Li Yundong stood still in the midst of the thunderstorm, like a towering mountain. He seemed to think that everyone was not shocked enough. His other hand waved over the broken teacup, collecting up all the pieces in the sky, and he threw them toward the skylight window!

With his throw, a bolt of lightning coincidentally struck, accurately landing in the middle of these pieces.

Everyone could see that there was a sudden light in front of them, as if a flame had sparked. For a moment, every shark of the broken teacups was shining and rolling through the air.

But without even waiting to see how far the shards would go, another bolt of Heavenly Thunder fell and smashed around the teacup fragments, causing them to gather together in the air.

These fragments almost seemed to be being controlled by an invisible hand, which could keep them out of the skylight. Moreover, as the Heavenly Thunder continued to strike, every fragment was not directly hit by it, so they were not directly shattered. Instead, they were all covered with the spirit of Heaven and Earth from the Heavenly Thunder. It looked as if they were plated with a layer of colored glaze, shining brilliantly in the air.

Only then did the cultivators in the cabin understand that Li Yundong was the one making the Heavenly Thunder smash the fragments of these tea cups, not only preventing the thunder from directly hitting them, but also precisely controlling it to prevent the fragments from leaving the bombardment range!

This was more than a hundred times more difficult than what Chen Yunyan had done!!

Ding Nan's time with Zheng Yuan had not been short, but she hadn't even thought that someone could do magic so miraculous! The Heavenly Thunder was like his slave! It was too sensational!!

Zheng Yuan was also dumbfounded as he looked at the broken pieces of skylight. He was so shocked that he didn't even have time to think about anything else. He didn't even know that his beloved disciple was looking at Li Yundong as if he were a god.

Wei Qing looked at Li Yundong with dull eyes. She couldn't help whispering, "Oh my god... this is impossible, isn't it? How can a person control Heavenly Thunder so skillfully? This is Heavenly Thunder, isn't it caused by magic?! How is he doing this?"

Beside her, Yue Sheng heard her words, and he said subconsciously with a shocked face, "No, this is not real Heavenly Thunder. The real divine punishment of Heavenly Thunder can't be controlled by anyone! This is just simulated Heavenly Thunder created by Li Yundong, but... it's too realistic!"

All the cultivators present were rendered speechless. They stared in a daze at the raging Heavenly Thunder and the rolling fragments at the skylight.

After an unknown period of time had elapsed, when the last bolt of Heavenly Thunder suddenly struck, these pieces seemed to suddenly be pinched together by an invisible hand, turning into four intact teacups!

Li Yundong laughed and loosened his grip on the sky. Immediately, the surroundings lit up, and the rolling dark clouds in the sky slowly drifted away. After a while, they dispersed in all directions, and the sky became clear again.

Li Yundong waved his other hand toward the four teacups hanging in the air. They automatically flew over to him and lined up in a row.

He placed the four teacups on the tea table and held each one in turn with one hand. Then, he flicked it gently with his finger. He heard a crisp dinging sound ring from the teacup, and a colorful light flowed out into the surroundings. It was dazzling.

Everyone widened their eyes and stared at the cups, awed. They didn't understand how Li Yundong had put the broken teacups back together again. How had he managed to control the lightning so accurately?

The cultivators present were not fools. They were all educated people who understood magic well. Naturally, they knew that Chen Yunyan had used Heavenly Thunder to break the teacups, and Li Yundong had used the Heavenly Thunder to repair the cups again. Neither was an easy feat!

Zhou Qin had just begun working with the Tao not too long ago, so she couldn't see understand the profound theories behind the match. Seeing everyone staring foolishly at Li Yundong, Su Chan and Zi Yuan's faces lit up with delight. She could vaguely guess that Li Yundong had already won, but Zhou Qin still couldn't resist saying to Zi Yuan, "Zi Yuan, how does it look? Hurry up and tell me, how is it? Has Li Yundong won?"

Zi Yuan's face was brimming with uncontrollable joy and admiration. She nodded and said, "Li Yundong won!"

Zhou Qin's eyebrows immediately flew up. "How did he win?" she asked.

Zi Yuan glanced at Chen Yunyan and saw the young cultivator standing there with a dejected look on his pale face. She couldn't help but sigh in her heart, "Since this world already has a master, how can there be another? If this person hadn't picked a fight with Li Yundong, he wouldn't have been defeated so miserably!"

