Feng Na smiled and said, "I'm Li Yundong's friend..." Then, she turned around and pointed at Kris and John. "My companions and I have something urgent to discuss with him."

The two men looked at each other, then one of them sneered. "Why are you looking for Li Yundong?"

Hearing this, John leaned forward and said, "I'm looking for my master. I'm his disciple!"

The two men's expressions shifted at the same time, and they both exclaimed, "You are Li Yundong's disciple?!"

John had had the audacity to assert that he was his disciple right in front of Li Yundong before, and now he was doing it again in front of two unknown people. He nodded forcefully and said, "Yes, I am his disciple!"

The two were both shocked and angry. They looked at each other and thought, "Li Yundong dares to break the rules of the cultivation world and accept a foreigner as his disciple? He is really too much."

One of the men suppressed his anger and said, "He may have gone to Dongwu City to attend the Taoist assembly. Go and find him yourself!"

When John heard that, he was overjoyed. "Okay, okay. I'll go and look for my master right away!" Then, he got ready to leave.

Kris was attentive, and she hurriedly asked, "May I ask where the Taoist assembly in Dongwu City will be held?"

The two of them took in Kris' blonde hair, blue eyes, dainty and exquisite body, and her skin, which was as white as fresh milk. She was a rare beauty and they were instantly shocked. One of them asked subconsciously, "Are you also his disciple?"

Before she could respond, John cut in to say, "Yes, yes, she is!"

The two men gasped, and thought with envy and anger, "That b*stard even accepted such a beautiful woman as his disciple! Has he no shame? Damn it, some people have all the luck!"

One of them sneered and said, "The Taoist assembly will be held on the cruise ship docked in the moat of Dongwu City in two days' time. You will know when you arrive at Xinshiqiao Wharf!" Having said that, he snorted and sauntered off.

The other man chased after him and whispered, "Shishiong, why did you tell them about the Taoist assembly?"

"Don't you see that they are all Li Yundong's disciples? Since they are both cultivators, why try and hide it from them? What's more, that Li Yundong b*stard is lascivious. He broke the rules of the cultivation world by taking foreigners in as disciples! How can I not teach him a lesson!"

The other man asked curiously, "What does helping them go to the Taoist assembly have to do with teaching Li Yundong a lesson?"

The man flashed an ugly sneer. "When Shishiong Wang Lingfei's powerful magical weapon is refined, he will definitely teach Li Yundong a lesson! Hey, is there anything more humiliating than losing face in front of your own disciples? Hmph, Li Yundong needs to take a good look at himself. How dare he break the rules of the cultivation world? Even if we want to break the rules, it should be us at the Zhengyi School who do it first. It's not his turn!"

His companion laughed coldly. "That's right. This guy is not afraid of having too many women at home. He raises fox spirits and now he's training a foreign woman. I don't know if he'll be able to handle it all."

"It doesn't matter. If he can't handle it, when Shishiong Wang defeats him, his disciples - especially his female disciples - will definitely scatter everywhere. When that happens, we can help him share the burden!"

After that, both of them burst out laughing mirthlessly.

Feng Na and the rest didn't know what the two Zhengyi School scoundrels were planning. They thought that the two of them had just kindly pointed them in the direction of Dongwu City. Feng Na glanced helplessly at Kris and said, "Li Yundong should be attending this Taoist assembly in Dongwu City. Otherwise, there would be no reason for him to stop caring about the teahouse. You guys can go and find him in Dongwu City."

Kris asked, "Feng Na, aren't you coming with us?"

Feng Na shook her head and smiled bitterly. "No, Dongwu City is quite far away and we still have other stuff to do, so we can't go. You guys can go by yourselves. I don‘t have the time. If you are concerned, we can keep in touch with our cell phones."

Kris thought for a moment before saying, "Alright then, tell me your phone number."

After exchanging numbers, they parted ways and headed off.

Alba hadn't expected that she would get so exhausted. Not only could she not rest at the hotel now, she even had to go to another city. She couldn't help but sigh and complain as she dragged her luggage, cursing Li Yundong ten thousand times in her heart.

Kris ignored her and just took John's hand, whispering, "John, how could you say that we're Li Yundong's disciples in public?"

