The little foxes all rushed to the Disanxian Teahouse, but just as the little girls were ready to do something, they were suddenly stumped by a problem: It was easy to talk about making money, but what should they actually do?

Knowing is easy and doing is hard, this is always an unbreakable truth.

"Su Chan Shimei, What do you think we should do?" None of the foxes could make a decision, so they all turned to look at Su Chan with eager eyes, hoping she'd point them in the right direction.

But Su Chan was also not the kind of person who could come up with good ideas.

She had all the prior steps through well, but when the real test came, she was suddenly at a loss.

The little girl looked around at the empty teahouse's upstairs and downstairs floors, thinking in a daze, "When Yundong was there before, no guests came to the teahouse to drink tea. Now it's our turn to run it. What should we do?"

Having been with Li Yundong for a long time, Su Chan subconsciously had a strong sense of dependence on him. She never needed to worry about anything since Li Yundong would always make the final decision.

But now that Li Yundong had left, the little girl suddenly was at a loss. Although she wanted to prove herself and had the ability to incite the little foxes to help her, she had no idea what to do specifically.

When Su Chan looked back at the eyes boring into her, she didn't feel flustered at all. Anyway, at this time, she knew it was too late for regret.

Su Chan didn't know what to do. She was trying to think about how Li Yundong had dealt with these things in the past. She quickly came up with an idea and said seriously, "Disanxian Teahouse doesn't belong to me alone. We have to find a way to manage it together. "

When the little foxes heard this, they all looked at each other and said, "Su Chan, you can make up your mind."

The little girl was not willing to do it. She shook her head like a rattle. "No, no, no. One brain will never be able to outdo many brains working together. Let us all take action, we must be able to come up with something!"

While she was speaking, she could see that the Tea Shop of Zhao across the street was attracting a lot of customers while their own shop was empty.

The little girl pointed at the Tea Shop of Zhao opposite Disanxian and said, "We greatly suppressed their limelight when we opened, so now we can't have our prestige weaken! They have guests, so why don't we? We must all think about it. Why won't the guests come in?"

At that moment, a little fox raised her hand and said, "Hasn't Leader said this before?"

Su Chan was stunned. "Huh? Yundong has already said something about this?"

The little foxes immediately began nodding and saying, "Yes, yes. An old lady came before. She told us the reason."

Su Chan slapped her forehead and said with some annoyance, "Ah, I remember now. It's because there are too many beautiful women and officials here, so the guests think it'll be too expensive to come in, right?"

The little foxes nodded like chickens pecking at rice. "Yes, yes!"

Su Chan stamped her feet angrily and said, "That's not right! I was born beautiful. Could it be that guests will come after I make myself ugly?"

The little foxes all burst out laughing and nodded in agreement, "That's right, that's right!"

Seeing that they were still laughing and had not come up with any ideas, Su Chan suddenly said angrily, "Why are you still laughing? Hurry up! If the guests won't come voluntarily, we have to find a way to make them step through that door!"

Hearing this, the little foxes all stopped talking. One of them lowered her head and rolled her eyes. Some of them looked at each other with vacant expressions. The eyes of some were staring at their feet, like there was a flower growing between their toes.

Seeing that they had fallen silent as soon as they encountered an issue, Su Chan groaned. "Not talking anymore? Weren't you guys being very imposing just now? "

At this time, a little fox said boldly, "Su Chan Shijie, you were the one who got us stirred up just now!"

Su Chan was so enraged that she snapped, "Don't you have any sense of shame? Can my behavior be called incitement? It is called... ahem, a provocation for the people!"

She could see that none of the little foxes had any ideas. She made up her mind and pointed at one of them, saying, "You, you come and think of an idea for me!"

The fox's name was Ling Yue, and she had a palm-shaped face. Atop her glittering eyes were eyebrows as pretty as a picture, and her lips were a rich vermilion color. When she saw Su Chan pointing at her, she said in surprise, "Me?"

