As soon as Zhang Ling and Zou Ping left, everyone in the Disanxian teahouse felt great joy. Zheng Yuan, who had been unable to get along with Li Yundong before, also cupped his hands and said to Li Yundong with a bright grin on his face, "Congratulations on the successful opening of your teahouse, Zhenren Li. Congratulations!"

Li Yundong glanced at him and said coldly, "Thanks."

Ding Nan also had mixed feelings at this time and said to Li Yundong, "Li Yundong, I know you have your own opinion about me, but no matter what, we used to be classmates. For what it's worth, I wish you good luck with your business."

Li Yundong sighed in the heart when he heard that. He looked at the tall girl in front of him with a complicated expression, then sighed again and said, "Ding Nan, I know I can't persuade you now, but... Well, take care of yourself!"

The light in Ding Nan's eyes faded. She lowered her head as if she didn't want Li Yundong to see the affection in her gaze. "Then I'll leave first," she whispered.

After that, she left quickly. Zheng Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly and said meaningfully to Li Yundong, "Zhenren Li, your relationship with my disciple... is pretty good."

Although Li Yundong didn't know why Ding Nan had become Zheng Yuan's disciple, he guessed that there must be some secret motive behind it. He also knew that Zheng Yuan was a cunning and cruel person, so he said deliberately vaguely, "There is no hatred in the world that cannot be reconciled, and there is no grievance that cannot be resolved. What's more, your disciple used to have a strong relationship with me. What's the matter? Head Zheng, is there something you can't figure out?"

Zheng Yuan put on a fake smile and said civilly, "It's nothing, Zhenren Li. The Taoist assembly will be held in a month's time, so I'll see you then." After that, he cupped his hand and left with a wave of his sleeves.

Ding Nan couldn't help letting some of her true feelings show in front of Li Yundong, but once she was out of sight, she secretly regretted it. She was very sure about Zheng Yuan's thoughts and methods. If she made a mistake and let him know that she was not Lyu Fengping, she would surely die!

Ding Nan stood still for a while after she had gone out. She waited until Zheng Yuan came up to her before murmuring, "I'm sorry, Master."

Zheng Yuan clasped his hands behind him and asked lightly, "Oh? What makes you say that?"

Ding Nan said in a low voice, "I know you will overthink what I said just now, but I have no choice."

Zheng Yuan said indifferently, "Really?"

Ding Nan suddenly cried, "Master, you have seen this Li Yundong guy. He's too strong! I really dare not even hope for success with my revenge. I only hope that my master will not bear him any hatred later. If this strong man comes to the door, he will handle Master... Then I will have no one to rely on in this world."

Ding Nan had been getting along with Zhou Qin for a long time, and her acting skills had been well honed, allowing her to put on a truly pitiful show of crying. Zheng Yuan's face, which had been taut, suddenly relaxed. He said, "Then you don't have to talk to him so affectionately. People who don't know may think... Humph!"

Ding Nan continued, "Master, in this way, we can paralyze Li Yundong and make him let down his guard. Secondly, we can resolve the grievances between him and us. In the future, if something happens, we will then have a powerful ally..."

Zheng Yuan nodded slightly. "You're right. Li Yundong's cultivation speed is really terrifying. I've never seen such a powerful young man in my life. If he's a friend rather than an enemy, it can only be good..."

Ding Nan couldn't help but feel happy, but soon he changed the topic and asked, "But do you think Li Yundong is a fool? Do you think you can turn an enemy into a friend by saying that?"

Ding Nan scolded in his heart: "This old goat is really hard to fool!"

Ding Nan sobbed again, "Master, my physical body used to be one of Li Yundong's classmates, and they had a deep relationship. He didn't know that I was occupying this physical body, so he didn't know the secret behind it. He thought I was his classmate. I know that, so I said those words boldly. I wasn't expecting it to make you have doubts. Please punish me."

After saying that, Ding Nanying prepared to kneel down.

