Goose feathers and heavy snow fluttered down through the vast sky, and the space between the sky and the earth seemed boundless. From this boundless snowfield, a team slowly emerged.

Most of the team was made up of wooden carts pulled by yaks and extremely cold-resistant Plateau horses. Some Tibetans had dressed in their traditional uniforms and wrapped themselves up tightly, leaving only their eyes peeping out. There were old Tibetans sitting on wooden carts pulled by yaks and making their way slowly.

In this team, there was one girl riding on a yak. Although the snow was very heavy at this time, she was still singing to her heart's content, as if she wanted the snow to carry her song far away, all the way to the ears of her lover, taking away his bitterness over missing her.

None of the Tibetans in this team spoke. They seemed to just be quietly listening to the girl's singing. Everyone's face was full of emotion and remembrance as if all of them were recalling long-forgotten emotional memories.

When the team reached an area not far from Zhou Qin, a Tibetan at the front suddenly said loudly, "Changbagela, look! Look! There seems to be someone here!"

The headed Tibetan was exactly none other than uncle Changbagela, who had been saved by Li Yundong back when he was in his Zhuji phase. At this time, he had been taking his clansmen back from the holy Kari mountain on a pilgrimage, but they had happened to encounter Li Yundong's disciple, Zhou Qin, on their way here.

When Changbagela heard the shouts of his clansmen, he peered carefully through the flurry and saw a figure sitting cross-legged at the side of the road. Her whole body was frozen and she wasn't moving at all.

Changbagela released a soft sigh and said, "I fear that she has already frozen to death!"

By the time he finished his words, the singing girl stopped her song. She spurred her horse on to the front of Changbagela. Her delicate face was full of sadness, and there was a feeling of haggardness in her large, watery eyes.

This girl was Meiduo. She asked softly, "Changbagela, what's wrong?"

Changbagela raised his whip and pointed to Zhou Qin at the roadside. "She is so pitiful. I'm afraid that she has already frozen to death!" he said as he sighed with lament.

He then turned and shouted at his clansmen, "Go and carry her into a carriage. When the snow stops, we'll find a good place to bury her."

Meiduo curiously looked at this supposedly frozen passer-by on the roadside. She could see that the woman was dressed differently from the Tibetans, who looked like original Han people from the mainland.

Since Meiduo had met Li Yundong and fallen in love with him, she had been pining after him in her heart, and he had a special affection for the Han people. She grabbed Changbagela and whispered, "Changbagela, let me go and see. Maybe this Han person is not dead yet."

Changbagela looked at Meiduo. As if he knew what she was thinking, he couldn't help but sigh secretly. He thought to himself, "Are you kidding me? In this world of ice and snow, wearing such a small amount of clothes, a person could freeze to death in less than five minutes, not to mention that her whole body is already covered with such a thick layer of ice."

But Changbagela didn't stop Meiduo. "Okay, Meiduo, go and have a look, but be careful not to touch the ice with your hands, or you'll be frozen."

Meiduo flashed him a slight smile. "I know, Changbagela! I'm not a child anymore!"

When he looked at her horse, he couldn't help but release a sigh. "Ugh, you really aren't a child! Your heart already no longer belongs to the snowy mountains!"

Meiduo spurred her horse on and stopped next to Zhou Qin. She jumped down gently and bent down to take a look, only to be shocked by what she saw.

She could see that the person wearing a layer of ice armor was actually a beautiful Han sister. What surprised her most was that although this woman's whole body was frozen, her cheeks still looked pink and rosy!

"This Han sister is really still alive?!"

Meiduo was shocked. Subconsciously, she reached out her hand and lightly touched the space under the woman's nose. With this touch, she discovered that the woman was indeed not breathing at all!

She couldn't help but be confused again. She thought to herself, "What's going on? If she's frozen to death, how can her face be so ruddy? But if she's still alive, why isn't she breathing?"

Not far away, Changbagela could see Meiduo staring blankly at Zhou Qin, not making a move. He couldn't help shouting, "Meiduo, what's going on?"

She turned her head back and shouted, "Changbagela, I don't know. This Han girl doesn't seem to be dead, and yet she seems to be dead!"

Changbagela couldn't help but laugh. "Meiduo, you must be wrong. How could it be possible for a person to be dead and at the same time not dead? She is actually dead, and if she is not dead, there must be signs of life!"

Meiduo shouted with a weird expression on her face, "Changbagela, come over and take a look at yourself!"

Changbagela shook his head with a smile, then rode forward and dismounted to take a look. Even though he was experienced and knowledgeable, he couldn't help but also be shocked by what was before him. He exclaimed in surprise, "This is truly queer!"

Changbagela also checked for breath coming from Zhou Qin's nose with his hand. He became more and more shocked. "What's going on? Why does her face look so ruddy when she's not breathing?"

Meiduo looked at Zhou Qin curiously. After watching attentively for a while, she found that the blood vessels under the delicate white skin of her neck seemed to still be moving slightly. Meiduo suddenly exclaimed, "She is still alive. I can see her blood vessels twitching!"

