Hearing these words, Kris and John turned their heads at the same time, only to see a tall, plump, beautiful girl with brown hair and blue eyes looking at them with a cheery smile on her face.

The woman was about 5'7" tall with long legs. It could be said that she had the figure of a supermodel thanks to her height and a waist so slim that it seemed as if she would snap just by taking a step. However, her chest was so generous that she could show off a plunging line of cleavage down between her pink and snow-white breasts, which was highly eye-catching.

John recognized her at a glance. "Isn't that the captain of the cheerleaders, Alba? Isn't she always making things difficult for Kris? Why is she joining us?"

Kris was the president of the student council, and also the famous campus belle. Her family background was very good, and everyone appreciated her kind personality. Almost every boy acknowledged Kris to be the best girl around and thought that it would a great blessing for any man to marry her.

As a result, Kris was very popular in school and she was known as the 'Goddess of Pennsylvania'. She had even been named as 'Best Young Lady at the University of Pennsylvania' for three consecutive years.

But the more outstanding a girl was, the more she would attract the affection of surrounding men, and with it the surrounding women's hostility. Cheerleader Alba was Kris' well-known rival at the University of Pennsylvania.

In the three consecutive 'Best Young Lady at the University of Pennsylvania' selections, Kris had defeated Alba by a weak margin and won the championship.

Alba had angrily gritted her teeth over this, and more than once in private had cursed Kris as an arrogant and beautiful b*tch. In her opinion, Kris already had everything, yet she still wanted to compete with her for the title of 'Best Young Lady at the University of Pennsylvania', which was just the icing on the cake to Kris, but would be a timely help to her.

Being able to earn such a title many times at a well-known university would work as a generous boon to an ordinary girl like Alba, who had no power or rich background.

But this honor, which should have fallen on her head, had been repeatedly snatched by Kris. How could Alba not grind her teeth in anger?

Alba was now looking at Kris very jealously. She said in a sarcastic tone, "Kris, I hadn't been expecting you to be so wild. You're thinking of eloping now?"

Ignoring the unhappiness in his heart, John raised his hands and said, "Hey, Alba, can you stop implicating me in your feud?"

Alba took a good look at John, then suddenly winked at him and said with a smile, "Ah, I know you. You're John from the Fighting Club. You performed pretty well at the party last time!"

Although John was a big guy, he was not a dullard. He knew that Alba wanted to snatch him and make him her boyfriend just to humiliate Kris. Once she'd done that, she would abandon him.

John quickly took a step back and said, "Alba, I have something personal to discuss with Kris. Could you give us some privacy?"

Alba was quite beautiful, with sultry South American features. She giggled and said, "What could you possibly need to discuss? Why are the two of you so weird when I'm here? What are you talking about?"

As she spoke, Alba swept her gaze over the pair and saw the Canon of the Yellow Thearch in Kris' hands. She laughed and said, "What book is this? Some ancient tome of magic and witchcraft?"

Kris knew that Alba had always hated her and would always trouble her every time they met. She knew that if she stopped being able to tolerate Alba, everyone would immediately say that she was using her power to bully others, which was why she had always been enduring her and giving in. No matter what Alba said, she remained silent.

When Alba saw Kris ignoring her, she felt a little bored, but she was still unwilling to leave. Kris wasn't taking any notice of her, so Alba quickly snatched the Canon of the Yellow Thearch from her hands and began to read it. She flipped it open and glanced at it, but was dazzled by the densely-packed words inside.

Alba curled her lips, threw the book to the ground disdainfully, and said, "What trash. Kris, are you really wasting your time looking at these things every day?"

Kris frowned slightly as she bent down and picked up the book on the ground, then carefully and seriously patted the dust off it. She said solemnly, "Alba, you can be rude to me, but you shouldn't disrespect this book!"

Alba snickered. "What sort of witchcraft book is it that makes you value it so much?"

John couldn't hold back his anger and burst out, "Alba, this is the book that Kris‘s grandma gave her!"

Kris shook her head at John, indicating for him not to speak. She turned to Alba and said earnestly, "Alba, this book is called Canon of the Yellow Thearch, and it comes from China. It's the earliest medical book recorded in the history of this planet! You can be disrespectful to people, but please respect history and science!"

