Zhou Qin's words immediately turned the cabin quiet. The cultivators from every sect looked at her strangely. Liu Yuqing even raised his head and laughed out loud. The young cultivators of Shenxiao Sect that were accompanying him also burst into mocking laughter.

Zhou Qin was a little annoyed by their laughter, so she said loudly, "What's so funny?"

Liu Yuqing chuckled and didn't say anything. A disciple of Shenxiao Sect next to him exclaimed, "You're so shameless. How can you claim to be the chief disciple of your sect yourself? Li Yundong is just the leader of the Fox Zen School. How dare you boast that you're the chief disciple of your sect? Which sect do you belong to?"

After that, they laughed again.

At this time, the cultivators of the other sects in the ship also started making fun of Zhou Qin and gesticulating at her.

Li Yundong saw Zhou Qin standing there with a flushed face. She was so angry that her body was trembling slightly. He walked over to her and patted her on the shoulder, whispering, "Zhou Qin, we cultivators need to do self-cultivation, so we have to pay attention to controlling our emotions and temper. Forget it, I'll be fine, and I can fight him. You..."

However, before Li Yundong could finish his words, Zhou Qin acted as if she hadn't heard him. She suddenly took a step forward, pointed at Liu Yuqing, and shouted excitedly, "Don't talk so much nonsense. Do you dare to fight me or not?!"

Li Yundong was stunned. He looked at his classmate and proud disciple in confusion. He didn't understand why Zhou Qin, who had always listened to him, had suddenly lost control of her emotions and turned a deaf ear to his words?

Li Yundong was about to say something when he suddenly felt someone gently pinch the tip of his finger. He turned his head and saw Zi Yuan shaking her head at him.

Although he was puzzled, out of his trust in Zi Yuan, he swallowed back what he had been about to say to Zhou Qin.

Li Yundong didn't know that while Zhou Qin could tolerate others' contempt and mockery of her, she absolutely couldn't tolerate others' contempt and ridicule of him.

In the face of Zhou Qin's challenge, Liu Yuqing's eyes revealed a hint of disdain and sarcasm. However, he didn't lose his mind because of this. He knew that even if he defeated Zhou Qin, it wouldn't do him any good. On the contrary, he would end up with a reputation for bullying the young as a senior, bullying the weak as a strong person, and bullying women as a man.

Liu Yuqing snorted and sneered. He turned his face away and looked at Wan Zhenyuan.

Li Yundong also cupped his hands to Wan Zhenyuan and said, "Master Wan, according to our usual practices, can he send his own disciples to participate in the battle himself?"

Wan Zhenyuan looked at Zhou Qin and chuckled. "Of course! According to the rules of the Taoist assembly, a disciple can take on a battle for their master. However, the outcome of the battle should also be considered. If the disciple loses, it is deemed that the master has lost. From then on, the master will lose the right to participate in the competition and win the treasure."

Zhou Qin was shocked about this. She immediately glanced at Li Yundong, a little hesitant in her heart to give up.

In Zhou Qin's view, it didn't matter if she lost, but if she made Li Yundong lose the right to participate in the competition, it would be a grave sin!

When Li Yundong saw Zhou Qin looking at him, he suddenly felt tense because he knew that Zhou Qin had lost the confidence to win and her aggressive spirit from before, and she was now beginning to be overcautious and indecisive, worrying about gains and losses.

Whether cultivators cultivated or settled a score, they always had to focus on advancing forward, surpassing all obstacles with great fearlessness and overcoming all difficulties. Their biggest fear was to fall into a dilemma.

And once they were trapped in it, if they accepted the challenge, it would be fine if they won, but if they lost, they would fall into endless self-blame and regret. It was extremely unfavorable for cultivation. It could even be said that without great luck and superior concentration, no matter how talented the cultivator was, he would basically become second-rate.

Moreover, if Zhou Qin refused to fight, her Taoist heart would be broken. Because no matter when she cultivated in the future, as long as she thought about today's matter, she would regret that she had retreated and fallen under an evil influence.

Zheng Yuan also understood this logic, and he sneered. He gave Zhou Qin a meaningful look and then glanced at Wan Zhenyuan.

Ding Nan, who was standing by the side of Zheng Yuan, was extremely concerned about Zhou Qin's affairs. Hearing Zheng Yuan's sneer, she hurriedly asked, "Master, what are you laughing at? Are you laughing at Zhou Qin overestimating her capabilities?"

Zheng Yuan shook his head and said in a low voice, "No, I'm laughing at Wan Zhenyuan's evil intentions! He could have not said the latter sentence at all, but he just said it out. Think about his motivation. This sentence set a trap for Zhou Qin. No matter what she chooses, it will be difficult to escape this trap, otherwise, she will fall under an evil influence. From then on, it’ll be hard to make progress in cultivation!"

Ding Nan looked at her former "good sister" with a complicated look in her eyes, biting her lip slightly. "Is there no other way for Zhou Qin to win?" she asked.

Zheng Yuan sneered and said, "Yes! Zhou Qin has to accept the challenge, and she must win! Otherwise, her cultivation journey will be over!"

Ding Nan took a deep look at Zhou Qin and suddenly whispered, "She will definitely win!"

