What Li Yundong saw was an extremely huge world right in front of him. This world was even bigger than the chaotic universe he had been in just now!

There was a huge mountain standing in the center of this world, looking majestic and connecting the sky and the earth.

The mountain was sat upon a round black wheel. Underneath the wheel was a golden wheel, and then a red one, and then a cyan one. Underneath the cyan wheel was a vast, boundless nothingness.

The mountain was huge at the top and bottom, but the middle section thin. The sun and the moon were hanging over the mountainsides at the same time, and the sky beside the sun and the moon seemed to have been cut into four parts, each of which were located on one of the four sides of the mountainside.

When Li Yundong saw this mountain, he was shocked. He suddenly remembered the Buddhist scriptures he had seen, and he could recall that the scene in front of him was recorded in the scriptures.

This was Xumi Mountain. These four pieces of the sky were the Caturmaharajakayika from the Buddhist scriptures.

Above the Caturmaharajakayika were the Trayastrimsha, Suyama, Tusita Heaven, Nirmanarati, and Paranirmitavasavartin. Above were the material world and the formless phase.

At the foot of Xumi Mountain were seven-layered golden mountains surrounded by seven-layered perfume seas. Each sea was separated by a mountain. Outside the seventh layer of the golden mountains was an alkali sea, and outside the alkali sea was a large iron fence.

There were four Buddhist lands separately located in four areas of the aral seas, namely East Spirit Continent, South Mountain Continent, West Bulls He Continent, and North Lu Continent. All could collectively be called the whole world. Each continent was surrounded by two middle continents and hundreds of smaller ones.

Li Yundong carefully looked at every piece of sky and continent, and he saw that there were nine mountains and eight seas, one sun and one moon, four Buddhist lands, and six pieces of sky!

He knew that this was exactly the "the worlds of the trichiliocosm" described in the Buddhist scriptures!

Li Yundong was stunned when he saw it all, and suddenly there was another majestic voice in the sky of this world. "Since you insist on your obsession, why don't you go to the worlds of the trichiliocosm to find your true self and your own obsessiveness. As long as you achieve that, you can escape from this world."

After hearing the voice, Li Yundong immediately turned into a long rainbow. In the blink of an eye, he arrived at Xumi Mountain. He looked up and saw that there were countless people in the worlds of the trichiliocosm, and every world had a version of him and Su Chan!

Li Yundong was shocked and thought to himself, "In a world of trichiliocosm with tens of billions of people, how am I supposed to find the exit? How can I get out?"

When Li Yundong broke through the chaotic world and came to the words of the trichiliocosm, he didn't know that he had been absorbed in the Spirit Space of the burning thumb pot for a full day and night.

In the evening, the little foxes who had been busy ripping off guests in the teahouse happily returned to their homes one by one. The little foxes were still counting the day’s gains in a carefree way. They had not expected that their own leader would be tragically trapped inside a powerful magical weapon's spirit space.

It wasn't until the little foxes became desperately hungry that they thought of something: "Why hasn't Leader made a meal yet?"

One of the little foxes touched her stomach and shouted, "Proprietress, I'm starving to death! When can we eat?"

At this moment, Ling Yue suddenly had an idea. She said to Su Chan, "By the way, Su... proprietress, please go and ask Leader about how to deal with the money. Haha, if it can be the same as yesterday, that would be great!"

Su Chan felt very suspicious. She had never seen Li Yundong staying in his room all day long without coming out.

She nodded to Ling Yue, then stood and went upstairs to Li Yundong's door. She gently rapped on the door and asked tentatively, "Yundong, are you inside?"

But even after knocking for a while, there was still no reaction from inside.

Su Chan was confused. "Has he gone out?"

The longer Li Yundong was the leader of the Fox Zen School, the more majestic he became, and now no one dared to open his door without permission.

Only Su Chan dared to open the door and have a look as she enjoyed such a close relationship with Li Yundong.

After pushing the door open, Su Chan cautiously poked her head through. After glancing around the room, she was immediately startled. She saw Li Yundong sitting cross-legged on the floor of the room with the burning thumb pot in his hands. His whole body was soaked in sweat, and the expression on his face was in flux. Sometimes, he ground his teeth in anger, and sometimes, he looked sad.

Su Chan was shocked. She knew that this was a sign of Zouhuo Rumo. She quickly opened the door and rushed over to him.

But just as she was about to come into contact with Li Yundong, she came to a standstill. She knew that Li Yundong was in Zouhuo Rumo at this time, so if she rashly touched him, she would end up hurting him.

She began pacing around, flustered. Ling Yue, who had been waiting impatiently downstairs, quietly came up to the door and glanced inside. "Oh no, our leader is in Zouhuo Rumo!" she blurted.

It was a terrible cry. The little foxes downstairs suddenly panicked and rushed upstairs to see what was going on.

Su Chan saw them swarming up and couldn't help thinking that they were like a thousand sparrows, and they kept chattering non-stop. She turned back for fear that they would disturb Li Yundong and immediately gave them a rare glare. She shouted at them in a sharp voice, "Why are you being so noisy? Be quiet!"

The little foxes were used to playing around with Su Chan, so they had never seen her be so indignant like that. When they saw her sharp eyes at this time revealing a bit of murderous intent, they were all frightened and did not dare to speak anymore.

