Cao Kefei immediately pulled Liu Fei'er to the door with her. But at this time, the way out had been completely blocked by the crowds. Cao Kefei could see that there were huge crowds of people out there and that she and Liu Fei'er had no way of escape!

Cao Kefei smiled wryly, then turned to Li Yundong and said, "Sorry for causing you trouble, but what should we do now? Call the police?"

Li Yundong smiled faintly and said, "No need, I'll do it!" With that, he unhurriedly went to the door with his hands outstretched.

Looking at Li Yundong's figure, Liu Fei'er's face turned pale with fear. She whispered to Cao Kefei, "Sister Cao, what is he doing?"

Cao Kefei shook her head with a blank expression. "I don't know."

She glanced around and saw Su Chan, Zhou Qin, and the others covering their ears with their hands. Meanwhile, Zhou Qin was exchanging a few words with Feng Na and Cheng Cheng and gesturing, asking them to cover their ears.

Although they didn't know why, when Feng Na, Cheng Cheng and the other students saw that all the beautiful girls of Fox Zen School were covering their ears, they also copied these girls' movements.

"What's going on?" Liu Fei'er looked puzzled.

Su Chan ordered them firmly, "If you don't want to go deaf, cover your ears quickly!"

Cao Kefei suddenly remembered the way Li Yundong had roared the last time he'd met a hooligan. She quickly covered her ears.

Liu Fei'er, however, only asked with an odd expression, "Could it be that he wants to suppress them with a roar? Is he mad?" She pointed at the wild crowd outside and shouted, "What's the use? Can his voice drown out so many people?"

She then turned to Cao Kefei and said accusingly, "Sister Cao, you've boasted this guy to heaven. How high is the sky, that's how high he is! I don't know if he's great or not, but I think he's got a screw loose!"

As soon as she finished her words, Li Yundong suddenly put his index fingers together, then shouted a mantra in a low voice: "Om!!'

The Mantra Mahāmudrā was not only powerful enough to hit people, its Mantra also had a strong ability to deter and a natural lethality. If one shouted it in a loud voice, it could instantly destroy people's livers and gallbladders.

In order not to cause any harm to the crowd, Li Yundong deliberately lowered his pitch, making his voice low and deep.

The fans in front of him all felt as if they had been covered by a huge copper bell, which someone then struck hard. In an instant, the essence, Qi, and blood in their chests surged and buzzed in their minds. All of them immediately covered their ears and winced in pain, unable to take another step forward!

Cao Kefei had once been shocked by Li Yundong's roar, to the point that she had almost suffered a heart attack. Wiser this time, she had covered her ears early.

Liu Fei'er, however, had not covered her ears in time. She let out a loud cry. She was the first to be hit by the mantra and felt as if someone had punched her in the chest and her eardrums had been pierced by thrusting chopsticks.

Liu Fei'er clutched at the sides of her head in agony, but there was an inescapable buzzing sound in her ears. She saw Cao Kefei looking at her with concern. Her mouth opened and closed, as if she was saying something, but Liu Fei'er couldn't hear a word.

Li Yundong then made the second sound of Mantra. "Bēi!"

This Mantra was like countless ringing bells and gongs. The sound was deep and resonant. Although it was not especially harsh, it still made everyone feel suffocated and nauseous. Some people gathered at the door and yelled in tormented voices, "Stop, stop shouting!"

Liu Fei'er's chest had been shaken so badly that her essence, Qi, and blood were churning. Now, she was shocked again. She felt such intense pain that her body curled up slightly. Her brows were tightly furrowed and she looked like she was being tortured.

She covered her ears tightly and also screamed, "Stop it!"

However, as soon as her words left her throat, they were quickly drowned out by Li Yundong's voice, just like the voices of the others outside the door. It was like a wave rising from a flood, instantly disappearing without a trace.

Soon Liu Fei'er felt that she could not breathe. She was rasping in pain. Just as she was about to die from the unbearable feeling, a hand suddenly reached out from beside her. When the hand touched her shoulder, Liu Fei'er immediately felt her breathing normalize, and the pain in her chest disappeared soon after.

She turned her head in surprise, only to see Zi Yuan standing beside her like a fairy. Zi Yuan smiled and said, "Are you all right?"

Liu Fei'er wanted to shout, "I'm fine!" But she couldn't even hear her own voice. She was shocked and thought, "It's strange. Why can I hear her voice, but I can't hear mine? She didn't cover her ears. Doesn't this deafening voice affect her?"

At this time, Liu Fei'er finally realized that the things and people around her were all a little strange. She turned her head in surprise and looked at Li Yundong, muttering in her heart, "This guy seems to be a little magical."

After a while, Li Yundong finished producing the second sound, and then he opened his mouth and got ready to shout the third. The people at the door were trembling with fear by now. Seeing that he was going to shout for a third time, they became so scared that their legs quaked and they fled in all directions.

