Su Chan blushed in response to Li Yundong and Zi Yuan's questions. She felt a little embarrassed. The little girl looked at Li Yundong and said with obvious shame, "If I turn into a fox spirit, you will dislike me..."

Li Yundong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. How could she still care about something like that at such a critical moment? He quickly coaxed her, "Little girl, what silly words are you spewing? I have already seen your real form before. Don't be silly! Your husband won't dislike you."

Su Chan's quick-witted eyes darted back and forth. She thought for a moment before saying awkwardly, "But sister Zi Yuan is here, I'm embarrassed."

Zi Yuan sighed, closed her eyes, and said in an annoyed tone, "Then I'll close my eyes. Is that okay?"

Su Chan blinked a few times, but didn't say anything. She then stared wide-eyed at Li Yundong.

Li Yundong also sighed. "So should I close my eyes too?"

Only then did Su Chan nod her head with a smile. "Don't open your eyes like last time!"

Li Yundong shook his head helplessly and closed his eyes with an expression of absolute indifference. "You scare me. I won't open my eyes. If I open my eyes, I'll be a wretched dog!"

When Su Chan received Li Yundong's solemn promise, she was relieved. The girl blinked her eyes and said, "So, I can change?"

After that, she took a deep breath and spat out a red Neidan from her mouth. Before long, she had transformed into a three-tailed fox spirit.

The figure of a fox spirit was completely different from that of a human. When Su Chan transformed into a fox, she immediately felt her body relax. She gazed around and moved her limbs. With a light swoosh, she escaped from the fairy-tied rope. As soon as the little girl's feet touched the ground, she turned around and swallowed the Neidan. In the blink of an eye, she turned into a human again.

With a sigh, Zi Yuan opened her eyes and said in surprise, "Why don't you tell us before you change?" After that, she said to Li Yundong, "The fairy-tied rope is loose now!"

Li Yundong was startled. He opened his eyes and saw that there was indeed a large gap at his waist and he was able to breathe much more easily. Li Yundong was about to move when Zi Yuan grabbed him and said, "Don't move! Let's move at the same time later. The fairy-tied rope reacts very quickly. Just now, Su Chan pulled herself out from the middle because she was a fox spirit. In that form, the fairy-tied rope cannot detect her changes and movements, but we are both still human beings. If we move a little, the fairy-tied rope will tighten!"

"Then I'll go down, and you go up?" Li Yundong asked.

Zi Yuan said, "Okay!"

Both of them were lying on their sides on the ground, and it was not easy for them to move. Just as they were about to move, the fairy-tied rope suddenly detected their intention.

Before Li Yundong and Zi Yuan could move, the fairy-tied rope once again firmly bound the two together.

The fairy-tied rope suddenly tightened, causing the two to collide head-on. Li Yundong and Zi Yuan cried out at the same time, covering their foreheads with their hands, their expressions contorting from the pain.

Su Chan burst out laughing and said, "You two still haven't escaped from it! You're so slow to react!"

Li Yundong covered his smarting forehead and said angrily, "Why didn't you tell us that you were going to change? You slipped out alone and now it's too late for us to get out!"

Zi Yuan was on the verge of going berserk. With a devastated look on her face, she yelled, "Oh my God! Well. How can we escape from it? Su Chan, why didn't you say anything to us before you changed!?"

The smile on Su Chan's face froze. She said dryly, "I wasn't expecting..."

Li Yundong sighed in frustration. "Wonderful. We two are tied up tightly. There's no way for us to run away no matter how badly we want to."

As he said this, he moved a little unwillingly. He felt that although the fairy-tied rope was still tightly wound around him and Zi Yuan, it was not as suffocating as it had been a moment before.

Their bodies were tightly pressed against each other. Zi Yuan's chest was right up against Li Yundong's and his heavy masculine aura was enveloping Zi Yuan. Zi Yuan felt her body becoming hot and weak, and her heart was filled with anxiety. She couldn't help but angrily mutter to Li Yundong, "Don't move, and don't stick so close to me!"

