For the other cultivators, it was not difficult to speak Chinese, learn about Chinese culture, or believe in the Chinese faith. But if one had to change their nationality, it was another issue altogether!

If Kris, John, and Alba wanted to learn cultivation, then they had to first switch nationality from American to Chinese!

Let alone whether they were willing or not, even if they were, if other sects wanted to use it as an excuse to attack Li Yundong, it would not be an easy start.

Du Fei secretly gave Li Yundong a thumbs-up and praised in his heart, "I did not read Li Yundong wrong. He has high cultivation even at such a young age, not to mention that he is highly intelligent. He's able to solve such a big problem in the blink of an eye. Amazing, what a good method!"

Wei Qing also looked at Li Yundong with admiration as she translated. Once she was done, John stood frozen to the spot, and he was dumbfounded as if he had lost his soul.

John, who thought very simply, had believed that as long as he showed up, Li Yundong would accept him as an apprentice, just like in the movies, and then he would start on a magical journey.

But what he hadn't expected was that Li Yundong's skill was the most important treasure in China and couldn't be shared easily. He couldn't accept apprentices rashly.

John's face was ashen. He stood rooted to the spot as if he had just lost his parents. Kris also stared at Li Yundong incredulously. She said in shock, "You actually want us to change our nationalities?! You, you're forcing us to do what we cannot do. You've gone too far!"

Li Yundong shook his head as usual. "Kris, you're the one forcing others. You can't understand what you really want to learn at all. It's definitely not some random kung fu skills like you've seen in movies and TV shows. This kind of kung fu surpasses life and death, transcends the heavens and the earth. If you can't do the four things I asked, I definitely won't take you as my disciples!"

Kris looked at Li Yundong's resolute expression. She couldn't resist shouting, "Then why didn't you make it clear at the beginning?"

Li Yundong sighed and smiled bitterly. "I thought you would forget all of this when you went back. It's my fault. I apologize to you. I hadn't expected you guys to come back!"

Kris felt as if she had been humiliated. Her face flushed red immediately, and her eyes kept darting about in their sockets.

Seeing this, Li Yundong couldn't help sighing in his heart. He shook his head and said to Su Chan, who was being very obedient and keeping silent, "Let's go!"

The little foxes glanced at Kris and the others gloatingly, then sauntered past them one after another.

Zhou Qin glanced at Kris. In her heart, she felt a little sympathy for this girl who had traveled thousands of miles to China. The girl's stubbornness and perseverance reminded her of herself. She purposely went last, then said to Kris, "We Chinese have a saying, 'Good things are a long time coming'. Also, if you've seen The Journey to the West, you should know that Sun Wukong and Xuanzang, after going through eighty-one tribulations, finally obtained the Sutra. If you really want to learn kung fu, then don't give up in the face of these difficulties. Take these trials as your tests. Only true hardship will help you stand out!"

After that, she sighed softly and followed Li Yundong onto the ship.

However, although Kris heard Zhou Qin's words, she had no way to understand her at this moment. Beside her, John lowered his head dejectedly, muttering repeatedly, "What should I do? What should I do? Master won't accept me!"

After hearing Wei Qing's translation, Alba shouted angrily, "Damn it, damn it! How can there a man so lacking in gentlemanly demeanor! Are all Chinese men such chauvinist pigs? He is a chauvinist, a detestable authoritarian totalitarianism supporter! There is no reason in the world that people should change their nationality to be accepted as apprentices!"

Alba cursed loudly for a while, then suddenly shouted angrily at Kris, "Kris, It was not easy for us to come to China, it can't all be in vain! Humph, if he doesn't accept you as his disciple, then I will ruin their Taoist assembly!"

Hearing this, John started and said, "Alba, don't do anything stupid!"

Alba retorted angrily, "Bullsh*t, what stupid thing would I do! What you've done is the stupidest thing ever. You flew from the United States to China like a fool to be taught a lesson. For God's sake, is there anything more stupid than that?"

"Bullsh*t," John spat. "The stupidest thing in the world is that you were f*cking dumped by Jack, and then f*cking ran out here with us!"

Pulsing with rage and shame, Alba's long, shapely eyebrows shot up in anger. "What did you just say?!"

Next to them, Kris finally couldn't stand it anymore. She said angrily, "All of you, shut up!"

Alba and John turned their heads at the same time to look at Kris. The two of them frowned and glared furiously.

Kris glared right back at the two of them, not showing any sign of weakness, then pointed to the side of the road and said, "Do you want these Chinese to laugh at us?"

Alba sneered and said, "Chinese? Can you become Chinese just to be able to cultivate?"

Kris said angrily, "Just shut it, Alba!"

Alba snorted and turned her head away. She looked at the people who were lining the side of the road and pointing at them. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. She laughed loudly and said, "I know how to spice things up a bit!"

With that, she pointed at Kris. "You'd better not get in my way, or I'll turn against you!"

