Li Yundong's words made Lady Hong's face redden, and her eyes were full of shame and indignation, but she had no way to refute Li Yundong. After all, Cao Kefei, who had almost died a moment ago, had been rescued by this young boy in the twinkling of an eye. After all, no matter how eloquent she was, she could not refute iron-like facts.

But on the other hand, the fake foreigner was very unconvinced and snorted, "What good luck! But you may not be so fortunate next time!"

Li Yundong glanced at him and smiled. He was too lazy to argue with him, so he just turned his head and whispered to Cao Kefei, "President Cao, how do you feel?"

She frowned slightly and covered her heart with one hand, looking lovely despite her pain. She forced a smile and said softly, "Li Yundong, you saved my life again. What can I do to repay you?"

Li Yundong chuckled. "What are you talking about? We are friends! Don't speak like that!"

"Friends..." Cao Kefei's plump red lips gently spat the words. Her eyes were blurred and her expression was complicated as she looked at Li Yundong, as if she had a thousand words to say, but didn't know where to begin.

At this time, Liu Fei'er also rushed over and grabbed Cao Kefei's hand tightly. Her eyes were full of tears, and she cried out, "Lady Cao, you've finally woken up. You scared me to death!"

Cao Kefei smiled. "Yeah, I dreamed that I was flying. I flew so high and so far. When I was flying in the sky, I suddenly heard someone calling my name, so I couldn't help flying back. When I opened my eyes again, I woke up here."

Liu Fei'er smiled despite her tears still falling. "It was Li Yundong who called your soul back just now!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "By the way, President Cao, do you know what's going on?" With that, he lowered his voice and added, "Who wanted to kill you?"

Cao Kefei's eyes suddenly flashed with fear. She opened her mouth and was about to speak when she suddenly heard a noise coming from outside. Someone was yelling in the corridor, "Get out of the way!"

The people who had been blocking the door all turned their heads and immediately dispersed.

Li Yundong and Cao Kefei turned their heads and saw several policemen rushing in, shouting, "Where are the criminals?"

Several security guards behind them saw Li Yundong and immediately pointed to him. "It's him! He's the one who hurt so many of us!"

Li Yundong smiled and asked simply, "You say that I hurt a lot of you? Who exactly did I hurt?"

Several of the guards said at the same time, "All of us are injured!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Where are your wounds? Can you show me?"

These security guards suddenly stopped. Subconsciously, they touched themselves and found that there were no injuries anywhere on their bodies. Although they had been sent flying earlier by Li Yundong, they hadn't felt much pain when they had fallen to the ground!

At that time, they had been so nervous and scared that they hadn't even noticed. Now, Li Yundong was pointing at them and they were surprised to find that they had not been injured at all!

The angry security guards suddenly relaxed. The leader of the police snorted and shouted, "It's not up to you to decide whether someone has been beaten or not!"

Li Yundong asked in reply, "Then who is it up to?"

Another policeman sneered and said, "Idiot, it's up to us!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Do you mean that it's for you to say whether I hurt them or not? Even if I didn't hurt them, you can still say that I hurt them?"

Hearing this, the policeman couldn't help but be angry. "What do you mean? Be careful with your words before I arrest you for libel!"

Li Yundong looked at the two of them and shook his head secretly. He thought for a moment before saying to the security guards, "Tonight is actually a misunderstanding. I came to save my friend in a hurry, but you stopped me, so there was a conflict. If possible, I'd like to settle it privately."

At this time, a lobby manager in a suit strolled out of the crowd. He snorted coldly and said, "Privately? Do you know how bad the impact of this matter has been on our Di Hao? No, this matter can't be handled in private!"

The two policemen were also very cooperative. One took a step forward and stared at Li Yundong fiercely while the other took out a pair of handcuffs and flashed them to him.

Lady Hong and the fake foreigner suddenly laughed at the other's troubles, thinking, "Catch him, catch him!"

Seeing that things were not going well, Cao Kefei suppressed her discomfort and said loudly, "I can testify that he really came to save me. Is it illegal to save people now?"

One of the policemen said coldly, "It's against the law for you to hurt people in the process of saving another!"

Cao Kefei couldn't help but retort angrily, "It's no different from doing a favor. Why are you all being so unreasonable! Law enforcement is about human nature. How are you doing it? Who is your leader?"

When the policeman saw Cao Kefei's angry look, he was dumbfounded for a while and almost started drooling.

When he came to his senses, he shouted with a straight face, "Cut the crap and come with us!"

Cao Kefei was shocked and angry, but she was also someone who was used to seeing big scenes, so she forcibly suppressed her anger and calmly began to look through her cellphone.

The accompanying policeman had better eyesight than his companion. He saw that Cao Kefei's bearing and momentum were different from that of an ordinary person. He hesitated and felt that this matter could be big or small. If he was unlucky and the other party had a strong background, he, an insignificant policeman, would be in serious trouble. He turned around and whispered a few words to the lobby manager behind him.

