When Li Yundong saw the flying sword moving toward Su Chan, he shouted in astonishment, "Honey, hurry!"

Su Chan may not have been the strongest fighter, but her ability to escape was top-notch. When she saw the flying sword rushing toward her, she flashed and narrowly dodged the sword like a slippery fish.

Su Chan yelled as she dodged, "What about you?"

Li Yundong said loudly, "Don't worry about me. I have my own way!"

As soon as he finished those words, the Liuhe suddenly stopped in midair. As if it had heard his words, it seemed to become angry. The body of the long sword trembled and buzzed. After a while, the one sword divided into two, and then the two swords became three!

"It's dividing!" Su Chan exclaimed.

Zi Yuan also felt infuriated and said in a loud voice, "The magical sword is psychic, don't talk nonsense! It can understand your words! Now, the characteristic of Liuhe is that it will divide and multiply according to how many enemies its facing! Let's see what you intend to do about it now!"

Li Yundong's eyes were blank and he said dryly, "How, how am I supposed to know?"

Su Chan was about to speak when she suddenly saw white light flash in front of her. She lowered her head subconsciously, and the flying sword brushed past her black hair. The edge of the sword was razor sharp, cutting off a few strands of her beautiful, silky locks. The shorn strands fluttered through the air before slowly falling to the ground.

Su Chan knew that if she had been a second too slow, her head would have been cut clean off. She was so frightened that her heart was beating wildly. She wanted to escape, but she couldn't bear to leave Li Yundong behind and run away on her own.

Su Chan thought quickly. She gritted her teeth and shouted, "This Liuhe is really a good-for-nothing magical item. It couldn't even stab me. No wonder it's the last of the Five Taoist Swords!"

Li Yundong was shocked to hear this. "Honey, what are you saying? Are you crazy? Are you tired of living?"

As expected, the Liuhe seemed to understand Su Chan's words. The sword trembled violently, and the two long swords that had originally been aimed at Li Yundong and Zi Yuan also stopped. They floated in midair for a moment before the tips of the swords slowly turned and began pointing at Su Chan.

Su Chan saw that the three long swords wanted her. Although she felt fear in her heart, she still said stubbornly, "Am I wrong? If you can't hit me, a living person, and only go after two weak people who are tied up. Aren't you useless?"

The Liuhe was utterly enraged. The three long swords let out sharp swishing sounds and instantly turned into three streaks of white lightning, rushing toward Su Chan crazily.

Without another word, Su Chan turned into a wisp of smoke and sped off to the inner room.

Li Yundong was burning with anxiety. He yelled at Su Chan's retreating form, "Honey, run away. Run as far as you can!"

Su Chan's voice came from a distance. "Yep, I know!"

But not long after he'd finished speaking, Su Chan emerged from the inner room again.

Li Yundong could only gape before shouting, "Why are you back!?"

Su Chan yelled, "It's a dead end!"

Li Yundong was shocked. "That's impossible. Just now, the man ran in there with Mei Niang in his arms, didn't he?"

Zi Yuan reacted quickly, immediately saying, "There's a secret chamber!"

Li Yundong called frantically, "D*mn, what should we do now? Honey, be careful!"

Su Chan could have barely supported herself in evading one flying sword, so it was really asking a lot for her to dodge three. She rolled and jumped through the side hall, so fast that her figure almost turned into several blurred shadows. However, because space for her to move in was too limited, she was gradually forced into a corner by the three flying swords.

A flying sword shot toward Su Chan's chest. She twisted her body, and although she managed to avoid being hit in any vital organs, her arm was sliced open. The girl let out a cry, but as soon as her voice left her throat, she realized that her cry could make Li Yundong worried, so she quickly closed her mouth and stubbornly continued to avoid the attack of the flying sword with great difficulty.

Li Yundong heard this shout clearly. He saw that his girl was being left with less and less space in which to dodge, but she did not want him to be distracted or worry. He felt both anxious and angry.

Su Chan was Li Yundong's weakness. When he saw Su Chan was in danger, he immediately pushed all other thoughts from his mind, took a deep breath, and got ready to struggle wildly.

Seeing that Li Yundong was about to lose his temper, Zi Yuan immediately became frightened. She hurriedly said, "No, no, you can't struggle with all your strength. The more you use your strength, the more powerful the fairy-tied rope will become. In the end, all of us will be strangled to death!

Li Yundong's eyes had turned red from pure anger and frustration. He gritted his teeth and said, "That'd be better than watching Su Chan die in front of me!"

Seeing that Li Yundong was about to lose it, she made up her mind and said loudly, "Li Yundong, calm down. Let's find a way to control Liuhe first!"

Li Yundong roared loudly, "We are tied up like Zongzi. How can we control it?"

Seeing Li Yundong's bloodshot eyes and ferocious face, Zi Yuan took a deep breath and calmed herself. She said in a low voice, "Li Yundong, didn't you control Liuhe last time? Why can't you do it again now?"

"Bullsh*t! How can you compare this time with the last one? Last time..."

Li Yundong was about to go on a short tirade, but an idea suddenly flashed through his mind. He was quick-witted and immediately scolded Liuhe, "F*ck, this lousy sword, don't you know I am your conqueror? Last time I subdued you so that you were obedient. Well, now you won't dare to come to me again this time? Hey, I'm tied up. Won't you dare to provoke me? No wonder you are the last of the Five Swords!"

Those words seemed to have the desired effect. The Liuhe suddenly stopped. The three flying swords had already forced Su Chan into a corner, but at that moment, they reversed their directions. They buzzed combatively at Li Yundong, like an enraged warrior glaring at his opponent.

