After trudging through the snow and wind for a whole night, Zhou Qin finally arrived at the foot of the Kari Holy Mountain.

Located in the south of Lhasa, at the north bank of the Yarlung Zangbo River at the junction of China and Tibet, Kari Holy Mountain was one of the four famous sacred mountains of Tibet. Standing tall among the mountains and forests, it rose into the sky like a sharp sword. Reaching to the heavens, it was majestic and splendid, so it was called 'Kari', meaning 'touching the sky'.

Zhou Qin raised her head and looked up at this majestic sacred mountain. She gazed up from the foot of the mountain and saw a mark that looked like had been cut by a knife near the top of the mountain. Recalling the ancient books she had read, Zhou Qin clearly remembered that this had been left by the Roc, a legendary bird that had been shot to death with an arrow by the famous Tibetan hero King Gesar. Therefore, it was called "Diedong", meaning 'sheath'.

Although Zhou Qin had failed to reach the Zhuji phase before, the violent Xuan Yin Qi in her body had eased over time, and most of it had run into Meiduo's body, not causing much damage to Zhou Qin's meridians. Furthermore, because she was firm and strong, she was not at all discouraged by her failure with the first Zhuji phase. On the contrary, upon reaching the foot of the Kari Holy Mountain, the majestic sight of it stretching between heaven and the earth had given her unlimited pride. "I want to conquer this holy mountain!"

At the beginning of the ascent, from the foot of the mountain, there were many trees and stone paths that had been made for worshippers to walk and show respect on, so it was not difficult to climb.

But when Zhou Qin climbed to a certain point up the mountainside, the slope of the mountain suddenly increased, and the snow on the ground was deep enough to make almost half of her body invisible, but it was not too hard to bear. After Zhou Qin had climbed more than a thousand meters, there was almost no way to continue to the top of the mountain, and the gradient became so sharp that the slope was almost vertical.

If she were an ordinary person, she might have given up at this time, but Zhou Qin only wanted to climb to the top. She used her hands and feet to drag herself up the almost vertical cliff.

Kari Holy Mountain was the highest of the four sacred mountains of Tibet. Zhou Qin was climbing at an altitude of several kilometers and being hammered by the bitingly cold wind. A gust of it was almost enough to make her fingers freeze and have her lose consciousness.

But Zhou Qin ignored it, still climbing up with her teeth gritted. Her delicate body was almost like a strand of grass dangling from the cliff, about to be blown away at any time.

Ruan Hongling and Zu Yuan, who were watching Zhou Qin climbing up the mountain range from a distance, couldn't help but break into a cold sweat at the sight. They didn't even dare to breathe too heavily.

Ruan Hongling said nervously in a low voice, "Sister Zi Yuan, is she nuts? Why is she trying to climb so high? There is no need to get to the top of the mountain when building the Zhuji phase!"

Zi yuan was also wearing a nervous expression as she looked at Zhou Qin. She knew that if Zhou Qin got injured, even if she were rescued, she would never again expect to build the Zhuji phase for the rest of her life.

"Zhou Qin is challenging the limits of cultivation..." Ziyuan murmured. She could vaguely understand why Zhou Qin suddenly wanted to climb the top of Kari Holy Mountain.

"What on earth is hidden in this girl's heart that makes her so desperate to surpass everything?"

The two of them widened their eyes and watched Zhou Qin climbing upward little by little. From a distance, they could see only a small black spot on the snow-white Kari Holy Mountain, crawling and squirming around.

Although Zhou Qin was a recreated Jindan body at this time, and her strength and aura had surpassed that of an ordinary person's by several or even dozens of times, but when faced with the world, she was as small as a speck of dust!

Despite her relative smallness, she still wanted to conquer the peak between heaven and earth!

There were several moments where Ruan Hongling thought that Zhou Qin was about to fall into the valley and she hurriedly wanted to save her, but then she would find that Zhou Qin had repeatedly turned back and been blown by the strong wind, losing her center of gravity, and it seemed impossible for her to survive.

The expression on Zi Yuan's face changed as she looked at Zhou Qin. She simply couldn't imagine how a delicate woman like Zhou Qin could withstand the ferocious power of heaven and earth in such a severe cold. How could her body withstand such harsh torture?

They didn‘t know how long it took, but when Ruan Hongling saw Zhou Qin finally climb to the top of the mountain, she couldn’t help but sigh in shock. "Sister Zi Yuan, all my life, apart from you, there has never been anyone worthy of my admiration. Today, I admire Zhou Qin! She is so powerful that she could climb such a high mountain with her bare hands without even reaching the Zhuji phase!"

After Zhou Qin reached the top of the mountain, she opened her arms as if she wanted to embrace the sky. Zi Yuan saw this and shook her head slightly. "Zhou Qin must have been encouraged by Meiduo. Maybe it's the first time she's felt powerless, full of pain and grievance, so she wanted to reach the highest peak and the highest level of cultivation! What we cultivators need are brave and fearless hearts like her. I believed that Zhou Qin will succeed in passing the Zhuji phase this time!"

As if to prove Zi Yuan’s words, Zhou Qin, with her arms wide open, suddenly let out an extremely wild scream. It was the kind of sound that would have made it hard to believe that she was the daughter of an eminent family who usually smiled without showing her teeth!

This cry was earth-shattering, and the clouds in the sky seemed to be shaken, constantly spinning, turning into a seven-colored vortex. In the center of the vortex, a pair of majestic eyes loomed.

Zi Yuan was startled, and her face changed drastically as she said, "Oh no, Zhou Qin has shocked the Gods' soul of the Ninth Heaven Spirit!"

