While Li Yundong was still trapped in the worlds of the trichiliocosm, Zhou Qin, who was still trekking, finally reached Tibet.

Although she was following Li Yundong’s original westbound route, by the time she entered Tibet, she had already deviated from the path. Li Yundong had originally departed from Tiannan City and finally arrived at the Bailonggou area of Baiyu County in western Sichuan. He had then entered Tibet from the Kathok Monastery, while Zhou Qin had entered the Zhuji phase area from the Kashan district of Shannan Langkazi County.

Along the way, Zhou Qin's original travel shoes had developed two holes in the front, and the soles had almost been worn flat. At this time, she was wearing a dull, dark gray top that had slightly faded, and a pair of straight pants.

This rich young lady was carrying a bag. Although she was looking a little messy, Zhou Qin was still very pure and looked quite clean. At this moment, she was still incredibly energetic. The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau was covered in silver and plain clothes, but she was dressed in simple clothes and trousers. Her face was tender and rosy. Even though she was fatigued, her exhaustion could not hide her innate beauty.

In the cold winter of Tibet, Zhou Qin made progress on foot, rarely seeing pedestrians on the road. Occasionally, she would see a few Tibetans riding a yak cart slowly down the road. They were all insulated with cotton-padded jackets and trousers to withstand the harsh winter.

When these Tibetans saw Zhou Qin's thin clothes and pants, and that her slender figure was as soft as a waxberry in the cold wind, they thought that she would freeze in the next second, and they all cast surprised looks at her.

Some Tibetans kindly took out some warm cotton-padded clothes from their yak cart and were about to hand them over to her, but by the time they were ready, they saw that this extremely beautiful woman with a slim figure had already gone far away.

They watched her walk into the extremely cold snow region of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in her single layer of clothing and head towards Kari Holy Mountain. She was so fast that she didn't look like a mortal at all. They all turned around and got out of their carts in horror. Looking at Zhou Qin's distant figure, they murmured and worshipped her.

Zhou Qin trudged all the way, suffering even more than Li Yundong had before. At this time, her temperament had undergone a drastic change.

In the past, she had always made people thought that she was filled with indifference, arrogance and conceit, like a noble and proud swan, always inaccessible.

After the long journey, the Qi in Zhou Qin's body was condensed like molten steel after being refined thousands of times. When it surged, it was vigorous like lava. When it solidified, it was like raw iron and hard steel that could not be destroyed. There was a kind of persevering determination in her eyes, and she was like a magical sword that was about to be drawn from its sheath, ready to attack at any time!

Ruan Hongling and Zi Yuan, who had been following Zhou Qin all the way, stared at her. Although they had not observed her too closely, they could feel that the powerful energy contained in her body was no less than what was within Li Yundong.

Zhou Qin had still not yet reached the Zhuji phase, so she did not know how to cover or restrain her strength. Wherever she went, thick clouds followed her. There seemed to be a pair of majestic eyes hiding in the clouds, watching her every move.

Ruan Hongling looked at Zhou Qin's figure and couldn't help but sigh. "I wasn't expecting her to persist all the way! It's incredible! I saw her shed tears several times at night, so I thought she would give up. I hadn't expected that she would insist on carrying on the next day. For a rich and powerful girl like her, this is really rare and commendable. It's amazing, really amazing."

Zi Yuan also smiled with a sigh. "That's right, the fragrance of plum blossoms is intensified by the bitter cold. The edge of the sword has been honed. This magical sword is about to be honed to a level that's out of this world!"

Ruan Hongling looked at Zhou Qin enviously. "I am really envious of her. She has a good Furnace tripod, good opportunities, a good master, good luck and a good disposition. She was born to be a cultivator!"

Zi Yuan shook her head slightly and solemnly said to Ruan Hongling, "No, Hongling, there's no one in this world who was born to cultivate. If Zhou Qin didn't have this kind of perseverance, she wouldn't have been able to survive on the Zhuji phase road. Even you haven't experienced the difficulty of running two thousand kilometers to come all the way to Tibet to cultivate!"

Ruan Hongling snorted and said unconvincedly, "If I had the Renyuan Jindan, I could do it too!"

Zi Yuan glared at Ruan Hongling and was about to scold her, but she suddenly saw Ruan Hongling's eyes widen. She pointed to Zhou Qin in the distance and said, "Look, what's wrong with her?"

Zi Yuan looked in the direction of her fingers only to see Zhou Qin standing in an endless snowfield, motionless like a statue. After a long while, her body moved slightly, as if she had moved to sit cross-legged with great difficulty. As soon as she settled down, she seemed to enter a meditative state, unmoving.

Ruan Hongling asked in surprise, "Is she going to start to build Zhuji phase now?"

Zi Yuan frowned. She bit her lip gently and said in a low voice, "Damn it, Zhou Qin is the Virgin Container with Full Yin Qi, there is both Xuanyin Qi and Yuanyang Qi in her body, and she is also the Jindan-remaking body, It could be said that these are the perfect conditions for cultivation, but she doesn't know how to control her aura. At this time, the aura in her body is boiling and tumbling uncontrollably, forcing her to start to build Zhuji phase here!"

Ruan Hongling gave a wry smile. "Why? It was not easy for her to reach the foot of the Holy Mountain, and now she's about to build the Zhuji phase. What's the difference between this and a pregnant woman who is about to go to the hospital but her amniotic fluid has broken?"

