"It's been borrowed?" Li Yundong was shocked and asked quickly, "Who borrowed it? How could he borrow such an important magical item?"

Seeing Li Yundong's anxiety, Du Fei could only tell him with a bitter smile, "Zhenren Li, don't worry. I'll tell you everything."

Li Yundong calmed himself down, feeling surprised and uncertain in his heart. "This can't just be a coincidence. Right when I was about to catch Yan Fang's Yang Spirit, the burning thumb pot was borrowed by someone, and that was only a day ago! Could it be that Yan Fang took it away? If so, I'll be in trouble!"

Li Yundong hurriedly asked, "Did Yan Fang borrow it?"

Du Fei was stunned. "Yan Fang? Of course not. It was Master Puren from Xiyuan Temple who borrowed it."

Li Yundong felt a little relieved and asked curiously, "Why did Master Puren ask you to lend him the burning thumb pot?"

Du Fei slightly sighed. "Zhenren Li, sit down and listen to me." While he was talking, the young and beautiful secretary pushed the door open and came in, carrying a plate with a steaming cup of tea on it.

Du Fei smiled and said, "Zhenren Li, you're the one who opened a teahouse, so I won't show off in front of you. This is Yü-chien Longjing tea. Try it and see if it's authentic or not."

Knowing that the burning thumb pot had not fallen into Yan Fang's hands, Li Yundong collected himself and took the cup with both hands. He smiled gratefully at the beautiful secretary, then took a sip of the tea, slightly nodding and praising, "Good, the tea is pure and the fragrance is rich. It's excellent tea!"

Du Fei chuckled and nodded at the secretary, who was standing by and waiting for instructions. "You're done here. You can leave now."

The secretary shot a curious glance at Li Yundong before picking up the tray and leaving the room.

After Du Fei had closed the door behind her, he sat down in front of Li Yundong. He slapped his thigh and said with a slight sigh, "This matter started in the past. You also know that this burning thumb pot of Fahai fell into my hands simply by chance. At that time, many Buddhist cultivation masters wanted to trade for such a magic item, but I wouldn't agree. However, I cultivate Tao magic, so I couldn't use the Buddhist artifact. Therefore, holding onto this burning thumb pot seemed like a waste. "

"A few days ago, I found out that you had obtained the Renyuan Jindan, so I came up with the idea of swapping three things for your two things. But I hadn't expected to have already missed my chance for the Renyuan Jindan!"

Du Fei let out a long sigh. His eyes were full of loneliness and bitterness as he continued, "Although I am the Shishiong of the whole Dragon Gate Sect, I am inferior to the others. I am not a pure inner-door disciple. I can only be an outer-door disciple. No matter how hard I practice, I will never get the favor and true inheritance of a Master. If I could not make money, I am afraid that the Dragon Gate Sect would have no place for me!"

Li Yundong saw that Du Fei was depressed and sad, so he couldn't help but tell him comfortingly, "Zhenren Du, everyone has their own fate, and Zhenren Zhang, Zhang Sanfeng, only achieved success when he was old. He was a late bloomer, but you're still in the prime of your life, why are you so depressed?"

Du Fei's spirits lifted slightly. He smiled at Li Yundong and said, "Zhenren Li, you're right. But sometimes when I see that all of you cultivators, who are much younger than me, have such astonishing Cultivation Quotients, I feel very upset. Especially knowing that you, Zhenren Li, actually cultivated for around half a year to reach the Yangshen phase! This cultivation speed is truly shocking and unprecedented!"

Du Fei gave Li Yundong a thumbs-up. "Zhenren Li, you have a high level of Cultivation Quotient and a supremely fast cultivation speed, the likes of which I'd never seen before in my life! In my opinion, if you continue to cultivate at this speed, you will become the number one in the whole world in a few years and catch up with our Taoist Master Zhenren Zhang from 500 years ago! Haha, there was Zhang Zhenren in ancient times and now there's Li Zhenren today. This is also a good thing!"

Li Yundong chuckled and waved his hand. "You're too polite, Zhenren Du. You flatter me. If the people of Zhengyi School heard this, they'd question it."