Although Zheng Yuan was cruel and merciless, he was also a man who was particularly fond of women. He stopped her and said with a smile, "There are so many people here. What are you doing? Let's go. Since you have not intended to do anything nefarious, I won't doubt you, but if you have any ideas in the future, you should inform me in advance. Otherwise, it will be bad if there is a gap between the masters and their disciples."

Ding Nan broke out laughing. "Thanks for your magnanimity, Master."

Zheng Yuan took Ding Nan's hand with a smile and said, "Let's go back. The Taoist assembly will be held in a month and I have many preparations to make."

As soon as Ding Nan's hand was held by Zheng Yuan, goosebumps sprang up all over her body. She couldn't get rid of him, so she forced herself to smile and said, "Master, I hope you can show your strength at the Taoist assembly and suppress all the heroes."

Hearing this, Zheng Yuan couldn't help laughing. He touched Ding Nan's hand lightly and said with a smile, "I'll need your help!"

Ding Nan felt disgusted. She forced a smile and thought to herself, "This lecher is only getting worse. I have to find a way!"

Although Zheng Yuan's face was also full of smiles, there was still a trace of doubt pulsating in his heart. "Since Ping'er got possessed, she has been a little strange. Although she's been talking like this today, I still feel there's something off. No, I have to test her again if I get a chance in the future!"

The two of them had chatted and laughed happily throughout, but in fact, they were both heartless and mischievous, seemingly alienated from one another.

In Disanxian, Li Yundong immediately became the focus of everyone's attention.

Many celebrities from various fields had come to attend the opening ceremony of this small teahouse for the sake of the Zhou family. If the Zhou family hadn't recovered, Zhou Qin wouldn't have been able to call these people together even if she begged. But now the Zhou family had made a comeback, and a swarm of people had rocked up uninvited. Nothing could surpass the fickleness of this world.

At the beginning, many people had subconsciously regarded Li Yundong as the Zhou family's son-in-law. Therefore, although they were polite, they still had such thoughts in their hearts, such as 'this lucky guy has hooked up with a high-ranking family' and 'he must be a gigolo'.

But now, it seemed that they were all looking at Li Yundong with fresh eyes. Some people understood what it meant when Zhou Qin respectfully called Li Yundong 'master'.

It turned out that this young man was really a great master!

Looking at Li Yundong with excitement and enthusiasm, Liu Fei'er grabbed Cao Kefei's clothes hard and said urgently, "Sister Cao, Sister Cao, this guy is really a master. He's so great!"

Cao Kefei also looked at Li Yundong with awe. She had been aware that Li Yundong was a strange person before, but in her opinion now, Li Yundong was a master of kung fu. What she had not expected was that his kung fu would be far beyond her expectations and imagination, out of the scope of what was possible for human beings, making people feel awed.

Cao Kefei was pulled back by Liu Fei'er. She withdrew her gaze from Li Yundong and scolded with a smile, "Are you convinced now?"

Liu Fei'er nodded like a chick pecking at rice. "I'm convinced, utterly convinced! How did he do it?"

Cao Kefei smiled prettily. "I don't know. Why don't you ask him?"

Liu Fei'er's eyes lit up at first, but when she remembered the attitude Li Yundong had shown towards her before, her face immediately fell. "Humph, not only does this guy's eyes grow on top of his head, he's also shortsighted! He doesn't care about me!"

Covering her mouth with her hand, Cao Kefei said with a smile, "Wow, it's useless even if a big star steps out."

Liu Fei'er whined, "Sister Cao, I came with you today out of kindness. How could you laugh at me like this!"

Cao Kefei laughed and said, "Obviously, it was you who wanted to skip work. You even threw your agent aside and turned off your cell phone, didn't you? Hum, I'll see what you do when you turn on your cell phone later!"

Liu Fei'er said with a smile, "Who asked her to take care of me all day long? She can go! Hmph! However, Sister Cao, you can't do this. At least let me figure out what's going on! Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep tonight!"

Cao Kefei snorted, "I have no choice. Although he is young, he has a lot of ideas. Didn't you see that I was looking for him like crazy before? How could this cruel man have disappeared without so much as a goodbye! It's useless to beg him!"

