"Three for two?" Li Yundong couldn't help narrowing his eyes, which were shining with a sharp light. "Which two things should I exchange?"

Du Fei confidently raised two fingers and said, "Renyuan Jindan and the Heavenly Jindan Technique!"

Li Yundong's heart tightened. He thought to himself, "Naturally it would be these two things!"

At this time, there was a burst of exclamations and sighs from the members of the Fox Zen School. They all knew that the Renyuan Jindan had been eaten by Zhou Qin, so it was impossible to exchange it.

Li Yundong stared at Du Fei and said solemnly, "Zhenren Du, it's said that we must not lie in front of the Zhenren. We can't make this deal!"

Du Fei was shocked. His mood worsened and he asked, "Zhenren Li, are you dissatisfied with these three things?"

Li Yundong shook his head and replied, "No."

Du Fei said in a deep voice, "Then do you look down on these three items? Just tell me what it is you want. As long as our Quanzhen Dragon Sect has it, or even if we just have the ability to obtain it, we will definitely bring it to you!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "That's not it either."

Du Fei's eyebrows tightly furrowed together. "Then, Zhenren Li, what do you mean exactly?"

Li Yundong replied lightly, "Nothing. It's just that I don't have what you want."

Du Fei's expression changed and he said, "Zhenren Li, I have shown you my sincerity, why won't you treat me with the same sincerity in response? Do you look down on me?"

Li Yundong waved his hand dismissively and said, "No, Zhenren Du, you're thinking too much. Since you have treated me with sincerity, I will treat you with sincerity, too. Since you have taken out three such precious things to make a deal with me, I won't hide anything from you. Indeed, I snatched the Renyuan Jindan, and I have practiced the Heavenly Jindan Technique."

Du Fei asked puzzledly, "Then why are you unwilling to make a deal? Could it be that... the Renyuan Jindan has already been consumed by you?"

Li Yundong nodded slowly and replied, "Yes. Well, it was not consumed by me, but by my disciple."

Du Fei raised his head and couldn't hide the abject disappointment and envy on his face "Who was the lucky person? May I be acquainted with her?"

Li Yundong smiled slightly and said, "She's not here. Sorry to disappoint you."

Du Fei let out a long sigh and looked extremely downhearted. He lowered his head and did not speak for a long time. After that, he took a deep breath and waved his hand to take back the Dao Fa Hui Yuan, the burning thumb pot and the Implement Encyclopedia.

Li Yundong looked at the depressed Du Fei and consoled him, saying, "Zhenren Du, don't be so discouraged. Perhaps there's still a third Renyuan Jindan?"

Du Fei forced a smile and cupped his hands. "Zhenren Li, you needn't try to persuade me. I don't think there's any chance of that." He walked to the door with heavy footsteps and turned around with a forced smile on his face. "Zhenren Li, I have a final question."

Li Yundong smiled faintly and said, "Please go ahead."

"When it comes to the Heavenly Jindan Technique, can you not impart it to other sects?" Du Fei looked at Li Yundong beseechingly.

"Of course!" Li Yundong replied.

Du Fei breathed a sigh of relief and said, "A man's word is past recalling. Zhenren Li, if you get your hands on any other Renyuan Jindan in the future, please contact me."

As he spoke, he took out a gliding business card from his pocket. With a wave of his hand, the business card flew lightly over to Li Yundong.

Li Yundong caught it with both hands and glanced at it. He saw the words written on it: "The President of Quanzhen Dragon Sect Limited, Du Fei, the Asian CEO." Li Yundong smiled and said, "What an impressive name. What kind of business do you run?"

Ever since Du Fei had discovered that Li Yundong had snatched Renyuan Jindan, he had been preparing these three things. However, now that he'd finally gotten ready to come looking for Li Yundong, he had realized that he was too late. Especially after he heard that the Renyuan Jindan had already been consumed, he had become dispirited. But out of courtesy, Du Fei still forced himself to say, "It'll make you laugh. It's just a small business. However, I'm a disciple. Although I joined the sect early, I couldn't enter the inner room and become an inner disciple, so even though I'm the Eldest Senior Brother, my cultivation is actually the lowest out of everyone in the Quanzhen Dragon Sect."

Li Yundong asked curiously, "Can you tell me how many people there are in the Quanzhen Dragon Sect? Who are the masters?"

Du Fei thought for a moment before replying, "Zhenren Li, this is our sect's secret, I can't spread it around. However, I can tell you that there are many masters in our sect, and there are countless people who are more powerful than me. You will see them at the Taoist assembly."

Li Yundong understood clearly and said with a smile, "Understood. Zhenren Du, I won't see you out."

"Farewell!" Du Fei cupped his hands and pushed the door open. Just as he was about to go out, he glanced outside and suddenly stopped. He turned around and said, "Zhenren Li, there is something I don't know whether or not I should say."

"Please go ahead!" Li Yundong said.

Du Fei glanced out of the door at the surroundings and said, "You want to build a tea shop, but as far as I know there are many people just waiting for an opportunity to punish you."

Li Yundong burst out laughing. His guffaws were so loud that they leaked out of the shop door. "To punish me?" he said. "Well, I'm afraid that day won't be interesting!"

Du Fei smiled and cupped his hands in admiration. "Zhenren Li, you are so heroic. I truly admire you! Farewell!"

Li Yundong returned the gesture by cupping his hand and said, "Farewell!"

Their actions made many tourists on the street wonder to themselves, "What era does he think he's in? He spoke so politely and even made an obeisance? They've watched too many stupid costume dramas and become idiots!"

However, some cultivators who were hiding amongst the ordinary mortals sneered in their hearts at the scene. They took a long look at Li Yundong and then melted into the crowd.

