The little girl's eyes darted around. Although she was puzzled, she responded obediently. Like a shadow, she followed Li Yundong into the room.

Li Yundong entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed, patting his palm with a sealed bag. He did not speak to Su Chan, but his expression was solemn. No one could have known what he was thinking about at that moment.

Although she was used to playing with him, when she saw Li Yundong frowning and his face darkening, she didn't dare to mess around with him anymore. She just stood to one side and didn't say anything to disturb him.

After a long while, the girl could feel that the atmosphere in the room had become so heavy that the air had almost frozen. She was feeling like shouting when Li Yundong suddenly said, "Chan'er, I'll ask you again. Can you be sure about what you told me before?"

She nodded vigorously. "Yes, I'm sure!"

Li Yundong was silent for a long time, and then he sighed.

Seeing his sad face, Su Chan asked cautiously, "Yundong, I'm worried about you. I'd like to see your big, cheerful smile again."

Li Yundong shook his head, showing only a strained, bitter half-smile. "I can't laugh at the thought of one of the three seniors of our Fox Zen School being a hidden traitor. I want to find her myself and kill her!"

Su Chan was shocked, but she didn't show it. Instead, she thoughtfully took Li Yundong's arm and said softly, "Yundong, don't think too much about it. If you are troubled, you can share the burden with me. I feel really sad that you didn't tell me about these things before."

Li Yundong smiled slightly and said, "What are you sad about?"

Su Chan pouted tightly and said lugubriously, "Isn't it obvious? You told Zhou Qin and Zi Yuan, but you didn't tell me! It's unfair! If I hadn't been smart enough to find some clues, I still wouldn't know now! Humph. I know that you just think that I'm stupid and often spill the beans and make trouble for you, but, but I'm really trying hard to change!"

Li Yundong saw that her eyes had filled with tears while she spoke. His heart softened and he held the little girl's hand and said softly, "Silly girl, do you know what I like the most about you?"

She wiped her tears. After thinking for a while, she blinked and said stupidly, "My beauty?"

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. "Silly girl, look at the women in this house. Which one of them is not beautiful? Isn't Zhou Qin? Isn't Zi Yuan? So why do I only like you?"

Su Chan was secretly delighted and felt a deep, rich burst of sweetness in her heart when she heard this. She beamed with joy and said, "Then what do you like about me? You're not going to say that you like me being naughty, right?"

Li Yundong laughed, pinched the tip of the girl's nose with his hand, and said softly, "I just like your cuteness and purity. Do you still remember how after we finished our cultivation, we flew together and traveled around the country?"

Su Chan's thoughts wandered. She suddenly remembered the days just after she and Li Yundong had first met, her smile instantly turning gentle. "Of course I remember. Although we lived a hard life at that time, we were very happy."

When Li Yundong heard this, he sighed and said, "Yes, now I am the master of the Fox Zen School, and we have also established our own foundation. But we have been on tenterhooks throughout the entire process! Now our situation seems to be peaceful, but in fact, I feel like every step I'm walking on thin ice. At present, the Fox Zen School's internal and external troubles are also troubling me. I am struggling with this anxiety, so how can I bear to let you worry about this kind of thing too?"

As he spoke, Li Yundong touched the girl's cheek with his hand lovingly before continuing, "My little girl, if you lose that beautiful smile and your happiness because of these things, what will happen?"

Su Chan was moved and held Li Yundong's hand tightly as she said, "Even if I lose my smile, you mustn't dislike me. You can't abandon me!"

Li Yundong laughed and said, "Silly girl, don't say such silly things. I will make you happy forever, and I will never leave you, no matter what you become."

Su Chan's heart overflowed with tenderness, and she leaned softly into Li Yundong's arms. She looked at her lover affectionately and said in a sultry voice, "Yundong, kiss me!"

Li Yundong held the beautiful and charming face of the girl, and gently pressed his lips her rosy red ones. Although their mouths parted immediately, they both felt a rush of excitement.

Li Yundong and Su Chan both knew that it was not right the time for them to be together yet. They looked at each other and smiled. Although the kiss had been shallow, the sweetness in their hearts was deep. It was as if the world could end at this moment and they would still be satisfied.

Li Yundong held Su Chan in his arms. After a while, he patted the girl's shoulder and whispered, "Well, Chan'er, help me call Shibo Cao Yi here."

Su Chan straightened up and said softly, "Yundong, why do you need Shibo Cao Yi?"

Li Yundong smiled slightly. "Don't you want to help me with stuff? I'm creating an opportunity for you now!"

