Although Li Yundong was a little confused in his heart, he still thought to himself, "Since my fellows of Fox Zen School can enter and there is nothing wrong with them doing it, why can't I?"

Although he thought this in his heart, he was still careful and did not stop Zi Yuan. He saw her taking out a folded talisman made from yellow paper out of her sleeve. After gently opening it, Li Yundong clearly recognized that it was a yellow paper man.

Zi Yuan gently bit the tip of her finger and quickly wrote a Bloody Rune on the paper man. Then, without asking for Li Yundong's consent, she reached over and pulled out a single hair from his head. Li Yundong whimpered softly and stared at her. "Why did you pull out my hair?"

Zi Yuan ignored him and puffed a breath of air at it. After a while, the paper man suddenly began emitting a faint yellow light and automatically flew into the air. Not long after, it actually took on Li Yundong's appearance.

Li Yundong was stunned. "What kind of magic is this?"

Su Chan clapped her hands gently and exclaimed, "Is this the Liujia Yang Spirit Fu from the Liujia Book?"

Zi Yuan looked at Su Chan in surprise and asked, "You know about this?"

Su Chan grinned. "This is one of the minor spells that my master knows. I don't know too much about it, but what I do know is the Talisman of Liuding Yin Spirit, which is not as wonderful as yours. Hey, I competed with my master in intelligence and courage, and I also used the Talisman of Liuding Yin Spirit when I escaped Yan Fang's control."

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "Considering your magical power, it's amazing that you can use the Talisman of Liuding Yin Spirit."

Su Chan giggled and replied, "I just think that this magic is fun, so I put all my heart into learning it. Other kinds of magic are not so fun, so I can't use them well."

Li Yundong smiled, then tweaked Su Chan's nose and said, "Aren't you ashamed to say that?"

Then, he turned to Zi Yuan and said, "Why didn't you use your own hair? Why mine?"

Zi Yuan said indifferently, "You are more annoying..."

Hearing this, Li Yundong was aggrieved. He turned his head and whispered to Su Chan, "Am I really so annoying?"

Su Chan giggled and pulled a funny face at Li Yundong. She nodded hard and said, "Yep, you're that annoying!"

Li Yundong was so angry that he glared at Su Chan and said, "Okay, I'll teach you a lesson when we get back! You are only getting more and more naughty!"

The little girl rolled her eyes, held Li Yundong's arm with a smile, and said coyly, "Sir, you wouldn't really want to do that, would you? Your girl is the best!"

When Zi Yuan saw that the two were being so intimate with each other without caring about their surroundings, she whispered helplessly, "Hey, do you think we're at home right now?"

Li Yundong and Su Chan finally came back to their senses. They looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

Li Yundong was thick-skinned. He cheekily said to Zi Yuan, "Zhenren Zi Yuan, please lead the way!"

Zi Yuan had never seen anyone as bold as Li Yundong. She rolled her eyes at him and urged the Liujia Yang Spirit Fu to enter the temple. Then, she followed the paper man at a distance of about ten meters.

By this time, it was late at night, and the surroundings were terribly quiet. There was only the sound of insects chirping, and even the rustling of the puppet's walking could be heard clearly.

Li Yundong, Zi Yuan, and Su Chan followed the dummy for a while. They walked along the wall and hid in the shadows. The dummy walked aboveboard on the main road, passing the Taiji wall and the main hall. As they were walking to the side hall, they suddenly heard some faint sounds drifting over on the night wind.

Although the voices were weak, Li Yundong could vaguely recognize that one was the voice of an old man, and the other was the deeper voice of a younger man, probably middle-aged.

This old voice in particular sounded quite familiar to Li Yundong, as if he had heard it somewhere before.

The hoarse voice spoke slowly, "How are you doing with refining your Diyuan Jindan?"

"I still need some drugs!" the middle-aged man replied.

"Weren't those two large golden snakes enough?"


"So what's missing?"

"I still need..."

Before the speaker had finished this sentence, Li Yundong, Su Chan, and Zi Yuan, who were listening attentively, saw a flash of white light flash in front of them at the same time. The dummy, which had been formed by Liujia Yang Spirit Fu at the front, was suddenly cut in the neck by a sharp weapon, and then the fake Li Yundong's head fell to the ground with a plop. Soon, the dummy began burning up and disintegrated with a bang.

Although this voice was soft, it rang as clear as thunder in the darkness of the night.

The two people who had just been talking to each other stopped mid-conversation!

Li Yundong was so shocked that his jaw could only drop to the floor, and a burst of cool air gushed down his neck!

Li Yundong felt a lingering fear in his heart. He couldn't help but touch his neck and secretly look at Zi Yuan with admiration. He thought to himself, "She is an experienced descendant of a well-known family. If she hadn't been careful just then, I would have died! I've no idea what kind of magical weapon that was. It was so fierce and overbearing, so strong and sudden!"

Zi Yuan opened her mouth and was about to speak, but her expression suddenly changed. She quickly took out another charm and infused it with her Zhenqi. Then, she waved it in front of them. Li Yundong suddenly saw a flowing transparent curtain of light be drawn around him.

Su Chan whispered in surprise, "Seal of godness Nayan!"

Li Yundong glanced at her and said in a low voice, "What seal?"

Su Chan leaned over to Li Yundong's ear and whispered, "It's an amulet of invisibility. We can see people outside, but they can't see us. It's one of the talismans from The Liujia Book." Then, the little girl proudly bragged, "I also know this magic!"

