After Zhao Yougen and the others had left, Su Chan spat at Zhao Yougen's figure with a look of utter hatred. "What a disgusting fly!"

Zi Yuan sighed lightly at Li Yundong. "Actually, this kind of person should not be on your mind. There was no need to quarrel with him."

Li Yundong snorted coldly. "Who says I'm angry because of him? It's obvious that this guy wants to bring my store down. Last time I let him off the hook, but I wasn't expecting this guy to be so reckless as to provoke me. If I don't do anything, won't it be easy for anyone else to come and bully me? A cultivator cannot live like a coward!"

Zi Yuan smiled. "I've never seen a cultivator like you in the entire Cultivation World. Anyway, just forget it. As the saying goes, luck is not a calamity, but the calamity is just hiding. If President Zhao wants to go against us, let him."

Li Yundong laughed. "You're right!"

Zi Yuan shook her head and said with a rueful smile, "You'd better solve the problem of the decoration of our store first."

"Can't I decorate it without Mr. Zhao? Are you kidding me? Well, I have a plan. Don't worry!" Li Yundong replied laughingly.

Su Chan widened her eyes and asked curiously, "Yundong, what kind of plan?"

Li Yundong said with a mysterious expression, "God's design must not be revealed!" He waved his hand and said loudly, "Let's go home. I'm calling for a temporary meeting."

After that, Li Yundong turned around and strode straight out of the store.

Su Chan and Zi Yuan exchanged glances with each other and smiled at the same time, then chased after Li Yundong.

After returning home, Li Yundong saw Ruan Hongling and immediately asked with concern, "How's Zhou Qin?"

Ruan Hongling's mouth twitched and she said, "There's a person with Renyuan Jindan helping her to dredge her meridians, and two great masters are taking care of her. What could possibly be wrong with her?"

Seeing Ruan Hongling's jealousy, Li Yundongg laughed, "Come on, don't be like that. I will always remember your kindness."

Ruan Hongling jumped up like a dog whose tail had been stepped on. "Who's jealous? As a direct disciple of the Linggong Sect, I have had countless Elixirs of life since I was a child. Why should I be jealous of a rookie who has not yet crossed the threshold of Cultivation?"

Li Yundong deliberately sighed and said, "Alas, do you only have this kind of Cultivation Quotient because you've been eating countless Elixirs of life since childhood?"

Ruan Hongling suddenly flew into a rage. She put her hands on her hips and said angrily, "Li Yundong, what did you just say? If you don't make yourself clear right now, I will never forgive you. What do you mean 'this kind of Cultivation Quotient'? Do you think everyone can be like you, an extremely talented cultivator?"

Seeing that Ruan Hongling was truly annoyed, Li Yundong smiled apologetically. "I was only joking. Don't take it so seriously!"

Zi Yuan also tried to comfort Hongling. "Hongling, why don't you just tell us what happened to Zhou Qin directly?"

Ruan Hongling glared at Li Yundong. "She's not dead yet! Are you satisfied?"

"What a strong smell of gunpowder!" Li Yundong said, smiling bitterly.

Su Chan rolled her eyes, hoping to ease the situation, and volunteered to go, "I'll go and have a look!" Having said that, she jumped upstairs lightly, craned her neck and looked inside. Then, she made a gesture to Li Yundong and whispered, "She's sleeping very well!"

Li Yundong nodded and lowered his voice a little as he said, "Well, inform everyone we're having a meeting in Zi Yuan's room. I have something to say."

Su Chan nodded and told the others to go one by one. Ruan Hongling showed the whites of her eyes and said angrily, "A meeting? Do you think you're the president of the student council or something?"

Li Yundong was not angry, and even smiled as he said, "You don't have to come..."

"That's great! Thank God!", Ruan Hongling said, her tone dripping with irony.

Li Yundong added slowly, "... your absence will be regarded as consent to me I assigning you any task and work as I see fit."

"What tasks? What work?" Ruan Hongling said angrily. "Do you think you're some unscrupulous boss who can run their employees ragged?"

Li Yundong said with a fake smile, "Seems like you studied well in politics class! I'm going now. Please don't come to the meeting later!"

Saying this, he walked to the opposite door of Zi Yuan's room. Since Li Yundong and Zi Yuan had exchanged keys for the door when they first moved in, Li Yundong took out his key and walked through directly.

Ruan Hongling looked at Li Yundong's back and stomped her feet in anger. She took Zi Yuan's hand and said angrily, "Sister Zi Yuan, look! This guy is bullying me again. You have to help me!"

Zi Yuan rubbed her temples in exasperation. "Can't you guys stop quarreling?"

Still livid, Ruan Hongling said loudly, "It's not that I want to quarrel. He's the one trying to start something!"

