Li Yundong saw Chen Yunyan, who had never seen him before, was the first to challenge him. He was suddenly stunned and wondered in his heart, "Why me?"

Zi Yuan laughed softly. "Of course it's you. You are so pushy now, who wouldn't want to defeat you and become the number one master of the younger generation?"

Li Yundong shook his head and smiled. "A false reputation is harmful!" He stood up, cupped his hands, and said with a smile, "Zhenren Chen, you flatter me. Naturally, I, Li Yundong, will accept the challenge, but before it begins, can you tell me why, when there are so many cultivators, you picked me?"

Chen Yunyan sneered and said, "Zhenren Li, do you still remember that you defeated my Shidee in the battle of Mount Tianlong?"

Li Yundong thought for a moment and vaguely remembered that he had defeated a cultivator of the Qingwei Sect. However, the cultivator had left without so much as telling him his name because he had done a sneak attack. Even Li Yundong didn't know who he had defeated.

He smiled and said, "I vaguely remember it. How do you want to fight, Zhenren Chen?"

Chen Yunyan was wearing a long robe and a buttoned mandarin jacket. He swished his robe and walked over to the crowd with two heavy steps, then cupped his hands to Wan Zhenyuan and said, "Master Wan, please give me an empty table!"

Wan Zhenyuan smiled and said, "No problem! Come on, bring a table over for Zhenren Chen!"

Two Taoists from the Gezao Sect dashed over. One of them supported the upper part of the table and the other carried its legs. They quickly put together the table, bowed to Wan Zhenyuan, and then left quickly.

Everyone could see that the square table was about 1.5 meters in diameter and made of Mahogany, carved with exquisite patterns. Chen Yunyan took eight cups of water and a kettle from his table and put them on this table. Everyone was whispering with each other and trying to guess how Chen Yunyan would fight with Li Yundong.

Chen Yunyan made an obeisance by cupping his hands to Li Yundong, then said, "Zhenren Li, there are eight cups here. In a moment, I will fill each cup with water, and then we will each perform our own Shentong and stimulate thunder by using the water. Let's see whose Shentong is more profound. What do you think?"

Hearing this, everyone became so excited that they chattered to each other in low voices, "This fight is getting interesting! But we don't know what effect the thunder will have!"

Some of the more clued-in cultivators also nodded slightly and said, "Well, thunder is the most difficult magic in the whole world. Controlling thunder in such a small space will be extremely difficult. If they're careless, they'll hurt others. I don't know whether the two people's cultivation quotients are high enough. If they're not, they are just asking for trouble!"

Ding Nan couldn't help saying to Zheng Yuan in a low voice, "Master, they want to fight using thunder magic, why do they need to put four cups here?"

Zheng Yuan stroked his white beard and narrowed his eyes at Chen Yunyan, saying, "There are several ways to attract thunder in this world. The first method is by using Qi. Remember what happened on Mount Tianlong? Zhang Tianhe and Li Yundong used Qi to attract thunder. The second method is by using a talisman. The Jinshan Sect (Maoshan Sect) mainly uses this method. The third method involves water. Because lightning comes first from water, it is used to drive thunder through the magic that is proficient in the water. This is also a kind of thunder-drawing method."

Zheng Yuan looked Chen Yunyan up and down, then nodded to himself and praised him. "Chen Yunyan is not old, but he is quite thoughtful. Among the cultivation sects in the world, the Qingwei Sect is the best at using water to attract thunder. He must have heard that Li Yundong used Qi to attract thunder before, so he wants to utilize his strong points to attack the enemy's weak points! He sure is calculating!"

Ding Nan suddenly understood and looked at Li Yundong with worry bubbling in his heart.

However, Li Yundong seemed to be unaware of Chen Yunyan's thoughts. He smiled and said, "Why would I need to go forward? I can settle a score with you right here."

His words came to easily that the crowd burst into an uproar, especially the cultivators of the Qingwei Sect, who started glaring at Li Yundong one by one.

Chen Yunyan asked with an awkward expression, "Zhenren Li, are you really so conceited?"

Zhou Qin frowned and whispered to Su Chan, "Su Chan, why are they getting so angry?"