At this moment, the little foxes all realized something clearly. "Although Su Chan usually laughs innocently and treats people kindly, when it comes to Li Yundong, she can be ruthless!'

Su Chan's fierce expression lasted for only a moment. After stabilizing the situation, she quickly returned to her usual appearance.

She knew that at this time, Zhou Qin had gone out to pass through the Zhuji phase, accompanied by Zi Yuan and Ruan Hongling. Li Yundong, as their leader, was trapped in the situation of Zouhuo Rumo, absorbed in an illusion. Apart from the remaining two Shibo, Zhuang Yating and Liu Yuehong, there was no one in the entirety of the Fox Zen School who could make decisions!

Su Chan subconsciously thought of her own Shibo. After she chased all the little foxes out of the door and carefully closed the door of Li Yundong's room, she asked anxiously, "Where are Shiboo Zhuang Yating and Shiboo Liu Yuehong? They may be able to help. Go and find them!"

Some little foxes immediately ran to the Shibo's rooms. Without knocking on the door, they pushed in. However, they came out a moment later disappointedly. "They are not here!"

Su Chan's heart thumped. "None of them?"

The little foxes nodded at the same time. "None of them are here!"

Su Chan couldn't help frowning. "Where could they be at such an important time? Why aren't they all here?"

Ling Yue also stamped her feet. "I'm so worried. What's wrong with Leader? What should we do?"

At this time, everyone who would have been able to control the situation was gone, and the little foxes were all looking to Su Chan.

Seeing their eyes on her, Su Chan suddenly felt that the pressure had increased a lot, but she knew that she couldn't shirk responsibility like she had done in the teahouse.

She took a deep breath, and her charming face showed unprecedented calmness. "Don't worry, guys. It's very likely that Yundong has failed in the process of subduing the magical item. His apparition is now trapped in the magical item. At this time, none of us are able to help him. All we can do is quietly wait for him to break out of the trap. What we need to do is take care of ourselves and not make trouble for Yundong. Don't disturb him!"

The little foxes all looked at Su Chan admiringly, all of them seem to feel that this inattentive girl had grown up a lot. She actually had the demeanor of a proprietress in her every action and speech, and she was demonstrating her ability to control the situation!

The little foxes thought that Su Chan was right, and they nodded in agreement, but Ling Yue frowned and sighed softly. "Why are there so many disasters in our Fox Zen School? We finally got a good leader, but now he's in such a dangerous situation. I really hope that Leader will be able to get out of this without any risk! If he does, I'll become a vegetarian and pray every day and worship Buddha faithfully in the future!"

As soon as she said that, the other foxes answered in unison, "Yes, if Leader can get through this, we will also worship Buddha!"

Su Chan forced a smile. "What's the use of thanking the Buddha after someone has been rescued? That is worse than kissing the Buddha's feet temporarily only to make an effort at the last moment!"

As she spoke, she slowly knelt down. She put her palms together devoutly and faced westward, murmuring, "Buddha, Buddha. Our Grandmaster Pan Shi of the Fox Zen School was trained by Zen Master Baizhang to become an immortal. Our sect has some predestined relationship with Buddhism. Please keep this in mind and save Yundong, and I, Su Chan, will keep worshipping Buddha!"

After saying that, Su Chan's pretty face was full of devotion and dignity. She put her palms together and kept reciting the Great Compassion Mantra. "Kwan-Yin Bodhisattva's words: The world is supreme. If all human beings recite the Great Compassion Mantra and the three evil ways, I will not be able to feel it. I will recite the Great Compassion Mantra. If I don't give birth to the people of the Buddhist Kingdom, I will not be able to feel it. If I recite the Great Compassion Sutra, I will not be able to feel it. If I don't have endless Samadhi, I will not be able to sense it..."

The little foxes next to her were infected by Su Chan’s piety, and they all knelt down beside her. They put their palms together devoutly and recited the Great Compassion Mantra together with her in a chorus. For a time, the solemn sound of sutras being chanted reverberated through the luxurious and modern living room. The sound came from the window of the balcony next to the living room, floating far away and not disappearing for a long time.

The sound of chanting continued for the whole night. It wasn't until dawn the next day that Su Chan slowly opened her eyes and stopped chanting the scriptures.

She looked back and saw that the little foxes were already lying in a heap in the living room and sleeping soundly. Obviously, they had tired of chanting the scriptures all night and fallen asleep one after another.

She got up cautiously, careful not to disturb them. She went to Li Yundong's room, opened the door and took a look. She could see that Li Yundong's expression was still changing, but the sweat on his body was no longer pouring out. It seemed that the Zhenqi in his body had slowly calmed down and was no longer rushing as fiercely as before.

Su Chan put her palms together in surprise and sighed in her heart, "Praise be to Buddha for the blessing. Yundong's situation hasn't worsened! It seems that reciting the scriptures is still useful. I'll continue to recite them for Yundong all night long!"

When she thought of this, she didn't feel tired but actually refreshed. She was full of enthusiasm and motivation.

In her eyes, as long as she continued to recite scripture like this, Yundong would break the barrier by himself sooner or later!

But what Su Chan didn't know was that Li Yundong was fated to remain trapped for eighteen days!