Only then did Zi Yuan realize what had happened on the battlefield. She composed herself and said quickly, "Liuhe can be split into countless swords, a skill which is most suitable in a group battle. But it also has a fatal weakness, which is that once one of the swords is subdued by an opponent, the other swords will all disappear, and the controlled sword will become the true body of Liuhe."

Li Yundong suddenly understood and said, "Then any one of the swords it splits into can be called Liuhe?"

Zi Yuan nodded. "That's right! Now that they've noticed us, we will have to leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, once they discover us, they'll immediately besiege us, and we'll be doomed eternally!"

Li Yundong waved the long sword in his hand and said with a bitter smile, "How can we escape? We're still tied up over here!"

Without even thinking about it, Zi Yuan said, "Command us to move into the inner room. There is a secret room there which we can try to find. That has to be the way out, or else when they discover us here and swarm in together, we will be sitting ducks."

Li Yundong turned to Su Chan and said, "Chan'er, go and look for the secret room. Tell me when you find it!"

Su Chan replied with a sigh and turned to leave. "Be careful when you find the secret room," Li Yundong warned her. "Beware of any sneak attacks from the inside."

When Su Chan had first seen that Li Yundong and Zi Yuan were so close that they were practically getting to second base, she felt faintly upset in her heart, but when she heard Li Yundong's words, she immediately became happy again. She replied affirmatively in a crisp voice, then quickly turned around and fluttered into the inner room like a little bird.

Zi Yuan said to Li Yundong, "You can command me. I will cooperate with you. The fairy-tied rope is getting tighter and tighter. If we move too much, it will only get worse."

Li Yundong thought for a while and said, "No, I've just thought of a way to get out of this blasted rope."

Zi Yuan was startled and asked with feverish excitement, "What is it?"

Li Yundong laughed darkly. "It's very simple. Attract Heavenly Thunder!"

Zi Yuan turned pale with fright. "Huh? What! What if you hit us? How big of a target do you think this rope is? How precise must your control of thunder be for you to be sure we won't end up injuring ourselves? Your Five Thunders Spell is also unrefined. Aren't you courting death by drawing Heavenly Thunder to sever the fairy-tied rope?"

Li Yundong said helplessly, "Well what else can we do? If we are tied up like this much longer, that group of guys will find us soon. Even invisibility is useless now, so we might as well give it a try. Besides, the worst result is that we will die together. It'd be good to die with a fairy sister in my arms. As the saying goes, perish with the roses and you'll die a romantic death."

Zi Yuan's cheeks turned slightly red as she muttered in a low voice, "Bah, I really don't want to die with you!"

Before she could finish her retort, Su Chan rushed out of the inner room, embraced Li Yundong, and cried, "Honey, I'll be the one to die with you. I won't allow anyone else to have that honor!"

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing and said, "Silly, why don't you say that you won't allow me to die in the first place? Your words make it sound like I'm certainly going to die. Don't you have any faith in me?"

His body shook as he laughed. Coupled with Su Chan holding him, the fairy-tied rope sensed the pressure and slowly tightened a little. Li Yundong's laughter stopped abruptly. He took a deep breath and said, "Get off me. Don't hold me anymore. The rope is so tight that my ribs feel like they're about to snap!"

Su Chan loosed her grip and looked at Li Yundong with tears in her eyes. She asked expectantly, "Do you really have a way out of this?"

Li Yundong said coaxingly, "Of course, your man is omnipotent! You have to believe me. Hurry up, go back and find the secret room. I will be fine after a short while."

Su Chan squeezed Li Yundong's hand and said reluctantly, "If you die, then I won't carry on living either. I'll die with you."

Li Yundong was moved, but he scolded with a smile, "Bah, don't say ominous things. I will live for a hundred years and travel all over the world with you. I won't die so easily! Come on, if you keep delaying then when they rush in later I won't be able to live even if I want to."

