There was a moment of silence in the cabin of the ship. Everyone stared at Chen Yunyan blankly, as if they couldn't understand who Monkey Sun was!

After all, Zhang Ling was a Qianbei of the Zhengyi School who was experienced and knowledgeable. She looked Chen Yunyan up and down in surprise and couldn't help but ask, "Which department‘s successor of the Qingwei Sect are you from? What's the relationship between you and Zhang Yunyan?"

Chen Yunyan looked at Zhang Ling in surprise. He made an obeisance by cupping his hands and said, "Zhenren Zhang, you're really awesome. You can tell who my master is at a glance! My original name is Chen Xing. I'm the successor of grandmaster Zhang Yunyan from the Qingwei Sect!"

When the cultivators in the hall heard this, they burst into an uproar. Zhang Tianhe also couldn't help but exclaim, "Zhang Yunyan has a successor even in this day and age? Impossible!"

Du Fei laughed and whispered to Yue Sheng, "Turns out to be one of the clansmen. It's great, great!"

Yue Sheng snorted and did not speak, but there was no longer any hint of contempt lurking in his eyes.

Wei Qing next to him whispered, "Come on, what clansman? Isn't it just a little bit like the origin of our master? It's been almost a thousand years, who would recognize him now?"

Zhou Qin was not far from where Wei Qing was standing. When she heard Wei Qing's words, she was puzzled and asked Zi Yuan, "Zi Yuan, who is Zhang Yunyan? Why did Du Fei say that Chen Yunyan is his clansman just now?"

With a serious expression, Zi Yuan explained in a low voice, "Zhang Yunyan is also known as Zhang Daogui, from Changsha, Hunan. He entered Mount Wudang from 1264 AD to 1294 AD. He became a disciple of Zhenren Wang Zhenchang of the Quanzhen Sect at that time and later he became a disciple of Master Huang Shunshen of the Qingwei Sect. As you can tell, Zhang Yunyan was both a great cultivator of the Quanzhen Sect and the Qingwei Sect. So, Du Fei said just now that Chen Yunyan is the successor of Zhang Yunyan's branch, which would mean that he is a real clansman."

Zhou Qin nodded sagely, as if she understood. She asked again, "Is this Zhang Yunyan guy very powerful? Why are you so amazed when you talk about him?"

Zi Yuan nodded slightly. "Zhang Yunyan is known as Lei Weng. As his name suggests, his thunder magic is rather powerful, and he was in fact the best cultivator in the Tang Dynasty! Moreover, Zhang Yunyan had many disciples at that time, which greatly elevated the reputation of the Qingwei Sect. Chen Yunyan probably wanted to carry the sect forward, so he changed his name to Chen Yunyan. From this, it can be seen that he is a truly ambitious man!"

After hearing this, Zhou Qin looked at Li Yundong with a worried face. Although she had just reached the Zhuji phase and the Zhenqi in her body was vigorous, she was like a bodybuilder, muscle-bound but lacking moves. She only had the brute force and did not know how to settle a score.

In her view, Chen Yunyan's Shentong just now had simply been a miracle. She couldn't imagine how someone could do something like that!

"Master, will he win?" Zhou Qin couldn't help biting her lip and asking anxiously.

Zi Yuan frowned slightly. After a moment's silence, she took a deep breath and said solemnly, "A strong opponent! This is a rare, strong opponent! This person's ability to control thunder is probably no lower than that of Leiweng Zhang Yunyan! I don't know if Li Yundong will be able to resist it!"

Su Chan also stamped her feet anxiously. She looked at Chen Yunyan with a bitter face and whispered, "Why is it that the first person to come out is so powerful? What are we going to do next?"

Zi Yuan shook her head and laughed. "There are many powerful people in this Taoist assembly, it's just that Chen Yunyan has been holding back for so long and his schemes are bound to be great. He definitely wants to raise his reputation by defeating Li Yundong today! What a scumbag!

Zhou Qin clenched her fists tightly and looked at the battlefield with her eyes wide open. Suddenly, she hated that her Cultivation Quotient was still too low for her to be of any help to Li Yundong. As she was, she could do nothing to relieve his worries!

Zhang Cunyi from the Qingcheng Sect also laughed in a low voice. He whispered to his companion, "It seems that I won't even need to do anything. Maybe Chen Yunyan will defeat Li Yundong! It's the first time I've even heard of someone who can control thunder, let alone seen one! In terms of thunder alone, I'm afraid that no one can compare with him! Li Yundong is too careless. He fell into Chen Yunyan's trap. Seems like he's really looking for trouble for himself!"