Li Yundong smiled bitterly as he replied, "What can I do? It's this rope that's binding us so tightly."

Now that one of them was out of the rope, Li Yundong could finally turn his head. He said to Su Chan, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and think of a solution!"

Su Chan's face was full of confusion. "What can I do? How am I supposed to help?"

Li Yundong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "At least try to find something to cut it with."

Su Chan felt as if she had just woken up from a dream. She quickly looked around and began to search for something.

Zi Yuan sighed and resigned herself to her fate. "It's useless. No magical item or sword can cut the fairy-tied rope off."

Sounding unconvinced, Su Chan snorted and said, "I don't believe it!" She looked left and right, and suddenly her gaze fell upon the mighty and tall figure of Guan Yu, who was holding the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in his hand, standing majestically in the side chamber.

Overjoyed, Su Chan rushed to the statue of Guan Yu. Grasping The Green Dragon Crescent Blade in both hands, she jerked it with all her might!

Su Chan pulled out half of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade from the hands of Guan Yu's statue with a crack. Although it was only one half of the blade, Su Chan felt that her arms had become weighed down, and a great force was pushing her body, making her lean back. She was shocked and thought to herself, "Why is the Green Dragon Crescent Blade so heavy?"

After taking a deep breath, Su Chan jumped up, grabbing the Green Dragon Crescent Blade and pulling it out with all her strength. Only then did she fully appreciate just how heavy the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in her hand was!

The blade was three meters long, and the hilt of it was as thick as a person's forearm. Moreover, it was made of refined steel. Su Chan stood with The Green Dragon Crescent Blade in front of her. She was unable to touch the tip of the blade no matter how hard she stretched for it.

Su Chan used her Qi to rise into the air. She touched the tip of the blade with great difficulty, and to her surprise, she found that it was extremely sharp. It had been sharpened before!

Su Chan landed on the ground and lifted the blade with all her strength. She found that she couldn't lift it even when using both of her hands!

This was no trivial matter. Before, Su Chan had lifted the 9981-pound Fan of Seven Treasures with ease. She had never expected to be unable to lift The Green Dragon Crescent Blade in front of her!

Su Chan knew her abilities very well. If she used Qi to lift something, even if she could not lift a thousand pounds as Li Yundong could, she could at least wave two hundred pounds easily and lift a few hundred pounds, albeit with some difficulty.

But when it came to the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in front of her, she had no way to move it at all!

"Is this blade as heavy as five hundred pounds?" Su Chan gritted her teeth and pulled at the Green Dragon Crescent Blade with both hands. With a loud clanging sound, she finally lifted it.

But the result of her barely raising it was that the blade forced Su Chan to lean back as soon as she took its weight.

The little girl gave a cry and almost stumbled. But, she was a cultivator after all. Once she exerted strength from her waist, she was able to swing the long blade over her head and in front of her body.

But to Su Chan's surprise, the long blade was nearly three meters long. As she moved forward, she found herself being dragged by the inertia. She stumbled a few meters, and the blade began moving in a downward arc toward the ground.

At this time, Li Yundong was discussing how to sit up with Zi Yuan. The two people had been struggling on the ground for a long time. One was giving orders and the other was cooperating. Li Yundong was about to sit up when he saw white light flash past. A blade was slashing fiercely toward the top of their heads.

Li Yundong was suddenly shocked. He raised his arms, and with a cracking sound, his two hands were clamped over the falling blade.

Since Zi Yuan had her back facing Su Chan, she didn't know what had happened. She subconsciously raised her head to take a look and gasped. She could see a sharp blade hanging over her forehead. The blade was so sharp that it seemed as if it could cut through rock. Even though Zi Yuan was pretending to be calm, she couldn't help sweating.

Li Yundong held the blade in his hands and felt fear swelling in his heart as a cold sweat broke out on his back. He raised his head and said in a labored voice, "Su... Chan!"

