Although Li Yundong had stayed in the small worlds of the trichiliocosm of the burning thumb pot for many years, and he had been through almost all of the classics of Buddhism and Taoism, as well as learned almost every kind of magic, he seldom used his powers for actual combat, especially for a fantastic match like this!

Facing the swarming clay soldiers, Li Yundong was shocked but he soon began to use his magic.

Li Yundong pointed at the table, and the mud particles of the Yin-Yang Principle began frantically jumping around. Each grain of mud was constantly expanding, forming a high wall that soon blocked the path of the clay soldiers.

But these clay soldiers did not give up at all when they hit the wall. They separated quickly and stood in a line, and the clay soldiers at the back pushed up the siege carts made by Sun Baitian's magic one by one.

These clay soldiers were in groups of thirty or fifty and surrounding a Fen Wen cart. More than a dozen of them were carrying ladders one after another, rushing over to the mud wall like ants.

Li Yundong could see that although the clay soldiers had been stopped by the mud wall for the meanwhile, they were using siege weapons, constantly attacking the mud wall with magical weapons. Every time they crashed into the wall, a low rumble would sound, and the wall would then emit waves of faint yellow light.

Li Yundong looked at the table with a frown. He knew that the wall alone could not stop these clay soldiers from moving forward. It was already teetering under the fierce impact of the siege carts controlled by the clay soldiers. In particular, some clay men climbed the ladders, ascended to the top of the wall, and then began to jump down like little bombs.

He saw more and more clay soldiers scaling the wall, and more and more cracks were appearing in the defenses. His frowned deepened. Seeing that these clay soldiers were about to rush to his stronghold, he suddenly had an impulse to smash them all into mud biscuits with a single slap!

Sun Baitian, who was opposite Li Yundong, seemed to read Li Yundong's mind. He smiled and said, "Zhenren Li, we can't fight directly. We can only use our magic to fight with the five elements. Otherwise, you will be considered to have cheated and you will lose!"

Li Yundong quickly raised his eyes and glanced at Sun Baitian, then smiled slightly and lowered his eyes again, thinking quickly about possible countermeasures.

"The clay men come from earth magic. Wood can suppress earth, so should I use wood magic to deal with them?"

Thinking of this, Li Yundong quickly mobilized his liver Qi. His liver and organs were of wood. As soon as he mobilized his liver Qi, his face turned a shade of dark green. He pointed to the table, and countless tiny vines quickly sprouted over it, binding the little clay men in place one by one.

At this time, the audience had already left their original positions. They gathered around the round table one by one to watch the eye-opening battle more closely.

Su Chan and the others were even more anxious. They clenched their fists and looked at the table with their heads raised, wishing they could just pounce onto it and start brawling.

When they saw Li Yundong using wood magic to trap the clay soldiers on the spot, they couldn't help cheering in unison. But just as their voices left their mouths, they saw the clay soldiers waving their weapons and cutting at the vines wrapped around them. They cut the wooden vines up in a few moves and then quickly rushed forward.

Li Yundong was slightly surprised. He hadn't expected that the weapons in these clay people's hands could be strong enough to do such a thing. He was stunned and saw that the clay soldiers had rushed into his stronghold.

Li Yundong saw that he was about to lose. Suddenly, he heard Zi Yuan sending a transmission to him, "Li Yundong, blindly suppressing the five elements is not enough. Sun Baitian has used the soil of the five elements. Although these clay soldiers are earth elementals, they also have other elements mixed into them. Moreover, the weapons in the clay soldiers' hands are gold. The mental element can suppress wood, it'll naturally restrain your wood element magic! You have to find a way to use the mutual generation of five elements to deal with these clay weapons. Otherwise, just relying on one kind of elemental magic alone will not be enough!"

Li Yundong had a good idea. He first quickly mobilized his earth magic and built a thick, tall mud wall around his stronghold. Although this wall was only as high as a forearm, it was already high enough that it could not be climbed by these nail-sized clay soldiers.

After Li Yundong blocked the clay soldier's advance, he temporarily breathed a sigh of relief and began to think carefully about what Zi Yuan had said before.

He thought to himself, "Zi Yuan is right. Theoretically, Sun Baitian is attacking me with three kinds of magic: earth, mental, and wood. How can I resist them all with only earth and wood? Only by combining five kinds of magic can I find a way to deal with this effectively!"

Li Yundong saw the clay soldiers meet with the wall he had built with earth magic, and they were preparing to use the same siege weapons and ladders to break through the wall in a two-pronged way.

He saw the city wall shaking ceaselessly under the attack of the siege carts. He thought to himself, "Is there any way to make this city wall impenetrable?"

Thinking of this, Li Yundong suddenly had an idea. He thought to himself, "Fire can nourish earth in the five elements. If I use fire to generate earth, I think the earth magic will become more powerful!"

Li Yundong quickly figured out a solution. As he rubbed his fingers together, a fireball appeared at his fingertips. Most of the cultivators around were discerning people. They could guess what he was going to do as soon as they saw him start to move.

Immediately, one of the cultivators in the crowd nodded and whispered, "That's right. Using fire to generate the earth can make the wall more stable! Furthermore, fire can restrain metal. It can also restrain the mental-element weapons in the clay men's hands!"

However, there were other cultivators who scoffed and said, "Don't be silly. Sun Baitian's clay men are also of the earth element. Once the fire is over, the clay figurines will become stronger!"

Su Chan saw that Li Yundong's territory had already been whittled down to a very small area on this round table. Sun Baitian's main forces had already arrived at the city and surrounded the stronghold.