After that, Meiduo stretched out her hand to touch her face, seemingly intending to verify her own words.

But as soon as Meiduo's hand touched her, her whole body immediately started shaking. The powerful Qi in Zhou Qin's body instantly poured into her, and Meiduo shook continuously, just like when Zhou Qin had touched Li Yundong in the Zhuji phase. She was dragged into Zhou Qin's Spirit Space.

In her trance-like state, Meiduo felt like she was in a prosperous and modern metropolis. She was like a bystander, observing Zhou Qin's growth from a child to an adult, and looking at the rich young lady's history unfold bit by bit.

Meiduo watched her grow up slowly, going from a lonely and stubborn child to a proud and conceited rich young lady, and she watched her encounter Li Yundong, who confessed to her on campus, but the girl had refused him without any consideration for his feelings.

At first, Meiduo thought that Li Yundong, who hadn't obtained the Renyuan Jindan, seemed a little familiar. She didn't recognize that the man who had once been a little fat was the Han man she now thought about day and night.

But when Meiduo saw Li Yundong once he had taken the Renyuan Jindan and undergone a complete transformation, she couldn't help exclaiming in her heart, "Ah, this is the Han man! Why is he here? Does this Han girl know him too? Ah, wait, the Han man once told me that he used to love a girl deeply. Did he mean this woman? Is she... is her name Su Chan?“

For Meiduo, Su Chan was an unforgettable name. The Han man had rejected her for the sake of this girl.

With such doubts bubbling in her mind, Meiduo continued to quietly watch the scene flashing quickly through Zhou Qin's Spirit Space. She looked at the details of Li Yundong in the depths of her memories and saw that this man sometimes looked majestic and sometimes humorous, so she sometimes admired and fell in love with him, while at other times she giggled and trembled with laughter.

"It turns out that the Han man is such an interesting person..." Meiduo looked at the scene in front of her with a smile. She couldn't help but feel a tenderness grow in her heart and she murmured fondly, "I really envy that Han girl who can be so happy with my dream man."

But soon, Meiduo found that in Zhou Qin's memories, there was actually another girl always hanging around Li Yundong. This girl was so beautiful that any woman would envy her. She always snuggled against Li Yundong like a sweet, helpless bird and was extremely intimate with him.

When Meiduo saw this, she couldn't help but wonder in her heart, "Could it be that this Han girl Su Chan? Is this extremely beautiful girl really her?"

Soon, Meiduo saw Li Yundong mobilize the Heavenly Thunder and hit He Shao angrily, yelling the sentence "If God doesn't punish you, I will!" All of a sudden, the girl's eyes filled with tears, and she was so excited that she trembled all over!

Meiduo bit her lips tightly and cried crazily in her heart, "This is a real hero! This is my beloved Han man!"

But soon, when she saw that Li Yundong had no choice but to separate from Su Chan, she couldn't help shedding tears. At that moment, she could feel that the love between Li Yundong and Su Chan was so deep that nothing could keep them apart for long.

"It turns out that he can also be so gentle..." Meiduo suddenly felt that she had come into contact with the real Li Yundong, his heroic and gentle self.

She didn't know how long it took for her to wake up from Zhou Qin's Spirit Space. When she came to her senses, she found that her clansmen had all gathered around her at this time, staring at her in surprise.

Changbagela looked at Meiduo with widened eyes. He asked tentatively, "Meiduo, are you okay?"

She blinked slowly and found that the corners of her eyes were cold. She raised her hand to touch them and realized that she had already burst into tears inadvertently. The tears flowing down her cheeks had quickly formed into solid ice crystals.

She smiled weakly and said to Changbagela, "I'm fine."

He pointed at the tears that had already frozen over on her face and asked in bewilderment, "What were you crying about just now?"

She smiled. "Oh, was I crying? Changbagela, you must be mistaken. I was just laughing!"

The expression on Changbagela's face became even more strange. He asked, "Then what were you laughing at?"

She smiled gently. "I... I was laughing at... the fact that I really never loved the wrong person! This Han man... he is really worthy of love!"

When he heard this, he smiled bitterly in his heart. "Meiduo is really crazy. She is too sick to recover! Her soul has already been stolen by that darn Han man! Even if she were a living Buddha now, her soul would not be able to be recalled!"

She said in a daze, "Changbagela, I've decided... I'm going to Tiannan City to look for him. I'm going to study at school!"

Changbagela flashed a bitter smile. "You said these words in the snow mountains to God above ten thousand times! So what if you go and find him? Do you intend to break him and his lover up?"

"No. All I need to do is to look at him from a distance. I'll be very satisfied just with that!" Meiduo's eyes turned as she giggled, and there was a different kind of brilliance between her eyebrows. At this time, Zhou Qin woke up and made a sound.

Meiduo was overjoyed and exclaimed, "Oh, she's awake!"