Li Yundong suddenly understood. He smiled and touched Su Chan's nose softly as he said, "Little girl, you know a lot of things. Not bad. You deserve some praise!"

The two of them were busy whispering to each other when suddenly Zi Yuan turned around and made a gesture for silence. "Don't make a sound!" she said in a low voice.

Li Yundong and Su Chan immediately closed their mouths. They opened their eyes wide and saw a figure pushing the door open and coming out of the side palace. The figure looked like a woman with a graceful figure. She was carrying a lantern, and her body was shrouded in dim yellow candlelight, getting closer and closer.

Li Yundong saw that the woman's upper body was obscured by the gloomy night. He couldn't recognize her face, but her bearing seemed a little familiar. When she walked to the place where the dummy made with Liujia Yang Spirit Fu had been killed, she stopped and looked around. The woman then bent down and picked up the Liujia Yang Spirit Fu that had been burned. She raised the lantern and peered at it closely.

At this point, Li Yundong and Su Chan could see the woman's face clearly through the moonlight. Her appearance gave off a sense of her being coquettish. If she was not the dead Mei Niang, who else could she be?

Su Chan was so shocked that she almost cried out. Fortunately, she reacted in time and covered her mouth with both hands. Her eyes were wide open, as if she couldn't fathom why the dead Mei Niang was appearing in front of her again.

Li Yundong was also stunned and exclaimed in his heart, "Mei Niang? Impossible. Wasn't she sucked dry? How could she have come here alive again? Is... is this also a fake?"

He had just thought of this when he saw Mei Niang turning around and shouting loudly into the side hall, "There's no one here. It's just a half-burnt paper talisman!"

Li Yundong heard her crisp voice and recognized it as none other than the voice of Mei Niang he had met before!

Su Chan also leaned in close to him and said in a low voice, "It's Mei Niang! I remember this voice. It's Mei Niang!"

Li Yundong took a deep breath. He felt like his mind was in a mess, but there was a faint light shining in the dark disarray. He seemed to have understood something, but when he thought about it, he felt that this light of understanding was surrounded by a thick fog of ignorance. He couldn't touch it no matter how hard he reached for it.

Li Yundong was about to speak when he saw Zi Yuan turn her head. She glared at Li Yundong and gestured for him to be quiet. Then, she sent a voice transmission, "Do you want to die? Don't speak! Now is the time for silence!"

When Li Yundong saw Zi Yuan staring at him, he also glared at Su Chan. Then, he moved his lips and silently mouthed, "Do you hear that? She is talking to you!"

Su Chan quickly covered her mouth with her hands and stared at Li Yundong, not saying anything. Her eyes were full of grievances. The little girl thought pitifully in her heart, "You're the one Sister Zi Yuan is staring at. Why are you scolding me?"

While the little girl was thinking this, she heard the deep voice of the middle-aged man from earlier coming from the wing room of the side palace. He said loudly, "It's midnight. I don't know which brother in the Tao is paying a visit. Why don't you show yourself?"

Li Yundong didn't know how to use sound transmission, so he wrote on the back of Zi Yuan with his hand, "Should we reveal ourselves?"

Zi Yuan rarely had skin-to-skin contact with men. She felt itchy on her back and was so uncomfortable that she instinctively wanted to twist her body to avoid Li Yundong's fingers. She waited for Li Yundong to repeat writing the message a few times before she understood what he meant, then raised her hand and waved at him.

Li Yundong found it strange that Zi Yuan didn't agree with him, but he made up his mind to continue to lurk secretly. The three of them all hid their auras well, not letting them out at all.

The middle-aged man asked again, but when there was no response, he simply sneered and said, "I think a person who dares to break into Gezao Sect at night will not be easy to deal with. Since you are here, why won't you dare to show yourself? Are you a turtle?"

This middle-aged man was trying to provoke them. Upon hearing this, Li Yundong was secretly unhappy and thought to himself, "We're just here to find someone. We're not here to do anything bad. Why should we have to feel ashamed about it?"

But as soon as this idea flashed through his mind, a figure suddenly appeared in the dark, starry sky above.

This person was holding an Obelisk of Fengchen in their hand. Her long hair was fluttering about like that of an immortal, and her skin was exquisite and translucent. Her face was as beautiful as jade, but there was a sharp glint between her brows, making her look extremely sharp and imposing.

Li Yundong looked at her and was suddenly shocked. This person was none other than Yan Fang's Yang Spirit, which he had seen on Mount Tianlong. The Obelisk of Fengchen in her hand was also the Liuhe sword that he had used before!

Su Chan was also so shocked that her mouth fell wide open, and her face showed a mix of strong excitement and anger. "Why is Yan Fang here? Where is my master? What did she do to my master?"

Li Yundong and Su Chan were so shocked that their expressions changed in an instant. Meanwhile, the expression on Zi Yuan's face had turned as dark as water. She thought to herself, "As I expected, Second Shibo is hiding in our Fox Zen School. If I'm not mistaken, what Su Chan saw just now was the figure of Second Shibo. However, what did Second Shibo come here for at such a late hour? Does she have any untoward intentions?"

While the three of them were deep in thought, on the main peak of another famous Taoist mountain, The Lady of the Earthly Fire Zhang Ling suddenly opened her eyes and said with a stern look, "What a maniac. I finally found your whereabouts!"