Li Yundong burst out laughing. On the one hand, he was showing contempt and disdain for these Japanese people's arrogant words. On the other hand, he was formally submitting a challenge. However, after laughing for a while, he stood and waited for a response but none of the Japanese turning back to fight him. He knew that they must have left.

He sneered secretly, then turned his head and apologized to Liu Xia and Lanlan, who were in great pain from his fearsome laugh. After that, he quickly left Xiyuan Temple.

Once he was gone, two elderly monks walked out of the backyard of Arhat Aquarium. They were, of course, Xincheng and Puren.

The two old monks looked at each other and said in chorus the name of a Buddhist monk. Xincheng sighed sincerely. "Jindan comes to the world. King Ming descends to the world. The Lightning Retribution phase falls from the sky. All the foxes go down the mountain. The bells of the temple ring at the same time. The demons fight. The Mysterious Fox reappears, and the whole world is in chaos! Puren, your disciple's words... were truly accurate!"

Puren looked troubled. He breathed a long sigh and said, "Amitabha, I hope that the cultivation world will be able to safely pass through this disaster!"

The two elderly monks sighed together, and the already deep lines on their faces only deepened further.

After Li Yundong had left Xiyuan Temple, he began walking quickly and aimlessly. The words of Japanese went around and around in his head, as if something was blocking his heart, making him very uncomfortable.

But when Li Yundong pondered it all carefully, he had to admit that the old Japanese man's words had been very reasonable.

"How powerful could a sect that can't even protect its Zu Ting and scripture be? How powerful could a sect that can't obtain the support of a nation be? How powerful could a sect that can't even be supported by civilians be? How powerful could a disciple that was taught by such a sect possibly be?"

These three sentences were like daggers piercing Li Yundong's chest, making him feel jolts of sadness and helplessness which mingled with his indignation.

"It's no wonder that Grandmaster Puren asked about the true meaning of cultivation so solemnly, and it's no wonder that Zi Yuan has repeatedly been lamenting about the calamity that befell the cultivation world..."

Li Yundong was standing on a bustling street. Although the pedestrians around him were flowing in a constant stream and the traffic was pretty heavy, he felt like he was in an empty, colorless world, and that the faces of everyone around him were a dull gray, absent of vitality!

Li Yundong clenched his fists, and his eyes burned with unreconciled anger. He thought to himself, "These Japanese looked down on our Chinese cultivation world, but when the Taoist assembly starts, that's when they'll really see whether there are any masters in mainland China!"

As soon as he thought of this, he began walking swiftly to a quiet place. There, he turned into a bright light and quickly flew towards Tiannan City.

By the time Li Yundong returned home in Tiannan City, it was already late at night. After entering the house, he saw the little foxes gathering together, happily counting money, and distributing their spoils one by one.

The little foxes had originally wanted to distribute the money in private, but when they saw Li Yundong enter the room with a cold expression, they suddenly felt as if they had been doing something criminal and been caught red-handed. They looked at each other guiltily. Ling Yue stood up and said with a forced smile, "Leader, you're back. I, we are counting the money we made today... Ah, by the way, Leader, do you know how much we've earned?"

Li Yundong was frustrated, but faced with these little beauties who were smiling like flowers, the anger in his heart dissipated greatly. He suppressed his unhappiness, smiled faintly and asked, "How did it go? Did you make money today?"

Seeing Li Yundong smiling, the little foxes immediately became boisterous. They giggled and rushed over to Li Yundong, twittering merrily, "Leader, you can't despise us anymore. We made a lot of money today!"

Li Yundong chuckled. He was about to speak when he saw Su Chan suddenly pop her head out of her room in surprise. "Yundong, you're back!"

After that, she ran barefooted to Li Yundong like a swallow launching itself into the forest. She plunged into his warm arms.

Li Yundong held Su Chan firmly in his embrace, gently rubbing her head with tenderness in his heart, and smiled. "Have you been naughty while I wasn't home?"

