Looking at Cao Kefei's desperate expression, Su Chan asked in confusion, "What? Is something wrong?"

Cao Kefei didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Of course there is!"

Su Chan was tongue-tied. "But... but I'm just doing what you told me a moment ago!“

Cao Kefei was stunned. "Told you? How is that possible?"

Su Chan quickly turned her head to look upstairs, hoping for backup. She shouted, "Hey, did President Cao just say that Shangri-La means to pull the guest in enthusiastically?"

Her voice was crisp and bright, and all the little foxes poked their heads out in response to it. They looked down and shouted in unison, "It's President Cao who said it. We all heard it!"

Cao Kefei looked up. This row of beautiful girls with bright eyes, white teeth and red lips really made for a soul-stirring scene. The only disharmonious thing amongst them was the guest who had been forced to come in. He was also poking his head out, wanting to see the initiator of his woes, his face full of resentment.

Cao Kefei quickly withdrew her gaze. She laughed and said, "Su Chan, this is a misunderstanding! The Shangri-La is a noun, not the concept of attracting guests. And... even if that were what it meant, you can't force guests inside like this! You and the customer have to both be willing to do business."

As soon as she finished speaking, the middle-aged guest upstairs suddenly shouted, "Yes, yes, let me go, I can't afford the tea here!"

Hearing this, the little foxes were unhappy. They thought in their hearts, "It's not easy to acquire a guest. How can we let him go? No, no, we must have at least one deal!"

Ling Yue grabbed the middle-aged man and said with a smile, "Sir, ah, no, I mean, honored guest, you should take opportunities as they come. Why don't you drink some tea before you leave?"

The other little foxes also stepped forward with a smile and began coaxing him to stay. This middle-aged man had never encountered such a bizarre situation.

These little foxes were all beautiful girls in good shape. When they acted like spoiled children, even Li Yundong couldn't ignore them, let alone this middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man felt like all the blood in his body was flowing to his head, and his face turned pig-liver red. He stammered, "Well, just one cup then?"

Ling Yue and the rest of the girls were overjoyed. They clapped their hands and said laughingly, "Good, good! Finally, our first transaction!"

Su Chan was pleasantly surprised and quickly trotted upstairs.

Cao Kefei looked up at the upper floor and felt sorry for the middle-aged man. She thought to herself, "I have been in the entertainment business for some time, but I have never seen so many beautiful and charming young girls in one place. An ordinary man couldn't resist one, let alone so many of them all at once. If he was able to say no under such circumstances, he would have to either be the Buddha or dead inside."

Thinking of this, Cao Kefei shook her head secretly and said, "I came to see Li Yundong today, but I wasn't expecting that I would say something wrong and cause such a thing to happen. If my little enemy finds out about it later, he may blame me... I'd better get going!"

Cao Kefei quietly picked up her pouch and keychain and walked outside with ease.

At this time, the little foxes' attention was entirely focused on the middle-aged man, and no one noticed that the one who had led them to this point was about to slip away.

Cao Kefei was still feeling a little guilty at first. She sneaked to the door, but no one stopped her. She mustered up the courage to look back, only to see that the middle-aged man on the second floor was so fascinated by the bewitching array of ladies before him that he couldn't see anything. She muttered in a low voice, "Good luck man, I'll get out of here first..."

She then ran out of the teahouse quickly, hopped into her car, stepped on the gas pedal, and drove away without leaving a trace.

At this time, the middle-aged man was in the teahouse and all he could see was young and beautiful girls moving in front of him. They scrambled to set up a tea set for him and put everything around him.

He looked around and saw that in addition to these little beauties, the teahouse itself was stunning. The decorations are very high-grade and the whole place was full of antique charm. At first glance, he knew that the design had been done by a master.

The middle-aged man became even more panicked. He thought to himself, "It seems that I can't escape today. I don't know how much a cup of tea in this high-level tea house is going to cost me!"

Thinking of this, he cautiously asked the most enthusiastic person, Ling Yue, "Excuse me, how much is a cup of tea here?"

Ling Yue blinked and turned to look at the other little foxes. The other little foxes also blinked and turned to look at Su Chan in turn.

Seeing that everyone was looking to her, Su Chan automatically looked down at Cao Kefei, wanting to ask her opinion. However, she saw that there was no one downstairs. Cao Kefei had already disappeared.

Su Chan whined bitterly in her heart, but then an idea came to her. She said with a smile, "It's very cheap. What kind of tea do you want to drink, honored guests?"

When the middle-aged man heard these words, he became even more upset. He thought to himself, "Cheating businessmen always say this kind of thing."

He asked tentatively, "Well, what kind of tea do you have?"

Su Chan's heart leaped with joy. "I know this!" she said as she started counting on her fingers. "We have Junshan Silver Needle tea here, as well as the highest grade of Baekho Silver Needle tea. Of course, if you're not interested in either of them, we have Xinyang Silver Needle tea and Zhenghe Silver Needle tea..."

Su Chan was speaking with fervor and assurance as she opened the tea set. She looked at the middle-aged man and asked, "Would you like to try some Baekho Silver Needle tea?"

Su Chan was not just gorgeous, she was completely enchanting. Her voice was soft and innocent, which was bewitching to the soul. The middle-aged man was fascinated by Su Chan, so he nodded subconsciously, but as soon as he nodded, he regretted it and asked, "How much is it?"