He said proudly, "Kris, being concerned about face-saving is an important part of Chinese culture. When I say this, everyone will know that I, John Schelter, am his apprentice, and he won't be able to deny it! Hey, you are in the same boat, so you should actually thank me!"

Kris rubbed her Taiyang acupoint with her hands and said in Chinese with a forced smile, "You have brawn but lack brains. You'll definitely cause trouble carrying on like this! Don't you know that Chinese people are very serious about apprentices? You're acting first and leaving the thinking 'til later. It is very rude and stupid behavior! Li Yundong will definitely be angry! Clever people can be victims of their own cleverness, you know!"

John was startled, and said with some fear, "Really? Then why didn't you stop me just now?"

Kris glared at him. "How am I supposed to stop you when you blurt things out like that!"

John bitterly smiled and said, "Then what should we do? What if our master gets really angry and doesn't take me on as his disciple? Should we go to Dongwu City?"

Kris rolled her eyes at him. "You have already come all the way from faraway America, and now you won't go to the nearby Dongwu City? Don't you know that there is a saying that you have to be bold when opportunities come along?"

The two of them whispered, but Alba, who was just behind them, couldn't understand their conversation in Chinese. She couldn't help shouting, "Hey, what are you talking about? Stop speaking in Chinese, okay? Can you use some language I can understand? Hey, I'm talking to you! Hey, what are you talking about? What do you mean by 'shi dao lintou xu fangdan'? Why can't I understand?"

The three foreigners walked all the way to Dongwu City. Meanwhile, on the distant Mount Wuhua, the leader of the Yin-Yang Sect, Zheng Yuan, was carefully guarding the front of a furnace, staring at the flames within.

Standing beside him was Ding Nan, who was holding a golden silk palm-leaf fan.

The fire platform in front of Zheng Yuan was about two meters high, and the bottom part was a tripod. The middle section was a round, gourd-shaped body, and the outside of it was completely dark, as if it was made of black iron. The large, round body of the gourd was filled with blazing flames. There was an air vent in the furnace, inside which was a powerful magical weapon that was suspended in the air and being refined.

Exquisite patterns were engraved on the furnace. In its center was a transparent glass window, allowing people to look inside.

Zheng Yuan observed what was going on inside the furnace with full attention. He saw that there was a burning fire and a black Aura around the Ruyi Jade. The black Aura was constantly twisting within the burning fire. From time to time, it would transform into a ferocious face and linger on the Ruyi Jade, changing into a cluster of strange black lines that were engraved on the Ruyi Jade.

However, more black Auras were always lingering around the Ruyi Jade, refusing to wrap themselves around it. They were like vengeful spirits constantly struggling to escape hell.

After looking at it for a while, Zheng Yuan shouted without looking back, "Wind!"

When Ding Nan heard this, she immediately used all her strength to wave the golden palm-leaf fan in her hand at the air vent.

Ding Nan had been cultivating with Zheng Yuan for a while. With her excellent attitude and the help of elixirs of life from Zheng Yuan, the dark Yin Yuanqi in her body had been strengthened to the point of no longer being weak, and she was just one step away from reaching the Zhuji phase. Using her fan, the whole room became filled with strong wind, as if there was a mad whirlpool. This whirlpool stirred up the air in the room, making it swirl wildly, and then gathered into a fist-sized ball of wind, whipping into the air intake vent.

As soon as this wind slipped inside, the flames in the furnace became more vigorous and forced back the black mist that had been trying to escape. Furthermore, the wind swallowed up the Ruyi Jade and the black mist. Blazing flames shot towards Zheng Yuan's eyes, making him subconsciously cover his eyes with his hands.

When he put his hands down, he saw that all the black mist around the Ruyi Jade had dissipated, and the treasure was still floating in mid-air in the furnace.

Ding Nan curiously approached to take a look and asked, "Why is there no movement? Master, do we still need to fan it?"

Zheng Yuan nervously waved to Ding Nan and said, "No, wait, let me have a look first."

Zheng Yuan opened the fire hole of the furnace and extracted the Ruyi Jade from it with his Zhenqi. He took a closer look and saw that the Ruyi Jade was glowing a faint red all over, but the strange black lines that had been imprinted on its body before were no longer visible.

