Li Yundong hadn't been expecting the beautiful receptionist in front of him to actually be a cultivator. What was even more ridiculous was that she was his fan!

Li Yundong was unable to stifle a laugh. "Why would a cultivator also be pursuing a star?"

The receptionist quickly glanced at Mrs. Li. She smiled, lowered her voice slightly and said, "What's wrong with a cultivator doing it? Aren't cultivators human? Cultivators also have the right to like and pursue someone! It's just that what cultivators pay attention to is different from the things ordinary people care about."

Li Yundong smiled and asked, "So what's the difference?"

The receptionist smiled back as she said, "Ordinary people are chasing singers, movie stars, and international celebrities. These people are nothing in the eyes of cultivators, so we don't care about them. What we care about is which sect has a young, handsome, or beautiful master."

As she spoke, the receptionist became more and more excited and her eyes glittered. "In the beginning, I admired our great master the most. Although his cultivation is not very good, his ability to make money is top-notch. Half of our sect's savings were earned by him. In the cultivation world, the people who are better than him can't make more money than him, and the people who can make more money won't be better than him. Don't you think our great master is very good?"

Li Yundong nodded, still smiling. "Zhenren Du is really talented."

"Indeed," the receptionist acknowledged. "But later, Qingcheng Sect in Sichuan had Zhang Cunyi, who was a rare genius, the kind who comes about once a century. This guy could use the Sanhuang Sword at the age of thirteen. Don't you think that's impressive? Wow, I heard that this guy is quite handsome! So, I started to worship this Young Master of the Qingcheng Sect!"

Li Yundong's smile became a little forced. "You changed so fast!"

The receptionist waved her hand dismissively. "Not yet. I worshipped him for less than two years. Zhang Tianshī suddenly appeared in Zhengyi School, so I moved onto worshipping him. After Zhang Tianhe, Ziyuan Fairy of Linggong Sect became famous. Oh, she is really amazing! She almost wiped out the cultivation records of all the female cultivators in the Cultivation World, and she also is the most beautiful woman in the world!"

As she said this, the receptionist held her hands in front of her chest, looking lovely in spite of the craziness she was showing. Her eyes glittered with infatuation. "Oh, if only I could be half as powerful and half as beautiful as Fairy Zi Yuan!"

When Li Yundong heard someone praising Zi Yuan, he felt even happier than if someone had praised him. He laughed and said, "Zi Yuan is indeed like a heavenly being who has descended to the mortal world. She is very beautiful. No mortals can compare with her."

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the receptionist looking at him with starry eyes. She then said, "However, before I had a decent length of time to worship Zhenren Zi Yuan, you, Li Yundong, appeared. Not only did you defeat Yu Yang Zhenren in the battle at Tianlong Mountain, you also defeated Zhenren Zi Yuan in public! Wow, that was really big news, the likes of which had not been heard in the Cultivation World for more than 20 years! And later, you actually defeated Zhang Ling, the Lady of the Earthly Fire! Oh my god, Zhang Ling, she is the sister of Zhang Tianshī in the Zhengyi School! She is a great Cultivator, but you defeated her! You make the younger generation of cultivators feel proud!"

The receptionist's words started flowing so quickly that she completely forgot her identity and the fact that there were rich ladies next to her.

Mrs. Li and the others were still listening attentively to her. After listening for a while, although they knew the meaning of every word that the receptionist said, when they heard these words were together, they could not understand what she was saying. What they did know was that the boy seemed to have a very strong background, even stronger than Du Fei's!

Li Yundong could stay calm and listen to the receptionist talking at first, but after listening for a while, he couldn't help but smile bitterly.

The receptionist blinked her eyes and looked at him curiously, then asked in confusion, "What's wrong?"

"I just think that every idol you worship has been idolized by you for only a short period of time. It can be seen that there are so many talents in the Cultivation World in every generation, and each one has been famous for only a few years. As your current idol, I feel stressed!"