Only then did Su Chan listen to him. With a stream of tears pouring from her eyes, she turned around and headed back into the room.

Li Yundong shook his head helplessly and said with a smile, "She really is just a little girl."

The eyes of Zi Yuan were fixed on Su Chan in the inner room. Suddenly, she sighed faintly and said, "In the world, there is someone willing to give all they have for you and who loves you so much. How nice that must be..."

A gentle smile crept over the lower half of Li Yundong's face. "Yes."

This emotion was only a flash. He quickly said, "I'm going to use Qi control to attract Heavenly Thunder. You should also use Qi control to protect your body. If you don't, I can guarantee that it won't be fun to be touched by the thunder."

Zi Yuan did not know how Li Yundong was going to attract the Heavenly Thunder, or how he was so sure that the Heavenly Thunder would not hit him, only the fairy-tied rope. However, out of her automatic trust for him, she did not refute Li Yundong's words. A moment later, she was covered with the Zhenqi of Xuanmen Sect and looking at Li Yundong with anxiety.

Li Yundong took a deep breath. He mobilized his Zhenqi and silently cast the Five Thunders Spell. After a while, white gas began rising from the top of his head. He mobilized the Qi between heaven and earth, causing the dark clouds in the sky to roll and become denser and denser.

At this time, all the cultivators in the field could also sense that something was wrong. Zhang Ling was even faintly aware that there seemed to be a pair of dignified eyes staring at her back in the sky, which made her feel creeped out.

Zhang Ling suddenly raised her head and shouted, "Who is attracting Heavenly Thunder? Do you have a death wish? Aren't you afraid of striking yourself?"

Wan Zhenyuan's expression was cold. He sneered and said, "Which of you is so reckless as to want to perish together with us?"

After that, he cast a hostile glare at every cultivator in the field. If he found out who it was the had attracted the thunder, he would immediately attack.

When the cultivators present saw Zhang Ling and Wan Zhenyuan joining forces, they were shocked and quickly started trying to defer suspicion. "It wasn't me, it wasn't me!"

Zhang Ling's gaze was razor-sharp, and her eyes were shining with divine light as she cast a glance around at everyone's bodies, as if she was trying to find out who it was that was attracting thunder. Next to her, Zou Ping suddenly shouted, "Master, could it be that Thunder Dragon, no, that person tonight?"

Zhang Ling's expression turned stern, and she said resolutely, "It's very possible!" She jerked her head and yelled at Wan Zhenyuan, "Master Wan, have you really not been at Mount Longhu tonight?"

Wan Zhenyuan sneered and said, "Of course not. I didn't so much as step foot outside of the ancestral temple tonight!"

"D*mn it, I made a mistake!" Zhang Ling thought. But she was stubborn, thin-skinned, and unwilling to admit her mistake, so she said angrily, "Then why didn't you admit it just now?"

Wan Zhenyuan rolled his eyes and said arrogantly, "I am the dignified master of the Gezao Sect. In terms of status and seniority, I'm above you. In terms of age, I'm also older than you! You started questioning me as soon as you got here. If I admit defeat and it becomes known, I will be ridiculed by others."

Zhang Ling snorted and thought, "Last time, you were hurt so badly that you escaped from the ancestral temple and even the Renyuan Jindan was taken away. Now that such a disgraceful thing has begun to be spread, how can you say that you're afraid of losing face?"

But in the end, she was still a little afraid of Wan Zhenyuan, so she didn't say her thoughts out loud.

She searched for a while and still could not find the person who was attracting the thunder, but the dark clouds in the sky were growing ominously thicker. Zhang Ling snorted and fell from the air so as not to hit the cultivator who was the highest in the sky first.

However, when she thought of what had happened tonight after her descent, she felt very angry.

First, her side hall had been broken, and the magic circle that she had been wanting to refine the sword spirit in had also been destroyed, making the perfect Big Three-realm Sword Formation fail. On top of that, she had had a hard time finding any trace of the enemy and had pursued the wrong target. She had fought randomly in the field, and now she was being forced to fall to the ground by Heavenly Thunder and could not even dare to fly.