He immediately said to Ding Nan, "Quick, fetch the Nine Earths Mystic Yin Water and pour it over!"

Ding Nan immediately picked up the wooden bucket beside her and poured it over the jade. As it made contact with the liquid, the Ruyi Jade let out a shrill scream, and in an instant, countless black apparitions were released. The face of each apparition was twisted and ferocious, and they all opened their mouths wide and roared madly.

Ding Nan was so scared that she subconsciously took three steps back, and her three transcendent components and the seven material components of her soul were almost frightened right out of her body.

But it only took a moment for the apparitions to jump out, and they soon flew back. When Ding Nan looked again, she saw that the Ruyi Jade had returned to its original form, but from time to time, its whole body would become covered with layers of strange black patterns.

Zheng Yuan took the Ruyi Jade in his hand and laughed complacently, "I've refined it. Finally! I've been refining it for forty-nine days with the fire of the Nine Suns, assisted by apparitions of eighty-one boys and girls, and I've finally refined it with the help of this powerful magical weapon, which was itself refined with the Nine Earths Mystic Yin Water!"

Ding Nan's eyes widened as she looked at the item in Zheng Yuan's hands. She knew that he had killed many young children in various extremely cruel ways and used their Yin Spirits to refine this powerful magical weapon. She could not help but ask, "Master, This magic weapon you refined... what power does it have?"

Zheng Yuan carefully sequestered the Ruyi Jade somewhere within his clothes. He smiled smugly and said, "Heh, the Taoist assembly will be held in two days. You'll find out then!"

Ding Nan asked tentatively, "Is it very powerful?"

Zheng Yuan laughed. "Of course!"

Ding Nan asked again, "How powerful is it? Will... will it be more powerful than whatever Li Yundong uses?"

Zheng Yuan sneered disdainfully. "Li Yundong? Hmph, with this powerful magical weapon of mine, even if Zhang Tianshī of the Zhengyi School came personally, he could only flee at the prospect of battling me! Li Yundong is a little bunny who has only cultivated for a few days. Who does he think he is? Just watch how I deal with him at the Taoist assembly and take revenge for you!"

Ding Nan was a little worried, but she did not dare to show her anxiety. She said with a flattering smile, "Master, of course, Li Yundong will definitely lose to you. But there will no doubt be many masters from various sects at the Taoist assembly. Will you be able to deal with them all when the time comes?"

Zheng Yuan smiled proudly. "My weapon can't be said to be invincible. If I only compare powerful magical weapons, there will be many others which are much more powerful than this one, like the Sanhuang Sword of the Qingcheng Sect, the Seven-Star Sword of the Zhengyi School, the Bahuang and Liuhe sword of the Linggong Sect, the lost Xuanyuan Sword, and the Shie Sword of Buddhism. All of those are all magic weapons that can definitely beat my powerful magical weapon."

Zheng Yuan's tone changed and he continued arrogantly, "However, when we talk about a single magical item, the magic is in the front and the item is in the back, so what we fight with is magical power not the item itself! No matter how powerful a magical item is, it will be limited by its user! Humph, my dear disciple, when the Taoist assembly comes, I'll show you what a real Shentong is and you'll see how a score is settled!"

Ding Nan pretended to be happy when she heard that. She forced a smile and said obsequiously, "I hope you can show your full power and defeat all the masters!"

Zheng Yuan burst out laughing. He stroked his beard and pretended to be modest as he said, "Of course, each sect has a few masters, such as Yue Sheng, who is known as the top master of the younger generation in the Quanzhen Dragon Sect, Zhang Tianhe, Wang Lingfei of Zhengyi School, and Zhang Cunyi, Hang Cunyi, the future head of the Qingcheng faction, who said that they would be taking first place a while ago. Most of them have powerful magical weapons, which mustn't be underestimated!"

Ding Nan smiled and said, "Even though they are powerful, they won't be able to measure up to Master's magic weapon, right?"

This flattery worked effectively to stroke Zheng Yuan's ego, and he smiled proudly. "Good disciple, let's go now. I can't wait to attend the Taoist assembly!"