Zi Yuan sighed softly. She explained to Zhou Qin in a low voice, "Chen Yunyan is actually a rare thunder-controlling master in the world. In terms of thunder control, no one can be his opponent except Li Yundong. Chen Yunyan just used the water to simulate a small-sized divine punishment in front of him and controlled the lightning to hit four water cups, so that the cup was broken into a fine powder. But Li Yundong also used the water to attract thunder, and he used the moat of the moat in Dongwu City as a medium, which is very similar to the thunder and lightning. Its scale and power were many times greater than that of Chen Yunyan just now!"

"It should be known that the more powerful the thunder is, the harder it is to control! Chen Yunyan was able to accurately hit the teacups just now because of the small size of the thunder, but Li Yundong has just simulated Heavenly Thunder. Such powerful thunder and lightning and he could actually control it accurately? And the degree of accuracy was far above what Chen Yunyan achieved! It was shocking and fantastic!"

Zi Yuan looked at Li Yundong in awe. She then continued, "Besides, it's always easier to destroy something than to repair it! Regardless of anything else, Chen Yunyan shattered the teacups with Heavenly Thunder and turned them into a fine powder. What was implied was there being no life under the pressure of the Heavenly Thunder. However, Li Yundong was able to fix the shattered teacups with the Heavenly Thunder. Through that, he showed the idea that although Heavenly Thunder is powerful, it can also bring vitality. This is in line with the principles of us cultivators passing through divine punishment and experiencing righteous Cultivation. Therefore, if Chen Yunyan is not blind or stupid, if he still has even a hint of shame, he should immediately admit defeat! Their abilities are not even at the same level!"

Hearing this, Zhou Qin let out a sigh of relief. She chuckled and followed the gaze of Zi Yuan as she looked at Chen Yunyan.

At this time, it was not only Zi Yuan and Zhou Qin who were looking at Chen Yunyan, others were too. The cultivators in the cabin were all staring at him. Almost everyone was silently convinced that Chen Yunyan was the loser. They were just waiting for him to admit defeat.

At this point, Chen Yunyan's body trembled slightly. He had never imagined that he, who had racked his brains for a good strategy, would lose in the end. Furthermore, he had lost so thoroughly that he had no chance to defend himself!

His face was pale and his lips were trembling. He seemed to be mustering all his strength to say the words "I surrender", but just as the words were about to come out, they formed a lump in his throat.

While Chen Yunyan was struggling, a man suddenly jumped up next to him and said loudly, "My Shishiong should have won this battle!"

Looking over, everyone saw that he was a cultivator from the Qingwei Sect. They immediately burst into an uproar and said, "Do you think we are all blind simpletons? If your Shishiong declares himself victorious, we'll eat these teacups!"

"Kid, stop fooling around. If you lose, you should admit it gracefully. Can't the Qingwei Sect afford to fali?"

Li Yunyang looked at him and saw that he was the man from the Qingwei Sect who had planned a sneak attack on him in Mount Tianlong. He smiled and said with cupped hands, "Brother of the Tao, it's time for you to tell me your name, okay?"

The man glanced at Li Yundong and couldn't help but be shocked by his bearing. His cheeks turned slightly red, and he braced himself to say, "Is it important that you know my name? Let's talk about the issue at hand!"

Li Yundong said with a smile, "Oh? What are you trying to say?"

The man straightened up and said, "My Shishiong conjured small-scale Heavenly Thunder, but you did large-scale Heavenly Thunder. This was not fair. It was cheating! Anyway, I'm not convinced!"

The crowd listened to the man's unreasonable explanation, and it was only the last sentence that revealed his true nature. "It seems that he really can't afford to lose the battle!"

Although most of the cultivators present did not have a good impression of Li Yundong, and most of them even felt disdainful and jealous of the leader of the Fox Zen School being surrounded by so many beautiful women, they could not reverse the facts and tell lies.

Li Yundong was not angered by the man's pestering. He turned to Wan Zhenyuan and said with a smile, "Master Wan, you're the host here. Please pass your fair judgment of the matter!"

Wan Zhenyuan was shocked by Li Yundong's Cultivation Quotient methods. At this time, when he saw that Li Yundong was being very polite to him, he stroked his beard and said gravely, "This matter can be said to be a fierce battle between dragons and tigers. Both sides have performed extremely wonderful thunder-controlling methods. They can be said to be orchids in spring and chrysanthemums in autumn, both exuding their own charm, but as the saying goes, there is no first place in literature, and no second place in martial arts. It is the same for our cultivation of battle abilities. If you want me to declare an outcome, I still think Zhenren Li is slightly better!!"