She couldn't help but worry, but she could do nothing but stare at the small battle at the round table like everyone else.

Seeing that Li Yundong was going to use fire magic to deal with him, Sun Baitian grinned. He waved his hands and summoned a water ball from the teacup next to him. As soon as Li Yundong released his fire magic, Sun Baitian would use water magic to restrain it.

Seeing Sun Baitian's movements, Li Yundong smiled slightly and made a move with his other hand. He placed the tea in the teacup on the desk into his palm, holding a fireball in one hand and a water ball in the other. His face was written with contemplation and concentration. It was clear that this fight was no longer dependant on whose spiritual energy was more powerful and whose five elements magic was more proficient. This was a battle of wits!

Everyone could see that Li Yundong could control the magic of water and fire with ease. Before they had time to marvel, they saw him suddenly throw the water polo in his hand onto the table.

With a crash, the table suddenly transformed into a pool of water, and all the clay soldiers were immersed in it.

Sun Baitian frowned and threw the water ball in his hand into the air. At the same time, he quickly summoned a ball of fire with the other hand and drew out a talisman with the character "Earth" written on it. Immediately, he threw the fireball and talisman toward the clay men on the table.

These clay men were strengthened by the earth magic and stimulated by the fire magic. Suddenly, their bodies became bigger, going from the size of a small fingernail to that of a thumb.

These clay men had been fully submerged, the water going over the top of their heads. At this time, the water could only reach their waists. They shouted and quickly dug up the soil on the table with the weapons in their hands. In only a few moments, they dug out one river after another, and water on the table quickly flowed through these river channels.

The cultivators around nodded and discussed the scene with each other. "Li Yundong clearly knows earth can suppress water, but he still used water. Isn't he asking for trouble?"

But as soon as their voices sounded, they saw Li Yundong throw the fireball in his hand at the wall of earth. The wall of earth immediately burst into blazing flames. In those violent flames, this earthen wall swelled and rised as if it had its own vitality. From the height of a forearm at the beginning to that of a full arm and thick palms!

To an adult, this was just a small clay castle built by children for fun, but for clay men who were only the size of a thumb, this was an indestructible super stronghold!

Only then did everyone understand that Li Yundong had deliberately used water to attack Sun Baitian in order to attract his attention. At the same time, he had used fire to drive the wall to become taller and thicker. This was a deceptive tactic!

Sun Baitian frowned secretly and quickly glanced at Li Yundong, snorting. "Zhenren Li, you know how to use fire. You think I don't?"

After saying that, he rubbed his hands together, and the palms of his two hands lit up with blazing flames. He waved his hand and threw the flames toward the dense mass of clay soldiers on the table.

But as soon as he moved, Li Yundong laughed and raised his own hand, and the tea in the cup automatically jumped up. Like a high-pressure water column, it rushed toward the flames thrown by Sun Baitian, causing them to scatter.

Sun Baitian frowned, then reluctantly mobilized some wood magic again and created a siege weapon several times larger than the previous one to attack Li Yundong's stronghold again.

Li Yundong also cleverly responded to his tricks. He used the magic of the mental element and imitated Sun Baitian's way of pinching a bronze censer into an iron paste. Then, he threw the iron mud around his stronghold. As soon as the iron mud fell on the table, it immediately turned into a tight iron wall, as if it would cover the stronghold with a layer of hard armor.

Without saying anything, Sun Baitian immediately mobilized the fire magic once again and directed it towards the hard metal armor around Li Yundong’s stronghold. In response, Li Yundong swiftly used water to put out the fire.

But this time, before Sun Baitian's fire came into contact with the water, he suddenly manipulated all the clay men on the table, getting them to throw all the previous wooden siege weapons into the fire. This time, the wood fed the fire, making it extremely vigorous. Although the water could have restrained the fire, because the water's momentum was too weak, Li Yundong could not resist it for a while, so the fire burned the metal wall.

When the wall was licked at by the fire, it immediately went red all over, and there were signs of it softening and being about to collapse.

Seeing the intensity of the attack, Li Yundong immediately removed the iron wall and led the fire into his own stronghold, which was then burned. Because the fire drove the earth, Li Yundong's stronghold was strengthened once again, growing ever larger and stronger.

By this point, everyone in the cabin had been watching Li Yundong and Sun Baitian fighting for a while. Their speed was so high that people couldn't catch their eyes. In particular, the round table was like a battlefield. It was like a small-scale attack on the table, making some cultivators who had no time to think just feel like they were watching a fantasy movie unfold right in front of them.

As the saying goes, the laymen watch the fun, while the experts see the way. Some cultivators felt like the scene was very lively, but they could not keep up with the movements and thoughts of the two. Some cultivators could faintly see that Li Yundong and Sun Baitian were racking their brains and continuing to use the five elements magic to attack and defend. In particular, the two of them were taking time to think about how to use the five elements magic, and they not only showed superb five elements controlling skills, but also excellent reactions and wisdom.

What was even more exciting was that in the face of Sun Baitian's preemptive offense, Li Yundong had moved from a position of absolute inferiority to the beginning to gradually establishing a superior foothold. Although facing the bad situation of the suppression of the army, he had responded calmly and successively defeated Sun Baitian's offensive. Not only had he stabilized his position, but he had also secured an invincible position for the time being.

The cultivators present saw this and were secretly impressed. They could not help but think, "If I were Li Yundong, would I be able to stop Sun Baitian’s attack like that?"