Although Zhang Ling from the Zhengyi School looked down on the Gezao Sect and secretly regarded Li Yundong as her enemy, she couldn't help but sigh to Zou Ping at this moment. "During the Warring States period, King Chu summoned Lu Ban to produce a lot of siege weapons to attack the Song Kindom. When Mo Zi heard the news, he rushed to the Chu Kingdom and launched a siege duel on paper with Lu Ban. In this battle, Mo Zi used his belt as the city wall to launch an attack and defend against Lu Ban. As a result, Lu Ban used his nine siege techniques, but Mo Zi dealt with them easily! Unexpectedly, after more than 2,000 years, those tactics have reappeared in such a way today! What a miracle!"

Zou Ping stared at Li Yundong with a very complicated look in her eyes. She felt extremely aggrieved and said, "Master, how Li Yundong could have cultivated for such a short period yet know so much magic? It's enough that his thunder magic is so powerful, but why is he so proficient in the magic of the five elements too?"

Zhang Ling also looked at Li Yundong and shook her head gently, whispering, "This man must have had some sort of fortuitous encounter. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to have improved his magic Cultivation Quotient so quickly in such a short time!"

Zou Ping looked worriedly at Zhang Tianhe, who was standing next to her with a grave expression on his face. She said to Zhang Ling in a low voice, "Master, so Shidee, he..."

Although Zhang Ling didn't like Li Yundong very much, she was also the kind of great cultivator who was rare in the Cultivation World, so she naturally understood reality. She would not give a false account of the facts to her apprentice.

Zhang Ling frowned slightly and shook her head at Zou Ping, asking her not to say anything in the meantime.

Zou Ping immediately shut her mouth. She knew that even her master was no longer optimistic about Zhang Tianhe being able to defeat Li Yundong.

Zou Ping inwardly gritted her teeth. "Since the last time he was humiliated and returned to the mountain, the younger Shidee has been working hard on cultivation. This time, his Cultivation Quotient has improved a lot and he wants to wash away his shame, but I hadn't expected Li Yundong's improvement to be even faster! I really don't know how sad Younger Shidee must be feeling in his heart!"

Zou Ping looked at Zhang Tianhe worriedly, but Zhang Tianhe's eyes were fixed on the battlefield. His body trembled slightly, and he unconsciously clenched his fists. Although there was no expression on his face, there was a strong sense of jealousy and unwillingness shining in his eyes.

Just as everyone was absorbed in watching this rare and wonderful duel, a sparrow suddenly descended to the skylight of the ship. This sparrow craned its neck and looked into the skylight. After a while, a paper crane fell down next to the sparrow.

The paper crane and the sparrow stared at each other for a while, then turned their heads at the same time and looked into the cabin.

At this time, the battle in the cabin was running white-hot, and Li Yundong had begun to switch from being on the defense to being on the offense. He was getting more and more proficient in his control of the magic of the five elements, and his understanding of the mutual generation and restraint of the five elements had become deeper and deeper.

At this time, the round table was no longer the scene of a large number of clay soldiers attacking the city. Li Yundong's stronghold had become a fortress that was impregnable. Under Sun Baitian's fierce attack, not only was this stronghold not weakened, but it was getting even stronger and bigger thanks to Li Yundong's ingenious use of force.

However, as Li Yundong's fortress had become even taller and larger, Sun Baitian had no choice but to upgrade his clay soldiers and weapons. The clay weapons, which had originally been the size of a fingernail, had now become the size of a baby's fist. The cultivators around them even felt like if the two of them continued to fight like this, sooner or later, the fortress in front of Li Yundong would become a real ultimate fortress, and Sun Baitian's clay soldiers would become real human-sized clay soldiers in the end!

While Sun Baitian was busy fiercely attacking the fortress, Li Yundong also began to formulate his own army to launch an attack on Sun Baitian's stronghold.

The crowd could see that Li Yundong was using all his Zhenqi to fight Sun Baitian, and their clay soldiers were locked in a conflict. The magic spells of Metal; Wood; Water; Fire; and Earth were flying around them. Sometimes Li Yundong would gain an advantage on one battlefield, and sometimes Sun Baitian would fight back on another battlefield. The two of them seemed to be in a stalemate.

By this point, Li Yundong had mobilized his Zhenqi to the peak state. Although his face looked normal, white steam was rising from the top of his head. Sun Baitian's face turned red or green from time to time. The colors of his face were changing back and forth, making him look like some kind of chameleon.

Sun Baitian could see that Li Yundong's fortress was becoming more and more solid. He had been attacking it for a long time and had become weaker than before due to the draining of his Zhenqi. However, his opponent, Li Yundong, was still full of energy. His eyes were shining and unfathomable as if he still had a lot of vitality left!

Sun Baitian was secretly alarmed. He thought to himself, "I've never seen such a strong person with powerful and exhaustive Qi in all my dozens of years of cultivation! Moreover, he's so young! How did he get like this? Furthermore, he's the leader of Fox Zen School. I heard that he has a bad reputation as some kind of womanizer!"