Seeing that he had dispersed the crowd, Li Yundong smiled, turned around, and swaggered back. He smiled at Liu Fei'er, who was still covering her ears, and said, "They're gone."

Liu Fei'er was tongue-tied as she looked at Li Yundong, and she remained speechless for a good while.

Zhao Yougen, who was standing outside the shop and also clutching at his ears, also gawked at Li Yundong's back. The buzzing echoes of the mantra were still running through his mind. He looked around and found that the crowded street had suddenly become empty.

Some guests who were near the window of Zhao Yougen's teahouse whispered to each other, gesticulating at Li Yundong.

Zhao Yougen still hadn't come to his senses. A beautiful lady in a Qipao came out of the shop behind him and whispered in his ear. Zhao Yougen replied perfunctorily, "I'm going back. I'm going back now."

Zhao Yougen was about to turn around when he saw a policeman in uniform strolling over. The policeman pointed to the Lamborghini parked by the door and shouted, "Whose car is this? Hurry up and take it away!"

Seeing this, Cao Kefei replied loudly, "That's my car. I'll drive away now!" Then she turned to Li Yundong and asked, "Where is the parking lot?"

Li Yundong spread his hands helplessly and said with a bitter smile, "How would I know? I don't have a car, so why would I care about that?"

Zhou Qin chuckled and said, "Miss Cao, let me help you move your car."

Cao Kefei was overjoyed. She chucked the car key to Zhou Qin and said with a grateful smile, "Thank you so much!"

Zhou Qin hopped into the car. As soon as she started the engine, Cao Kefei suddenly remembered something. She quickly stopped Zhou Qin and shouted, "Wait!"

Zhou Qin turned her head in confusion, only to see Cao Kefei rushing to the side of the car and grabbing a gift box from the back seat. Cao Kefei gripped it in her hands and smiled at Zhou Qin. "I forgot to take the gift."

Zhou Qin smiled, started the engine, and left.

The nearby policeman saw that there were so many beautiful women in Li Yundong's store. He stared blankly at them and thought to himself, "Who the hell is that guy anyway? This scene is simply nuts!"

Cao Kefei presented the packaged gift box to Li Yundong with both hands and said with a smile, "This is just a little token to show my respect to you. Please accept it, Mr. Li!"

Li Yundong laughed. "Don't make fun of me, Miss Cao!" He took the gift box and handed it off to Su Chan. Su Chan took it, beamed with joy, and then happily ran aside with the foxes to guess at what kind of gift might be inside the box.

Although Cao Kefei had a lot of words that she wanted to say to Li Yundong, she saw that there were more and more people gathering in the shop now, so she was afraid that it was not a very good time. As such, she forcibly suppressed her feelings and said with a smile, "I wish you success in your business and pray that you will ride on the crest of good fortune!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "I wish the same for you, too!"

The arrival of Cao Kefei and Liu Fei'er finally made Li Yundong's opening ceremony look a little better. The classmates who had come to join in the fun were all whispering in each other's ears, "When I saw Wang Li just now, I thought the opening ceremony on that side was good, but I had no idea Li Yundong would be inviting Liu Fei'er secretly. Now his ceremony is even better!"

"Yeah, that crazy Li Yundong. He invited such a bigshot, almost causing a riot!"

"Impressive! This is indeed my idol!"

"It's a pity that there aren't many officials, otherwise it would be even more lively."

"Tut, what are you talking about? How could Li Yundong know any officials? Besides, what's the point of an official coming?"

"Don't you understand? How many officials come and what kind of officials come can show whether his background is strong enough or not and whether his business will succeed in the future! How can you survive after graduation if you don't even understand that?"

"Ah, you're right. I've learned a lot!"

As they were busy talking, another car suddenly pulled up on the street. Everyone took a look and saw that it was a Honda, but its license plate showed that it came from the provincial capital.

By this point, Zhou Qin had also parked the car and come back to the shop. When she saw the license plate, she was suddenly stunned.

Cao Kefei, who was chatting in the shop, glanced out curiously. She was shocked when she saw the new vehicle and cried out, "Isn't that the car of the Provincial Party Committee?"

After shouting this, Liu Fei'er and Yin Mengfan, who had put on their sunglasses again, came over to take a look out of curiosity. They were also stunned and said in wonderment, "Yep, it is. I wonder who's inside."

Li Yundong was also confused. He blankly watched the car drive over to the entrance, and then saw a short, fat, middle-aged man step out of the car.

Zhao Yougen, who was not far away, saw the middle-aged man and suddenly shivered. He called out, "Minister Wang?"

Minister Wang looked back at him and asked in confusion, "Uh, do you know me?"

Zhao Yougen greeted him excitedly, shaking both hands. "Minister Wang, I went to the Provincial Party Committee Organization Department last year, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to talk to you... I'm Zhao Yougen!"

