Li Yundong could see her watching him with a pitiful look, standing still and not daring to step forward. If these were normal times, she would have cried out in a sweet voice and thrown herself into his arms when no one was around.

He asked curiously, "Chan'er, what's wrong?"

When Su Chan heard him call her name affectionately, she couldn't help but tremble a little, and a hint of eagerness appeared in her eyes. She took two steps forward, but when she was only a few inches away from him, she couldn't help but stop. She looked at him hesitantly and whispered, "Are you the Immovable Wisdom King... or my Yundong?"

Only then did he understand what she was worried about. His heart couldn't help but soften, and he wrapped his arms around her slim waist.

He pinched her nose intimately and said softly, "Silly girl, what are you making blind and disorderly conjectures for?"

She greedily inhaled his familiar masculine aura. She was slightly relieved and thought to herself, "He's still being so intimate with me. Was I worrying over nothing?"

She pouted and made a face at him, then said with a look of grievance, "Don't you know that the Buddha and demons cannot coexist? You are the reincarnation of the Immovable Wisdom King. What if you exorcise me someday?"

He laughed and kissed her face, saying affectionately, "Silly girl, I don't know what happened in my past life, but I know one thing for certain in this life. I am an ordinary person, and you are a little spirit. I, an ordinary person, really like you, but do you like me?"

She looked up at him and rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she smiled mischievously and said, "Well said. I needed to hear your true feelings!" Then, she pressed her cheek to his chest and said in a small voice, "Tell me the truth. If you are lying, I'll know!"

He laughed, then gently lowered his head and gazed at her as she stood before him. He said softly, "Darling, do you know what I did in the worlds of the trichiliocosm and the Spirit Space of the burning thumb pot?"

She tilted her head, blinked slowly, and asked, "What did you do?"

He stroked her cheeks and said softly, "I journeyed from one Spirit Space to another to look for my true self, but no matter which one I visited, I found that you and I could live happily together. In the end, I chose a world that didn't contain anyone else but you and me. Then, I quietly watched us live a happy life without envy. Year after year, day after day, you and I never tired of one another, and I didn't feel any sense of monotony either. On the contrary, when I looked at the two of us and saw how happy we were, and thought of the hardships we had gone through together before, I felt that my heart was full of sweetness and joy."

With that, he held her hands in his broad palm and said with a smile, "I wouldn't leave you even if all the Spirits and Buddhas objected to it. And you, little spirit, will you leave me?"

She was deeply moved by his words and her eyes were brimming with tears. Suddenly, she smiled, but a river of tears flowed down her cheeks. She said in a daze, "I won't leave you unless you detest me and abandon me someday! Even if you want to exorcise me one day, I will let you do it!"

He chuckled and squeezed her tightly in his arms. As if coaxing a child, he said, "Silly girl, if I wanted to exorcise you, would I have to wait? I'll do it right now!" After that, he made threatening gestures and touched her chest.

She burst out laughing, clutched her chest tightly with both hands, and giggled. "You're so annoying. Just a moment ago, you looked so solemn, but now you have become so nasty all of a sudden. You're the worst!"

He kept a straight face and said in a serious and righteous manner, "Nonsense, I am also serious now! This is an important thing in the human world. We should have children and carry on our ancestral lines. Is there anything nasty or noble about that? Don't tell me that the upper-class people in the world wouldn't do such a ‘nasty’ thing?"

She covered her chest with one hand and rubbed his face with a slender finger from the other hand, giggling. "You're such a thick-skinned monk. Aren't you ashamed?"

Li Yundong smiled and suddenly opened his mouth. Like a nipping bird, he took her finger into his mouth, then gently pecked her finger with the tip of his tongue.

The warmth made her tremble. She squealed and subconsciously wanted to withdraw her hand. However, as soon as she moved to do so, she restrained herself again, as if she couldn't bear to pull back.

Her cheeks had gone scarlet, and her pretty face was buried in his arms. She seemed to want to avoid something due to her shyness, but she turned her face to the side with one of her eyes wide open. She quietly peeked at his face, and the corners of her eyes were twinkling with a charming shyness.

He was provoked by her inborn coquetry. His lower body was as hard as a Vajra or a rock, pressing against her.

With a quiet gasp, she quickly realized what was going on. All of a sudden, her body became hot and soft, as if she was going to turn into a pool of spring water and disintegrate into his arms. Her small cherry mouth parted slightly and she glanced down at his bulging pants. She stared at the majestic mound intently and thought in her mind, "Yundong has been with me for so long, but he has never had any real satisfaction. Has it been too hard for him?"

She thought of her shyness, and her body became hotter and hotter. Her ears seemed to be on fire, but the spring water in the corner of her eyes was only rippling more and more. She boldly raised her head and her charming eyes were like silk while her breath was like an orchid. She said softly, "Monk, let me help you get rid of the fire, okay?"

The fox spirits were the most Yang beings in the world, and Su Chan was the most charming of all fox spirits. Even the Buddha would fall off his lotus throne in such a situation, let alone Li Yundong, who had fallen in love with Su Chan a long time ago.

Li Yundong suddenly felt a raging fire rushing right up to the top of his head. He put his arm around her with a sudden force and tried to hold her up. However, just as he was about to get carried away, he heard Zhou Qin shouting outside, "Master, we're all ready to attend the Taoist assembly. We're all waiting for you!"