Kris looked at Alba, her face filled with determination, then put a palm to her forehead and shook her head. "Do whatever you want. Just leave me alone for a while."

Alba snorted coldly. She ran to the roadside call station, threw a one yuan coin in, and dialed a number. When she put down the phone and proudly walked back over, Kris couldn't help but ask, "Alba, who did you call? "

Alba couldn't help but laugh out loud. "The police!"

Kris and John were dumbfounded as they gaped at Alba. "Wh-What?" they stuttered. "You called the police?"

Alba laughed heartily. "They won't allow us to participate in the Taoist assembly, so I won't let them succeed either! I just called the police station and told them that some people were holding an illegal gathering!"

Thoroughly shocked, Kris exclaimed, "Alba, are you crazy? Don't you know that lying to the police is illegal? Do you want to be deported?"

Alba laughed. "Sure, they can repatriate me so I can save money on a return ticket!"

"Oh please, they'll send you to some remote hellhole to dig sand. When you earn enough money for flight tickets, then they'll send you home! Considering the low wages in China, you'll die of old age before you earn back the flight money!" John said bitingly.

The United States media was always demonizing China's totalitarian rule. When John said that, Alba felt nervous and a little scared. She stared at him and said, "No way! Could they really?"

John decided to add fuel to the fire. "Think about it. You, such a young, beautiful, sexy, and lovely girl, living on a construction site in the wilderness. There are only barbarian and vulgar men there. What kind of scary, inhuman torture might you suffer every night?"

Alba's face changed a little as she listened to his menacing description. "John, don't scare me!" she stammered.

Kris could see that Alba was really scared, so she glared at John and said consolingly, "Alba, did you use English on the phone just now?"

Alba nodded, then pointed to her tongue. "Of course, am I like one of you flexible-tongued weirdoes who can speak Chinese?"

John laughed out loud. "You idiot, if you call the police in English, you think they'll understand?"

Alba patted her chest, slightly relieved. "It's for the best if they don't!"

Kris suddenly thought of something. "It seems that China's current emergency system makes recordings?"

Alba was nervous again. "What? Then let's get out of here quickly?"

Kris glanced at Alba with both anger and amusement. She thought for a moment before saying, "Let's go somewhere farther off and wait. We'll take a look at the situation before deciding on the next step."

John and Alba looked at each other and nodded at the same time. Then, they fled the scene as fast as they could, like guilty thieves.

Just as Kris and the others began anxiously looking at the white ship from a far, Li Yundong and the others were preparing to board.

Before boarding the ship from the dock, Li Yundong saw a yellow-faced man with a yellow beard standing at the entrance of the deck. This man saw Li Yundong at first, and then he noticed the many beautiful women behind him. He was slightly stunned and secretly frowned to himself, then called in a low voice, "Please report to the sect and show your golden invitation!"

Zi Yuan said to Li Yundong in a low voice, "This is Sun Baitian, the Shibo of Wan Zhenyuan, the leader of the Gezao Sect. He is a great reclusive cultivator, whose cultivation of kung fu is definitely no less impressive than that of Zhang Ling of the Zhengyi School. I hadn't expected that he would come out today and act as an usher! It seems that the Gezao Sect has really attached great importance to the Taoist assembly today!"

Li Yundong nodded slightly. He leaned to one side and said to Du Fei, who came in with him, with a smile, "Zhenren Du, please go first!"

Du Fei was slightly stunned but he didn't think too much about it. He cupped his hands respectfully and smiled at Li Yundong. Then, he quickly walked over to the front and handed over a golden invitation.

Sun Baitian opened it to take a look, and a warm smile soon appeared on his face. "So it's Zhenren Du of the Quanzhen Dragon Sect," he said. "Please come in!" He took a deep breath and announced in a loud voice, "Zhenren Du of Quanzhen Dragon Sect and Zhenren Wei have arrived!"

At this time, there were already more than a dozen cultivators from more than a dozen sects aboard the ship, totaling about two or three hundred people. They were all chatting with each other, but when they heard a cry outside, they immediately quieted down and looked at the door.

As the First Shixiong of Quanzhen Dragon Sect, although Du Fei's cultivation of kung fu was not top-notch, he was straightforward and held economic power in the sect, so he had a high status in the cultivation world. When he arrived, everyone turned to look at him. Some of those who had never seen Du Fei wanted to see what the world-famous "monkey-face" looked like.

They looked over and saw a tall, beautiful girl striding in first. When the girl saw that everyone was looking at her, her face turned red and she turned her eyes away. Then she saw Yue Sheng and the others from the Quanzhen Dragon Sect, and she quickly ran to sit down beside them.

Du Fei was the only one who did not hurry to take his seat after entering the room. Instead, he smiled and cupped his hands towards the crowd.

The crowd could see that Du Fei was still being neither humble nor arrogant on such an occasion. His smile was calm and his bearing was extraordinary. They all secretly praised him in their hearts, thinking, ''As the big Shixiong of Quanzhen Dragon Sect, his bearing is indeed incredible!''