Minister Wang was stunned for a few seconds. Obviously, he had no memory of Zhao Yougen, but he still shook hands with him politely and reservedly. He pulled his hand away and said, "Ah, it's you. Hello."

Zhao Yougen asked excitedly, "Minister Wang, are you also here to attend the opening ceremony of my small shop today?"

Minister Wang asked curiously, "You have a business here, too?"

Zhao Yougen was momentarily stunned and said, "Too? What do you mean? Minister Wang, haven't you come to attend my opening ceremony?"

Minister Wang chuckled and said, "Sorry, I'm here to attend the opening ceremony of that store across from yours." Saying that, he turned around, bent down, and opened the car door. He took out a gift box, walked over to Li Yundong, and said with a smile, "So, you are Li Yundong?"

Li Yundong was utterly perplexed, but he stood his ground and answered automatically, "Yes, I am."

Minister Wang took the gift bag with both hands and said with a smile, "I heard that you have opened a shop, so I bought a little gift for you. Please don't think less of me for skimping out!"

Li Yundong simply gaped at him, thinking, "Who the heck is this? I don't know this guy! Is this some mistake?"

To one side, Zhou Qin could see that Li Yundong was in a daze and not accepting the gift. She hurried over and took the gift with both hands, saying with a smile, "Uncle Wang, you look to be in rude health!"

Minister Wang frowned when he saw that Li Yundong hadn't taken the gift, but when he saw Zhou Qin, he immediately said with a warm smile, "Qinqin, you've grown even prettier than you were last time I saw you. Tut-tut, it's true that a girl changes eighteen times when she grows up! What a change! Wonderful!"

Zhou Qin beamed at Minister Wang. Her eyes quickly swept around, only to see that the people around her were all staring at her with dumbfounded expressions. She secretly nudged Li Yundong with her elbow and whispered, "Anybody alive in there? Wake up and say something!"

Only now did Li Yundong realize that that man was a high-ranking official from the provincial party committee and that he was very likely to be here because of Zhou Qin.

Li Yundong smiled to Minister Wang and said, "Minister Wang, do come in!"

Cao Yi, Shibo of the Fox Zen School, hurriedly said, "I'll take you upstairs." With that, she turned around and led Minister Wang into a room.

Liu Fei'er blinked her eyes and watched the whole process unfold. She whispered quietly, "This Li Yundong guy really does have some background!"

Her words made Cao Kefei and Yin Mengfan, who were next to her, tremble at the same time. They were both smart people and had immediately realized the political meaning of this matter.

Yin Mengfan and Cao Kefei looked at each other and whispered in shock, "Has Zhou Keqiang risen to power again?"

At this time, Minister Wang poked his head out of the stairs on the second floor and said with a smile, "I forgot to drive the car away. I came out in a hurry and didn't bring a driver. Is there anyone who could help me park my car?"

Zhou Qin offered with a smile, "Uncle Wang, let me do it!"

Cao Kefei shivered and thought, "Oh my god. Just now I asked Zhou Qin to park the car for me! D*mn it!"

She quickly said to Zhou Qin with a somewhat strained smile, "I'll do it, Zhou Qin. I'm so embarrassed that I asked you to park my car just now! It happens that you're more needed here, so you don't have to rush about."

Zhou Qin smiled and gave Cao Kefei a meaningful look, making no move to stop her.

Li Yundong didn't understand what was going on at all. Seeing Cao Kefei driving away, he whispered to Zhou Qin, "Hey, I don't know him. Why has he come to celebrate with me? Did you invite him?"

Zhou Qin smiled slightly. She shook her head and said, "I didn't invite him. He came by himself!"

Li Yundong glared at her. "Only ghosts would believe you!"

Zhou Qin smiled and said, "I'm being honest. If I'm lying, may I be struck down by five lightning strikes from the heavens!"

Li Yundong looked at her strangely. "Forget it, you don't have to make such a fierce oath. I believe you. But anyway, who is this guy?"

Zhou Qin whispered, "He's Wang Ke, the minister of the Provincial Party Committee's Organization Department!"

Li Yundong frowned and was about to reply when he saw another car approaching. This one also had the license plate of the provincial party committee. The driver got out of the car and opened the passenger door, allowing a slightly balding middle-aged man to get out. This man was holding a delicate gift box in his hands. He glanced around and saw Li Yundong. He was slightly stunned, but when he saw Zhou Qin, he immediately smiled and went up to her.

At this time, Zhao Yougen, who was on the other side of the street, opened his eyes wide in amazement. He recognized the middle-aged man and stuttered, "Isn't that Director Zhang of the Provincial Health Department? What is he doing here?"

For a moment, Zhao Yougen's face was written with uncertainty. He felt surprised and envious, and his eyes almost popped out of his skull from jealousy.

He couldn't understand at all. Why would such high-ranking officials be attending the opening ceremony of a young lad like Li Yundong?