The lobby manager snorted. He thought for a moment and was about to speak when he suddenly heard a dignified voice say from not far away, "Liu, what are you doing here?"

The policeman named Liu turned his head and saw a middle-aged man in casual clothes looking at him in a dignified manner. He was suddenly shocked and ran over, then saluted respectfully and said loudly, "Director Gong, I am on a mission!"

Director Gong frowned. "What mission is it that has caused such a commotion? Take me to have a look!" he instructed.

Liu smiled apologetically and said, "It's just a little thing. It's not worth you worrying about."

Director Gong snorted, "Even a small thing made a big racket. If there really is something serious going on, will you tear the earth down?"

With that said, Director Gong walked out of the corridor with his hands clasped behind his back. He walked out of the corridor like he was a beast king patrolling the mountains. The people who had been watching the bustle from the corridor made way for him in awe.

At this time, the lobby manager's face was full of smiles. He produced a pack of cigarettes from nowhere and handed it over with a smile. "Director Gong, I'm sorry to bother your rest. I'm sorry. I'll order someone to send you two plates of supper later."

Director Gong pushed away the cigarette in his hand with a righteous look and said in a deep voice, "I don't smoke! What's going on here?"

The lobby manager said with an obsequious smile, "It's nothing. Someone broke into Di Hao and injured someone, but now the two policemen are going to arrest him."

Director Gong snorted. "So arrogant? Dihao is one of the few five-star hotels in Tiannan City. How dare he do this? Do laws and regulations not exist in this person's eyes? Punish him severely!"

The lobby manager smiled ever more brilliantly. "Director Gong, you are so wise! This shouldn't be dragged out. Otherwise, Di Hao will lose face, and you will lose your face, won't you?"

Director Gong shouted with a straight face, "You're talking rubbish. What does my face have to do with Di Hao?"

The lobby manager kept smiling, but secretly sneered in his heart "Keep pretending, keep pretending! You have so much money to live off of every year, you can continue to pretend!!"

Director Gong pretended to look around everywhere, and another policeman who had proposed to arrest him also came over at this time. He saluted and said, "Director Gong, this suspect has accomplices. Do you want to arrest them together?"

Director Gong looked at the policeman and nodded. "It's Zhang! What, there are accomplices involved? Arrest them all! We can't let go of any criminal!"

Zhang was overjoyed. He turned around and was about to enter the room to take the suspect into custody when suddenly he heard Director Gong ask, "Is the suspect inside? Who is so arrogant?"

Zhang quickly turned around and welcomed Director Gong into the room. Then, he pointed to Li Yundong and shouted, "This person is the suspect!"

Director Gong fixed his eyes on the man and saw that he was looking at him coldly. There was no fear or uneasiness in his eyes. Instead, his gaze was full of ridicule and disdain. Director Gong subconsciously felt angry, but soon he realized that the man in front of him seemed to be a little familiar. He was shocked in his heart. He opened his eyes and looked at Li Yundong carefully.

After looking for a long time, Director Gong tentatively asked, "Are you Li Yundong?"

Li Yundong was stunned. "You recognize me?"

Director Gong immediately showed an extremely bright smile on his face. Others could not have imagined that this dignified and cold middle-aged man could actually burst into such a cheerful smile, like that of a baby. He quickened his pace, grabbed Li Yundong's hands tightly with both hands, shook them up and down, and shouted, "Childe Li, you are really forgetful! We met during the day! I have been dropping by your teahouse for a long time!"

At this time, everyone in and outside the room was sweating. Zhang, the policeman who had shouted to arrest them earlier, was sweating so much that his whole body seemed to be melting, as if he was sitting on wax.

Lady Hong and the fake foreigner, who had been gloating a moment ago, looked at Li Yundong with their mouths wide open, as if they were looking at some kind of alien.

Li Yundong had opened the teahouse today, and there had been about 70 or 80 celebrities from all walks of life waiting for him. Just the names of these people and their official positions were enough to make him dizzy. How could he remember who the middle-aged man in front of him was?

But Li Yundong saw that he was so enthusiastic, and the smile on his face was as bright as a sunflower, so he could not lose his temper. As the saying goes, 'You can't hit a person who has apologized to you'.

Li Yundong pretended to be suddenly enlightened and said with a smile, "Ah, I remember now. I'm sorry, Director Gong, how do you do?"

Director Gong smiled enthusiastically. "Why are you here today, Childe Li?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "I came to save a friend, but I got into a misunderstanding with Di Hao." As he said this, he glanced at the policeman who was clamoring to arrest him.

Li Yundong's gaze swept over the place, and the people there immediately broke out into a cold sweat, especially the lobby manager who had refused to settle the issue privately. He was so regretful that he wanted to slap himself in the face!

What kind of background could make the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau act so familiarly and even show some flattery and ingratiation?

Now that he had provoked such a demon, how could he show his face in Tiannan City anymore?