Su Chan nodded, "Yes, you! I need you to come up with a good idea!"

Ling Yue glanced at the others and saw that Shijie and Shimei, who usually had a good relationship with her, all quickly looked away. The one who was closest to her simply moved away and acted as if she had nothing to do with what was going on.

Ling Yue felt wronged and muttered, "There are so many people here, why did you pick on me?"

Su Chan heard her muttering clearly, but she simply pretended not to have heard properly and asked, "What did you just say?"

Ling Yue's smiled apologetically as she said, "Su Chan Shijie, I really can't think of any good ideas!"

"Even if you can't think of one right now, you have to try!" Su Chan retorted.

Ling Yue's face was full of anger as she said "Why?"

"Because I'm the proprietress!" Su Chan yelled.

This sentence immediately made Ling Yue feel discouraged. “A higher-ranking official can crush a person to death!“

She lowered her head in annoyance and subconsciously looked at her Shijie and Shimei. One by one, they covered their mouths to hide their amusement at another's troubles. She felt a sense of depression weigh down her heart.

But then Ling Yue suddenly heard melodious music coming from the Pedestrian Street. It was music being played by some other shops to attract customers' attention.

She suddenly had an idea, raised her head, and said excitedly, "There is a way, there is a way!"

Su Chan asked hurriedly, "What is it?"

Seeing that she had come up with a solution, the other little foxes all turned to look at her curiously, asking in a rush, "Say it, Ling Yue!"

"Oh, I knew Ling Yue Shimei was the smartest. As expected, she is living up to everyone's expectations. Ahahaha, Shijie thinks highly of you!"

Ling Yue rolled her eyes and said to Su Chan, "Su Chan Shijie, look outside at the shops playing music to attract customers. Don't you think it'd be a good idea for us to also play music to attract customers?"

Upon hearing this, Su Chan was thrilled. "This is definitely a good idea!"

Seeing that Lingyue’s method was being adopted, the rest of the foxes breathed sighs of relief. They no longer had to worry about being interrogated by Su Chan. They gathered around her and said noisily, "That's right. I thought of this method a long time ago. It's just that I didn't want to speak of it!"

Su Chan indignantly turned her head and glared at them. "Don't be sarcastic. I'll make you come up with one more idea!"

This time, the little foxes immediately shrank back and covered their mouths, afraid to say anything more.

Seeing that the little guys' arrogance had been suppressed, Su Chan turned around and said to Ling Yue, "Well, that's a good idea, but we don't have audio equipment."

The little girl had been in the mortal world for a long time, and she knew plenty about how it all worked. She had quickly identified the difficulty of this approach.

Ling Yue tentatively asked, "Then shall we buy one?"

Su Chan was taken aback. "Huh? Buy one? How much would it be?"

Next to her, a little fox raised her hand and shouted eagerly, "I know, I know! Last time I went shopping, I noticed that some of them were cheap and some were expensive! The cheap ones were only a few hundred yuan!"

Su Chan thought for a while and said, "Hm. Well, this teahouse has been visited by the governor, so we can't lose face by buying something tacky. Tell me how much the expensive ones are. If we want to buy one, it had better be an expensive one!"

The little fox immediately announced the price like she was letting off a firecracker. "168,000,88 yuan!"

As soon as the price was announced, Su Chan and the other foxes all gasped in horror.

Su Chan shook her head like a rattle. "No, no, we can't afford that! We couldn't make that kind of money even if we sold ourselves. Besides, we haven't earned a penny yet, so how can we spend so much cash? Can we earn it back?"

When the foxes saw that Ling Yue's idea wasn‘t feasible, they became afraid that Su Chan would ask them for plans again, so they began to flatter her. "Su Chan, you're right. You're truly wise and intelligent!" They pointed at Ling Yue and said, "Ling Yue, what a bad idea you came up with!"

Ling Yue was so annoyed that she shouted back, "Then why don't you guys come up with an idea, huh?"