Su Chan rolled her eyes and thought of the middle-aged man who had thrown out 10,000 yuan. She darted her eyes away guiltily and stuck her tongue out secretly, saying nothing for a while.

Li Yundong was too worried to notice Su Chan's actions. The little foxes beside him also happily said, "Leader, today our proprietress guided us, helping us to make a lot of money. Look!"

Immediately, one of the little foxes carried the money over to Li Yundong, hoping for praise. He looked at it briefly and found that there were several thousand yuan there. "Well, you have made thousands on your first day. That's good. I suppose that there must have been a lot of guests!"

These words made the little foxes secretly stick out their tongues, but unfortunately a stupid one blurted, "Actually, there was only one..."

Before she could finish her sentence, the other little foxes beside her covered her mouth and hurriedly dragged her to the back.

Li Yundong was stunned for a moment, not sure what he had heard. He asked casually, "One what?"

Ling Yue rolled her eyes and quickly came to the rescue. "We earned so much money over the course of just one day. Leader, aren't we very able?"

Li Yundong was unable to stifle a laugh as he said, "Do you still want to do business at night? I swear you're obsessed with money!" After that, he patted Su Chan's head and said, "Chan'er, you're a good girl. You didn't make trouble for me. In fact, you're worthy of praise. By the way, you guys were sharing the money just now, right? Well, Well, you can just distribute the money by yourselves. Consider it a reward for a hard day's work."

Upon hearing this, the little foxes immediately cheered in unison. "Long live Leader. Leader is great!"

Li Yundong chuckled. He nodded at Su Chan and motioned for her to come to his room.

She anxiously followed him into his room. Once she had gotten through the door, she began rubbing the corners of her clothes with both hands, wondering whether she should tell Li Yundong about what had happened today.

She was not stupid. Although she had not reacted to what had happened earlier in the beginning, she had thought for a while and finally understood and confirmed one thing. "I did something wrong. I must have caused trouble again!

"But I'll get into trouble. Should I tell Yundong?

"If I tell him, he'll blame me again. The praise he gave me just now will be taken back!

"But if I don't tell him, I'll feel anxious, because something will be on my mind all the time."

She thought all of this in the blink of an eye, but Li Yundong didn't notice her vexation. He said softly to her, "Chan'er, I've already borrowed the burning thumb pot. You can have a look."

As he spoke, he took out the burning thumb pot from his pocket and raised it in front of Su Chan.

Her eyes lit up, and she saw that the burning thumb pot was dark green in color. Even from a distance, she could see that it was colorful and gorgeous, and she could tell that it was definitely not an ordinary item. When she got closer, she saw that the light of the room was shining on the burning thumb pot, reflecting a colorful light. On every layer of the colored glaze, Su Chan could see her charming face, as if this burning thumb pot were actually a Spirit Space, reflecting countless images of herself.

For a moment, Su Chan was a little dazed by the exquisite vibrations of the burning thumb pot. She subconsciously reached out to touch it, but as soon as her fingers made contact with it, her whole body shook and she retracted her hand as swiftly as if she had been electrocuted.

Li Yundong smiled. "What's wrong? What are you afraid of? If you like it, you can hold it and take a proper look."

Su Chan's head shook like a rattle, and she looked at the colored glaze bowl with both envy and fear in her eyes. "No, this burning thumb pot has so much spiritual energy that I can't touch it. I just tried and it was very uncomfortable like I was being electrocuted."

Li Yundong thought that this was a little strange. He played with the burning thumb pot in his hand and asked, "Really? Why can't I feel it?"

