The Lady of the Earthly Fire, Zhang Ling, was using the extremely fierce Fire of the Nine Emotional Areas. Once it touched the earth, it could immediately spark a huge inferno. There was nothing in the world that could withstand the flames of the Fire of the Nine Emotional Areas other than a select few magic tools.

However, Li Yundong's Mahamudra was an invisible and vigorous Zhenqi, which was impervious to being burnt. It could restrain Zhang Ling's Fire of the Nine Emotional Areas. Moreover, Li Yundong's location was excellent, to the extent that he could be regarded as having the geographical advantage.

Seeing that Li Yundong easily dispelled Fire of the Nine Emotional Areas that she was most proud of, Zhang Ling was so angry that she almost spat blood. The surrounding cultivators were also looking at Li Yundong with awe.

Seeing that her Master had suffered a loss, Zou Ping immediately shouted, "Li Yundong, are you tired of living? How dare you offend our Zhengyi School!"

Most of the cultivators outside the secret passage had been participants of the siege of the Fox Zen School. At this point, they had also recognized that the man was Li Yundong. In particular, his Mantra Mahāmudrā had left a deep impression on them. They could all see Li Yundong guarding the entrance of the cave and preventing them from moving forward. If they tried to force their way in, they were afraid that it wouldn't come to any good. They remembered that Li Yundong had killed two people in a row at the Fox Zen School last time, defeating seven people in succession, and so they still had lingering fears.

They all said, "Zhenren Li, let's discuss this. Are you the one who took Renyuan Jindan? How about we buy your Jindan? Name your price."

"That's right. Let's bargain. We don't have to fight!"

"Zhenren Li, we have a lot of powerful magical weapons in the Jinshan Sect. If you fancy any of them, just tell us. We will exchange a weapon for the Renyuan Jindan!"

The cultivation world always followed the law of the jungle. The weak were meat for the strong to eat. Zhang Ling had tried to be tough before, but Li Yundong was even tougher than her. By this point, they had no idea what to do and could only humble themselves and be soft.

Seeing that the flames on the wall of the secret passage were still burning, clearly illuminating his position, he swung his sleeve, swept out a fierce and overbearing gang wind, and immediately snuffed out the flames. Then he disappeared into the darkness again.

When the crowd saw Li Yundong's figure melting into the darkness and realized he was not answering them, they became anxious and hurriedly said, "Zhenren Li, say something. There's something we can discuss!"

Zhang Ling slowly began to calm down. She remembered when she had fought with Li Yundong just a moment ago. She had once seen a stream of red Qi and black Qi coming out of his nostrils, looking weird and powerful. She was shocked and shouted, "Li Yundong, did you get the Heavenly Jindan Technique? I never expected you to reach the eighth phase of fire cultivation at such a young age!"

Li Yundong was shocked and thought to himself, "As expected, paper can't cover fire. She actually recognized my skill"

Li Yundong made up his mind not to speak, remaining silent. He neither admitted nor denied it.

But as soon as Zhang Ling's words came out, the other cultivators suddenly burst into an uproar.

Quanzhen Dragon Sect's Du Fei exclaimed, "Zhenren Li, I've long heard that you managed to obtain the long-lost Heavenly Jindan Technique. I originally thought that it was just a rumor. I never expected it to actually be true! Our Quanzhen Dragon Sect has a deep relationship with Mr. Chen Pu. Where did you obtain the technique? Could you lend it to me?"

When Du Fei said this, the other cultivators began to frown. Zhang Hongcheng of the Jinshan Sect said loudly, "Zhenren Du, what you've said is inappropriate. What do you mean by saying that your Quanzhen Dragon Sect has a close relationship with Mr. Chen Pu? Aren't you being shameless? Mr. Chen Pu is from the generation of the Late Tang Dynasty, and your Quanzhen Dragon Sect was established during the late Song and early Yuan dynasties. More than three hundred years elapsed between them. You dare to pretend to have a connection with Mr. Chen. Aren't you too audacious?"