At this time, some of the cultivators on the field were looking at Li Yundong with their hearts full of schadenfreude, while others were looking at him with worry, feeling anxious for him deep down.

But Li Yundong stood where he was with a smile, as if nothing had happened just now. He made an obeisance by cupping his hands to Chen Yunyan and said, "Zhenren Chen has good tactics, but now it's my turn?"

Chen Yunyan suddenly peered suspiciously at Li Yundong. He said with a faint smile, "Zhenren Li, it's not too late for you to admit defeat now! You can always step down decently!"

Li Yundong acted as if he hadn't heard what he'd said, still smiling gently. After coming out of the small worlds of the trichiliocosm, the anger in his body seemed to have dissipated completely. He was no longer like the inexperienced and reckless young man he had once been, and he now no longer got angry easily.

Li Yundong laughed. "Zhenren Chen's thunder control kung fu is really good. I'm not talented, but I'd like to imitate you!"

After that, he waved his hands at the teacups in front of him.

However, as soon as the palm wind in his hands made contact with the four teacups, they immediately cracked and broke into pieces, their contents gushing over the table.

The cultivators in the ship suddenly burst into an uproar. Their ridiculing comments rang incessantly.

"Zhenren Li, you can't do that? Just a few teacups?"

"That's right. The teacups have been broken, how can he show what he can do now?"

Zhou Qin also suddenly stood up and said in surprise, "How could the teacups be broken?"

Ruan Hongling, who had remained silent all this time, gnashed her teeth and said, "Shame on you! It must have been Chen Yunyan who secretly and forcefully broke the teacups in Li Yundong's hand when he touched them just now! How shameless!"

Zi Yuan frowned and bit out a complaint. "Chen Yunyan is a cultivator with a high Cultivation Quotient. How could he do such a despicable thing? In order to win, he did everything he could!"

Su Chan was so angry that her face had flushed scarlet, and she couldn't stop herself from cursing loudly. However, before she could say anything, Zi Yuan stopped her. She shook her head at Su Chan and whispered, "Nothing's decided yet, so don't worry. Let's see how Li Yundong will deal with this!"

Su Chan gave Chen Yunyan a fierce look and plonked herself back down.

Li Yundong saw that the teacups were broken and that the tea was flowing all over the table. He was not surprised at all, as if he had already known that such a thing would happen. He smiled and gave Chen Yunyan a meaningful look. "Zhenren Chen, good idea!" he said.

Chen Yunyan made an obeisance by cupping his hands with a fake smile. "You praise me too much. I just wanted to deal with you in the way you deal with other cultivators!"

Li Yundong didn't want to argue with him. He looked around and saw that there was a skylight on the roof of the cabin. He pointed to it and said to Wan Zhenyuan, "Zhenren Wan, it's a little stuffy in here. Could you please open the window?"

Just as Li Yundong finished speaking, a cultivator who didn't like him mocked sarcastically, "Zhenren Li, are you guilty and sweating because you are scared?"

"That's right. A true cultivator should remain calm even when Mount Tai collapses in front of him. It’s useless for you to break out into a sweat when you encounter such a trivial matter, isn't it?"

As the crowd heard this, a roar of laughter rippled through the cabin.

Beside Zou Ping, a younger sister from the Zhengyi School who had been looking at Li Yundong with curious eyes couldn't help but gently say to Zou Ping, "Shijie Zou Ping, what do you think Li Yundong is opening the skylight for?"

Zou Ping sneered and said, "Who knows? Maybe he wants to find an escape route so that he won't lose face?"

The younger sister pulled a face at Zou Ping. "I think he's got a plan. Don't you see how calm he is? He looks like our shishiong!"

Zou Ping said derisively, "Shimei, only our Shidee Tianhe from the Zhengyi School is truly calm. Zhang Tianhe comes from a noble and righteous sect, and he's also the descendant of Zhang Tianshī, and his cultivation kung fu is earth-shattering, and he's already hidden his demeanor as the Head. That's how he's calm and composed! Li Yundong is just a tactless and impulsive person. Who the hell is he? Does he even deserve to be compared to our Shidee?"

Wan Zhenyuan was also secretly puzzled by Li Yundong's words. "Why isn't he thinking about how to settle a score, but instead cares about the window? Is he really starting to break a sweat because of his guilty conscience?"

