when it comes to this kind of thing. If that happened, I'm afraid I might die from the guilt!"

Zi Yuan smiled slightly, showing no reluctance. She thought for a moment and it seemed she wanted to tell Li Yundong something important. "Li Yundong, there's one thing I'm wondering if I should tell you."

Li Yundong rarely saw Zi Yuan being so serious. He asked curiously, "What's the matter?"

Just as Zi Yuan opened her mouth and was about to speak, Cao Yi, Zhuang Yating, and Liu Yuehong, the three seniors of Fox Zen School, came back laden with both big and small bags. Zi Yuan looked at them, gently closing her lips and swallowing back her words.

Li Yundong saw that their hands were full of bags, so he smiled and said, "Where did you buy so many things?"

Cao Yi said with a smile, "In the supermarket nearby. I've never been there before so I only found out how big it is today. It was really an eye-opener."

Li Yundong smiled, "I'm afraid that the employees and guests in the supermarket will be the ones having their eyes opened when you, extremely beautiful women, show up at the supermarket together."

The three seniors laughed at the same time. Cao Yi covered her mouth and said with a smile, "Oh my, the leader is actually cracking jokes about us."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "By the way, Cao Yi, I heard that you've been teaching Su Chan how to cook?"

Cao Yi was stunned, but soon she smiled and said almost proudly, "Yep!"

When Li Yundong heard this, he smiled and asked, "How come I didn't know anything about it?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the kitchen door suddenly opened. Su Chan came out balancing four plates on her arms like an acrobat. Then she put them in front of Li Yundong one by one, hoping for praise. "Look, these are the four great dishes of our Fox Zen School!"

"Since when has Fox Zen School had four great dishes?" Cao Yi and the others looked at each other curiously and went forward to have a look.

Zi Yuan also curiously turned her head to take a look. Li Yundong fixed his eyes on the table and saw the four plates. The first was piled with egg fried rice, the second was more egg fried rice, the third was a plate of rice, and the fourth was a plate of eggs!

He asked in confusion, "Uh, what are these four dishes?"

Su Chan proudly gestured to the dishes and introduced them one by one, "This is egg fried rice. This is rice fried egg, this is rice fried rice, and this is egg fried egg! From now on, these will be the four great dishes of our Fox Zen School!"

As soon as she finished her words, Cao Yi and others began cracking up. Li Yundong took a deep breath of cold air and looked as if he had been defeated. He pressed his throbbing Taiyang acupoint and managed to squeeze out a smile. "Nice, nice... the four great dishes truly look delicious!"

Seeing this, Zi Yuan couldn't help but smile. She glanced around and saw Ruan Hongling standing not far away, winking at her.

Zi Yuan turned to Li Yundong and said calmly, "I have something to do now."

Li Yundong was still thinking about the four "great" dishes, so he didn't even register her words.

After Zi Yuan and Ruan Hongling walked into their room, Ruan Hongling closed the door mysteriously and whispered, "Zi Yuan, I have thought of a good way we can find Second Shibo!"