Just as Zi Yuan was about to move, Zhou Qin unconsciously found a small hole at the top of the mountain for her shelter from the wind in. As soon as she sat down with her legs crossed, she immediately entered a state of meditation.

Zhou Qin had just entered a meditative state when the wind and clouds above her began to rumble and the sounds of thunder could be heard everywhere. Before long, bolts of lightning began to whip down towards the summit of the mountain, one after another.

But as soon as these thunderbolts fell, a seven-colored golden wheel appeared on the top of the Kari Holy Mountain. In this golden wheel was a blazing red sun. The golden wheel kept spinning, and the red sun in the middle was like a huge vortex, sucking in thunderbolts one after another.

Ruan Hongling was stunned. She mumbled, "What's this?"

Zi Yuan said solemnly, "It's the red golden wheel of Tibetan Esoteric Sect! It was the power of the Gods’ soul of those who have been coming to Kari Holy Mountain for thousands of years to worship. This power is automatically resisting divine punishment!"

Ruan Hongling was shocked. "Has Zhou Qin triggered divine punishment?"

Violet Garden nodded. "Zhou Qin's aura is so strong, and she has climbed so high, and then she even let out such a loud shout. This is nothing more than a provocation to the Gods of the Nine Heavens! If the heavenly thunder didn't attack her, others would think that God is easy to conquer."

Ruan Hongling was surprised and laughed. "So Zhou Qin just escaped a catastrophe?"

Zi Yuan said rather helplessly, "This may be God's will, but I don't know why the Gods’ souls of Kari Holy Mountain would help Zhou Qin avoid this divine punishment."

Ruan Hongling shook her head and said. "Thunder is the mighty power of heaven and earth. Every thunder and lightning will leak out the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. There was a burst of heavenly thunder above Zhou Qin's head, how much Spiritual Qi would have leaked out from that? But Zhou Qin's Zhuji will not be struck by heavenly thunder this day. It's a really great opportunity! How much spiritual energy can she absorb when she builds her foundation?"

Zi Yuan sighed deeply. "This is called destiny and fate! If it weren't for Zhou Qin's insistence on climbing to the top, would she have attracted thunder? If it wasn't for her climbing to the highest point of Kari Holy Mountain, would she have gotten the Gods' soul to help her resist divine punishment?"

Both were silent for a while, sighing in their hearts.

After an unknown period of time, the heavenly thunder above Zhou Qin's head gradually ceased, and the clouds hanging in the sky slowly dissipated.

However, just as the last of the clouds were about to dissipate, a muffled explosion of thunder rumbled from the top of the Kari Holy Mountain. A huge blast burst out from where Zhou Qin's was sitting and building the Zhuji phase. A ring of Qi began to spread outward, ever-growing, like a wave.

Watching from afar, Zi Yuan and Ruan Hongling could see that a white halo seemed to have appeared on the top of the mountain, looking extremely beautiful.

At this time Zhou Qin let out a long sigh, she stood up in the cave and let out a loud, drawn out howl.

This long roar gradually became clearer, like the howl of a phoenix in the Ninth Heaven. It was completely different from the previous scream, as if a magical sword had finally been tempered and was screeching into the sky!

Zi Yuan and Ruan Hongling listened to Zhou Qin's roar from a distance, and both looked solemn and said nothing. Although they were forerunners on the path of cultivation, they were still shocked by the amazing momentum of this latecomer, Zhou Qin.

After Zhou Qin had finished building the Zhuji phase, she seemed to still be unsatisfied, so she sat down again and began to try to subdue the Chiyue and Vulcan's Whip with the method that Li Yundong had taught her.

Zhou Qin herself was the Virgin Container with Full Yin Qi. It was a furnace tripod that was one in a million. In addition to the Jindan Fati, there was also Li Yundong’s Yuanyang Qi in her body. When she reached the Zhuji phase, the yin and yang had combined, and the air of heaven had been tempered and beaten outside. In terms of the power of Neidan after the Zhuji phase, she was no longer under the power of Neidan that Li Yundong had cultivated when he had just built the Zhuji phase.

At this time, she chose to subdue the magic tool, like she was a new master taking advantage of the situation. Naturally, she got twice the result with half the effort. In addition, she took the Chiyue and Vulcan's Whip with her along the way. These two magic tools had already been contaminated by Zhou Qin's Spiritual Qi, so she was quite familiar with them.

After a while, the Chiyue made a clear sound, indicating that the magical item that had once displayed its power in Mount Tianlong had finally regained a new vitality. It flew into the sky with a swish and began circling Kari Holy Mountain excitedly. After a few laps, it suddenly stopped in front of Zhou Qin with a clattering sound and began emitting a faint silver light from all over its body, like a silver arc moon, and making a gentle buzzing sound of recognition.

The Vulcan's Whip in Zhou Qin's hand also jumped fiercely, instantly transforming into the shape of a red python which burnt with furious flames, as if a fire snake crawling out of hell was sticking out its ferocious and horrible serpent's tongue.

Zhou Qin shook her wrist, and the snake disappeared in an instant, then the whip shook out a whip flower, which turned into a blazing red light, enveloping Zhou Qin's whole body.

When the light disappeared, the Vulcan's Whip was tightly wrapped around Zhou Qin's slender waist. It was like a tight belt which made her look heroic, as if she had been reborn, and every pore of her body was exuding a sharp spirit!

Even though she was far away, Zi Yuan could still feel this sharp aura that was akin to a magical sword. It was as though a single touch of it was enough to cause the pores on her skin to open!

Zi Yuan was horrified and could not help but exclaim, "From now on, there will be one more great cultivator in the Cultivation World!"