Su Chan said with a smile, "It's not expensive. It's cheap!"

After that, she asked the little foxes to get to work boiling the water immediately. After a while, when the small teapot was filled with hot water, she began to make the tea.

The little girl was very talented and had learned some tea skills from Zi Yuan recently. Besides, she was the kind of beauty that could lead to the downfall of a country. Even if she did not know how to make tea, just her sitting there would add a refreshing fragrance to any drink.

While making the tea, Su Chan said in a low voice, "Here, this is manufactured Baekho Silver Needle tea. Look at this plump bud. It's covered with silver and as straight as a needle. How about it? Don't you think it's high-quality?"

The middle-aged man stared at Su Chan, nodding and saying, "Yes, it is, it is!" He didn't know if he was talking about the tea or Su Chan. After nodding, he subconsciously asked, "So, how much is it?"

Su Chan was a little unhappy about his question. She glanced at him and said, "You're so annoying, always asking for the price. It's a very elegant and artistic thing to drink tea. Don't ruin it with vulgar questions, okay?"

The middle-aged man smiled awkwardly and said, "Yes, yes..." But in his heart, he felt very wronged and muttered, "If it is really so elegant, don't force a random man like me to come in!"

How could Su Chan know of the unspoken criticism in the middle-aged man's heart? "Look, this Baekho Silver Needle is unique in shape, color, and quality," she said. "It's really a precious product. It has a special flavor when you try it. Look, there's even a silver light shining in the tea, and the silver needle is standing straight. It's like a long spear, rising and falling. Isn't it beautiful?"

The middle-aged man craned his neck to have a better look, and sure enough, he could see the silver needles and tea leaves in the tea cup standing upright, looking like a forest of pikes. He couldn't help but nod and say appreciatively, "Yes, it's beautiful!"

Su Chan put the cup down in front of him with a smile and said, "It tastes even better than it looks!"

As the middle-aged man inhaled the tea's scent, he felt a sense of having been refreshed washing over him. For a moment, he forgot his aggrievance over being forced into the teahouse and the uneasiness of being cheated at any time. He picked up the teacup, blew on it gently, and then began drinking.

After drinking this cup of tea, the middle-aged man's eyes suddenly lit up, and he couldn't help but exclaim, "Good! Amazing tea!"

He subconsciously touched his wallet and asked cautiously, "After drinking this tea, will you let me go?"

However, Su Chan had seen him drink the tea like he was a pig at a trough. She was annoyed and said, "How can you drink tea like this! Besides, how can you be satisfied with a single cup?"

The middle-aged man was stunned. He put his hand down from his wallet and said timidly, "Ah, should I have another drink?"

Su Chan said reproachfully, "Of course! The first cup of tea is not the most delicious. The first cup is like virginity. Although delicate, it is still a little immature. The second cup of tea is the most delicious, like a young married woman, it is the most charming one and has an endless aftertaste!"

After that, Su Chan made another cup of tea and brought it over to the middle-aged man.

Just by listening to Su Chan's words, the middle-aged man could feel his imagination running wild. He sipped at the tea in a daze and carefully finished it. Then, he smacked his lips and said with a satisfied sigh, "The taste is indeed different!"

Su Chan smiled at the foxes on her left and right, then beckoned to them to change the tea leaves. The middle-aged man watched them change the leaves and couldn't help wondering what they were doing, so he asked, "Why did you change the tea leaves? You only use them twice?"

Su Chan explained with a smile, "The third cup of tea is like an old lady. Although it still has its charm, it's no longer available for entertaining guests."

Before the middle-aged man realized what was going on, Su Chan continued, "You've drunk the silver needle tea. We still have Maojian varieties of tea here. Among them, we have Xinyang Maojian Tea, Maoping Maojian Tea, Duyun Maojian Tea and Huangshan Maojian Tea. Sir, which would you like to drink?"

The middle-aged man was dumbfounded. "Ah? You still want me to drink? Uh, how much is this Maojian tea?"

Su Chan glared at him. "Why are you asking for the price again?"

The middle-aged man immediately shrank back and said with an apologetic smile, "I was just asking casually."

Su Chan turned her frown into a polite smile and said, "Don't worry. It's cheap. I won't charge you too much."

When the middle-aged man heard this, his heart started beating like a drum. "Oh my god, the more she says that, the more expensive the price must be! Will I still be able to walk out of this gate alive today?"

He saw Su Chan make another cup of Xinyang Maojian Tea of her own accord, then bring two cups over to him.

The middle-aged man took a sip and thought that the tea was pleasant, able to make people feel as if they were floating in the sky. Although this feeling was wonderful, the more he drank, the more flustered and frightened he became.

Just as Su Chan was about to make him a third cup of tea, the middle-aged man finally couldn't stand it anymore. He stood up abruptly and put on a calm, fearless look as he shouted, "I can't drink anymore unless you tell me how much the tea costs!"

In the face of his surprisingly tough attitude, Su Chan was a little discouraged. After thinking for a while, she tentatively extended one finger and said, "This much?"

As soon as the middle-aged man saw this finger, his legs suddenly began trembling, and he fell back down into his seat. He howled with a pale face, "10,000 yuan? [TN: In Chinese, 10,000 is counted as one 'wan'] My God, you don't want me to live?!"