After seeing Du Fei enter, Li Yundong smiled at Zi Yuan and said, "You go in first."

Zi Yuan asked curiously, "Do you want to take part in the grand finale?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "I want to wait for them to get tired of looking at people. Then, when I re-enter, they won't be looking at me anymore."

Zi Yuan smiled and said, "You are so powerful now, are you really still afraid of people watching you?"

Li Yundong smiled. "The stronger a cultivator is, the more afraid he is of being seen. Otherwise, why would those great masters have to hide? Gotta keep a low profile!"

Ruan Hongling giggled. "It's useless. A man like you will attract attention wherever he goes!"

Li Yundong laughed, and Zi Yuan shook her head with a quiet smile. Then, she handed over the golden invitation with Ruan Hongling.

Sun Baitian opened it up and looked at it. He glanced at Ziyuan, quite moved, and said, "So it turns out that this is Wang Yuanshan's disciple! Extraordinary. Please come in!"

After that, he announced loudly, "Zhenren Zi Yuan and Zhenren Ruan Hongling, the disciples of Wang Yuanshan from the Zhengyi School of the Linggong Sect have arrived!"

When the cultivators in the ship heard this, they began whispering to each other. "Could it be Zi Yuan, the famed beauty?"

"Could it be Zi Yuan, the top master of the younger generation?"

"Let's have a look, this is definitely worth our attention!"

Many of the cultivators of these sects were above the cares of the mortal world. They only got involved in the mortal world once every few years at the Taoist assembly, so they had heard Zi Yuan's name but had not seen her appearance. At this moment, some of the young men who were curious stood up to take a look at her.

At this time, Ruan Hongling stepped onto the ship. This woman was extremely beautiful, and her deep, dark eyes were very impressive. They couldn't help but nod and say appreciatively, "Yes, she is truly beautiful!"

But then, another woman in a white dress came in. She seemed to be shrouded in a thin layer of mist, like smoke rolling over cold water and moonlight flowing down over sand. Everyone present held their breath for a moment, not daring to even inhale.

At this time, an idea came to everyone's mind, ''Ah, this must be Zi Yuan! How could there be another woman so ethereal in this world?''

Zi Yuan had long been accustomed to the stares of the crowds. She walked over to a corner with a cold expression. When she sat down with Ruan Hongling, there were still many unrestrained young cultivators craning their necks to peek at her.

Outside, Li Yundong saw that Zi Yuan had entered, and he calmed down a little. He turned his head and told Su Chan and the little foxes, "Don't make any trouble later. If you do, I won't take you out again!"

Su Chan blinked slowly and covered her mouth with her hands. She said in a muffled voice, "Don't worry, I won't say anything even you beat me to death!"

The little foxes all imitated her. "We won't say anything even if you mangle us!"

Li Yundong was unable to stifle a laugh despite himself. He walked over to Sun Baitian and handed over his invitation.

Sun Baitian seemed to be rather disgusted by Li Yundong being surrounded by so many beautiful women. He secretly sneered and casually took the golden invitation. Suddenly, he was stunned, raised his head and asked, "Are you Li Yundong, the leader of the Fox Zen School?"

Li Yundong nodded with a smile. "That's me!"

Sun Baitian opened his eyes wide and sized up Li Yundong carefully for a while. Then, he asked, "Are you the same Li Yundong that caused trouble in Mount Gezao Zu Ting?"

As they say, good news never goes beyond the gate, but bad news spreads far and wide!

Li Yundong smiled helplessly and said, "Yep, that was me."

Sun Baitian laughed furiously. "I was afraid that you wouldn't come today. I wasn't expecting you to turn up right on our doorstep. Good, good, good!"

After that, Sun Baitian announced again in a clear voice, "Li Yundong, the leader of Fox Zen School, has arrived with his disciples!"

At this time, most of the people on the ship were still immersed in appreciating the unparalleled beauty of Zi Yuan, but when they heard Sun Baitian's shout, they were all startled.

Zhang Ling, in particular, suddenly jumped up, her eyes wide open. Her eyes lit up as she looked at the door. As soon as she stood up, Zou Ping and the other members of the Zhengyi School also stood and looked at the doorway with unfriendly eyes.

Zhang Cunyi, Yue Sheng, Zhang Tianhe and Wang Lingfei, who had all been involved in conflicts with Li Yundong, stood up at the same time and stared at the door.

Even though some of the cultivators who were detached from the physical world had not seen this young cultivator, and they had been in the limelight recently, they had heard about what Li Yundong had done on Mount Tianlong and Mount Gezao, and all were secretly surprised and curious. They stood up at the same time and thought to themselves, "What's so great about this Li Yundong? Does he possess superhuman powers?"

And so every passenger on the ship stood there staring, waiting to see what the world-renowned Li Yundong looked like!