Yan Fang quickly touched her index fingers together and threw out two talismans. The two talismans flew in the air and began burning themselves up. The burning flames of the two talismans grew stronger and stronger, and two people surrounding by glittering golden radiance quickly emerged from the flames.

Zhou Qin saw the two men dressed in golden armor. One was holding a steel whip, and the other was propping up an iron tower. Their faces were majestic, as if they were descending from the heavens. She had never before fought with a man, so she couldn't help but feel her heart tighten as her nerves overwhelmed her.

What a powerful person Yan Fang was. She immediately sensed the uneasiness that flashed through Zhou Qin's heart and laughed heartily, saying, "Oh, are you afraid now? Hmph, do you think I can't do anything to you just because you have the Liuhe in your hand? Even if you have a powerful magical weapon, what matters is how you use it! Even though the Liuhe has fallen into your hands, you can barely use 30% of its power! You'd better surrender obediently, and then I'll spare your life! I'm sure I'll take the Liuhe!"

Zhou Qin pinched her arm hard with her fingers. She took a deep breath and gradually settled her thumping heart. With a jerk of her arm, she shook off the baggage behind her. With one hand on the Chiyue, and the other holding the Vulcan's Whip, she glared at the two golden warriors with sharp eyes and stared at Yan Fang.

Seeing her like this, Yan Fang couldn't help but sneer. "You really won't give up until you're lying in the ground! You haven't even built the Zhuji phase, so you don't even have the slightest bit of spiritual energy! If Ye Yu were to use this spinning chakram, it could be considered a powerful magic weapon, but if you use it now, you'll just hurt yourself!"

Zhou Qin didn't want to waste her breath talking nonsense with her. With the sound of spring thunder crackling in the air, she held the Vulcan's Whip like a halberd and pointed at Yan Fang, shouting, "Liuhe, eliminate all evils!"

The magical sword was psychic and bound by Li Yundong's command to protect Zhou Qin. Therefore, once Zhou Qin gave the order, the Liuhe hummed and roared like a dragon. In an instant, it split into two long swords, which further turned into two beams of white light and rushed towards the two golden-armored warriors like streaks of lightning.

The two golden warriors gave out mighty battle roars. One waved the steel whip in his hand and began fighting one of the Liuhe. The other shook his arm fiercely, and the iron tower in his hand rose up high. In an instant, the Liuhe that was pouncing on him had been covered by it.

The golden-armored warrior with the tower quickly touched his index fingers together and muttered incantations. Soon, a burst of red light rose from the tower, as if there were flames refining the Liuhe.

The sword was like a wandering dragon trapped in a net. It struggled madly and collided with the tower, causing a series of rumbles. The earth trembled for a period of time. From afar, one could see that there was a continuous stream of red light gushing out of the foot of the mountain.

Yan Fang saw that the two Liuhes were entangled and trapped. She suddenly laughed proudly and asked mockingly, "Oh, Zhou Qin, why don't you just surrender?"

But as soon as she finished her words, she heard a whooshing sound in front of her. Yan Fang fixed her eyes ahead and could see that the spinning chakram was making a sharp sound as it tore through the air, rushing toward her at a high speed.

Zhou Qin was following closely behind. With a shake of her arm, the Vulcan's Whip in her hand headed straight to her enemy's face with a snap.

Yan Fang suddenly flew into a rage. She had never thought that Zhou Qin, a woman who had not yet reached the Zhuji phase, would take the initiative to attack her!

She didn't know the immensity of heaven and earth at all! She was too proud!

Without thinking, Yan Fang grabbed the spinning Chiyue with one hand, catching it accurately. With the other hand, she pinched the tip of the Vulcan's Whip between two fingers, trapping it.

Yan Fang knew that Zhou Qin had still not reached the Zhuji phase. Although these two powerful magical weapons were great, they were no different from ordinary weapons when used by her. Therefore, she dared to intercept them with her bare hands.

As soon as Yan Fang caught them, she couldn't help feeling proud. She thought to herself, "Let's what else you can do!"

As soon as Yan Fang came up with this idea, she saw Zhou Qin suddenly let go of the Vulcan's Whip in her hands. She stamped on the ground and shot over to her like a cannonball, then two fingers were fiercely stabbed into her own eyes!

