Seeing that the little foxes were going to sing "Little Widow Worships the Grave" and "Mrs. Wang Misses Her Husband", which were very harmonious folk songs, Su Chan suddenly felt a headache coming on and began to regret it. "The masses can't be left to their own devices! What should I do?"

Just when she was feeling at a loss over what to do, a fiery Lamborghini sports car suddenly rushed to the front of the teahouse. A glamorous woman in a black uniform with a short skirt jumped out of the car. Before she got into the building, she shouted angrily, "Li Yundong, come out!"

Su Chan took a closer look and asked curiously, "Isn't this President Cao, Cao Kefei?"

Su Chan stopped the little foxes who were about to burst out singing and rushed over to Cao Kefei as if she had seen a great savior. "Oh, President Cao, why are you here? Come in, come in!"

Seeing Su Chan's unusual enthusiasm in response to her arrival, Cao Kefei was stunned for a moment. She then asked casually, "Where's Li Yundong? Where is he? Hurry up and make him come out here. That b*stard has gone too far!"

Su Chan welcomed Cao Kefei into the teahouse and sat down with her. She poured tea for her enthusiastically and asked, "President Cao, what has Yundong done this time?"

Cao Kefei looked around the teahouse as if she was searching for Li Yundong. She angrily told Su Chan, "He tormented me last night and ran away without saying a word. Am I nothing to him? He thinks he can just come and go as he pleases?"

Cao Kefei spoke without thinking. The little foxes smiled ambiguously and looked at Su Chan, saying, "Oh! So Leader went out to find a lover and have an affair?"

Although Su Chan knew that that was impossible, she still felt a little embarrassed. "President Cao, what are you talking about?" she asked.

Cao Kefei finally came to realize what she'd just said. She quickly patted her forehead and smiled apologetically at Su Chan. "I'm sorry, I was too angry! Last time I saw Li Yundong, he asked me to pretend to be injured and lie in the hospital, and he said he was going to bring the real murderer! He caught the man but his soul escaped. His body stayed there like some useless mannequin for a long time! Finally, he came back to himself and then ran away without saying a word! I couldn't get through to him on his phone either. What do you think about this?"

With this, Cao Kefei became riled up again. She stood up and looked around, "Where is Li Yundong? Ask him to come out and give me an explanation! Why did he do this?"

Only then did Su Chan understand why Cao Kefei was annoyed with Li Yundong. She quickly smiled and said, "President Cao, Yundong left early this morning."

"Is he hiding from me? Am I so scary?" Cao Kefei asked bitterly.

Su Chan quickly explained what had happened yesterday with an obsequious smile, making sure that she didn't let on about their true identities.

After listening to her story, Cao Kefei gradually became less angry. She slowly sat down and sighed softly. "It turns out that I was being unreasonable. I had no idea so many things had happened."

Su Chan brought a teacup over to Cao Kefei and said with a smile, "Yes, Yundong didn't want Yan Fang to hurt you again, so he left early in the morning."

Cao Kefei had always felt suspicious about that. "I have no grudge with Yan Fang, why does she want to kill me?"

Cao Kefei took the teacup and drank its contents down in one gulp. She asked in a confused tone, "Has this matter been reported to the police?"

Su Chan shook her head. "President Cao, you know we're not ordinary people. We're cultivators. Cultivators have to be dealt with in the cultivation world. We can't involve ourselves with mortal authorities."

Cao Kefei said with a light sigh, "When I first saw Li Yundong, I thought he was not an ordinary person. Now I know for certain that he is really not an ordinary person!"

Su Chan poured another cup of tea for Cao Kefei. She smiled and said, "When I first saw him, I didn't think he was anything special."

Cao Kefei laughed and gave Su Chan a meaningful look. Looking into Su Chan's young and beautiful face, she suddenly felt sad. She thought to herself, "Why did God let me meet Li Yundong, my enemy? This damned guy always comes and goes like a shadow. When he needs my help, he appears. When he's done with me, he disappears without a trace. Damn it, damn it!"

Thinking of this, Cao Kefei couldn't help complaining. She looked around and asked again, "So today is the day of the opening ceremony? And Li Yundong didn't even show up? Did he leave such a big shop for you to handle alone? He's going too far!"

When Su Chan heard that, she thought to herself, "Wait a sec, President Cao is a successful businesswoman. She can certainly come up with a better idea than us!"

Su Chan immediately asked, "By the way, President Cao, we're all worried because the tea house hasn't had a single guest since it opened. I'm so anxious that my hair is going to turn white! Could you help us?"

Cao Kefei's mind was still on Li Yundong, her enemy. She replied casually, "Sure, should be easy. The hardware facilities in your tea house are good, but the software facilities are lacking, so naturally, the guests won't come."

Su Chan blinked her eyes and asked, "Software facilities?"

The rest of the little foxes were relieved when they saw that Su Chan had finally latched onto someone else and had stopped asking them to offer advice. They quickly gathered around Cao Kefei and looked at her eagerly, waiting to hear her ideas.

Cao Kefei acted as if she couldn't see them, saying casually, "It's just service. If you sit here foolishly, of course, no customers will be interested in coming in! The hardware of your shop is at the level of Shangri-La, but the software... it's incomparable! It should be matched with the level of Shangri-La!"

Su Chan stared at Cao Kefei in bewilderment. Though she had not fully understood what Cao Kefei was saying, she did know what she meant by "asking a guest to come over"!