"However, how could a womanizer have such a strong and majestic Qi?"

Sun Baitian was secretly shocked. He gritted his teeth and struggled to hold on, but he was helpless because he had used too much Zhenqi on launching a fierce attack before. At this time, Li Yundong commanded his army to attack. They were like beasts flooding out of their cages, and they stormed past the gate. The battle line was immediately pushed back to the Yin-Yang Principle, but his clay men were beaten into retreating!

At that moment, some sharp-eyed cultivators knew that Sun Baitian's power had already been exhausted, and he could no longer resist Li Yundong's fierce attack like a raging tide. They shook their heads and sighed to themselves, "Sun Baitian has lost. What a pity! Who could have imagined what kind of person this Li Yundong guy is? Even his Five Elements magic is so powerful that he can actually win against Sun Baitian! Terrifying, truly terrifying!"

But just as they were sighing over this, Li Yundong and Sun Baitian's armies collided with each other in the middle of the round table. Suddenly, the table was finally overwhelmed, and it split into two parts with a click, falling in opposite directions.

Li Yundong and Sun Baitian were stunned at the same time. They looked at each other and did not speak for a while. Li Yundong looked at Sun Baitian as if he was asking him if he wanted to continue. However, Sun Baitian seemed not to sense his gaze, quickly looking away and trying to adjust his breathing.

Everyone could see that Sun Baitian was drenched in sweat, looking as if he had just been fished out of a water tank. Even though Li Yundong was panting slightly, his expression was calm and was showing no other signs of strain. Comparing the two, it was easy to know who would win!

Wan Zhenyuan frowned when he saw the end of the battle. Soon, he came up with an idea and clapped his hands with a hearty laugh. "Wonderful, it's really wonderful!"

At this time, everyone in the field seemed to awaken from a dream, bursting out into applause and cheers.

Although this battle was not as earth-shattering as the previous one had been, this time, not only were they comparing their cultivation levels and understanding of the five elements magic, but they were also competing on their strategy and wisdom. It was the perfect application of military strategy in a battle. Everyone couldn't help but be unconvinced!

Just as everyone was cheering loudly, the sparrow that had been watching from the skylight suddenly spread its wings and flew off.

It flapped its wings and flew into the sky, going in one direction for a while before finally landing in the palm of an old man.

This old man was wearing a black kimono and had a pair of wooden clogs on his feet. He was Master Cinian of Zhenyan Tantrism, Rigoino, whom Li Yundong had met once at the Xiyuan Temple.

He gently touched the sparrow in his palm with one wrinkled hand. He sighed softly and said, "Alas, I hadn't expected that this great country, China, which claims to be the country of the Celestial Dynasty, to fall to such a low level! So many cultivators have become clowns! What a pity!"

The one standing next to him was Shinsyu, who had confronted Li Yundong before. The young monk was still wearing a brand-name suit and standing humbly behind a little girl. After listening to Master Cinian's words, he said, "Master Cinian, you worry too much! These cultivators who need to secretly settle a score have no real ability."

Tachibana Wakako, dressed in a red dress with a floral print, looked like a lovely doll. She looked up at Cinian and said with a smile, "But Master Cinian, I think that their battle just now was quite interesting!"

Cinian shook his head and sighed. "Tachibana Wakako, you're still a child after all, so of course you think it's interesting. In my opinion, it was a farce. In the Cultivation World of our great Japan, this is simply unheard of! Settling a score is a sacred and solemn thing. How could it be done in such a trifling manner? In the Cultivation World, fighting is serious. If you can't defeat the enemy, you will die!"

Tachibana Wakako blinked her eyes, seeming to understand, and asked sincerely, "Master Cinian, do we still have to attend their Taoist assembly?"

Cinian hesitated for a moment. Just as he was hesitating, he heard Shinsyu cut in and say, "Master Cinian, please allow me to go to the Taoist assembly to compete with Li Yundong! I will let these Chinese cultivators understand the true meaning of a fight!"

Cinian shook his head without even thinking. "No, we're not here to cause trouble this time!"

Shinsyu was greatly disappointed, but he didn't say anything else and just lowered his head obediently. Like a servant, he respectfully stood behind Tachibana Wakako and kept silent.

However, Tachibana Wakako was not satisfied with this. She tugged on the sleeves of Cinian and pleaded like a spoiled child, "Master Cinian, it wasn't easy for me to come out here and I happened to come across such a fun Taoist assembly. Let me go and take a look! Please, please!"

Cinian looked at Tachibana Wakako with a loving expression. He thought carefully for a moment, then smiled helplessly. "Alright, Tachibana Wakako, I really can't refuse you!"

Upon hearing this, she was overjoyed and cheered, "Hooray, Master Cinian! Don't worry, I will be very obedient and won't cause any trouble!"

Hearing this, Cinian clasped his hands in his sleeves and said proudly, "What if you cause trouble? These cultivators who treat duels as child's play are not worthy of being our opponents." After that, he laughed loudly. His laughter was like thunder, making the little sparrow in his hand fly up in fright and flee into the distance.