After Zhou Qin had successfully built the Zhuji phase, she got ready to go down the mountain. However, she saw a lama with a yellow crown and a red robe standing at the peak. There was a golden-feathered eagle as tall as a man standing next to the lama. The eagle's eyes were sharp and its spirit was flying, looking extremely majestic.

Zhou Qin looked carefully and recognized that this lama was Dorjee Tenzin, whom she had encountered before. She was stunned and said, "Master Dorjee Tenzin? Why are you here?"

Dorjee Tenzin gave Zhou Qin a respectful and inscrutable look. Then, he put his palms together and said, "Zhenren Zhou, I am one of the eighteen god monks of the mountain guardians. There is an abnormality in the Kari Holy Mountain, so naturally I had to come and check it. "

Zhou Qin understood and smiled apologetically. "I'm really sorry, I was working on reaching the Zhuji phase here and disturbing the holy mountain gods, which has caused you trouble. I will especially come to apologize on another day."

Dorjee Tenzin shook his head. "No, Zhenren Zhou, I am not here to trouble you. Don't worry, I'm just here to convey Master Erdeni's words."

Because Zhou Qin had had a conflict with Master Erdeni before, she frowned slightly and asked, "What is it?"

Dorjee Tenzin could see that Zhou Qin’s expression was faintly hostile. He didn’t rush to explain himself and just said, “Master Erdeni wants me to tell you five things and ask you a question. The first thing is 'You are actually the Banda Lam, not Meiduo'!"

Even though Zhou Qin had just finished building the Zhuji phase and her mind was as firm as steel, she was shocked by this. She opened her eyes wide and said, "What did you say? I am the Banda Lam? If that's true, what about Meiduo?"

Dorjee Tenzin sighed softly and said, "This is the second thing that Master Erdeni asked me to tell you. He said, 'Meiduo was stained by your lingqi, so she was able to turn the Mani wheel'."

Zhou Qin couldn't help but ask again, "Then why did you make Meiduo be the Banda Lam? Why didn't you tell me it was me?"

"Master Erdeni asked me to tell you the third thing. He said that if he told you at that time that you were really Banda Lam, and Meiduo wasn't, you might not go to Potala Palace," Dorjee Tenzin explained.

Zhou Qin shook her head without hesitation. "You'd have to kill me first!"

Dorjee Tenzin smiled, as if admiring Master Erdeni’ s foresight. "The fourth thing he wanted to say is that, 'Banda Lam is the God of Freedom, and she would rather die than be restricted.' That's why Master Erdeni knew that he couldn't force you to go to Potala Palace, but he also needed someone to be his Erdeni. That's why he used Meiduo!"

Zhou Qin couldn't help but say angrily, "So you're going to sacrifice Meiduo's freedom and happiness like this? Do you think she is Cangyang Jiacuo?"

Meiduo’s favorite poem had been written by the Dalai Lama and was called Cangyang Jiacuo from the six eras in Tibet, while Cangyang Jiacuo was a famous tragic poet in the history of Tibet. She had been an ordinary fifteen-year-old, but she was later recognized as a reincarnated spiritual child by Sangjie Jiacuo. He forcefully separated Cangyang Jiacuo from her lover and brought Cangyang Jiacuo to Potala Palace, which eventually led to Cangyang Jiacuo dying of heartbreak.

Dorjee Tenzin smiled and said, "The fifth thing that Master Erdeni asked me to convey is ‘The current Banchan is not the same as the one in the past, and Meiduo is not Cangyang Jiamo either. Meiduo is only a temporary Ben Dharma. She is a devout Buddhist believer, and she is receiving a great chance to meet the real reincarnated Banda Lam, so she is obliged to help with avoiding a big disaster for our Esoteric Sect. When she finishes her mission, she will naturally regain her freedom!"

Zhou Qin was slightly surprised and asked, "Does Master Erdeni know what I really want to ask you?"

Dorjee Tenzin smiled. "Master Erdeni is one of the few monks in the Esoteric Sect who has possessed great merits and spiritual energy in recent years. He can predict a lot of things."

Zhou Qin thought for a moment before asking doubtfully, "In that case, can Master Erdeni guess what I'm going to ask next?"

Dorjee Tenzin smiled. "Yes, he guessed it, so he also instructed me to ask you, 'Are there racial requirements for Buddhists?'"

This question immediately aroused Zhou Qin's respect because he had so exactly asked Zhou Qin the question that had been in her heart.

From Zhou Qin's point of view, she was clearly a Han person. How could she be the reincarnation of Banda Lam of the esoteric sect of Tibet? However, Master Erdeni had asked this question to quell her confusion. Were there racial requirements for Buddists?

Gautama Buddha had originally come from India, but the Buddhism he founded was respected by Buddhists all over the world. Gods and Buddhas were also from different races. It was not required that you believe in a certain religion according to your race, but all the gods of this religion had evolved from people of this race.

Only then did Zhou Qin believe that this Master Wangderney was really a man with great merits and magical power!

However, Zhou Qin still felt a little worried. She asked again, "When will this great catastrophe come? Will Meiduo be hurt by it?"

Dorjee Tenzin put his palms together and said, "Master Erdeni wants me to tell you something else, and he wants you to pass the message on to Zhenren Li."

Zhou Qin's feelings of shock only intensified. "Master Erdeni also knows my master?"