Du Fei sneered. "Hey, I'm not talking about Zhenren Zhang from the Zhengyi School. I'm talking about Zhenren Zhang Sanfeng! Although the past generations' Taoist priests from the Zhengyi School have been powerful, there is still a gap between them and Zhenren Zhang Sanfeng!"

Li Yundong listened to Du Fei slandering Zhengyi School. He didn't know whether Du Fei was trying to just say what he really wanted to, or if it was because of a mutual squabble between the sects. He smiled slightly and didn't reply, sipping his tea quietly.

Du Fei knew that for Li Yundong and Zhengyi School, there had always been hatred between them. Seeing that Li Yundong could hold back and not speak badly of the Zhengyi School, he couldn't help but have a higher opinion of Li Yundong in his heart. "Li Yundong has such amazing combat abilities at such a young age, that's one thing, but I hadn't expected him to be so sophisticated! As a matter of fact, young and powerful masters like him have a right to be proud and arrogant. My Shidee looks down on everyone all day long. Even I, his Shishiong, am not worth his consideration! Zhenren Li is not only approachable and gentle, but what is even rarer is that he is also quite sophisticated, I don't know how he cultivated! Amazing!"

Du Fei thought quickly. He could see that Li Yundong was not reacting to his words, so he laughed again and said, "That's a little far-fetched. Let's get back on topic. Do you know which temple Fahai belongs to, Zhenren Li?"

Li Yundong thought for a while. "Last time I remember looking through relevant books and records after the incident. If I remember correctly, Fahai became famous at Jinshan Temple in Jiangsu Zhenjiang, which was originally called Zexin Temple. Fahai tamed the thousand-year-old white python there and dug out a lot of gold from the mountain behind the temple. He then handed the gold over to Li Qi, the governor of Zhenjiang. Li Qi wrote this to Tang Xuanzong, and Tang Xuanzong gave the gold to Fahai, asked him to repair the temple and renamed it to Jinshan Temple. Am I right, Zhenren Du?" Li Yundong said.

Du Fei nodded and said appreciatively, "You're certainly well-informed. I really admire you!"

"I only learned about it recently. I was ignorant until a few days ago," Li Yundong said laughingly.

Du Fei also chuckled and said, "Zhenren Li, you are so straightforward and honest. I respect you! What you said is right. Fahai is the famous demon-subduing master of Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, and his magic item fell into my hands by chance. A while ago, the head of the monastery of Jinshan Temple came to me to trade for it, but I refused politely. At that time, I thought it was over, but I hadn't expected that yesterday, Puren, the head of the monastery of Xiyuan Temple, would be entrusted by the head of the monastery of Jinshan Temple to come and discuss the burning thumb pot with me."

Li Yundong asked suspiciously, "Why did he borrow it instead of trading?"

Du Fei smiled darkly. "Because they know that I won't trade anything for it. They don't have what I want."

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. "Zhenren Du, you're probably the best cultivator in the business world, but in the Cultivation World, you're probably the best businessman! Your strategy is impeccable!"

Du Fei grinned and said, "Zhenren Li, you must be joking. Although our Quanzhen Dragon Sect is all over the world, we don’t make as much money as we spend. If I hadn't been carefully supporting it, I'm afraid that we, the old and young members, would all have long ago been rendered unable to make a living. "

"But why did you lend this to Puren? Why did Master Puren borrow this magic item?" Li Yundong asked curiously.

At this time, Du Fei's smile faded as he said, "Master Puren said that he wanted to use the item and Bafang Killing Formation to eliminate demons. There are many eminent monks in the world who deceive the world in the pursuit of fame, but there are only a few truly moral eminent monks, and Master Puren is one of them. He said that he wanted to eliminate demons, so he had to do it. He would never lie to me! Therefore, as he wanted to borrow it, I lent it to him. He would never borrow it and fail to return it!"

Li Yundong couldn't help looking solemn. He saluted with joined hands and said, "Zhenren Du, you're so generous and broad-minded. I truly admire you!"