Yan Fang was completely livid. She hadn't expected Zhou Qin to be so tough as to fight hand-to-hand with her!

What she didn't know was that that Zhou Qin had seen Li Yundong fight hand-to-hand with others several times. She had been shocked by his amazing skills and had developed a strong curiosity about him, then she had slowly fallen in love with the man.

As the saying goes, an accomplished disciple owes his achievements to his great teacher.

Li Yundong was a cultivator who was good at hand-to-hand combat. He had used his strength to defeat the weak several times and turned defeat into victory through his indomitable hand-to-hand combat skills!

As his chief disciple, Zhou Qin had naturally inherited his tough style. Furthermore, she was resolute and bold, though she usually wouldn't show it. Once she did it, she would immediately use cruel and fierce killing moves.

Li Yundong knew that Zhou Qin was going out for a long trip. He was afraid that she would meet someone with bad intentions along the way, so he had specially taught her some self-defense skills before she left. The weakest part of a person's body was not their genitals, nor was it their Taiyang acupoint. It was, in fact, their eyes!

Cultivators could cultivate themselves to become extremely powerful. Although they could not say that they were impervious to bullets or immune to fire and water, their ability to withstand attacks was far beyond that of an ordinary person. However, no matter how powerful someone was, it was impossible for him to cultivate all his magic into his eyes.

Those who had undergone special cultivation would be able to withstand the hits of a metal hammer or even the slash of a steel knife. However, their eyes would still be extremely weak. A child who used a bit of strength to poke their eyes would still blind them!

Zhou Qin's move was done with the intent of attacking the enemy and killing her. It was really vicious!

Although Yan Fang was an experienced cultivator, she was shocked by her cruelty. She immediately let go of the hand she had been using to hold the tip of the Vulcan's Whip. She swiftly lifted her hands and put them in front of her face. A split second later, her palms were stuck by Zhou Qin's two fingers, but they successfully protected her eyes.

Yan Fang hated Zhou Qin for being so vicious. Her other hand, which was holding the spinning chakram, immediately rubbed at her waist and abdomen. As long as the edge of the sharp sawteeth scraped her even a little, Zhou Qin's belly would be immediately cut open!

But when Zhou Qin saw that Yan Fang was going straight for her waist and abdomen, she gritted her pearly teeth and did not dodge, punching towards her heart again.

Almost all of Zhou Qin's strength was in this punch. With a whoosh, her fist made a faint sound as it broke through the air. In an instant, the idea of this punch being like a cannonball shot from a cannon's barrel flashed through Yan Fang's mind. If her chest got hit, even though she was using the Yang Spirit body, she would be blown to pieces!

At this time, Yan Fang couldn't help but be frightened. She knew that Zhou Qin was fighting desperately, willing to die as long as she could take Yan Fang with her! Although her Yang Spirit would be defeated, she could reshape her soul sense. Her cultivation would be greatly reduced, but she would not die. However, Zhou Qin had not yet reached the Zhuji phase. If her body was destroyed, she would die!

If she killed ten thousand enemies, she would lose three thousand allies. This was a way of fighting where the gains outweighed the losses. However, if Zhou Qin killed three thousand enemies, she would lose ten thousand allies!

Yan Fang was shocked and thought to herself, "Is this girl crazy?"

Due to her surprise, her hand was a little hesitant. When the Zigzag Diamond Wheel in her hand landed on Zhou Qin's waist, it was a fraction too late. As a result, Zhou Qin's fist had already hit her heart.

Yan Fang's body suddenly shook, and she quickly took a step back, alleviating more than half of Zhou Qin's fist strength. However, the spinning chakram in her hand also went back with her. The sharp blade passed through the smooth, white skin between her waist and abdomen, and the cold knife Qi pierced Zhou Qin's skin, causing the hair on her body to stand on end.

Zhou Qin had just passed through the Gates of Hell, but she was not afraid at all. Instead, she twisted around and caught the tip of Yan Fang's Vulcan's Whip with one hand. With the other hand, she flipped her palm and her five fingers, like knives, ferociously stabbed toward the space between Yan Fang's legs.

