It was originally intended to be a very beautiful and exciting trip, but now a third wheel had appeared. Kris and John felt very uncomfortable about the whole thing, and Alba's seat was between the two of them, which made the three of them all feel pretty embarrassed.

Kris and John sighed to themselves and closed their eyes. They didn't want to try and make conversation with Alba, so they decided to just pretend to be dead all the way to China.

But after the plane took off, Kris, who was resting with her eyes shut, suddenly heard Alba begin to sob quietly next to her.

Kris opened her eyes curiously, only to see that Alba really was lying on the seat of the plane, sobbing and wiping away her tears.

Although Kris didn't know what was wrong, she still kindly handed over a tissue.

When Alba saw this proffered tissue, she took it without raising her head and scrunched it up in her hand. Instead of wiping away her tears, she just continued crying.

Kris couldn't help asking, "Alba, if you want to go home, why don't you book a ticket back when we arrive? I'll help you pay for it."

Alba raised her head. The tears were streaming down her face and ruining her heavy makeup. She choked out, "Why are you pretending to be a good person?"

Kris sighed helplessly. "No matter what, we're still classmates. You followed us to China, and I can't just leave you behind, right? What's the matter with you?"

Alba stared blankly at Kris, then suddenly pouted. With an aggrieved expression, she threw herself into Kris' arms and started to wail. "Kris, that asshole Jack dumped me for some b*tch!"

Kris suddenly let out a bitter laugh. "So John was right after all? You couldn't be sulking about going to China with us just because of this, right?"

Alba continued wailing loudly. "I'm just a big joke. How could he treat me like this!"

Kris sighed helplessly. She restrained her temper and comforted her nemesis. "It's okay. Hey, maybe you can start a new relationship in China."

Seeing her like this, John's hostility against Alba dissipated heavily. He winked at her and said, "By the way, Alba, I know many handsome Chinese guys. Would you like me to introduce some to you?"

Kris shot a fierce glare at John. "Shut up. Who else do you even know besides your master?"

"Hey, I'll have you know that I even know the mayor!" he said proudly.

Kris remembered Mayor Luo, whom John had once greeted cordially. She laughed brightly and said, "That's right. Aren't you afraid of being caught and thrown into jail? Go find him!"

Alba continued crying for a while before eventually calming down. She wiped her tears as she said to Kris, "Kris, I'm sorry. I was abandoned by Jack yesterday and I was in a bad mood and only wanted to find someone to vent my anger on. I offended you yesterday for no good reason, so I apologize."

Kris generously extended her hand to Alba. "Let's not get caught up in the past. We can be friends now, can't we? Even if it means we're just friends in China, and we will still be sworn enemies when we return?"

Alba looked at the hand that Kris had extended. She suddenly laughed, then stretched out her own hand for a handshake. "Fine, let's make a truce for now."

This beauty, oozing with South American style, had emotions that came and went quickly. She quickly sat up straight, and after wiping away the tears on her face, she opened up her carry-on bag and carefully redid her make-up, gazing into her pocket mirror. When she was all done, she said to John excitedly, "Hey, are you really going to China to elope? Wow, it's so romantic!"

John looked at her and laughed. She seemed to switch between moods even faster than Hollywood actors. He couldn't help but say with a bitter smile, "Alba, stop joking around. Kris and I are just friends. We're going to China to be apprenticed!"

Alba blinked her eyes and asked curiously, "Eh? Who will teach you?"

Thinking of being apprenticed, John was a little excited. He turned around and said with joy, "We're going to have a really powerful Chinese guy as our teacher!"

Alba became more and more curious. "How powerful? In what way?"

John said excitedly, "He can dodge bullets within five meters, catch people falling from the fifth floor with his bare hands, and deal with dozens of gangsters single-handedly!"

Alba couldn't help laughing incredulously. "John, you are talking about some kind of Superman. He only exists in Hollywood, not China!"

"Alba, I'm not joking with you!" John said, feeling a little annoyed.

Alba's smile disappeared, and she looked at John with a strange expression. "Hey, I'm not joking with you either. Superman is indeed only in Hollywood!"

"What I said just now is totally true," John retorted. "If you don't believe me, you can ask Kris!"

When Alba saw the anger on his face, she could see he wasn't faking it, so she turned her head and looked at Kris, then asked probingly, "Is that true?"

Kris nodded very seriously. "It's true, we've seen it with our own eyes. Originally, I used my phone to capture everything, but unfortunately, the memory card was confiscated by the teacher at the university where I was an exchange student. If that hadn't happened, I could have won the Pulitzer Prize!"

Alba couldn't stop shaking her head and laughing in disbelief. "Impossible. I don't believe that there's such a person in this world."

Kris smiled. "Alba, when you see him, you'll see that it's all real!"

Alba laughed. “If there really is such a person, I'll worship him as my master as well!"

As soon as she finished her words, John laughed unkindly. "Impossible!"

Alba asked doubtfully, "Impossible? Why?"

John looked at Kris, who stared back at him, and the two broke out into smiles. "Because you can't speak Chinese!"