Alba pursed her lips and said accusingly, "Tsk, the earliest medical book? From China? Science? In my opinion, it's a black book full of backward witchcraft and superstition."

Ever since John had witnessed Li Yundong's magic, his heart had been filled with yearning and longing for China, that mysterious Eastern country. He could not bear to hear anyone denigrate this country, so he could not help being enraged. "Alba, what the hell are you doing here? Is it your time of the month? Or perhaps you've been dumped by your boyfriend? Why are you doing this? We were talking just fine before. It's none of your business!"

Alba's face changed greatly, and she screeched at him, "This is a free country. It's none of your business where I go. Do you want to go to some autocratic feudal country? Then go, don't stay in this land of freedom!"

"What the hell does it have to do with you where I am?" John roared.

Displeasure flashed across Kris' face as she muttered in a low voice, "Alba, we don't want you here. Please leave!"

Alba gritted her teeth and said, "Well, I want to stay. What are you going to do about it?"

Kris had never seen such arrogance before. She shook her head with a wry smile and said to John, "Forget it, let's go."

He gave a sharp, angry laugh. "Alba, we're going to China. If you have the guts, come with us!"

Alba had a strange look on her face. Watching Kris and John turning around and leaving, she ground her teeth and shouted, "Fine, if you have the guts, tell me when you're going!"

John burst out laughter, and without even turning his head around, he yelled, "Tomorrow!"

Kris jumped in fright and immediately tugged at John's sleeve. "Hey, you're crazy. Are we really leaving tomorrow?"

"Don't you have a passport that means you can go abroad at any time? I've handled everything. If you want to leave, you should go as soon as possible. Of course, this kind of thing needs to be done sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you won't want to go anymore if you delay for a few days, right?"

Although Kris felt a little rushed, she could see sense in John's words. Thanks to the wild, adventurous spirit flowing through her veins, she was a little excited. She nodded slightly and said, "Alright then, I'll go back and pack up my things, then book a ticket for tomorrow!"

John burst out laughing. "It's a deal then!" After that, he turned back and laughed loudly at Alba. "We will go to China tomorrow. You can follow us, if you dare!"

Seeing John laugh arrogantly as he left, Alba stamped her feet, cursed him, and then stormed off angrily.

The next day, John and Kris made an appointment to meet at the airport. The two of them were about to board the plane when they suddenly saw a familiar figure dragging a suitcase behind her and looking at them with a proud expression. It was Alba!

Kris and John were both dumbstruck. Kris stared at Alba with wide eyes and mumbled. "Alba, you... you... what are you doing?"

Alba stroked her brown hair and retorted proudly, "You told me that I could come with you if I dared. Ha, well here I am!"

John's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Alba, are you crazy?" he stammered. "Do you know how far China is? Aren't you afraid that your family will worry about you?"

Alba rolled her eyes at John. "What does that have to do with you? Anyway, I'm here now. Can't get rid of me now, can you?"

Kris was flabbergasted. "But, you... how did you even know which flight we booked?" As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly understood and turned to glare at John. "John, did you tell her?"

John relaxed his shoulders and spread out his hands with a wry, helpless smile. "I didn't think she would really follow us. And even if she wanted to come, I didn't think she would have a passport. But I hadn't expected... Damn it. Is this woman crazy? Why is she here? Is she just angry with us?"

Alba paid no attention to the pair of them. She dragged her small suitcase over to the boarding gate and said, "Guys, it's time to board. Now we're all going to be in the same boat!" With that, she walked ahead on her own, as if she were the captain of the team.

Kris couldn't help but rub her temples with her forefingers and moan. "Gosh, what the heck is going on?"

With a bitter smile, John said in a low voice, "How about we get rid of her by secretly changing our flights?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Alba turned her head and shouted angrily, "Don't even think about trying to run off!"

Kris and John looked at each other, smiled bitterly and shook their heads, and then dragged their luggage to the boarding gate. Kris couldn't help but sigh. "John, I have a bad feeling that our trip to China is going to end up very, very bad..."

"I agree! I can't imagine what will happen if my master sees the three of us... God, he will definitely kick me out!"

Kris eyed him suspiciously. "Has he even take you as an apprentice yet?"