Du Fei was embarrassed. He turned his head and said, "Our Quanzhen Dragon Sect belongs to Xuanmen Sect in Taoism. Mr. Chen Pu's Heavenly Jindan Technique is also from the Xuanmen Sect. Our founder, Wang Chongyang, followed Buddhism, Taoists and Confucianists both draw on the strengths of others' sects. One of them is Mr. Chen Pu's nerve training technique. According to the Cultivation method, we originally came from the same sect. How could it be said that we don't have a relationship?"

Du Fei's words made the other cultivators laugh out loud and Chen Anji from the Donghua Sect scoffed. "In that case, our Grandmaster, Ning Quanzhen, is even closer to Mr. Chen Pu."

Immediately, another cultivator said, "B*llshit. Ning Quanzhen is also a cultivator of the Song Dynasty. How could they be closer?"

Chen Anji said in a strange tone, "According to what Zhenren Du said, Ning Quanzhen of our Donghua Sect also created the kung fu methods used by the Xuanmen Sect, and our Grandmaster Ning Quanzhen is from the Northern Song Dynasty, around much earlier than Wang Chongyang. According to this, isn't it closer to Mr. Chen Pu?"

Everyone immediately roared with laughter, all of them laughing at his troubles.

Zheng Yuan, who was standing at the back, said in a low voice with a tone full of sarcasm and disdain, "This group of good-for-nothings, they only know to criticize each other when they encounter trouble, and even strike up an alliance between the Six Sects. Bah! What the hell! What's the use of asking questions about the Heavenly Jindan Technique by just giving up the opportunity of chasing Renyuan Jindan in front of us. Will Li Yundong spit out what he has eaten? Stupid, stupid idiots!"

Ding Nan also whispered, "Master, what is the Heavenly Jindan Technique?"

Zheng Yuan took a look at her and said kindly, "I'll tell you about it later." As he said this, his face suddenly changed to show an expression of dissatisfaction and anger. "However, Li Yundong got Renyuan Jindan and the Heavenly Jindan Technique. I'm afraid that the chances of revenge are very slim... Alas, I originally wanted to fish in troubled waters tonight and see what I could get from it, but I hadn't been expecting Li Yundong, this man, to take advantage of me. D*mn it, really d*mn it!"

While he was whispering to Ding Nan, the cultivators of the various sects began quarreling. Zhang Ling was incensed when she heard that, yelling, "What's there to bicker about? Do you think you can get a result just by arguing like this? How can you make the other party willingly return the rare treasure you want just by relying on your glib tongues? Dream on!"

With her high seniority and strength, Zhang Ling's words were very authoritative. The cultivators united as one to fight their common enemy as if awakening from a dream. They all said, "Li Yundong, hurry up and hand over Heavenly Jindan Technique. It's a Taoist supreme treasure. Every cultivation sect in our cultivation world has a share. How can you keep it all for yourself?"

"That's right. Do you think that you alone can defeat so many of us? Do you think the little Fox Zen School can resist the joint attack of so many sects?"

"Don't talk nonsense. If Li Yundong was the kind to bow his head and admit defeat, he would have left Tianlong Mountain a long time ago. Does this kind of person look like someone who is easily threatened?"

"Then what should we do? He's keeping watch in there, and we can't get in. Are we going to just wait here?"

"Why not? With so many of us standing here, he'll eventually become exhausted!"

"Oh, no, what if this secret passage has an exit?"

"Oh, d*mn it. If there is an exit, what should we do?"

"Hey, Li Yundong hasn't uttered a word for a long time. Could it be that he has already made his escape?"

"That's possible. One of you should go in and take a look!"

"D*mn it, why don't you go in and have a look?"

Each of the cultivators started making excuses, all angling for the next man to go in, but no one was willing to take the initiative to go forward. Even Zhang Ling was stunned. She thought in her heart, "I didn't get any benefit from him just now, so it's also unclear if I can get any benefits from him now. This little b*tch Zi Yuan, how much magic has she taught this guy? How many abilities does this guy still have up his sleeve? It's not a big deal that I can't defeat him, but it's a big deal to lose my face and the sect's face."

At that moment, a cultivator suddenly said loudly, "By the way, where's the master, Wan Zhenyuan? Hurry up and ask him if there's an exit leading out of the secret passage, and if so, where does it lead?"