Dorjee Tenzin said with a smile, "Great Master knows everything!"

Zhou Qin asked, "So what does the great master want me to convey?"

"The great master said you shouldn't go to the east when you go up the snow mountain in the future," Dorjee Tenzin replied.

Zhou Qin asked in confusion, "What does that mean?"

Dorjee Tenzin said with an apologetic smile, "Even I do not know. I'm only responsible for delivering his words."

Zhou Qin thought for a moment before nodding acceptingly. "I'll keep it in mind. What about the second thing?"

"Master said that Zhenren Li has only learned half of the Mantra Mahāmudrā, not the true Mantra Mahāmudrā!"

Zhou Qin looked serious. She was aware that Banda Lam was indirectly reminding Li Yundong. Although she didn't know why the master wanted to help Li Yundong, she said with a calm expression, "Understood. Was there anything else he wanted me to know?"

Dorjee Tenzin shook his head with a smile and said, "Nothing."

Zhou Qin couldn't help laughing a little at this time. "So there are things that the master can't guess! I actually still have something to ask!"

Dorjee Tenzin said with a knowing smile, "Nobody is perfect. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask."

"How could Master Erdeni be so sure that I'm Banda Lam? I haven't even touched the wheel. Besides, if he had already determined that I'm Banda Lam, why was he so fierce when I said I was going to take Meiduo away?"

Dorjee Tenzin laughed. He put his palms together devoutly and said, "Zhenren Zhou, I myself once asked the master this question out of curiosity. He said that the mani wheel was just a cover-up. The living Buddha has never used this method when choosing a reincarnated spiritual child! He was searching for your Lingqi all the way, but when he saw you, he could tell that you were a Han person, and that there was an unyielding temperament between your eyebrows. What's more, he found that Meiduo beside you also had traces of your Lingqi on her, so he had to take a step back and let Meiduo replace you."

"But he hadn't expected that you would want to stand up for her. If the Esoteric Sect doesn't have a Banda Lam to help them overcome the great catastrophe, they will suffer an unimaginable blow. So, he could tolerate your departure, but he absolutely couldn't tolerate the departure of the fake Banda Lam!"

Zhou Qin suddenly understood. She bowed and said, "I see. I see. Thank you for helping Master Erdeni let me know the truth. I must thank him on behalf of my master!"

Dorjee Tenzin smiled. He patted the big eagle next to him, which seemed to be growing a little impatient, and said, "Damour is eager to go. I have finished delivering the information. Zhenren Zhou, we'll meet again!"

She nodded to him with a smile, and then watched him blow a clear whistle and jump down the cliff.

As he began to fall, the golden-feathered eagle spread its wings and dived down like a bomber, accurately catching him mid-air.

When this great golden eagle spread its wings, its wingspan was an astonishing five meters. Although there was a burly adult man sitting on it, the great eagle still let out a very relaxed cry, flapping forcefully and disappearing around the edge of the mountain.

Zhou Qin watched Dorjee Tenzin leave and looked enviously at this particularly majestic eagle. She thought to herself, "If only I had such a big eagle, then I would be able to save energy wherever I went."

Zhou Qin looked down at the foot of the ice mountain, which was like a cliff that was ten thousand feet tall. She muttered to herself with a wry smile, "It's easy to go up the mountain, but difficult to go down. Although I have succeeded in building the Zhuji phase, I can't fly. How can I get down now?"

Just as she was feeling dejected, she heard a familiar voice beside her saying with a smile, "Do you need a lift, Zhenren Zhou?"

Zhou Qin turned her head and saw Zi Yuan and Ruan Hongling standing not far away and smiling at her.

Zhou Qin was overjoyed. "Zi Yuan, Ruan Hongling? What are you guys doing here?"

Ruan Hongling beamed at her. "We have been escorting you the entire way! Why do you think we're here? "

Zhou Qin was stunned. "You've been following me all this time?"

Zi Yuan smiled slightly and said softly, "Yes, Li Yundong was afraid of an accident befalling you on the way, so he asked us to watch over you. However, out of fear of affecting your Zhuji phase, so as long as you didn't encounter any malicious murderer or something, we decided not to show up, so please forgive us."

Zhou Qin was moved when she heard that. A tender smile naturally appeared on her resolute, defined face. "Master, was he so worried about me...?"

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "We've been out here for almost a month now. It's time for us to go back. I think tomorrow is the Taoist assembly. Zhenren Zhou, are you prepared to go to the Taoist assembly and show everyone what you can do?"

Zhou Qin grinned at her and did a salute with one hand. "As you wish! But I'm afraid that I will embarrass my master if I perform!"

Zi Yuan smiled and was about to speak, but Ruan Hongling couldn't help but urge them. "Let's head back now and talk about it later. It's really not a good idea to chat on this ice mountain that's frostier than hell frozen over."

The trio of beautiful women looked at each other and laughed in unison.

Zi Yuan walked over to Zhou Qin's side, grabbed her wrist and said, "Zhenren Zhou, are you ready to go down the mountain?"

Zhou Qin stood on the Kari Holy Mountain and looked down at the vast land spreading out below her. She never dreamed that she, as an official's daughter, could one day be a cultivator, standing on such a high ground and towering over the common people!

At this moment, Zhou Qin felt that there was an unprecedentedly strong power flowing through her body. She shouted proudly, "Let's go down the mountain!"