The receptionist giggled and said in a voice like the tinkle of a silver bell, "You are so funny!"

At this time, the chiming sound of the elevator in the hall rang, and a loud voice came out. "Wei Qing Shijie, what are you laughing about? Why are you so happy?"

As soon as the man's voice sounded, the whole hall started buzzing, as if he was talking through a loudspeaker. The noise shocked everyone in the hall and made them cover their ears subconsciously.

When Li Yundong heard this voice, he was suddenly stunned and thought to himself, "This person has such a strong aura!"

Li Yundong looked in the direction of the voice and saw a man coming out of the elevator. He was dressed in a black Tang Costume and a pair of white cloth shoes. He was unexpectedly short, standing at only about 1.6 meters tall. He had a crew cut and looked capable, with bright, sharp, eyes that seemed to burn with an internal fire. Whoever he looked at had to avoid his eyes unconsciously.

When Wei Qing saw him, she smiled and greeted him. "Yue Sheng Shidi, you've come at the right time. Do you know who this person is?"

Shidi Yue Sheng's eyes slightly narrowed, and the light in his eyes shot towards Li Yundong like a knife. Li Yundong could see that this person's eyes had suddenly lit up, and his eyes really seemed to shoot two daggers into his own eyes. His eyeballs actually felt a slight pain!

This was no small matter!

Li Yundong knew that it was very common for an ordinary cultivators' eyes to be sharp, because the eyes were connected to the liver, and the liver contained blood. If a person's eyes were sharp, it meant that the liver and the kidney were very vigorous. The liver and the kidney had to function strongly, and the Kidney's Qi would be full.

And cultivators cultivated Essence, Qi, and Blood. Therefore, it was natural for cultivators' Essence, Qi, and Blood to be more vigorous than those of ordinary people. So it was normal for their eyes to be sharper and brighter than ordinary people's.

Moreover, the eyes were the windows to the soul. If a person was brave, their eyes would be fierce. If a person was weak, their eyes would show their temerity. Li Yundong was a person who was soft on the outside but tough on the inside. He was usually gentle and approachable, but if he became angry and used all his focus to stare, even the most vicious villains would be deterred by his gaze and not dare to move.

However, although their eyes were brighter and sharper than ordinary people's, it did not mean that their eyes could really be used as weapons to kill their opponents.

However, the cultivator in front of him had obviously broken through that limit. His eyes were really lethal!

Li Yundong knew that he had been reborn from the Jindan. Every one of his internal organs was much stronger than those of ordinary cultivators, even his eyes.

However, if they were hurt by the glare, an ordinary person would probably go blind!

Li Yundong was surprised. He couldn't imagine what kind of cultivation one would have to go through in order for their eyesight to reach such a realm. One glance could blind the other person?

But Li Yundong didn't know and was just surprised. Yue Sheng was even more shocked!

When the cultivator named Yue Sheng glared at him, Li Yundong subconsciously narrowed his eyes slightly, then acted as if nothing had happened.

Yue Sheng was flabbergasted!

He knew that his master had chosen him from thousands of children thanks to his unique eyes! This pair of eyes had been cultivated since he was three. Every morning and evening he would heavily smear the Dragon Gate Sect's secret medicine over them. At noon, when the sun was at its peak, he would look straight up at the sun and train his the duration he could hold his gaze.

In the beginning, it had been just a few seconds, but with the passing of time and his cultivation training, he became able to look directly at the dazzling sun for four hours and act as if nothing had happened!

If he were to use his eyesight to stare at his opponent, he would be able to blind anyone who had a bad Cultivation Quotient, let alone an ordinary person!

But this person had just narrowed his eyes slightly and been fine! This meant that this person's Cultivation Quotient was definitely not lower than his!

Yue Sheng knew that he had met a real Master, so he immediately looked Li Yundong up and down, his face stern. After he had looked at Li Yundong for a while, he cupped his hands and asked, "May I have your name, please?"