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong enviously and said, "Yundong, you are a human being, so naturally you can't feel it, but I'm a fox spirit. The burning thumb pot is a Buddhist artifact, and its power is solemn and majestic, especially used to restrain the demon Qi like me. Moreover, colored glaze is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, and it is the embodiment of the monks' thousand years of cultivation. In all Buddhist scriptures, colored glaze is regarded as the highest realm for a Buddhist to cultivate to. In the Sutra of Medicine Veluriyam Gautama, it says that when I am willing to get the Bodhi-like Buddha, my body will become colored like colored glaze, and my insides and outsides will become bright and pure. From this, it can be seen that colored glaze is the purest thing in the world, and a dirty demon body like mine can't touch it."

Hearing this, Li Yundong cracked up. He hugged her and affectionately rubbed her forehead with the tip of his nose, smiling broadly. "You little fool. In my opinion, you are the purest person in the world. As for this..."

Li Yundong held the burning thumb pot high in one hand and smiled. "This is just a magic item. No matter how important it may be, how can it be compared with the worth of people?"

Su Chan felt a warm rush in her heart. She thought to herself, "Yundong loves me so much, but I haven't been honest with him. I am concealing something in my heart. How can I be worthy of Yundong's feelings when I'm like this?"

Thinking of this, she opened her mouth and was about to tell Li Yundong about what had happened earlier, but he held her with one hand and looked at the burning thumb pot, saying with a sigh, "Chan'er, I only borrowed the burning thumb pot this time. I still don't have the Bafang Killing Formation. I don't know if this pot alone can catch Yan Fang's Yang spirit."

As he said this, he lowered his head, looking apologetically at Su Chan. He added softly, "But don't worry. I'll do my best to help you find your master, Ao Wushuang."

Su Chan had been cut off by Li Yundong before getting a chance to talk. She nodded obediently and wanted to speak again, but Li Yundong touched her hair and said, "Well, I know what you want to say, but you needn't thank me. We don't need to speak such polite words to one another. You go out first. I'm going to mobilize my Zhenqi to take the burning thumb pot for my own use."

"But, Yundong, I have something to tell you," Su Chan blurted.

"Is it important?" Li Yundong asked puzzledly.

Su Chan was stunned. She lowered her head with a guilty conscience and said in a weak voice, "Well... maybe it's not important."

Li Yundong laughed. "Then wait until I have tamed the burning thumb pot. You can go out and wait until I'm finished."

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong hesitantly before finally swallowing the words on the tip of her tongue. She thought to herself, "I think it's better for Yundong to gain control of the burning thumb pot first... If I tell him the truth now, he will be angry. What if it affects his use of the magic item?"

Thinking of this, Su Chan timidly glanced at Li Yundong and whispered, "Well, Yundong, I'm going out."

He nodded at her with a smile, but once she had left, the smile on his face slowly faded. He sighed softly and murmured to himself, "I heard from Master Puren and Master Xincheng that a great catastrophe is really coming to the cultivation world... What's more, the Japanese are here to join in the fun. I really don't know what's going to go down. What will happen to me and Chan'er? What will happen to the Fox Zen School?"

Thinking of this, Li Yundong suddenly felt his thoughts grow chaotic. He calmed himself down and slowly felt his mind become quiet. He sat down with his legs crossed, then held the burning thumb pot with both hands and poured his Zhenqi into it, ready to conquer this Buddhist artifact.

At first, Li Yundong could feel that there was a powerful force in the burning thumb pot resisting his Zhenqi. He knew that it was the power of the burning thumb pot's own magical item.

Li Yundong felt that this magic item had a strong resistance. Instead of being shocked, he was actually happy because taming a magic item was like taming a horse. The more powerful a magic item was, the stronger its resistance would be, and the harder it would be to tame it. However, the methods of taming a magic item were different.

Li Yundong was excited. He mobilized all his Zhenqi, moving it into the burning thumb pot. As he used more and more Zhenqi, the resistance of the burning thumb pot became weaker and weaker. But just as this resistance was about to disappear, he suddenly felt a huge force pounce on him.

Li Yundong didn't even have time to react. The force was like a tsunami that could overwhelm the sky, instantly engulfing his soul and making him fall into endless darkness.