These little foxes immediately distanced themselves from her and drew a clear line between her and them. "You're the one who came up with the first bad idea. Naturally, you have to be responsible for coming up with a second good one now. You have to be a good fox and see things through from beginning to end!"

Ling Yue was extremely angry. She bared her fangs and brandished her claws, wanting to rush over and fight the wicked girls who were saying this.

Su Chan saw that this group still hadn't welcomed even a single guest and was about to start a civil war. She hurriedly appeased Ling Yue and said, "Ling Yue, you came up with a good idea, but it's just not easily done. You should think of a viable solution."

Ling Yue spat angrily, "What can I do? Su Chan Shijie, aren't you being unreasonable and making me do something beyond my abilities? You are forcing me!"

Su Chan coaxed her and said, “I am being perfectly reasonable! You can quickly think of another way. When Yundong comes back, I'll ask him to give you more pocket money and give none to these guys!"

When Ling Yue heard this, she was overjoyed. She slapped her hands, laughed and said, "Hah, that's more like it!"

However, when the other little foxes heard this, they felt indignant and said, "No way, no way! How could you!"

Su Chan put her hands on her hips and said angrily, "Then you guys should try thinking of a way too!"

Pocket money was a big deal and the little foxes dared not risk losing it, so all of them tilted their heads, furrowing their eyebrows and thinking.

After a period of silence, Ling Yue was the first to come up with a new idea. She asked tentatively, "Su Chan Shijie, since we can't afford any audio equipment, why don't we just sing by ourselves?"

The little foxes brightened up and shouted, "Yes, yes, I think so too!"

"Yeah, why don't we sing by ourselves?"

"Yes, yes, we can always rely on ourselves. Leader said that if we can do things ourselves, we will get the food and clothing we need!"

Su Chan was ecstatic and said, "Too right! That's a good idea! But what should we sing?"

Ling Yue smiled and said, "What else can we sing? Of course we will sing some of the songs we learned! Anyway, we only know a few.“

Su Chan hurriedly asked, "Which ones do you know?"

Without thinking, Ling Yue blurted, "Mrs. Wang Misses Her Husband!"

Su Chan was dumbfounded. With her mouth agape, she stammered, "What, what? Mrs. Wang... Mrs.Wang Misses Her Husband?"

The little foxes then added, "There is another song too!"

Su Chan asked in a daze, "What else?"

The little foxes were very proud. They shook their heads and said in unison, "The Little Widow Worships the Grave!"

Although Su Chan was a little clumsy sometimes, she no fool. When she had gone back to Tianlong Mountain with Li Yundong last time, she had seen Li Yundong being completely embarrassed by the Fox Zen School's songs to the extent of almost losing his mind.

Although she didn't know what was wrong with singing these songs, she felt that in such a dignified and elegant teahouse, singing "Mrs.Wang Misses Her Husband" and "The Little Widow Worships the Grave" seemed to be a little inappropriate!

However, the little foxes didn't think so much. From their perspective, they could deal with Su Chan's demands now!

As for their previous anger, it was long forgotten, and Li Yundong's contempt was still far away. When their leader came back, he could make a fuss about it if he wanted, but Su Chan had forced them to come up with ideas, and this was all they had!

Thinking of this, the little foxes all yelled, "Su Chan, don't think so much, just let us sing this!"

Su Chan's eyes focused. She said in a low voice, "We'll sing Mrs. Wang Misses Her Husband and Little Widow Worships the Grave in the Disanxian Teahouse. This... this doesn't seem to be very good, does it?"

The little foxes all cried in unison, "It's good, very good! If you don't believe us, listen to us and we guarantee you that many guests will come!"

When Su Chan saw that the foxes were getting a little out of control, she cursed inwardly, "Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! Something must have happened! Ugh, I shouldn't have let them come up with such an idea! I had thought that one would not be as wise as many, but seeing this scene, why does it seem like many people are not as wise as one?