At this time, the cultivators in the side hall suddenly remembered that they were on the grounds of the Gezao Sect. They looked around quickly and found that the leader of the Gezao Sect, Wan Zhenyuan, was not there!

"D*mn it, where is Wan Zhen Yuan?"

"Has there been an opportunity for him to run away like he did last time?"

"Didn't he just say that he wanted to keep all of us here? He spoke such harsh words. Why isn't he here now?"

"Nonsense, who doesn't know how to spew a few harsh words? With so many sects joining forces to steal the Renyuan Jindan, how could he hope to stop them? If he doesn't run, he will disgrace himself."

"Bah, Wan Zhen Yuan is nothing but a piece of sh*t! He actually abandoned his ancestral temple after swearing a solemn vow just now!"

When Zou Ping saw that the situation was devolving, she shouted loudly, "Brothers in the Tao, stop arguing. Every second we spend quarreling gives Li Yundong more time to escape. Since no one wants to go in and investigate, let's see if we can release our powerful magical weapons and have them attack together. I believe that no matter how powerful Li Yundong is, he won't be able to withstand the attacks of so many powerful magical weapons at once! Once he fights back, we'll know that he's inside. If he doesn't fight back, he'll definitely die! We can also take back Renyuan Jindan!"

When the crowd heard that, some cultivators immediately slapped their thighs and said loudly, "That's right. It's such a simple method. Why didn't I think of it?"

"Zhenren Zou deserves to be an excellent disciple of The Lady of the Earthly Fire. That's a good idea. We'll do as you say!"

Zheng Yuan, who was from Yin Yang Sect based in Mount Wuhua, looked at Zou Ping with a cold smile. He said to Ding Nan in a low voice, "Good disciple, you have to remember this woman. She's ruthless and quick-witted. If she becomes successful in the future, she'll definitely be your strong opponent!"

At this time, all of the cultivators on the scene drew their powerful magical weapons out one after another, and then aimed toward the secret passage, creating a storm of attacks. Everyone could only hear tinkling sounds in the secret passage. Their powerful magical weapon seemed to have collided with a wall of steel, their strength was useless. They immediately shouted, "That guy is still inside! Let's work harder!"

After confirming that Li Yundong was still inside, the cultivators of each sect rushed to attack him again with their powerful magical weapons.

But no matter how hard they tried, there was always only a tinkling sound coming from inside. After a long time, they couldn't help but become suspicious. "What's going on? Is something wrong?"

Zhang Ling was also confused. "I'll do it!" she shouted. After that, she clapped her hands and released a monstrously fierce fire dragon again, which rushed into the secret passage.

Wherever the fire dragon went, it immediately illuminated its surroundings. Everyone took a look and saw that there was an iron wall covered with golden Sanskrit characters in the secret passage. It was the fan of Seven Treasures.

Sensing the fire dragon coming for it, the Fan of Seven Treasures did not dare to intercept. It immediately withdrew its leaves and fled deeper into the secret tunnel in the blink of an eye.

Everyone was suddenly shocked and cried out in unison, "Oh no, we've fallen right into his trap! Li Yundong has escaped!"

Zhang Ling roared angrily and took the lead in chasing Li Yundong into the secret passage. Now with someone taking the lead, the others were also emboldened and rushed in.

Along the way, Zhang Ling ran forward with great vigilance, and the fire dragon she had released led the way. After running for a while, the fire dragon suddenly rushed out of the hole with a bang, burning up all branches and leaves that were growing in all directions.

Zhang Ling suddenly rushed out of the hole. She looked around and saw that she had come out at the foot of the mountain. She snorted and waved her hands. The spreading flames immediately retracted back to her palm. Zhang Ling rubbed her palms and the flames instantly became nothing more than a cloud of smoke which swiftly disappeared.

At this time, the cultivators of the other sects rushed out of the secret passage one after another. They all said in shocked and angry tones, "D*mn it, he ran away!"

"A monk can run away but a temple cannot! I know where his lair is. Everyone, follow me!" Zou Ping said, her voice laced with fury.