Seeing Liuhe had come to a halt, Su Chan hurriedly jumped out from the corner, put her hands on her waist, and yelled at the sword, "You good-for-nothing! You barely even scraped me. So useless!"

Li Yundong was stunned, so was Liuhe. It seemed to hesitate for a moment and didn't know who to deal with first. Seeing this, Li Yundong quickly continued to curse it. The obscene words pouring from his mouth made Zi Yuan frown.

Liuhe was in midair, alternating between pointing at Su Chan for a while and then at Li Yundong. It seemed to have gotten dizzy from all of the cursings and did not know who should be the first target of attack.

When Su Chan and Li Yundong saw that Liuhe had gotten confused after being verbally abused, they felt a surge of joy in their hearts and began to curse it even harder.

The Liuhe was ashamed into anger, emitting a sharp sound. Suddenly, two of the long swords headed straight for Li Yundong, and the other long sword shot toward Su Chan.

Su Chan shouted and cursed, running back and circling around the side hall as the long sword followed.

Li Yundong, however, shouted, "Good timing!"

Both of his hands were outside the rope. When he saw the long sword coming straight for his waist, he saw it as if in slow motion as he reached out and flicked the sword with his finger!

"Clang." The sword was immediately bounced away, while the other sword kept going and chopped toward Li Yundong.

Li Yundong swiftly shouted at Zi Yuan, "Zi Yuan, don't move. Cooperate with me and take a step to the left!"

Before Zi Yuan could even register what he'd said, she heard Li Yundong's words and subconsciously took a step to the left.

"Puff!" With a muffled sound, the longsword heavily struck the fairy-tied rope around them.

There was a loud bang in Zi Yuan's mind, and she instantly remembered the psalm that her master had left for her, "The Spirit Mirror could easily shatter the mortal world, and an Immortal's Sword could not break the red rope!"

There was a buzzing sound in Zi Yuan's head. She opened her mouth unthinkingly but no words came out as she only shouted loudly in her heart, "Master, you're right. Your psalm is true again!"

Li Yundong saw that Zi Yuan's eyes were staring into the distance. She seemed to have become completely dazed and was showing no reaction. He didn't have time to wake her, so he just held her with one hand and dragged her about in an effort to awkwardly dodge the attacks of the two flying swords.

If these two long swords cut horizontally, Li Yundong could bounce them back with his fingers, but if they cut vertically, Li Yundong would use the fairy-tied rope to block the slashing of the swords. This fairy-tied rope had originally been only restraint to them, but now it was saving their lives.

Liuhe did not succeed in its round of attacks and its rage was only further incited. One of the long swords retreated a little and then stabbed toward Li Yundong like a spear.

Li Yundong could feel that the hairs on his lower abdomen were standing on end. Relying on his amazing foresight, he pulled Zi Yuan's body backward an inch.

"Hiss", the sword instantly thrust itself into the gap between Li Yundong and Zi Yuan's close bodies. Due to the sheer proximity, the sharp edges of this sword cut them, leaving ugly gashes on their bodies, out of which scarlet blood flowed.

With this blood flowing, the long sword that was inserted between Li Yundong and Zi Yuan began suddenly struggling violently.

Li Yundong's heart trembled. He realized that his own blood was Tongzi Yuanyang blood, and Zi Yuan's was Virginity Core Yin blood. How could Liuhe bear it if these two kinds of blood were mixed with one another?

Li Yundong immediately grabbed the long sword between them with one hand, and Zhenqi began pouring out of his whole body. The Liuhe continued struggling madly, like a flood dragon rampaging through the rivers and seas.

Li Yundong felt as if he was taming a mad beast. If it weren't for the fact that he was controlling the long sword and not letting it move freely, it would have torn them apart already!

Li Yundong was full of Zhenqi. His Zhenqi only flowed into Liuhe for about ten seconds before Liuhe stopped moving. As soon as Liuhe in his hand returned to a subdued state, the other two long swords suddenly began to tremble violently and buzz. They then turned into clouds of smoke and disappeared.

"Why, why did these swords disappear?" Li Yundong was shocked and asked in confusion.

Zi Yuan was still a little dazed. Li Yundong patted her shoulder, rousing her from her trance-like state. She asked, "What happened?"

Li Yundong pulled out the sword transversely inserted between them and said, "I got a handle on one of the swords, but why did the other two disappear?"

As soon as he finished these words, he heard a long, angry cry coming from Yan Fang outside. "Which despicable person took my Liuhe!"

Zhang Ling laughed and said, "Yan Fang, your Liuhe has been subdued. Let's see how arrogant you can be now!"

Wan Zhenyuan scoffed. "Zhenren Yan, you can rest now. You must be tired of fighting so many people, right?"

He raised his hand, and the fly-whisk he was holding instantly shot a gang wind toward Yan Fang.

After losing her magical item, Yan Fang did not dare to take this attack head-on. She flashed and dodged, saying sternly, "Li Yundong, did you take my Liuhe? You and I have unfinished business!"

After that, Yan Fang's figure quickly turned into a blue light and disappeared.

When everyone present heard Li Yundong's name, they were immediately shocked and began looking around. "Li Yundong? Li Yundong, the Fox Zen School's leader? Where is he?"

Li Yundong could feel shocked and anger surging through him. He swore in a low voice, "D*mn it, Yan Fang, that b*stard didn't forget to get me involved before she left! I'm going to kick her ass!"