Alba said with her blue eyes sparkling, "Does speaking Chinese have anything to do with whether or not I can worship him as my master?"

John smirked at her and said, "This is a rule set by him. He said that if you want to learn his kung fu skills, you must learn Chinese first, otherwise, he won't teach you!"

Alba frowned. "Can't I just ask for an interpreter?"

John laughed and wagged his finger. "Of course not!"

Alba was a little taken aback and asked, "So, is it too late for me to learn now?"

John's arrogance grew. "Well, probably. It's very difficult to learn Chinese, you know! What's more, even if you can speak it, my master may not accept you!"

She frowned. "Why?"

John pointed at Kris. "You think Kris' Chinese is good? Well, Master refused to accept even her. He said that he only takes men as his disciples!"

Alba had a stubborn and extreme personality and was thoroughly entrenched in modern feminist ideology. When she heard this, she suddenly became angry, and regardless of the fact that they were on a plane, she jumped up and yelled, "What kind of a man is he? In this age, he's still being so discriminatory? You guys still want to worship him as your master? My god, you guys aren't out of your minds, are you?"

She was tall that when she stood up on the plane she stood out like a crane amongst a flock of chickens. The other people on the plane all looked at her in surprise and a stewardess immediately walked over her and whispered with a smile, "Hello, Miss, please speak in a lower voice, thank you!"

Alba looked around awkwardly and forced a smile. She sat down, still enraged, and continued to mutter in a low voice, "What's so great about that guy? He's obviously sexist!"

She complained under her breath for a while, then turned her head to look at Kris and asked in confusion, "Hey, you know you're unlikely to be his apprentice, so why are you still going to China?"

Kris was still focused on reading the Canon of the Yellow Thearch in her hands. Her expression was calm as she replied in Chinese, "Nothing is impossible for a willing mind!"

Alba was completely confused when she heard this. "Uh, what?"

John laughed and translated the sentence for her, then said with a smile, "There's another sentence, which goes..."

He continued in Chinese, "... Complete sincerity can affect even metal and stone!"

Alba's eyes widened, as though she was looking at an alien. "What do you mean? Say it again."

John repeated the phrase word by word. Alba copied him, like a parrot, but no matter how hard she tried, it still difficult for her to grasp.

After repeating it several times, Alba buried her face in her hands and sighed. "My God, I feel like my tongue has a knot in it! I'm starting to regret deciding to go to this country with you! How can I talk to these Chinese people with their crazy language when I get there?"

Kris held back her laughter and said faintly, "After arriving in Shanghai and getting off the plane, I'll buy you a ticket, and you can take the next flight back."

Alba immediately put down her hand, opened her eyes wide, and said, "Hey, don't try to get rid of me! I won't run away at the last minute. I'd like to see what this damn sexist b*stard looks like! I'll scold him for his old ideas and backward thinking! He should know that he lives in the 21st century, not medieval times!"

John's face went pale when he heard her plan. "No, no, no. Master will get mad at you. He's a tough guy. You can't p*ss him off like that!"

Alba glanced at him. "Why are you so nervous?" Very quickly, her face lit up as she continued, "Oh, you are afraid that I will make him angry and then he won't accept you as an apprentice, right?"

John nodded sheepishly, a wry smile on his face.

Alba laughed smugly at his expression. "Hah, from now on, I'm the leader of this small team. If either of you doesn't listen to me, I'll make trouble for you! I'll make you unable to be his apprentice!"

Using his hand to slap his forehead, John groaned in pain. "Oh my God. Why did I ever send you the itinerary?"

John turned his head and glanced at Kris with a pained expression, only to see that the blonde-haired beauty was just calmly studying her book. He could not help but ask, "Kris, aren't you worried?"

Kris sighed. "What's there to worry about?"

Alba had her nose in the air. "Exactly! Hey, John, from now on, you're my subordinate. You have to listen to me, or else..."

Before she could finish her sentence, she heard Kris say slowly, "I've heard that the number of missing people in China every year is very high... no doubt no one will notice one missing American."

The smile on Alba's face froze, and John laughed wildly beside her. After guffawing for a while, he suddenly said to Kris with a straight face, "Kris, why don't we bury Alba behind the airport after we land?"

Kris snapped the book shut and said in a serious tone, "No, I think it's better to chop her up and put her in a suitcase."

John frowned. "Alba is too tall. Her skeleton is so big and she has a lot of flesh to boot. What if we can't put her in?"

Thinking of something, Kris snapped her fingers. "Haven't you seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre?"

Alba looked at the two people beside her and couldn't help but be enraged. "You two murderers, when you're planning to kill someone, don't you know you shouldn't do it right in front of your intended victim?" As she said this, Alba's voice suddenly rose a few degrees. She pointed at John and whined, "John, explain it clearly to me. What do you mean by saying I have a big skeleton and a lot of flesh?"

Kris finally couldn't hold herself back any longer. She laughed until her stomach ached.

Alba gnashed her teeth and said defensively, "You two b*stards, don't try to scare me. When I see your stupid master in front of me, I'll scold him so badly he won't even dare to speak back."