Liu Fei'er's expression was one of intense disappointment. "Ah? If I had known that this would happen, I wouldn't have come! Isn't this deliberately making me depressed?"

Yin Mengfan suddenly let out a peal of laughter. "Don't worry, Liu Fei'er. I guess my uncle will invite Li Yundong to be Shen You and Shen Hui's teacher."

Cao Kefei asked, "Eh, why do you think that?"

Yin Mengfan looked at Shen Hui, then turned her head back to Cao Kefei and said with a smile, "Shen Hui told me secretly that the old master wanted to invite Zi Yuan and Li Yundong to be Shen You and Shen Hui's family teachers. I think the old master brought both of them here today, so it is very likely that he wants them to be apprenticed in public."

"Then what does it have to do with me?" Liu Fei'er interjected.

Yin Mengfan smiled and said, "Shen Hui and Shen You are both your fans. If Li Yundong takes them on as his students, you can work in an indirect way and get something out of them!"

Liu Fei'er laughed, "That's a good idea! However, will Li Yundong accept them as his disciples?"

Cao Kefei laughed and said positively, "My guess is that he will. Old Master Shen's reputation is pretty great."

As they were talking, they saw Shen Wancai calm down quickly after his moment of excitement. He said very seriously and sincerely, "Mr. Li, you and Miss Zi Yuan left a deep impression on me when we parted in Dongwu city last time. I admire you very much. I wanted to visit you earlier, but I couldn't find your whereabouts. Yesterday, I happened to hear that Mr. Li was going to open a teahouse in Tiannan City. I came without an invitation as a pleasant surprise. On the one hand, it was to celebrate the opening of the business, and on the other hand..."

As he spoke, he pulled on Shen You and Shen Hui, who were standing behind him and looking awkward. "This is my son and my daughter. I believe that Mr. Li is already familiar with my son. Heh, he and Mr. Li also had some misunderstandings before, but I believe that Mr. Li will be broad-minded and not mind it too much. Moreover, young people can't get to know each other by fighting! As for my daughter..."

Shen Wancai looked at Shen Hui, but the baby-faced girl suddenly snorted and turned her face away, feeling utterly ungrateful.

The smile on Shen Wancai's face froze, but only for a beat. "Ahah, this girl is still shy!"

Li Yundong smiled slightly, not answering Shen Wancai. He looked at him calmly and didn't seem to be flattered at all.

Shen You looked at him and snorted in his heart. In his opinion, his father Shen Wancai was a man who could make people tremble just by stamping his feet in Tiannan City. The reason he had invited Li Yundong to be his teacher was to show respect to him and acknowledge him as being wise and talented!

"This guy is showing off just because he can do a little trick. Humph, what's the big deal!"

Shen Wancai didn't know what his son was thinking. He beamed at Li Yundong and said, "I believe that Mr. Li also knows my daughter. Hehe, I, Shen Wancai, have a presumptuous request to make. I hope that Mr. Li will do me a favor."

By this point, Li Yundong had already guessed that Shen Wancai wanted him to take Shen You and Shen Hui on as his disciples, but he muttered in his heart: "Disciples are not like cabbages at the market. Moreover, Shen Hui has always been set against me. If I take them in, won't the world come to chaos? What's more, Shen You's character is so bad that I cannot bring myself to like him. How am I supposed to accept him?"

However, though he didn't intend to accept them, Li Yundong didn't know how to make Shen Wancai step down. He hesitated for a moment and hoped that Shen Wancai wouldn't say anything about acknowledging him as their master.

Unfortunately, his fear was realized. Shen Wancai immediately said, "Mr. Li, won't you accept my son and my daughter as your disciples? They needn't learn anything special, I only hope they can follow you and serve tea. Learning from Mr. Li's grace and kung fu of Qi-refining, that'll be enough!"

Li Yundong smiled bitterly in his heart, thinking to himself: "Yep, here we go. Should I accept them or not?"