Su Chan blinked her eyes and asked, "What do you want me to do for you?"

Li Yundong beckoned Su Chan over and whispered something in her ear.

Upon hearing this, Su Chan was a little surprised. "Huh? Really? Yundong, are you sure?"

Li Yundong smiled slyly. "The current situation of our Fox Zen School is like that of a hidden snake in the weed. We know that there is a snake, but we don't know where it is. Therefore, if we keep sitting here and waiting for the snake to appear, we will only end up hurting innocent people by our inaction. For example, with President Cao, I still don't understand why she was attacked..."

Su Chan said thoughtfully, "So Yundong, you've decided to..."

Li Yundong nodded. "Yes, I want to startle the snake!"

Su Chan nodded. "Got it. I'll go and ask Shibo Cao Yi to come in later." Then, she looked at Li Yundong worriedly and said, "Yundong, take care of yourself. Be careful..."

When the girl was halfway through saying this, she suddenly swallowed back her words, as if she thought she was being a little oversensitive.

"Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Go on now," Li Yundong said soothingly.

Su Chan went out and whispered to Cao Yi. Cao Yi was stunned and wore a strange expression, but she still smiled at Su Chan, then went upstairs and entered Li Yundong's room.

The little foxes of the Fox Zen School did not pay attention to this situation. As they saw it, it was very normal for their leader to talk to their Shibo, and they carried on talking and laughing ignorantly.

Noticing that they were not paying attention, Su Chan snuck into Cao Yi's room.

After entering the room, Su Chan twitched her nose slightly, searching for the smell of blood she had noticed before. Her sense of smell was extremely sensitive, and after only taking a few sniffs in the room, she found she could detect a faint scent of blood drifting in the air.

The odor cheered her up, and she immediately followed it and found a small package tightly wrapped in a plastic bag secreted in a hidden corner at the foot of the bed. She opened it up and found that it was the Daopao that Cao Yi had worn before.

She nodded inwardly and hid the pouch in her bosom, then quietly jumped away from the balcony of the room.

She hopped over to the balcony of Li Yundong's room and hid outside quietly. Eventually, Li Yundong coughed and called in a low voice, "Little girl, don't hide. Come in."

Only then did Su Chan gently push the balcony door open. She said with a smile, "Yundong, you're so powerful now. You can even sense the aura I'm hiding."

He pointed outside the balcony with a smile and said, "I think the majority of people will notice any attempt you make to hide. It's your shadow that betrayed you!"

Su Chan looked back and saw the long silhouette of herself cut out by the sun's rays. The little girl patted her head and said with some annoyance, "So that's what happened!"

Li Yundong smiled and prompted her, "So, have you found it?"

She withdrew a package which Li Yundong took and opened. It was Cao Yi's usual Daopao. He looked at it carefully and noticed a faint bloodstain under the cuffs and the rib area of the Daopao.

Li Yundong nodded and didn't say a word, his face dark.

The girl tentatively asked, "Yundong, what are you thinking about? Shibo Cao Yi, could she really be... a hidden traitor?"

Li Yundong was silent for a long time before he eventually sighed softly and said noncommittally, "I think I already know who it is."

Su Chan immediately asked curiously, "Shibo Cao Yi?"

Li Yundong glanced at her, touched her soft black hair, and said softly, "Don't ask about such things. You shouldn't get involved in these intrigues. You have done all that you can, but now you should leave it to me. I will drive the snake out of our Fox Zen School."

Su Chan curled her lips and said, "But I'm always worried about you. You should at least tell me some of your plans. It's not a big deal for me to make a fool of myself, but if I ruin your plan, it will be a big deal."

Upon hearing this, Li Yundong felt that was indeed sense to be found in Su Chan's words. It was time for him to reveal the truth. There was no need to hide it any longer. He thought for a moment before saying to her with a smile, "Do you know why Zhou Qin has moved to the Zhuji phase at this time?"

Su Chan blinked her eyes uncomprehendingly and said, "Isn't it just because her cultivation quotient has reached the right level?"

Li Yundong shook his head and said, "Well, she could also go tomorrow. She could go the day after tomorrow or the day after that. Why is she in such a hurry to go today?"

Su Chan was an extremely intelligent girl, and Li Yundong's words immediately reminded her of what had happened to Cao Kefei. Her eyes lit up and she let out a cry.

Li Yundong snorted and continued, "Chan'er, do you think Yan Fang has chosen to continue trying to kill Cao Kefei, or to snatch back Zhou Qin's Liuhe?"