Li Yundong turned his head and saw the Lincoln Limousine arriving at the door. He said lightly, "I've been watching luxury cars arriving one after another all day. Are you trying to provoke me?"

But at this time, Feng Na and the others, who had gone into the shop earlier, came out curiously again and looked at the extremely cool Lincoln Limousine. However, considering what had happened before, Feng Na and Cheng Cheng both shut their mouths tightly, fearing that they would irritate Li Yundong again.

But a moment later, a young woman in a professional suit got out of the car. She walked directly to the back of the vehicle and opened the door respectfully.

Everyone opened their eyes wide and watched as a beautiful woman in a formal dress stepped out of the car. This woman had an oval face and dark eyes. Her hair was tied up high, making her look solemn and noble. She had the air of a daughter of an eminent family, and the people around whispered appreciatively and made guesses as to her identity.

Li Yundong took in the appearance of the woman at a glance and was stunned. He said in amazement, "Isn't that Yin Mengfan, President Yin?"

With this, Li Yundong suddenly understood something. He looked back at Zhou Qin only to see a smile at the corner of her mouth. But as he looked over, the smile immediately disappeared and Zhou Qin also started acting surprised.

Li Yundong laughed darkly. He glared at Zhou Qin and whispered, "I'll get you for this later!"

Zhou Qin stuck out her tongue childishly, looking unusually girlish.

Su Chan tugged on her hand and asked softly, "Sister Zhou Qin, did you invite President Yin here?"

Zhou Qin hesitated for a moment. She knew that this kind of thing could not stay hidden forever, and she was afraid that the little girl would overthink things, so she nodded lightly, feeling tense.

Unexpectedly, Su Chan was overjoyed. She gave Zhou Qin a thumbs-up and said, "Sister Zhou Qin, you're so capable!"

Zhou Qin was stunned and felt shame creeping into her heart. She smiled faintly and didn't say anything.

After Yin Mengfan had gotten out of the car, she looked around with her beautiful eyes. When she saw Zhou Qin, she smiled and was about to walk over. However, she suddenly heard a cry of surprise come from behind her. It was Zhao Yougen, who had seen her and was hurrying up to greet her. "Yin Mengfan? President Yin?"

Yin Mengfan turned around helplessly and said, "Hello, President Zhao!"

Zhao Yougen enthusiastically extended his hands and said, "President Yin, you're also here to support me? Well, it's really my pleasure! Last time I specially invited you to come, but unfortunately, you refused, saying that you didn't have the time. How is it that you're suddenly free today?"

Yin Mengfan gently shook hands with Zhao Yougen, then quickly pulled away. "Actually, I'm afraid that I'm here to attend a friend's opening ceremony today," she said apologetically.

Zhao Yougen felt so compliant that he had not realized the truth. "Opening ceremony? Someone else is having an opening ceremony today? Ha, what a coincidence!"

Yin Mengfan turned back and pointed at Li Yundong and others behind her. She smiled politely and said, "Indeed. It's happening over there."

Zhao Yougen was gobsmacked, looking like he couldn't believe his ears. "President Yin, you, you are joking, right? I have to say, this joke is not a funny one!"

Yin Mengfan leaned over and waved at him. "I'm not kidding. President Zhao, you can go back to your work now. I would like to say hello to my friends."

As she spoke, she began walking gracefully over to Li Yundong and the others.

Zhao Yougen's face suddenly turned red and his veins bulged. He glared at Li Yundong with pure malice, as if he wanted to tear Li Yundong's flesh off right then and there!

Yin Mengfan felt sorry about Zhou Qin, so she was particularly enthusiastic to Li Yundong. She said with a smile, "Li Yundong, not bad. You're a clever young man and you know how to play your cards well!"

As she said this, the woman next to her smoothly presented a one-square-foot gift box. Yin Mengfan took it with both hands and then handed it to Li Yundong ceremoniously. She smiled and said, "This is just a little something. I hope you'll accept it!"