Su Chan held the blade in both hands. When she heard Li Yundong shouting at her, she smiled dryly. "I'm sorry. It was, uh, a small mistake!"

Li Yundong was stunned and asked with wild eyes, "A small mistake!? What if the blade had fallen down? Do you want me to be cut in half? Even though you haven't severed my legs yet, you can see if this blade falls so much as an inch more, I will be pushing up daisies. You are going to be a widow!"

Su Chan pouted and quickly threw the Green Dragon Crescent Blade to the ground. Rubbing one corner of her clothes, she looked at Li Yundong with a pitiful expression and muttered, "I just wanted to help you cut off the rope, I don't..."

Li Yundong also threw his side of the blade to the ground. He said helplessly, "You are making the situation worse! Do you understand?"

Su Chan's head was sinking lower and lower, and her chin was almost touching her chest. She looked aggrieved, her lips quivering. She whispered, "You are the one who asked me to help, and you are also the one who said that I made the situation worse..."

Li Yundong was so angry that he burst into a fit of mad laughter. He glared at Su Chan and said, "Forget it. Go to the door and see what's going on. Otherwise, it will be very funny if someone suddenly rushes in!"

Su Chan made a soft, affirmative hum and rushed to the entrance, looking out through the crack in the door.

The cultivators present were still fighting with each other. Zhang Ling's hands were lit up with blazing flames. The golden flames were ferocious, but they did not burn her sleeves and hair. However, as soon as the flames left her palm, they could turn anything in their path to smoldering ashes!

Wan Zhenyuan was sitting cross-legged on a Lotus Altars formed by purple Qi. The ruler in his hand had been thrown into the air and was slowly rotating on the Lotus Throne, on which a pattern of Eight-Diagram-Shaped Appetizer could be vaguely seen. The pattern looked faint, as if it could be punctured easily, but in the center of the Eight trigrams, it was constantly emitting purple ripples and spreading out layer by layer, like an invisible city wall.

Among the three of them, Yan Fang's spiritual energy was the weakest, and her whole body was emitting a dazzling golden light. Obviously, the spiritual energy of her Yang Spirit body had been used to the extreme, but the Liuhe Sword in her hand was still powerful and overbearing. The sky-cracked sword rain just now had confirmed her position as the most overbearing cultivator present.

Su Chan looked over and saw that there were flying swords streaking everywhere on the field. The Liuhe seemed to have changed into countless longswords, and each longsword was fighting with one of the cultivators.

"Ah, Yan Fang is so powerful," the little girl shouted. "She can beat everyone by herself! Is the Liuhe really so powerful?"

Zi Yuan was struggling to sit up. Hearing her words, she replied, "Of course, the characteristic of the Liuhe is that it is weak in one-on-one attacks, but it is extremely powerful in group combat. Although Zhang Ling is powerful, she did not bring out a magic item, so she has suffered a great loss. The Jiuqu Huanghe Ruler in Wan Zhenyuan's hand is more of a defensive magic item, so its offensive power is not strong. Therefore, Yan Fang had to suppress everyone by herself."

Su Chan replied with an "oh". She turned her head and was ready to watch the arena. However, she was so scared by the scene that she thought her soul might just leave her body. What she saw was a sword flying over the side hall and suddenly stopping with a buzz, and then the sword floated in the air, as if it had sensed where she was. The sword suddenly turned its blade down, and the tip of the sword began lunging toward Su Chan like lightning.

The little girl screamed, turned tail and ran. She shouted as she ran, "Help, Yundong, help!"

Li Yundong didn't know what was going on and could only see her running towards him. He shouted, "What are you yelling for? Aren't you afraid of attracting attention?"

As soon as he finished speaking, the door of the side chamber was loudly pierced by a long sword, and another flying sword broke in.

The flying sword was like a ferocious bandit. After breaking through the door, it looked around and suddenly began streaking toward Su Chan.