After Li Yuanbo's car had driven far away, Zhou Qin came to her senses and slowly started walking back.

At this time, most of the guests had already left Disanxian. Li Yundong saw that the students from the school who had come to support him had all left one by one. Now, there were only a dozen people remaining, including Feng Na, Cheng Cheng, Cao Kefei, Liu Fei'er, and Yin Mengfan, who would stay temporarily.

Although there were a lot of people, it was much quieter than it had been with all seats occupied just now.

Li Yundong looked around and saw that after everyone was gone. There were leftover fruit skins and discarded shells littering the floor, and the tea tables were all in a mess.

He clapped his hands to attract everyone's attention, then smiled and said, "Well, the opening ceremony is finally over. Let's clean up first. Maybe some guests will come later."

Zi Yuan took the lead in clearing away the cups on the tables. As she moved, Ruan Hongling also joined in with her cleaning. Su Chan pitched in happily, and then all the members of the Fox Zen School started getting involved.

Feng Na and Cheng Cheng smiled and said, "Let's do it together!"

At this moment, there were three people, Cao Kefei, Yin Mengfan, and Liu Fei'er, who were sitting at the table with nothing to do. Cao Kefei said awkwardly, "I'll also lend a hand."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "That's okay. Ms. Cao, please just sit. You are a guest. How could we trouble you to clean?"

Cao Kefei smiled and didn't insist. Liu Fei'er, who was next to her, had been curiously looking at Li Yundong's belly. Finally, she couldn't help but ask, "Immortal, can I ask you a question?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Okay, but if you're going to ask me where I hid that mug of water, you'd better not speak."

As soon as Liu Fei'er heard this, she immediately said indignantly, "How do you know what I was going to ask?"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "You've been staring at my belly non-stop. If I couldn't guess such an obvious thing, wouldn't I be stupid? Besides, you call me an immortal. I should have the insight of an immortal!"

In the past, no matter where Liu Fei'er went, she had always been praised by others. No matter how outstanding and proud a man was, he would still be polite to her. Li Yundong, on the contrary, didn't care about her at all and even made fun of her casually!

"This is really unbearable! I can't bear it! I can't bear it!"

Liu Fei'er felt rage stirring in her heart. "You think you know everything?"

Li Yundong had defeated Zhang Ling, and the opening ceremony had been unprecedentedly successful, so he was naturally in high spirits. He smiled and shook his head, saying, "No, no, no. But I know astronomy and English, the history of civilization over the past 5,000 years, and I also know plenty about the present world!"

His words made Feng Na and the others laugh loudly. Liu Fei'er also joined in. However, her face hardened again a moment later. Pointing at Cao Yi and the others, she said, "They are still staring at Sister Cao. What can you understand?"

Li Yundong's gaze swiftly swept over Cao Yi and others. Upon hearing Liu Fei'er's words, the expressions of Cao Yi and the rest were immediately transformed. They all turned their heads, the look on their faces unnatural.

He felt strange in his heart, but he smiled and asked, "Cao Yi Shibo, don't you think President Cao looks familiar?"

Cao Yi smiled and said, "You are right. When I saw President Cao, I felt that she was like a certain someone."

Zhuang Yating, who was standing to one side, replied, "I feel similarly. That is why I have been staring at her. Please don't mind me, President Cao."

"Do I look like a friend of yours?" Cao Kefei asked.

Liu Yuehong said, "I feel a sense of familiarity when I look at Cao."

At this time, Su Chan said, "Yes, yes, I also had the same feeling when I first met her."

The little foxes of the Fox Zen School also chimed in unison, "Yes, we did too!"

Cao Kefei got up. She unconsciously touched her face and asked with a shy smile, "Really? Who do I look like?"

Su Chan shook her head and said, "I don't actually know, but I know you seem very familiar."

Li Yundong also smiled at this time. "Cao Yi Shibo, you have the same family name. Are you and President Cao members of the same family?"

Cao Yi chuckled. "I think we might have been family a thousand years ago." Hearing that, they all laughed together.

Liu Fei'er took Cao Kefei's arm and winked at her, saying, "Sister Cao, I've found you a relative. Won't you thank me nicely?"

Cao Kefei smiled and said, "How would you like me to repay you? How about taking you for a ten-day tour in Hainan?"

Liu Fei'er's felt depressed at once. "You want to make me be part of the crew again? Hmph, no way! I'll follow you wherever you go! Don't even think about leaving me behind! If you die, we'll die together!"

Cao Kefei laughed and said scoldingly, "What are you talking about? We are holding an opening ceremony!"