Du Fei flashed him a bitter smile. "Zhenren Li, don't make fun of me. If you want to exchange for the burning thumb pot, you'd better wait for Master Puren to return it to me first. My words sound heroic, but in fact, I'm still trepidant!" he said.

After that, the two men began guffawing together.

Li Yundong smiled and said, "Zhenren Du, since the burning thumb pot is not here, I won't disturb you. I'll go to Master Puren's place to have a look."

Du Fei also saluted with joined hands and smiled, "Zhenren Li, I'm sorry to have made you come here in vain today. If you want to find me one day, just give me a call. There is a phone number on my business card. I'll come to visit you in person."

Li Yundong shook his head slightly and smiled, "That won't do. If I need help, I should be the one going to trouble for others. How could I ask for help and have others visit me?"

Du Fei chuckled good-naturedly. "Zhenren Li, you're young, but you're very experienced. I really admire you!"

Li Yundong got up to leave, but when he walked to the door, as if he'd thought of something, he turned to ask, "By the way, Zhenren Du, do you know that there is a Mrs. Li downstairs who wants to see you but can't make an appointment?"

Du Fei was momentarily surprised, then asked curiously, "Mrs. Li? Is she your wife, Zhenren Li? Oh, how could there be such a rude thing? What is Wei Qing doing? She even stopped your wife? She... Oh, wait, Zhenren Li, when did you get married?"

Li Yundong could hold back his laughter initially, but after a moment he really couldn't help cracking up. He waved his hand and said with a smile, "Zhenren Du, don't joke. Mrs. Li is not my wife. There are tens of millions of women named Li in this world. Are they all my wives?"

Du Fei realized his mistake. He laughed, walked over to the table, pressed the phone button, picked up the receiver and asked Wei Qing at the front desk about the matter. After he had put down the phone, Du Fei said, "It's Shen Wancai's second wife. When she gave birth to their child, Shen Wancai came to ask me for fortune-telling. At that time, I was still young and performed some divination for him, saying that he would have a son, but that this son could not inherit his property in the future, and then I let him go back. After that, Shen Wancai did not believe in me. He was angry for a long time and did not contact me. I've no idea why his second wife is coming to me again now."

As he said this, Du Fei snorted arrogantly. "When he doesn't believe me, he tosses me away like trash. Now that he has a favor to ask of me, she's come knocking on my door. Isn't that degrading? Just let her wait! Besides, I know that this woman is selfish, mean, greedy and ungrateful. It’s okay to have her be a little frustrated sometimes, or she would just be too arrogant all day long. Ugh, are you kidding me? Only the officials come to beg cultivators for help, when have we ever asked smelly ordinary people for help?"

Li Yundong couldn't help giving a thumbs-up and said in praise, "Zhenren Du is a proud man. I love to hear that. I'd like to toast to these words one day!"

Du Fei laughed and saluted with joined hands, "Well, when will you get married, Zhenren Li? I will definitely come and have a drink then. And I won't leave until we are both blind drunk!"

Li Yundong chuckled and said, "That's settled then!" However, he couldn't help thinking in his heart, "Marriage? Does Su Chan have an identity card? I'm afraid she's unregistered. Can she even get married? I'm a human, but that girl is a spirit. If we really get married, what will she give birth to? A half-blood?"

Li Yundong secretly snickered in his heart. Du Fei enthusiastically sent Li Yundong downstairs and ordered a car to take Li Yundong to Xiyuan Temple. Du Fei didn't turn back until the car was far away.

Li Yundong sat in the special car arranged for him by Du Fei for about 20 minutes, eventually arriving at Xiyuan Temple. After getting out of the car, he politely said goodbye to the driver and then went to the greeting bonze. When he was about to talk to him, he saw the greeting bonze staring at him for a while, then suddenly smile and ask, "Are you Mr. Li Yundong?"

Li Yunqi asked suspiciously, "Do you know me?"

The greeting bonze smiled and leaned to one side, making a gesture as it said, "Amitabha Li, our head of the monastery has instructed me to wait for you here."

Li Yundong was very surprised. "Master Puren actually knew that I would come? What a coincidence!"