This inconvenient interruption made Li Yundong's raging passion fizzle out, and his eyes suddenly became clear again. His strong grip became soft and light, and he pinched Su Chan's nose and said with a smile, "Little spirit, do you want to destroy my Fashen or my Yuanyang Body? Aren't you afraid that I will really do something to you?"

She wriggled her soft and charming body and said shyly, "I don't know. I only want to make you happy. As for the others..." Then, she slipped further into Li Yundong's arms and said shyly, "...I don't care about them."

He knew that Su Chan loved him so much that other concerns were insignificant by comparison. She just wanted to make love to him and enjoy the most beautiful and happy sensations in the world.

But he was also well aware that this was caused by the strong sense of oppression and insecurity rooted in Su Chan's subconscious mind. In her eyes, she was able to give herself, and that was quite a lot. She would rather be a three-tailed fox spirit for the rest of her life. She was willing to have sex with him, but she was unwilling to lose his affection.

He was touched and smiled bitterly. He didn't speak of what he knew of her. He just hugged her lovingly and rubbed the tip of her nose with the tip of his. He said affectionately, "Well, even if you want to do it, we'll have to wait until the end of the Taoist assembly, okay? If we do it right now and my Yuanyang Body breaks, I'll make a fool of myself at the Taoist assembly."

Su Chan's head was lowered, and she was a little unhappy. "But... is it going to be like this for the rest of my life? If I can never catch up with you in terms of cultivation, what can I do?" she said bashfully.

He laughed and said, "Do you think that I want to be a widower? In fact, I have already thought about it. In the worlds of the trichiliocosm, I read countless classics and realized that as long as a cultivator reaches the Jinshen phase, they can defend their Yuanyang. No one can take away my Yuanyang Body, even if they're a peerless fox spirit or peerless demoness. What's more, you can't destroy my True God Fashen! Think about it, there is a kind of kung fu called Vajra Unbreakable Body in Buddhism major spells. Its cultivation is equivalent to the Jinshen phase of the Taoists."

Su Chan's eyes lit up. She abruptly raised her head and said joyfully, "That's right. The seventh level of a cultivator is the Jinshen phase. The highest level of the Jinshen phase is not bad, undecaying, and imperishable! Once you've cultivated it, then..."

He laughed, pointed at Su Chan, and said teasingly, "Look at you! When it comes to this, you get excited and wisen up! You, little spirit, what are you thinking about!"

Su Chan was so embarrassed that she started wriggling in Li Yundong's arms. She said angrily, "Ugh! You're the anxious one! I, I'm just..." As she spoke, she noticed Li Yundong looking at her with a smile. His clear eyes seemed to see right through her. Suddenly, she couldn't continue with her words. She blushed and simply said boldly with a blushing face, "Well... I was just thinking about it. What's wrong with that? Is it wrong to want to have sex with you?"

He chuckled affectionately. "Silly girl, when I reach the Cultivation of the Jinshen phase, even if my essence leaks out, it won't break my Yuanyang Body. At that time, you'll not only get my Yuanyang, but also get to do real Sexual Yoga with me!"

Upon hearing his words, Su Chan could not help flaring her nostrils and winking at him. It was as if her entire body had been set on fire. She wanted to get it on with him right then and there.

Seeing this, Li Yundong stretched out his hand and gave her round buttocks a light slap. He smiled and said, "Well, let's go quickly before the people outside laugh at us!"

Su Chan covered her butt with her hands and jumped up. Standing, she couldn't help but turn her head and ask worriedly, "But... when will you reach the Cultivation of the Jinshen phase? I heard that it's impossible for cultivators in the world to reach the Cultivation of the Jinshen phase just by relying on the power of their Neidan. They must take the Diyuan Jindan, or else they can't reach it."

He laughed and said, "Of course I knew that, but I've discussed it with Zi Yuan before. The betrothal gift for the Taoist assembly is very likely to be a peerless powerful magical weapon like the Medicine King Tripod. If it really is such a powerful magical weapon, then I'll risk my life to get it. Once we have it, we'll be able to refine the elixir of life by ourselves. The Renyuan Jindan will be refined in a furnace, and everyone can have one. The Diyuan Jindan will be refined into thirty pills, and each person will be able to take one, and throw one away! Hahaha!"

Su Chan couldn't help giggling. "Do you think these three elixirs of life are Six Flavor Rehmannis?"

He also laughed, held her in his arms and answered, "Well, you'll have to trust me! I am the reincarnation of the Immovable Wisdom King. The Cultivation of the Jinshen phase will be a piece of cake for me!"

"Yes! You are very powerful. You'll have to take care of me in the future!" Su Chan responded, nodding her head vigorously.

Li Yundong laughed and rubbed her hair with one hand. "You used to take care of me, but now it's my turn to be the caretaker! Don't worry. In the future, if someone bullies you, no matter if he is the Buddha or Guanyin Bodhisattva, I will beat him up for you!"

The two of them looked at each other and chuckled for a while, then left the room holding hands.

Li Yundong went through the doorway and saw that Zi Yuan, Zhou Qin, Ruan Hongling, and the other little foxes were all ready and waiting in the living room. When they saw him coming out, they all stood up and looked at him in unison.

Zhou Qin asked excitedly, "Master, can we go to the Taoist assembly now?"

Li Yundong smiled and waved his hand. "Of course. Let's go!"