Zhang Ling said in her heart, "I've been cultivating since I was in my mother's womb. When have I ever been bullied like this?"

The more Zhang Ling thought about it, the more obvious the anger on her face became. Zou Ping, who was next to her, observed her and said, "Master, do you think it was Li Yundong who did it?"

Zhang Ling was stunned. "Li Yundong?" She thought for a while and asked doubtfully, "Does he know how to attract Heavenly Thunder?"

Zou Ping harrumphed and said, "With that little b*tch Zi Yuan helping him, anything's possible."

Zhang Ling suddenly flew into a rage. "Zi Yuan, that b*tch doesn't know what's good for her. When I catch her, I'll put her in jail for a hundred years!"

Upon hearing this, Zou Ping was overjoyed. She tried to cause further aggravation and said, "Master, let's capture Li Yundong first. Once we catch him, Zi Yuan will have no support!"

"We can't let either of them go!" Zhang Ling said firmly.

As she spoke, a loud noise suddenly came from the sky. The night sky, which had originally been littered with stars, was now covered with thick, dark clouds. Thunder and lightning were crackling in the clouds, and the sky was majestic!

The cultivators present looked up at the sky in horror, all wanting to dodge subconsciously. However, most of the cultivators present had high statuses. They were afraid that if they ran, their escape would become a joke in the cultivation world and they would end up being too disgraced to lift their heads.

With this in mind, although the cultivators present were afraid, they could only stiffen their necks and look at the sky, praying that the lightning would not head straight for them later.

However, Dang Qiang of the Penglai sect did not have such concerns. Seeing that the sky was about to rumble with thunder, he gave a dry howl, turned his head, and jumped off the red wall. "Run! Are you waiting to be struck by the lightning?"

As soon as he finished his words, there was a rumble, and a bolt of Heavenly Thunder instantly broke through the sky and shot straight down toward the side hall of Gezao Sect.

Li Yundong, who was attracting the thunder in the side hall, threw the Liuhe in his hand at the exact moment that the thunder was about to fall. The sword was spinning in the air, and the snow-white blade lighting up Li Yundong's sweaty forehead. At the same time, it reflected the nervous expression in Zi Yuan's eyes.


The Heavenly Thunder suddenly fell toward the side hall and fiercely rushed toward Li Yundong and Zi Yuan.

But in mid-air, the hilt of the Liuhe hit the Heavenly Thunder. The long sword immediately guided the surging thunder from the hilt of the sword to the tip. The tip of the Liuhe flipped and fell right on the fairy-tied rope. It was only half a centimeter away from piercing their skin, and no matter which side it was, they would be hit by Heavenly Thunder!

The fairy-tied rope immediately fell to the ground after being struck by the thunder, while the Liuhe kept violently rotating and turned into a flywheel, cutting toward the statue of Guan Yu in the side hall. With a noisy slash, the statue's head was cut off in an instant.

Before Li Yundong and Zi Yuan could even react, they saw that the sculpture of Emperor Guan's head had fallen to the ground. It rolled a few times over the floor, and then a round golden pill fell out of it. In an instant, the fragrance of the pill filled the side hall. This pill shone with golden light, and the light went through the hole in the side hall that had been broken by the Heavenly Thunder, shot straight into the sky, and did not disperse!

Li Yundong and Zi Yuan both exclaimed at the same time, "Renyuan Jindan!"

At the same time, the cultivators outside the side hall started exclaiming loudly, "The Jindan has appeared!"

At this moment, everyone's breathing was growing heavy. No cultivator could remain calm when faced with the Renyuan Jindan. Even Zhang Ling, who was a great cultivator, narrowed her eyes in an instant, her face full of greed.

"Grab it!"

Although none of the cultivators said this aloud, the thought came to everyone's mind at the same time. They all headed for the side hall in an insane rush!