Li Yundong saw that his attitude had become noticeably more respectful and polite. He also smiled and cupped his hands in response, but before he was about to speak, Wei Qing rushed over to introduce him. "This is Li Yundong, who is famous in the cultivation world. Haven't you wanted to see him for a long time? The real person is in front of you, but you don't know him."

After that, Wei Qing covered her mouth and laughed.

Yue Sheng's expression turned solemn. "Ah, you're Zhenren Li from Tianlong Mountain? I'm sorry I didn't recognize you!"

"You flatter me." Li Yundong smiled and cupped his hand.

Wei Qing seemed to be very warm to Yue Sheng. She smiled and said, "Shidi, you've always been proud of your high cultivation. Well, you've finally met your match today! Hum, let me tell you, my new idol is very strong. I don't think you can defeat him!"

Although Yue Sheng was not tall and stood half a head shorter in front of Wei Qing, he saw that Wei Qing had a look of affection on her face. He chuckled and said, "Zhenren Li is well-known all over the world, I think you deserve your reputation." When he said this, however, he looked at Li Yundong with eyes that glinted with jealousy.

Wei Qing did not notice the jealousy on his face. She continued to add fuel to the fire by saying, "Shidi, that's right. You should know that there will always be someone better than you. You're arrogant. Do you know how powerful he is? I saw that when you stared at Zhenren Li just now, nothing happened. Are you losing your edge?"

Li Yundong, who was listening just next to her, smiled bitterly. Was this woman trying to make a scene? Was she praising him or mocking him?

Yue Sheng listened to Wei Qing's words with a smile on his face, making no refutation. He inadvertently glanced at Li Yundong, his eyes full of disbelief.

After Wei Qing had finished speaking, Yue Sheng smiled and replied, "I wasn't using my full strength just now. And besides, you're a guest. I can't be impolite, can I?" As he said this, he turned to Li Yundong. "Why did you come to our Dragon Gate Company, Zhenren Li?"

"I'm here to find Mr. Du Fei," Li Yundong said, smiling in a friendly manner.

"What a coincidence," Yue Sheng replied. "Shixiong just told me that if you come, you can go upstairs and look for him directly, no appointment necessary."

Li Yundong was overjoyed. He cupped his hands and said, "That's great. Could you please lead the way?"

Yue Sheng smiled and was about to turn around and lead the way when Mrs. Li, who had been standing to one side in a daze all this time, suddenly asked loudly, "Why is it okay for him to do it but I can't?"

Yue Sheng tilted his head and glanced at her. His face was full of disdain as he said with an arrogant sneer, "You? Just wait for your appointment obediently! Don’t you know that some people are a cut above?"

After that, he simply walked away, making Mrs. Li so angry that she almost passed out.

Li Yundong looked at Mrs. Li sympathetically and then followed Yue Sheng into the elevator.

As soon as the elevator door opened, several young men and women dressed in professional attire rushed into the hall at the same time. Obviously, they were all employees working in this building.

Among them, some of the female members of staff looked curiously at Li Yundong, thinking him strange. From time to time, their eyes would secretly sweep over his handsome face. They wondered which floor this handsome man worked on.

When they reached the fifth floor and the elevator doors opened, many more young, beautiful women in professional clothing swarmed in. These beautiful women were laughing and talking before coming into the elevator and seemed a little shrewish. However, when they saw Li Yundong standing in the elevator with his hands clasped behind his back, they suddenly quieted down and stood in the elevator very elegantly. They all stayed silent and kept looking at Li Yundong.

Li Yundong saw that there were a lot of lovely ladies in the elevator with him. He remembered what he had encountered before in this building where Cao Kefei worked. He suddenly smiled and couldn't help thinking that things had changed over time.

But before he had too much of a chance to think about this, a hand suddenly reached out from the side. Its forefinger was like a long spear, stabbing toward the Quchi acupoint on his arm secretly and quickly!