It was the most important and weakest part of the human body. Cultivators needed to refine their essence into Qi, and all the Qi came from the Huiyin acupoint. If Zhou Qin used her Jindan body to remake it, it would be no different from being stabbed with a steel knife. From then on, the unpunctured body would become a body with five punctures. Even if she did not die, she would be rendered useless.

Yan Fang flew into a rage and immediately kicked at Zhou Qin's back. If she got a good kick in, Zhou Qin's spine would immediately shatter, and she would be paralyzed, doomed to being bedridden and unable to move anymore.

Hearing the sound of the air breaking from behind her, Zhou Qin did not worry at all and still made no move to avoid her attack. Instead, she sped up by swinging her hand at Yan Fang's genitals.

Seeing her fighting like this again, Yan Fang was so angry that she spat blood in her heart and was forced to withdraw her foot halfway. The spinning chakram in her hand chopped down at Zhou Qin's arm like an axe.

At this time, Zhou Qin suddenly turned over and lashed out with the Vulcan's Whip, which entangled her Chiyue. She then pulled on it hard and shouted, "Scatter!"

As she yelled, she quickly turned around and thrust her two fingers like halberds toward Yan Fang's exposed eyes!

Yan Fang could feel a huge force coming from her hand and heard Zhou Qin's shout. She immediately sneered and thought to herself, "Are you competing with me in terms of strength? Do you still want to make me let go?"

However, as soon as she tried to seize the spinning chakram, Zhou Qin turned around and thrust her fingers into her eyes!

Yan Fang was overwhelmed with feelings of shock and rage. She knew that she had fallen for the other party's trick of a diversion! Zhou Qin had told her to let go, as if she wanted to grab the spinning chakram in her hands, but in fact, she was just using this as cover to continue to blind her eyes!

Yan Fang saw her cut in, dig out her heart, and hit the yin. Every move hit a vital part of the human body that had to be protected. Every move was dangerous and vicious, extremely fierce and done with lethal intent. These moves would never be seen from a woman who had just started to cultivate!

Yan Fang was shocked. Not only was she startled by Zhou Qin's fierce attacks, but she was also shocked by her desperate fighting. She had dozens of kinds of magic that could easily kill Zhou Qin, but she was actually being put at a disadvantage because everything was being done up-close.

Yan Fang couldn't help but feel a jolt of hatred in her heart. She took a quick look at the Liuhe and thought to herself, "When I was holding the Liuhe in my hand, I alone was able to suppress all the heroes in Mount Gezao. How powerful! I never could have imagined that I would be beaten down by a young girl today!"

However, Yan Fang was an experienced cultivator after all. She made a prompt decision and immediately threw down the spinning chakram in her hands. With a sharp, forceful kick, she instantly floated back by more than twenty meters.

Although Zhou Qin was fierce, she still had not reached the Zhuji phase, and she had not reached a high level of cultivation kung fu. In hand-to-hand combat, she had to fight with everything she had. The more desperate she was, the more likely it was that she would win. This was one step further than desperation, which was even more dangerous!

But Yan Fang decisively relinquished the magic item in her hands. In an instant, she drifted away, and the distance between them was suddenly widened. Zhou Qin wanted to chase after her, but she didn't have as good a chance as before.

The distance of twenty meters was like a Heaven Strike chasm, which was also what the gap between Zhou Qin and Yan Fang's cultivation levels was like. No matter how fast Zhou Qin rushed, no matter what kind of fierce and desperate moves she used, Yan Fang could easily kill her with her own magic!

As the saying goes, while the priest climbs one post, the devil climbs ten!

After Yan Fang had distanced herself from the battlefield, she looked at Zhou Qin with surprise and uncertainty. Finally, there was no longer contempt on her face. She knew that her cultivation talent would probably be outstanding, but she had not expected that Zhou Qin, who had been raised by a rich and powerful family, could be so fierce and desperate when fighting with others. Even a powerful man could not compare with her!

At this time, Yan Fang faintly regarded Zhou Qin as a very tough-to-beat enemy in her heart, and she no longer saw her as just a rookie who had not yet reached the Zhuji phase.

Yan Fang's face was serious, and her eyes were glittering with killing intent. Yan Fang thought to herself wryly, "Once this person succeeds in cultivation, she will definitely become Li Yundong's right-hand man, and thus also become my biggest enemy!

“She must not be allowed to live. She must die!