Liu Fei'er also realized that she had said something inappropriate. She gently patted her own mouth and then said to Li Yundong with a smile, "Immortal Li, I'll punish myself with three cups of wine!"

As she spoke, she picked up a teacup in front of her and poured some wine into it, then proceeded to down it and repeat the process for a total of three times.

Li Yundong gave her a thumbs-up sign and said with a smile, "You are too great!"

Liu Fei'er giggled with her hands clasped, pretending to be bashful. "Oh please!"

The two laughed and the hard feelings between them faded rapidly.

After Liu Fei'er had taken a seat, she whispered to Cao Kefei, "Sister Cao, this person is very interesting. He's capable and funny. Much better than the guys in our circle!"

Cao Kefei squinted at her and said with a faint smile, "Oh? Are you interested in him?"

Liu Fei'er snorted. "No, there are so many beautiful women around him. How could I ever have a chance?" As she said this, she pointed to Zi Yuan in front of Li Yundong and said, "Look at this, this is the reincarnation of a fairy. She has such a good temperament, is such a beautiful girl, and she is also so virtuous! Is this Li Yundong guy the reincarnation of Dong Yong?"

Cao Kefei also looked at Zi Yuan jealously, not speaking. After a long time, she sighed softly.

At this time, Zi Yuan whispered to Li Yundong in a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Li Yundong, have you noticed anything strange?"

"I have," he replied, "but I don't know if it's the same as what you've found."

In a low voice, Zi Yuan replied, "Did you notice that Cao Yi and Zhuang Yating both said that Cao Kefei feels like a person they know? But what Liu Yuehong and Su Chan said was that Cao Kefei felt very familiar, but they couldn't tell who it was she reminded them of. Don't you think it's a little strange?"

"It is indeed a little strange, but it doesn't mean anything. Still, I wonder why Cao Yi and Zhuang Yating have the same feeling?"

Zi Yuan thought for a few moments. "I don't know. We just need to pay more attention to it."

"Well, I will keep an eye on them. However, the most important thing at this moment running Disanxian smoothly. We have solved the problem of money, so now we can talk about other things."

Zi Yuan smiled brightly. "Yes. Today was a good start. I believe that the business of Disanxian will really take off."

Li Yundong nodded and said enthusiastically, "I'm also confident."

They whispered to each other for a while. Meanwhile, Feng Na, Cheng Cheng, and the people of the Fox Zen School had already cleaned up everything upstairs and downstairs.

When Feng Na saw Li Yundong standing to one side and talking to Zi Yuan, she smiled. "Li Yundong, you're really an immortal! Unfortunately, you're a lazy immortal, also known as an idler!"

Li Yundong felt like they had done everything well. He responded laughingly, "Are you done? Well, I'm going to open later!"

He then went to the center of the teahouse. With one hand on his waist and the other waving, he cried proudly, "Comrades, today's opening ceremony for Disanxian has been a grand one. It was a success and a complete victory! On behalf of the chairman of Disanxian's International Liability Company, I'd like to show our sincere appreciation toward you and your hard work!"

As he spoke, the crowd kept chuckling. When Su Chan saw that the opening ceremony of the teahouse had been so successful, she felt a jolt of happiness run through her and took the lead to applaud.

The foxes immediately joined in the fun. Feng Na and Cheng Cheng yelled with broad grins, "We are not tired. Our leader has been working hard!"

Li Yundong was happy. He extended his hand, affecting the air of an almighty leader as he said, "Well, although the leader has worked hard, his comrades have worked harder!"

When the crowd saw Li Yundong making fun of them, their amusement only deepened.

Cao Kefei saw Liu Fei'er holding her cheeks and looking enviously at Su Chan and the others. She whispered, "You're jealous, right?"

Liu Fei'er whispered sadly, "Well, this person is so interesting that I can't helping envying them. They must be living happily together, unlike me. I have been running around all day and struggling for fame and fortune. Some people may think I look glamorous, but in fact, I am bored to death."

Li Yundong was unaware of Cao Kefei and Liu Fei'er's conversation, so he continued to say seriously, "In view of everyone's good performance today, I have decided to reward everyone after finishing their work!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the little foxes raised their hands at the same time and shrieked, "Leader is the best!"

Su Chan's eyes lit up. "Are we going out to eat delicious food?"

The little foxes followed with, "Are we going out to buy new clothes?"

"Can I buy a new bag?"

"I want to buy a pair of new shoes..."

Hearing this, Li Yundong quickly reached out his hands, pretending to be angry. "You've not made any money, but all you can think about is how to spend it? How can you do that?"