He didn't think too much about it. With a wave of his hand, he ordered a janitor to open the skylight at the top of the cabin.

The crowd saw that the skylight was only about half a meter square. Just then, a beam of light shone from the outside down onto the mahogany tea table in front of Li Yundong.

He smiled and said, "You just watched a simulated divine punishment. Now I'll show you a real one. How does that sound?"

The crowd was stunned and before they even had time to react, they saw Li Yundong suddenly pressing his hands down!

With this motion, everyone could suddenly feel that the ship under their feet was beginning to sink.

It was as if the ship had suddenly become a submarine, plummetting desperately!

Before the crowd even had time to panic, they saw Li Yundong smiling again. His two palms facing the ground fiercely turned into palms facing the sky, and then he pushed his hands up again, shouting as he did so, "Water!"

With a thunderous boom, a huge wave rose around them. It covered the entire ship and they were all instantly plunged into darkness!

The water around them surged as if it were going straight up to the sky. In the blink of an eye, everything had become turbulent.

On the bank of the river, Kris, John and Alba had been keeping watch over the cruise ship from afar, and they were stunned to see that the peaceful moat had suddenly turned into a raging river. Standing together, they stared straight at the rolling river's surface. John said amazedly, "God, what's going on?"

Alba opened her eyes wide and stammered, "Shouldn't the moat be stagnant? How can there possibly be such a big storm?"

Kris vaguely felt that this storm might have something to do with the wise and powerful Li Yundong, but she still couldn't believe it. Her mouth was agape and she found herself unable to even speak for a moment. All she could do was stare at the ship where Li Yundong was. A voice filled with curiosity was shouting in her heart, "For God's sake, who can tell me exactly what's going on?"

At this time, the pedestrians on both sides of the river also stopped and were struck dumb, looking at the river and gesticulating wildly. Some people even picked up their cell phones and began to film.

Before long, they heard the sound of thunder rumbling through the sky. They were dumbstruck. Someone couldn't help but exclaim, "Damn, the winter thunder is shaking! What's left is only rain and snow!"

Other people also nodded and said, "Yes, there's been a miscarriage of justice!"

As the pedestrians whispered to each other, they suddenly heard a cracking sound in the sky.

The sound was terrifying, enough to make anyone's heart beat violently. They couldn't help looking up at the sky, and their eyes were full of horror and fear.

At this time, the sky was dark and full of rolling grey clouds. The mass of clouds hung down so low that people could touch the clouds simply by raising their arms!

There were bursts of lightning rolling in this cloud layer, like the clouds were a cage imprisoning a thunder and lightning beast. It seemed that the gate would be opened at any time to release the monster within, destroying everything in this world!

When everyone saw the terrifying dark clouds and thunder and lightning, they began to panic. Suddenly, another loud sound came from the sky.


The sound of the explosion made everyone feel like they were in a nightmare!

The sky was going to collapse!

At this moment, all the cultivators in the cabin could not help but stand and look at Li Yundong in horror. They began yelling at him in terrified voices, "Li Yundong, are you crazy? Do you want to die and take us out with you?"

"Li Yundong, do you want to attract divine punishment?"

"Li Yundong, do you want to die together with us?"

These voices constantly rushed toward Li Yundong in a raging flood. But then, there was a deafening clap of thunder from the sky, making everyone's ears buzz. No one could even hear what the person in front of them was saying, they could only see their mouths moving and hear a buzzing sound in their ears.

Li Yundong laughed lightly. "Don't panic, Brothers of the Tao. Even if the sky really falls, I'll lift it back up!"

At this time, a bolt of thunder fell from the rolling dark clouds and struck right at the skylight of the cruise ship!

Li Yundong, however, acted as if he hadn't heard the ominous sound. He laughed and raised his right palm upward. Suddenly, he held it up to the sky!

As soon as Li Yundong lifted his hand into the air, this thunder accurately struck above his palm and exploded with a bang!

Everyone looked up and saw dark clouds rolling in the sky outside the skylight, so low that they seemed to be attached to the window. The thunder and lightning were wildly tearing at the clouds, as if they would rend them apart in the next second!

Before they had time to panic, they saw the thunder and lightning striking toward the skylight like rain!

Li Yundong stood there as if nothing was going on. He raised his hand and held it high. The thunder and lightning collected above his head and disappeared only three inches in front of his hand, as if he was really supporting the sky with one hand!

For a moment, everyone was shocked. They looked at Li Yundong, dumbfounded, and thought, "What the hell is this madman doing?"