When Ziyuan heard Ruan Hongling’s metaphor, she couldn’t help but smile bitterly. "Although the way you said it was a bit vulgar, the metaphor was very appropriate. Building the Zhuji phase is indeed like giving birth to a child. Ordinary people give birth to children, while we give birth to Neidan in Dantian. Moreover, you don't know when the Neidan will suddenly jump out."

Ruan Hongling asked Zi Yuan, "So what should we do now? It is inappropriate for Zhou Qin to build her Zhuji phase on this plateau. What if someone suddenly disturbs her half-way? What should we do?"

Zi Yuan sighed helplessly. "We can only protect her from being attacked by gangsters along the way, but we can't interfere in her cultivation. Even if she fails to build her Zhuji phase, we can't interfere. Otherwise, once she finds out that someone is protecting her, she will subconsciously start relying on us. Once a cultivator has this kind of dependence, they're useless. She won't ever be able to build Zhuji phase for the rest of her life."

Ruan Hongling was shocked. "Then we'll just watch her build her Zhuji phase here?"

Zi Yuan sighed. "There's no other way. This is her fate. Let's see if she can successfully do it. Even if she fails, she can still try again."

The two women looked at Zhou Qin with anxiety. Although their relationship with her was not very close, they had watched her go through numerous hardships along the way and they didn't want her to fail miserably at the last moment.

Zhou Qin was also full of helplessness at this time. She wanted to climb up to the side of the snow mountain in front of her and learn to build the Zhuji phase like Li Yundong had. However, she had not expected that as soon as she climbed this vast, snow-covered plateau, she would feel an incredible openness, and like all the breath in her body was being pulled by the Qi of Heaven and Earth, leaving her unable to control the violent outburst.

In the beginning, she had not paid much attention to it, but as she got further and further away, the Qi in her body had become more intense. In the end, she had obviously felt that the Qi throughout her body was like a big whirlpool, crazily surging into the lower dantian of her lower abdomen.

It was as if a vortex had appeared, and the core of the vortex was the exact spot where the Neidan was about to be formed!

The environment was not good at this time, and Zhou Qin did not dare to try holding on. She knew that if she continued in this way, all the meridians in her body would burst open. She didn't dare to be careless, so she immediately sat cross-legged and entered deep meditation.

When she sat in meditation, it suddenly began to snow. The flying snowflakes of Qingzang Plateau were as big as goose feathers. In only a short time, Zhou Qin's whole body seemed to have been covered with a thick layer of white hair.

But before long, the Qi in Zhou Qin's body began flowing. A stream of ice-cold Yin Qi went from the left kidney to the lower Dantian, and another stream of hot Yuanyang Qi went from the right kidney to the lower Dantian. When the two Qis collided with each other, they suddenly shook and rubbed against each other, creating a blazing Qi. Gradually, Zhou Qin could feel that the Qi was getting stronger and hotter, and there seemed to be an invisible fireball spinning rapidly in her lower abdomen.

The hot air kept rising and quickly melted the snow that had settled over Zhou Qin's body. But when the snow turned into water and slid down her body, freshly falling snow covered it again. It continued to melt and pile up again and again. Soon, Zhou Qin's body became encased within a thin layer of ice, and she looked like a sculpture covered with ice armor.

In the distance, Zi Yuan and Ruan Hongling watched the scene with worry in their hearts. Zi Yuan frowned. "This is bad. Zhou Qin should be looking for a place to shelter herself from the wind and snow! The true fire within her body is too strong. It keeps melting the accumulated snow, causing the cold to seep into her body through her pores. Even if she succeeds in building the Zhuji phase, there will still be a lot of moisture and cold air left around her, which will be unfavorable for her cultivation in the future. Her current Zhuji phase won't be able to make up for the loss!"

Ruan Hongling also worried. "Sister Zi Yuan, let's go and interrupt her process of building Zhuji phase. It would be better to have her fail this time than let her leave a root of illness!"

"No! I'd rather let her leave a root of illness than let her become dependent on us!" Zi Yuan gritted her teeth and shouted. "It's easy to cure external diseases, but it's not so simple to cure one's heart!"

Ruan Hongling looked at Zhou Qin and sighed with a bitter smile. "This girl... I originally thought she was lucky, but that's because I didn't know that there would be such trouble in this situation! Alas!"

Sighing emotionally, she suddenly heard a melodious voice coming from the vast snowfield.

"First, It's best for us not to see one another, so that we won't fall in love with each other.

"Second, it's best not to know each other. In this way, we won't miss each other.

"Third, it's best not to accompany each other. In this way, we won't owe each other anything.

"Fourth, it's best not to cherish each other. In this way, we won't have to remember each other.

"Fifth, it's best not to love each other, so that we won't end up leaving each other."

This song was being sung by a woman. Her voice was as melodious as a silver bell, and it was reminiscent of the flowing water at the foot of Dangla mountain. In particular, there was a strong sense of yearning and sorrow in the singing, making people feel moved.

Zi Yuan and Ruan Hongling hadn't expected such a moving voice to suddenly come from the vast snowfield. They felt as if a thin string had been gently plucked in their hearts, and they were a little stunned for a while.

Especially Zi Yuan. For some reason, she somehow suddenly saw Li Yundong's figure in her mind, and for a moment, her heart trembled slightly.

For a moment, the world fell extremely quiet. Only this beautiful voice could be heard through the whirling wind and snow flurrying through the sky. This song seemed to represent the purest and most beautiful thing in the world. Even the ruthless wind and snow could not stop it.

These two young women looked into the vast vast wind and snow at the same time, as if they wanted to see clearly who was singing such a sad and moving song, and who was tugging at the strings of love in their hearts.