"Li Yundong, you just said that you wanted to reward us," Ruan Hongling reminded him. "It'd be too mean for you to go back on your words now, wouldn't it?"

"That's right, it's too mean!" the little foxes declared simultaneously.

They shouted in crisp voices, and the passers-by outside the teahouse peered inside one after another, their eyes overflowing with envy.

Li Yundong was a little overwhelmed. He turned to look at Zi Yuan and gave her a fierce glare. "Hey, you are also a major shareholder. At least say something!"

She simply smiled serenely. "I'm a big shareholder? Aren't you afraid of being laughed at in front of President Cao and President Yin? Besides, those were your own words. Don't look at me."

Li Yundong said exaggeratedly, "So, you stab me in the back at the critical moment! Are you kidding me?"

Su Chan and the others burst into laughter. At this time, Zhou Qin returned. Li Yundong saw her and immediately said, "Zhou Qin, you came at just the right time. They haven't earnt a penny, but now they're clamoring to eat delicious food. They also wanted to buy clothes and bags. Isn't that unreasonable?"

Zhou Qin was immediately amused. She smiled and said, "It's definitely unreasonable. How can you expect to eat, drink, and wear new clothes without earning anything?"

Li Yundong was overjoyed by his newfound ally. He proudly said to the little foxes, "Did you hear that? Those are words of wisdom!"

Zhou Qin rolled her eyes and said as her eyes crinkled, "However, when we make money today, we will be able to eat, drink, and wear new clothes! We need to go to Shangri-La to eat, and we should go to Chanel's LV and Kade's Fanni to buy clothes!"

Li Yundong took a deep breath and said, "Wow, those are all the world's top famous brands. Do you want me to go bankrupt?" With that, he walked over to Cao Kefei's table, stretched out his hand, and said, "President Cao, can I use your eyebrow pencil?"

Cao Kefei was laughing. When she heard Li Yundong asking for her eyebrow pencil, she picked up her bag and snapped open her make-up case. She took out an eyebrow pencil and asked with amusement, "What do you want this for?"

Li Yunyang just snapped angrily, "Give it to me quickly." He took the eyebrow pencil and then used it to draw the position of the five Zangs and organs on her clothes. He then said with a playful face, "How much do you think I can sell these for? We'll take as much as you can bear. I can also make contributions to the development of our country. How about this?"

When the crowd saw that Li Yundong was acting like a scoundrel and did not have the aura of an immortal anymore, they all laughed.

Zi Yuan laughed and scolded him. "Look at you. What's the difference between you and a rogue?"

Li Yundong had only been joking. He smiled and threw the eyebrow pencil back to Cao Kefei, who was still laughing at the table. He said, "Forget it, I'm being serious. Let's get started. If business is good today, I'll treat everyone to a good meal!"

Su Chan and the little foxes immediately cheered simultaneously, "Wow! You're the best!"

Zhou Qin whispered, "Master, don't you know how much they eat? Aren't you afraid of being eaten out of house and home?"

Li Yundong said reluctantly, "We'll go to a buffet. I'm happy today, and I am not afraid of being in an embarrassing situation!"

Zhou Qin immediately burst out laughing. "You may be shameless, but I'm not. I won't go!"

Li Yundong laughed and scolded, "You dreadful girl, you are still my disciple. Not only did you complain, you also took the lead in talking back! Come on, do your job. If there are guests later, then we'll see how happy you are!"

Zhou Qin spat, "Bah, don't say such a thing! I'm sure you'll be able to see many guests immediately!"

Li Yundong laughed. "Thank you for your kind words!"

After the group of people had had enough of fighting, they finished the fun of the opening ceremony. At this time, they all slowly started to calm down and prepare to do real business.

After waiting for a while, Li Yundong and the others could see that there were many people bustling outside. There were quite a lot of people coming into Disanxian, but none of them were there to drink tea.

What puzzled Li Yundong was that in the afternoon, not a single guest had come into the Disanxian teahouse. There were a few who had seemingly wanted to come in for tea, but after glancing inside, they immediately turned their heads and hurried away, as if the room was full of legendary monsters.

Meanwhile, a few people were drinking tea at Zhao's teahouse opposite, which had pleased Zhao Yougen no end.

Li Yundong was puzzled and asked, "Is Zhao Yougen going to reopen his business? Why is no one coming to us for tea?"

The black eyebrows of Zi Yuan were slightly knitted, but she remained silent. Su Chan and the others also looked at each other in confusion.

"Why hasn't anyone come to my teahouse, but there are people at Zhao Yougen's?

"What's the cause of this?" Li Yundong wondered.