Li Yundong smiled and took the gift, then handed it off to Su Chan. He turned around and said to Yin Mengfan, "President Yin, you are treating me like a stranger. Even if you had come here with nothing, it would be my pleasure!"

Yin Mengfan covered her mouth and said with a smile, "Really? I always think that you are like a supermundane expert, very mysterious! Why do experts like you also value these things?"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "You'd better not say that! A monk still pays attention to the fact that all physical existence is vanity. However, look at Shaolin Temple, how many projects done by them are just window dressing? Where in the world can there be a person who is completely detached from the world? If there is such a person, he or she would starve to death!"

Yin Mengfan said appreciatively, "Li Yundong, your words are free and easy. I like it! You are a self-made man and still so young. I believe that you will definitely achieve great things in the future. When you achieve success and become famous a few years from now, I hope you won't forget me!"

Li Yundong made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest before saying with a smile, "You flatter me. President Yin, please come in!"

Yin Mengfan walked over to Zhou Qin's side and said in a low voice, "How's it going? How about the words that I used to flatter him? I didn't let the cat out of the bag, did I?"

Zhou Qin looked steadily forward, but said in a low voice, "Come on, Li Yundong is much smarter than you think. He already knows!"

Yin Mengfan was shocked. She exclaimed in a low voice, "Are you kidding me? When did I expose myself?"

While they were talking quietly, Su Chan and the other foxes were wondering what Yin Mengfan's gift could be.

They weren't the only ones. The onlookers on the pedestrian street were all whispering to each other and guessing Yin Mengfan's identity.

"Who is this woman? She's so beautiful!"

"I don't know. Seems like she's the boss of a company."

"The boss of a company? When she's so beautiful? Are you kidding me? Are you sure she's not a movie star?"

As they were talking, another car suddenly rolled onto the pedestrian street. It was a fiery red Lamborghini that looked extremely cool.

As soon as Li Yundong saw the Lamborghini, he was stunned and thought, "Why is she here?"

Feng Na, Cheng Cheng, and Su Chan all recognized this car. They were also shocked and blurted in surprise, "President Cao?"

Sure enough, before the car had even stopped, the roof of the car slowly rolled back, revealing two beautiful women. One of them was sitting in the passenger seat, wearing a pair of sunglasses that almost covered half of her face and looking around curiously at everyone.

The woman sitting in the driver's seat also had a pair of sunglasses resting on her nose. After she stopped the car, she looked in Li Yundong's direction, then took off her sunglasses and looked at Li Yundong with a faint smile, not saying a word.

When Li Yundong saw the woman looking at him with such an expression, he immediately became jittery and asked, "President Cao, why are you here?"

Cao Kefei was wearing a low-cut dress, which was very formal and solemn, as if she was going to attend a big banquet. Her plump breasts and plunging cleavage were embedded with a fiery red gemstone necklace, contrasting with her snow-white skin and making it look even more charming.

When she heard his voice, she trembled slightly. She suddenly felt that tears were about to come out of her eyes. Fortunately, she had been struggling in the entertainment industry and business circles for many years, and her control over her emotions had been greatly honed. She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down.

Cao Kefei then looked at Li Yundong angrily before glancing at the door and asking, "Are you just going to stand there throughout?"

Li Yundong knew that it had been really inappropriate for him to disappear without saying a word before. What's more, he had caused a lot of trouble back then, and it was Cao Kefei who had helped him solve everything. He couldn't help feeling a little guilty over how he'd acted.

"Doesn't the door of your car open automatically?" Li Yundong said with a grin.

Cao Kefei whined like an angry little girl, "I want you to open it for me!"

Li Yundong smiled helplessly, saying placatingly, "Okay! Okay!" Then, he reached out to open the scissors door.

Cao Kefei gracefully got out of the car, then pointed to the girl who was curiously looking at Li Yundong from the passenger seat and said to Li Yundong, "And for her!"

Li Yundong smiled bitterly and said, "Well, allow me to open the other one!"