Su Chan looked at Li Yundong worriedly and said in a low voice, "Although it is said to be a water-drawing thunder technique, in fact, it still uses a person's Zhenqi to catalyze the water. In the end, the water will be stirred into thunder, so the closer a person stands, the better. Yundong is stood so far away. If his Zhenqi gets transported far away, it'll be like a person fighting on his own land. Yundong first had to go through a long journey in order to enter the battlefield, so he'll be disadvantaged from the beginning."

Zi Yuan also said in a low voice, "Li Yundong, don't be arrogant. Although the Qingwei Sect has declined and is now only a small sect, it was once a great sect during the Yuanming Age. Dao Fa Hui Yuan was written by Zhao Yizhen of the Qingwei Sect, so it can't be underestimated! The Qingwei Sect focused on cultivating thunder in particular. In this world, only the Lingxiao Sect and the Zhengyi School can compete with this sect in thundersmanship! Chen Yunyan competes with you in thundersmanship, so you must not underestimate him!"

Zi Yuan's words fell fast and urgent. In the process, she reminded Li Yundong not to underestimate the enemy three times in a row. Although Li Yundong didn't believe that Chen Yunyan would be his match, he still smiled at Zi Yuan gratefully and walked over to the table.

Seeing Li Yundong come forward, Chen Yunyan's face also cleared up a little. He snorted, picked up a teapot, and filled the eight cups on the table following the etiquette of a tea ceremony.

After putting down the teapot, Chen Yunyan cupped his hands and said, "Zhenren Li, I have set the rules. How about you pick up the teacups first?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "I'll take the four left by you, Zhenren Chen!"

Seeing that Li Yundong was being so arrogant, Chen Yunyan frowned and sneered internally. He quickly touched several teacups and then put the four teacups in front of himself. He said loudly, "I've made my choice. Zhenren Li, it's your turn!"

Li Yundong glanced at Chen Yunyan and smiled. With a wave of his sleeve, the four teacups became neatly arranged in front of him, as if an invisible hand was fiddling with them.

Li Yundong's smart move immediately attracted a lot of cheers from the cultivators.

Among them, the applause of Wei Qing, the female cultivator who had a good impression of Li Yundong, was the loudest. Yue Sheng could not help but frown and say, "Shijie, is it really necessary to shout so loudly? What's so great about this?"

Wei Qing said with a smile, "It's not a big deal, but I just think that Zhenren Li is very handsome when he uses it. If you are not convinced, why don't you try using it?"

Yue Sheng rolled his eyes and snorted, saying nothing.

Wei Qing was used to her Shidee's temper. She pulled Yue Sheng's arm and whispered, "Hey, do you think either of them will win?"

Yue Sheng answered without thinking, "Of course, it's Li Yundong! The Qingwei Sect is weak, it was almost extinguished during the Qing Dynasty! Who is Chen Yunyan? I've never heard of him. He's just a nobody! He's not worth mentioning!"

Wei Qing replied downheartedly, "Ah? So there won't even be any suspense? I thought that since Chen Yunyan dared to take the initiative to challenge Li Yundong first, he must have some skills!"

Yue Sheng snorted and was about to speak when he suddenly saw Chen Yunyan cupping his hands and saying loudly, "Brothers of the Tao, please watch carefully. I will use these four cups of water as a medium to attract thunder so that everyone can see what a small divine punishment looks like!"

Yue Sheng was stunned when he heard that. Before he could even react, he saw Chen Yunyan suddenly shout, his voice like that of a tiger roaring!

The shout was so loud that the four teacups in front of him jumped into the air!

Chen Yunyan waved his hand above the four cups of water and channeled his Zhenqi to draw the water from the cups.

Everyone saw that four water columns seemed to have suddenly appeared out of thin air in the four teacups, and the liquid tea seemed to turn into solid pillars in an instant.

At the moment that the water columns rose up, Chen Yunyan cut off the root by using his other hand, and then he gathered the four water columns in his hands. He suddenly shouted and the Zhenqi of his whole body instantly shot toward the palms of his two hands.

The four water columns were quickly squeezed into a fist-sized water ball. This ball became smaller and smaller under the pressure of his Zhenqi, and ripples caused by the squeezing could be faintly seen in the center of the ball.