Zi Yuan asked helplessly, "Why didn't you just answer him honestly at the beginning? Why did you have to make a fuss about what to say?"

Ruan Hongling snorted disgustedly. "Whenever I see him, talking gently is the last thing I want to do!"

Zi Yuan sighed and shook her head. "Then there's nothing I can do to help you."

Ruan Hongling saw the little foxes of the Fox Zen School walking out of the room in high spirits and heading to the Zi Yuan's living room. Ruan Hongling's eyes turned and she pulled Zi Yuan aside, whispering, "Sister Zi Yuan, You don't want to go to that stupid meeting, do you?"

Zi Yuan looked at Ruan Hongling as if she were looking at a three-year-old child, not saying a word.

Ruan Hongling was a little scared by Zi Yuan's gaze. She stamped her feet and said, "Well, whose side are you on? Are you on the side of your Shimei, who has always stuck with you and helped you through your difficulties, or are you on this bastard's side?"

Zi Yuan was still silent and her gaze was growing more and more sympathetic, as if she was looking at a troublesome two-year-old.

Ruan Hongling couldn't help but freak out. "I knew it. You've always been on this guy's side! You've been doing this ever since you found out that he's Jindan's Heir! I'm really the biggest idiot in the world. Why did I even ask you this!"

After that, she rushed into her living room angrily, and then sat down on the sofa in a huff.

The little foxes of Fox Zen School were excitedly making guesses about what Li Yundong was going to say next. However, when they saw Ruan Hongling rushing in, they were all shocked and whispered to one another, "What's wrong with her?"

Su Chan also tugged on Li Yundong's sleeve. "Yundong, were you quarreling with her again?"

"Nuh-uh!" Li Yundong said with a look of grievance.

"Then why is she so angry?" Su Chan asked, blinking slowly.

Li Yundong winked. "Girls are always in a bad mood during a certain 'period' once a month. You know!"

Su Chan burst into laughter. "You're so annoying. She's a cultivator, after all. A female cultivator after the Zhuji phase doesn't have those little 'periods'!"

Ruan Hongling saw Li Yundong and Su Chan talking and laughing with each other. She immediately stood up, raised her eyebrows, and shouted in a loud voice, "What are you talking about so secretively over there? Just say what you want to say! "

"We are talking about the fact that female cultivators don't menstruate after reaching the Zhuji phase," Li Yundong said with a cheeky grin.

It was not easy for Ruan Hongling to sneer at Li Yundong. "When a female cultivator has menstruation, it means that she has a punctured body. Only by cultivating an unpunctured body can she successfully reach the Zhuji phase. You don't even know this principle. How did you cultivate?"

Li Yundong tried hard to hold his laughter in. "Then have you succeeded in reaching Zhuji phase?"

"Oh please!" Ruan Hongling exclaimed. "If I hadn't reached Zhuji phase, how could I have spiritual energy?"

Li Yundong could no longer hold back his amusement. "But I saw you being angry just now, just like the few days before a woman starts her period every month. I thought you hadn't succeeded in reaching the Zhuji phase, or you were a unique female cultivator who still has menstruation after reaching the Zhuji phase!"

Everyone burst out laughing at his words.

Ruan Hongling was overcome with both shame and anger. "Li Yundong, shut up!" she shouted.

Li Yundong covered his stomach and laughed hysterically. Ruan Hongling was furious, and when she saw Zi Yuan walk into the living room, she immediately pointed at Li Yundong and shouted, "Sister Zi Yuan, look, your lover only knows how to bully me!"

In an instant, the laughter in the living room died. Everyone stared at Ruan Hongling in astonishment and then turned to look in the direction of Zi Yuan.

All the people looked at Zi Yuan with strange expressions. All couldn't help but wonder, "Why has Linggong Sect's Zhenren Zi Yuan helped our Leader so much? Now we finally know! Because Zhenren Zi Yuan likes our Leader! Our Leader's charm is really too great!"

Zi Yuan hadn't been expecting Ruan Hongling to say this. Her face suddenly turned red and she glared at Ruan Hongling with rage in her eyes. "What's wrong with you?" she yelled.

Her sharp eyes immediately made Ruan Hongling's heart tremble. She knew that she had said something wrong and she immediately sat down with her head lowered and mumbled silently, "I didn't say anything wrong! He only knows how to be mean to me!"

Li Yundong saw that Zi Yuan was standing at the entrance of the door and knew it was rare for her to be at a loss. He coughed and said loudly, "Sit down, everyone. Today, the first conference of the Fox Zen School is officially being held!"

There was dead silence.

Li Yundong looked around awkwardly, then glared at Su Chan, who stared right back at him without any reaction. "Clap, guys! Why are you all in a daze!?"

Su Chan came to her senses as if awakening from a dream and began clapping hard. The little foxes of Fox Zen School also started cheering along with her.