Cao Kefei smiled. "I can tell you that there are many men wanting to open the door for her, but they'll never even get the chance!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Well, I suppose I can count this as my good luck today!" Then, he went to the other side of the Lamborghini.

At this time, Zhao Yougen was feeling a little dumbfounded. He stood there like a wooden sculpture as numerous questions bubbled in his mind. "Why is Cao Kefei here? Isn't she filming in Hainan? Who is the girl beside her? Why does she look a little familiar?"

Seeing Zhao Yougen standing to one side and blocking the way, Li Yundong ordered impolitely, "President Zhao, please make way!"

Zhao Yougen was at a loss and took two steps back, still looking at the girl in confusion.

The girl didn't take off her sunglasses like Cao Kefei had, but her black eyes behind the coffee-colored lenses were looking carefully at Li Yundong. After Li Yundong opened the car door, she gently extended her snow-white hands. Her movements were graceful and natural, and it was obvious that she was used to such scenes.

Li Yundong was slightly stunned when he saw her reach out of her hand, a sense of confusion creeping over him.

However, he was no longer the same inexperienced boy who had once attended Zhou Qin's birthday party for the first time. Soon, he came to his senses. He gently took the girl's palm with one hand and said with a smile, "May I have your name?"

The girl's lips curved into a smile and she said softly, "My last name is Liu."

Li Yundong nodded and took her into the store. After the girl had nodded in acknowledgment to everyone, she found an opportunity to whisper to Li Yundong, "Your hands are so broad and warm!"

Li Yundong smiled and said politely, "Thank you!"

The girl saw that Li Yundong was very enthusiastic toward others, but very polite to her. She asked curiously, "Are you and President Cao lovers?"

The girl's voice was very soft, but she used it to ask very harsh and tricky questions. Li Yundong smiled bitterly to himself and said seriously, "No!"

The girl asked again, "Well, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Yes," Li Yundong said with a nod.

"Ah!" the girl replied. She saw that Li Yundong was looking steadily forward and didn't glance at her for even another second. She looked at Li Yundong and asked curiously, "Don't you want to know who I am?"

Li Yundong smiled and asked, "Who are you?"

The girl gently took off her sunglasses, put her hands behind her back, and said with a broad, graceful smile, "Have you recognized me now?"

After she had taken off her sunglasses, Zhao Yougen, who had been watching her from outside, suddenly said in a tone of surprise, "That's Liu Fei'er! Why is she here?"

When the crowd heard this, they immediately became agitated. "Liu Fei'er? Where's Liu Fei'er?"

But there were also some who remained dazed and asked uncomprehendingly, "Liu Fei'er? Who is she?"

Someone in the crowd immediately replied, "Idiot! You don't even know Liu Fei'er? She's a famous movie star! You don't even watch TV or movies? Are you an alien?"

Li Yundong also recognized Liu Fei'er now, but he said to deliberately tease her, "I know, you're Li Bingbing!"

The smile on Liu Fei'er's face froze all of a sudden.

Li Yundong tried hard to hold back his laughter and said, "So, you are Fan Bingbing?"

Liu Fei'er glared at him angrily before walking up to Cao Kefei. Holding Cao Kefei's arm, she whispered in her ear, "President Cao, I don't think that he is as great as you made him out to be before."

Cao Kefei smiled and said, "What is not great about him?"

Liu Fei'er snorted. "There's nothing special about him at all!"

Cao Kefei tried hard not to laugh and said, "You'll see just how great he is soon!"

While the two of them were busy whispering, an incomparably loud voice suddenly rang out from outside. "Liu Fei'er, please give me your autograph!"

"Fei-er, I love you so much!"

"Liu Fei'er, I love you!"

Liu Fei'er and Cao Kefei were shocked. Cao Kefei quickly snatched the sunglasses from Liu Fei'er's hand and put it on her face again. She said angrily, "I told you not to take off those sunglasses! Now we have to leave!"