"But, but how can we attract customers?"

Su Chan wanted to ask more, but Cao Kefei seemed distracted. She swallowed her words, feeling a little too awkward to disturb her again.

But after thinking about it for a while, she still didn't know what to do, so she turned to discuss the matter with the little foxes.

"You guys, what is Shangri-La?" Su Chan asked in a low voice.

The little foxes looked at each other and no one could provide an answer. Only Ling Yue was brave enough to ask, "Does it mean we should try to pull the guests in with our enthusiasm?"

Su Chan was stunned for a moment, but before she even had time to speak, she saw the little foxes all pretending to understand, nodding their heads and saying, "Yes, it's very possible!“

”That's what it means!"

Su Chan felt something was wrong, but she couldn't think of a better answer. She turned back and asked Cao Kefei in a low voice, "President Cao, what's the meaning of Shangri-La?"

Cao Kefei didn't hear Su Chan's words clearly at all. She was too deeply lost in thought, so she just answered casually, "Yes, you need to be enthusiastic and proactive in doing business!"

Su Chan was suddenly enlightened. "Oh, does Shangri-La mean enthusiastically pulling customers into the tea house?"

After understanding this, Su Chan turned around and said to Ling Yue, "Go to the gate and do Shangri-La!"

Ling Yue was dumbfounded. She widened her eyes and pointed at the nose. "Me?"

Su Chan widened her eyes. "Of course. Who else? You want me to do it?"

Ling Yue's face was full of aggrievance as she looked around at the other little foxes. "Why don't they have to go?"

The other little foxes immediately separated themselves from her and said, "So that's what you meant by 'Shangri-la'. Of course, you need to go!"

Ling Yue screeched at the top of her voice, "Why do I have to do everything!"

Seeing this, Su Chan hurriedly comforted her, "All right, all right. When Yundong comes back, I'll ask him to give you extra pocket money."

Ling Yue's expression was still one of pure rage. "I expect double the usual amount!"

Su Chan began to get annoyed. "A guest hasn't even come in yet and you're asking for so much money! If you don't bring in any guests, I will punish you for by making you pay double your pocket money allowance!"

Ling Yue cursed in her heart, but the status and prestige of the proprietress couldn't be ignored. "If she makes a pernicious accusation to Li Yundong, how can I justify myself?" Ling Yue didn't dare to argue and could only secretly complain in her heart. She walked over to the door with an unhappy face.

As soon as she reached the door, she saw a middle-aged man dressed in a suit and wearing leather shoes looking around at the teahouse. Ling Yue was immediately overjoyed. She hurriedly ran over and said in a sweet voice, "Sir, would you like to come in and have a cup of tea?"

The man was shocked. He could see that Ling Yue was unusually beautiful, and there was the kind of seductive look in her eyes that ordinary women did not have. His heart immediately thumped wildly and he began to stutter, "S...Sir?"

Ling Yue quickly corrected herself, saying, "Guest, would you like to enjoy a cup of tea?"

The little fox's voice was so tender that the man's heart softened a little. He asked dumbly, "How... how much is a cup of tea?"

How would Ling Yue know? She turned her head and shouted at Su Chan, "Proprietress, how much is one cup of tea?"

Su Chan was also stunned. It was her first day running the teahouse. Forget the price of a cup of tea, she didn't even know how many types of tea they sold!

Having seen this, Su Chan was unwilling to miss the first business opportunity the teahouse had had. She trotted out and said with a smile, "It's cheap. Come in and have a drink!"

As soon as she left, the other little foxes all ran out too and said, "Yeah, come in for a drink!"

The man looked at the beautiful girls who had just poured out of the teahouse. Although they were all different in appearance, they were all undoubtedly peerless beauties!

He was suddenly shocked and thought, "Oh my god, there are so many beautiful girls in one tea house. How, how much does it cost to drink a cup of tea here? I might go bankrupt. Besides, I won't be able to explain it to my wife when I get back. I'd better leave quickly!"

But even with this thought in his mind, how many men could be calm and leave when faced with such beauties?

The man half turned away, but he suddenly could not move, as if roots had grown under his feet.

Seeing this, Su Chan quickly winked at the other foxes. They all understood and said with a smile, "Sir, come in and have a cup of tea!" After that, they held the man in their arms and dragged him inside.

Being surrounded by so many little fox spirits, the man's reaction speed slowed down and his IQ dropped considerably, so he allowed himself to be dragged inside in a daze.

At this time, Cao Kefei, who was sitting in the hall, came to her senses when she heard the noise. She saw that this group of little foxes had almost come in with a man in their arms. The man couldn't help turning his head back, the look in his eyes panicky and disturbed. However, he still got pulled in. His footsteps were faint, as if he was stepping on clouds!

Cao Kefei was startled. After Su Chan and the others had taken the guest to the second floor and sat down, she addressed Su Chan and whispered, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Su Chan blinked her eyes and said in confusion, "We're bringing the guest in."

Cao Kefei was shocked and stuttered, "Are... are you pulling this guest in?"

Su Chan giggled. "Didn't you say to do that? Shangri-La means pulling guests in with great enthusiasm."

Cao Kefei almost broke down. "Is this the meaning of Shangri-La? Where did you find this meaning? Besides, even if it is the meaning, you are forcibly soliciting customers!