The sparse burst of applause had at least broken through some of the tension. Li Yundong forced a smile and said to Zi Yuan, "Zhenren Zi Yuan, please sit next to me."

Zi Yuan had finally found an excuse to argue. She glared at Li Yundong and shouted, "I won't sit with you!"

After that, she turned her head away and sat down on the sofa sullenly with Ruan Hongling.

Seeing Zi Yuan sitting down with her, Ruan Hongling was overjoyed. However, when she looked up, she saw that Zi Yuan was gazing at her with a murderous expression. Ruan Hongling shivered all over and lowered her head once more.

The little foxes secretly looked at Zi Yuan one by one and whispered into each other's ears. There were constant rustling sounds coming from the living room.

Li Yundong now finally understood what it felt like to be a teacher. There were only a dozen people in the living room, and only Su Chan was looking at him with eager eyes. Cao Yi, Liu Yuehong, and Zhuang Yating, the three Qianbei Shibos of Fox Zen School, were sitting still and upright. Everyone else's thoughts were running away with them.

Li Yundong cleared his throat and said seriously, "In view of recent events, I have decided to hold a meeting. Since this is the first meeting I have presided over as the head of the Fox Zen School, I hope we can treat it seriously."

Then, Li Yundong said to Su Chan, "Chan'er, you'll be the secretary and have the responsibility of taking notes during the meeting."

Su Chan nodded excitedly and rushed to Li Yundong's room to retrieve a pen. But when she returned and found that she hadn't taken any paper, she had to go back to Li Yundong's room and grab a notebook in a rush.

Li Yundong helplessly watched Su Chan run out twice before settling the matter. He shook his head and said to Cao Yi and the others, "Cao Yi, you guys are responsible for discipline during the meeting."

Having no idea what Li Yundong was going to do, Cao Yi and the others nodded with a chuckle.

The little foxes liked boisterous events best. Their attention finally shifted from Zi Yuan to Li Yundong and all of them looked at him with great anticipation, as if he was going to announce some amazing news in the next second.

Li Yundong saw that everyone's attention was finally focused on him, so he no longer beat around the bush. He coughed dryly and said, "A few things have happened today, and I don't want to waste my breath talking about unimportant things. The main thing is that our store can't be decorated now because the workers have been lured away by our enemy..."

Before Li Yundong could finish his words, the little foxes started to shout angrily, "Who?"

"How dare those people poach our men!"

"Curse him!"

"It's no use cursing him alone! I'm going to curse his whole family!"

"That's right. Add to that his forefathers!"

"Bah, what's the use of cursing people! Let me say that only using force is effective!"

"Wow, Fourth Shijie, are you going to kill that man? A cultivator will be punished with a Heaven Strike if they kill someone!"

"D*mn it, who's going to kill people? I'm so beautiful and smart. Why would I do such a horrible thing as killing someone?"

"Then, Fourth Shijie, what do you intend?"

"Hmph, we should find this person's birth date and a strand of his hair, then make a paper man and a straw doll. Nail him! Curse him!"

"Yes! Curse him for the rest of his life!"

"You cowards, do you dare to kill a real person? In my opinion, we should wait for a dark and windy night and put a sack on his head, then beat him violently! We'll beat him so hard that even his mother and the mother of his mother could not motherf*cking recognize him!"

"The mother of his mother's mother? Isn't that his great grandmother? If his great grandmother hasn't seen him before, what will we do?"

"Idiot! The first "mother" is a dirty word, meaning 'motherf*cker', don't you understand? I mean that I will beat him so hard that even his grandmother will not motherf*cking recognize him!"

"Oh! Second Shijie is really smart! Brilliant, too brilliant!"

"Oh, no, this sentence seems to have two dirty words. Look, it's mother f*cking, and grandmotherf*cking..."

"Whatever! It's enough that you understand what I mean! Why are you taking it so seriously?"

At the beginning of the meeting, Li Yundong had just said a few words, and now the little foxes were gathering and beginning to discuss the issue excitedly. The meeting was already going in an uncontrollable direction.

Li Yundong‘s temples began to twitch. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard Su Chan add excitedly from one side, "If you ask me, I would kick his balls!"


Li Yundong lost it at once. He jerked his head and glared at Su Chan.

The little foxes immediately fell silent, all of them staring at Su Chan in astonishment.

Su Chan had originally been very proud and excited, but when she saw everyone looking at her with strange eyes, she immediately drew back her head and said in a weak voice, "I, uh, I was just saying..."

Before she could finish her words, the little foxes suddenly yelled together, "Yeah, kick him right in the balls!"

A feeling of helpless swept over Li Yundong. All he could think was, "What the hell? Is it really so hard to hold one godd*mned meeting?"