His words were very tactful. He not only gave Chen Yunyan the face to step down, but also came to a conclusion. He hadn't offended anyone. When everyone heard what he said, some people nodded to themselves, admiring Wan Zhenyuan's sophisticated foresight, while others sneered in their hearts. They didn't like his flattery.

After hearing Wan Zhenyuan's words, Chen Yunyan breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing that his Shidee was about to say something, he scolded him in a low voice, "Shidee, don't say anything more. In this battle... I'm a loser!"

Chen Yunyan made an obeisance by cupping his hands to Li Yundong, then said reluctantly, "Zhenren Li, you are truly excellent. I'm convinced!"

Li Yundong smiled slightly and saluted him back. "Zhenren Chen, your cultivation kung fu skills are also nothing to sneeze at, but it’s a pity that you used some of your skills in the wrong place. If you can concentrate on the Tao, I believe you'll continue to improve!"

If these words had been spoken by a senior cultivator, Chen Yunyan might have listened respectfully, but in Chen Yunyan's view, Li Yundong was younger than him, but he had actually taught him a lesson in front of everyone!

So Chen Yunyan was furious and snorted in his heart. He made an obeisance by cupping his hands at Li Yundong with an embarrassed expression and sitting back in his seat.

Wan Zhenyuan smiled and cupped his hands at Li Yundong. "Zhenren Li, according to the rules of the Taoist assembly, it's now time for you to stand guard! You will be challenged by members of all sects until you are defeated! But you can take a break between each battle. Would you like to take a rest now?"

Zhou Qin, who was not far away, was shocked when she heard this. She couldn't help whispering, "What kind of rule is this? Isn't he forcing him? Why does he have to keep accepting challenges as the champion? What if he exhausted all his energy in the last round and gets defeated by someone?"

Zi Yuan smiled helplessly and said, "The tradition of taking turns to challenge the master is an established part of the Taoist assembly! If you aren't powerful enough to suppress the crowd, you won't be able to take away the prized powerful magical weapon!"

Zhou Qin was stunned and whispered, "That's simply too harsh!"

Next to her, Su Chan comforted Zhou Qin in a low voice, "Sister Zhou Qin, don't worry. Yundong will keep winning! He's powerful now!"

The women whispered to each other in private, while Li Yundong on the field smiled slightly. He didn't answer Wan Zhenyuan. Instead, he cupped his hands and said to the cultivators from all the other sects, "Are there any brothers of the Tao coming to battle?"

The cultivators were all shocked and terrified after seeing Li Yundong's Shentong methods just now. For a moment, no one took the initiative to challenge him. They all expected others to stand up so that they could challenge him later, once he'd already been weakened.

Wan Zhenyuan frowned secretly when he saw how the crowd was seemingly paralyzed. He said loudly, "According to the rules, if no one fights within thirty minutes, Zhenren Li will win by default!"

Hearing this, the crowd went into an uproar. No one was willing to let Li Yundong take the immortal pen, but they were even more unwilling to go out first and take the full force of Li Yundong's Zhenqi, then get taken advantage of later!

For a time, everyone just looked around and encouraged each other to move forward, showing that they would rather let their brothers of the Tao die than let themselves die.

Wan Zhenyuan saw that everyone was so petrified of Li Yundong that they would not dare to step forward. He frowned and quickly glanced at Sun Baitian, who was not far away.

As Wan Zhenyuan's gaze swept over him, Sun Baitian immediately understood what he wanted. He slowly walked over to the front of the stage and said loudly, "Zhenren Li, your thunder-controlling skills are very powerful. I wonder how well you've performed your five elements Shentong?"

"It gets me by!" Li Yundong yelled, smiling slightly.

Sun Baitian laughed and said, "That's good. I know a little bit of the five elements' kung fu. Come on, Zhenren Li, let's fight it out!"

The cultivators from the various sects secretly heaved sighs of relief, and they were all excited when they saw Sun Baitian taking the initiative to challenge him.

Li Yundong's thunder controlling ability just now was so powerful that it had made everyone fearful. However, no matter how powerful a person was, it would be impossible for them to master all magics. Everyone was wondering how the Shentong of Li Yundong's five elements was. Sun Baitian was the Qianbei of the Gezao Sect, and twenty years ago, he had been a famous great cultivator. He was the best at five elements fighting methods!

"Li Yun's lightning control skills are stupendous. There's no reason for his five elements to be so abnormal, right?"