The crowd could see Chen Yunyan mobilizing his Zhenqi to slowly squeeze the fist-sized water ball down to the size of a thumb. The ball constantly emitted waves of mist around him, which then rose up and slowly dispersed in front of him, forming a small cloud and filling the air with vapor.

Although they didn't know what he was going to do next, they knew that he had compressed the fist-sized water ball into a thumb-sized water droplet, which was not an easy thing even for an extremely powerful and condensed Neidan to do!

Yue Sheng's face turned dark when he saw this. Wei Qing also widened her eyes and whispered, "Little Shidee, you were wrong! This is a great master!"

Then, Chen Yunyan's hands shook. Suddenly, the thumb-sized water droplet jumped up of its own accord and shot into the clouds floating in the air.

As soon as the waterdrop entered the cloud layer, the cloud layer began to gradually thicken in color, like a dark cloud was coming over the top. The clouds slowly rumbled with thunder, and even the sky outside the ship turned dark, as if it had suddenly turned from a sunny day to an overcast one.

Chen Yunyan's index fingers were touching and he shouted quickly, "Objects are created in heaven and earth, operate in water and fire, and are enlightened by gods, the master of all sects!" After reciting the last word, he suddenly yelled, "Thunder!!!"


Everyone felt as if someone had pierced their eardrums. It was as if a bomb had suddenly exploded in the air, and they were so shocked by the sudden sounds of thunder in the cabin that their blood churned in their chests. They felt like their heads might split apart!

"Rumble! Rumble!"

Then there was a roll of deafening thunder outside the cabin. Everyone was shocked and thought, "It's winter thunder? Chen Yunyan's water-thundering actually attracted winter thunder!"

Zi Yuan looked at Chen Yunyan in awe and thought, "This is a secret method that has been lost for a long time! It's impressive enough that this person can call lightning using his magic, but he can even attract Heavenly Thunder! This kind of thunder cultivation is really scary!"

Chen Yunyan looked at them proudly and proclaimed loudly, "Please look. Heavenly Thunder is here!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a small thunderbolt rumbled and flashed down from the clouds in front of him. The thunderbolt struck the teacup, which shook fiercely.

Then another thunderbolt struck the other three teacups. What was horrifying was that every time a thunderbolt struck down from the clouds in front of Chen Yunyan, there was a thunderous sound ringing from outside the ship, as if echoing it.

Eighty-one thunderbolts rained down from the clouds in the blink of an eye. The speed was so rapid that they couldn't take their eyes off it!

The crowd felt as if there was an invisible hand covering their noses and mouths, rendering them breathless. They couldn't help thinking, "What if the thunder strikes me next?"

After the last bolt of heavenly thunder, the people suddenly saw the dark clouds gradually disappearing, and the sky outside the ship slowly cleared up. The four teacups in front of Chen Yunyan were still standing in their original positions.

Chen Yunyan cupped his hands to everyone in the cabin and said, "Everyone please look!" After that, he gently waved his hand over the four teacups. After a very light breeze, the four teacups were crumbled into four piles of fine powder! He then knocked on the mahogany square table in front of him with his hand, making a dull rapping sound. The mahogany table was still hard!

Everyone was shocked. They knew that the eighty-one heavenly thunders had already smashed the teacups into powder, but there had been so many lightning strikes, all of them concentrated on these four teacups, and none of them had hit the mahogany table. Therefore, the teacups had been turned to dust, but the table was safe and sound!

Not only could Chen Yunyan use water to draw the thunder, but he could actually trigger the heavenly thunder outside to make all the thunder resonate at the same time to increase its power. At the same time, he could control the lightning strikes in front of him enough to accurately hit the four small teacups!

Heavenly thunder was the hardest thing to control, but this man could control it as accurately as a guided missile! What an exquisite and terrifying power to be able to control thunder!

Most of the people in the cabin were very knowledgeable, but they were all struck dumb for a while. They all looked at Chen Yunyan with their mouths agape. There was only one thought in their minds, “When did such a great master emerge from the Qingwei Sect!?”

After Chen Yunyan had performed his Shentong magic, he proudly cupped his hands to Li Yundong and said, "Zhenren Li, now it's your turn!"