Zhao Yougen, who was standing opposite Li Yundong's shop, also heard Li Yundong's words clearly. He sneered and felt riled up."Yes, if I could make his opening ceremony cold and cheerless, I'm sure it'd come as a big blow to him! Yes, I'll just do it! If anyone comes to congratulate you, I'll find a way to drive them away! Even if it's a banquet, I'll ruin it!"

Having thought of another way, Zhao Yougen suddenly felt relaxed. He laughed proudly and even hummed a tune lightly.

In Li Yundong's shop, there was a great commotion. Ruan Hongling shouted at Li Yundong, "Li Yundong, why didn't you exchange your Heavenly Jindan Technique with him? You should have exchanged it for Dao Fa Hui yuan!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Heavenly Jindan Technique is just a kind of Taoist cultivation magic, but the Dao Fa Hui Yuan records almost all Taoist magic. You are exchanging a sapling for a forest. Do you think Du Fei is as stupid as you?"

Ruan Hongling was enraged and wanted to say more, but Su Chan got there first and said, "Yundong, it'd be fine even if you exchanged for the Implement Encyclopedia!"

Cao Yi also nodded and said, "Leader, you already have a copy of the Heavenly Jindan Technique, why don't you use it to make a deal with Du Fei? You could even exchange it for the burning thumb pot? It's a famous and powerful magical Buddhist item!"

Li Yundong laughed as he explained, "There are some things that can't be exchanged as I wish. Du Fei clearly wants the Renyuan Jindan and Heavenly Jindan Technique. He won't trade without one of those. If it really doesn't work..."

Li Yundong smiled at Su Chan and said, "I'll use you as a bonus and ask Du Fei if he wants to exchange."

Su Chan pulled a face at Li Yundong, and her little nose wrinkled cutely. She said coyly, "You're so annoying. Have you gotten bored with me? I'm not cargo!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Normal goods don't have legs, but you do. You can run back by yourself in the future!"

Su Chan blinked her eyes and looked at Li Yundong innocently, asking, "But what if I don't know the way back?"

Li Yundong couldn't help cracking up when he saw the cute girl's expression.

At this time, Zi Yuan suddenly winked at Li Yundong and whispered, "Li Yundong, I have something to tell you."

Li Yundong nodded and went over to a corner with Zi Yuan, who whispered, "Li Yundong, if you had the Renyuan Jindan in your possession, would you trade it?"

Li Yundong mumbled faintly, "No."

Zi Yuan asked with interest, "Oh, why not?"

Li Yundong smiled slightly. "It seems like I'd be getting the better half of this deal, but in fact, that's not so."

A glimmer of admiration appeared in Zi Yuan's eyes as she asked, "Why is that?"

Li Yundong said, "Since Quanzhen Dragon Sect has collected so many Taoists' magic, why are they still no match for the Zhengyi School? There are a few possible reasons. First, this Dao Fa Hui Yuan could be fake. Second, it may not be complete. Third, maybe it really is genuine, but it is not as powerful as people imagine."

Zi Yuan nodded and praised him, "Not bad. For you to be able to think so in-depth in such a short period of time is really good."

Li Yundong also asked curiously, "Since you know these points, why were you so shocked just now?"

Zi Yuan sighed lightly and said, "The Taoist classics have been scattered around, and Taoist magic has been lost to an even greater extent. Dao Fa Hui Yuan is undoubtedly a big powerhouse out of the Taoist magic. As a cultivator, I was naturally excited to hear that someone had restored the Dao Fa Hui Yuan. However, what you said before was not actually right."

"Then why did you praise me?" Li Yundong asked, chuckling.

Zi Yuan smiled and said softly, "It's not like that. Listen to me. There are thousands of Taoist spells, but from ancient times until now, no one has been able to learn all of them. Being able to master several great magical methods is enough to be regarded as a great cultivator. As the saying goes, 'Better to master one than engage with ten.' If you have mastered the Five Thunders Jade Method, that's enough for you to use in battle. Don't bite off more than you can chew."

"Thank you for your guidance," Li Yundong said solemnly. "Is that why you came to me alone?"

Zi Yuan became serious and said, "Of course not..." She lowered her voice and said, "Did you notice anything strange today?"

Li Yundong's eyes narrowed slightly as he asked, "Such as?"

Zi Yuan glanced at Cao Yi, Zhuang Yating, and Liu Yuehong, who were on the second floor. She said via voice transmission, "Didn't you notice that when Du Fei took out the Burning Thumb Pot, Cao Yi and Zhuang Yating were very shocked but Liu Yuehong seemed indifferent?"

Li Yundong was stunned. He thought for a while without speaking. After a few minutes, he whispered in a voice that could only be heard by Zi Yuan, "I think I know what you mean. But now Yan Fang is probably aware that we have found her whereabouts, but she still has not chosen to escape. This means that she may be planning to create chaos among us and make us suspect each other. In that case, I will play with her slowly!"

There was a cold smile in his eyes as he added, "I would like to see what she's going to do."

Zi Yuan also smiled lightly and said, "I will help you keep an eye on her. However, there is one more thing I need to discuss with you."

"What is it?" Li Yundong asked.

Zi Yuan smiled mysteriously and said, "If you handle this matter well, I believe that she will definitely give herself away!"

Li Yundong couldn't help but be very curious. "What the heck do you mean?"

Zi Yuan whispered a few words to Li Yundong, who immediately fell silent. However, after thinking for a moment, he raised his head and nodded slightly to Zi Yuan. "Okay, but I have an idea," Li Yundong said before whispering an additional few words to Zi Yuan.

A thought flashed through Zi Yuan's mind. She looked at Li Yundong with admiration and nodded slightly, saying, "Yes, that's just what I was thinking!"

The two of them looked at each other and smiled, suddenly feeling like bosom friends.