Zheng Yuan sneered and said, "Are you kidding me? At best, Zhou Qin is only a cultivator who has just finished building the Zhuji phase. How could she beat Liu Yuqing? Do you know who Liu Yuqing is? He is Shidee of the leader of Shenxiao Sect. His Shentong kung fu already became famous all over the world more than a decade ago! How could Zhou Qin be his match? Hey, no matter which path Zhou Qin chooses, she is almost self-sufficient with her cultivation! Wan Zhenyuan is really good at scheming. He's really powerful!"

After saying that, Zheng Yuan said to Ding Nan earnestly, "Ping'er, you have to study seriously. Settling a score is not only based on the powerful spiritual energy of the cultivation base, nor is it just about seeing whose magic weapon is powerful. You see, Wan Zhenyuan almost destroyed a cultivator with great potential with just one sentence. This is why they say the pen is mightier than the sword!"

But Ding Nan didn't seem to hear it. She looked at Zhou Qin intently, insisted and stubbornly repeated, "She will win. She must win!"

Zheng Yuan was curious and asked, "Oh, why?"

There was a strange light in Ding Nan's eyes. She gritted her teeth and said word by word, "Because she must be defeated by me!"

Zheng Yuan was stunned and thought to himself, "Why is Ping'er so strange? Why does it seem that she hates Zhou Qin so strongly?"

While they were whispering, Li Yundong cast a meaningful look at Wan Zhenyuan, then turned his face to Zhou Qin with a gentle expression and said, "Zhou Qin, do you know what this battle means?"

Although Zhou Qin had had a serious fight with Yan Fang before, it was now a decision of life and death, so she had no choice, she had to work hard. As such, she could Inspire all her own potential.

But at that moment, things were very different. She could choose not to fight, so as to keep Li Yundong's right to continue to participate in the competition.

In this situation, Zhou Qin just felt that it would not be good whether she chose to fight or not. She couldn't help but whisper nervously, "I know, if I lose, Master, you will lose the chance to get the Immortal Pen."

Li Yundong couldn't help laughing. It was rare for him to show intimacy with Zhou Qin in public. He reached out a hand and patted Zhou Qin's shoulder gently. Then he took her hand and said earnestly, "Zhou Qin, you're wrong! For me, the Immortal Pen is indeed a very important powerful magical weapon, but compared with you, it's worthless! There are so many powerful magical weapons in the world. Do I have to take them all? I think that as long as the magic weapon is usable, I will be satisfied. What's more, if I lose it, I can take it back in the future."

Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin with a gentle gaze, as if it was only him and her there, no one else. "But if your cultivation falls under an evil influence here, there will be no way to remedy it! Therefore, for me, what I most care about is whether you can defeat your inner devil, and as for the immortal pen or anything else, I don't care at all. Besides, no matter how powerful magical weapons are, they are just lifeless objects. In this world, no one values lifeless objects over living people. Haha, let alone the immortal pen, even if all the powerful magical weapons in the world were piled up here, they would not be as important as you. Do you understand?"

Li Yundong's words rendered everyone speechless for a moment. In particular, the female cultivators from various sects looked at him with starry eyes, full of adoration.

Wei Qing folded her hands in front of her chest, like she was praying. She said adoringly, "Oh my god, it's so touching! Li Yundong is really a peerless saint of love. If I were Zhou Qin, it would be worth it even if I died in the next moment!"

On the other hand, Yue Sheng rolled his eyes and snorted. "Gimme a break. Are you still a cultivator? You've watched too many idol dramas, haven't you?"

Wei Qing immediately rolled her eyes hard. "What do you know? How could there be women in the world who wouldn't want men to think highly of them? What's wrong with female cultivators? Aren't female cultivators still women?"

Although Zhang Ling and the others of the Zhengyi School had always had a grudge against Li Yundong, as female cultivators, their impression of him had changed greatly after listening to his words. Zhang Ling couldn't help but think to herself, "Although Li Yundong has opposed us again and again, he is still an extremely affectionate person. Alas, I was as stupid as a brick back then. If I had half the affection of Li Yundong, I wouldn't be lonely for the rest of my life!“

The younger girl next to Zou Ping couldn't help tugging at her sleeves and whispering, "Shijie, Shijie! Li Yundong doesn't look like a bad guy at all. How could someone who could treat his own disciple so well in this world be a bad guy?"

Hearing Li Yundong's words, Zou Ping suddenly felt emotional and looked at Zhang Tianhe sadly. She thought to herself, "If my proud Shidee could talk to me like Li Yundong, even if it's only one sentence, I would die without complaint!"

Zou Ping let out a heavy sigh, but didn't answer her question. She smiled bitterly. "Younger sister, you don't understand... when you grow up a little, you'll get it!"

The girl blinked her eyes and nodded as if she comprehended, but not yet.

The female cultivators, who had nothing to do with these words, were greatly moved after hearing this. Zhou Qin was even more excited after hearing it. In an instant, tears almost burst out of her eyes.

At this moment, Zhou Qin only felt that her persistence and effort seemed to have been rewarded. For a moment, she looked at Li Yundong with tears in her eyes. This usually strong and indifferent woman was looking at Li Yundong with great affection, and tears kept rolling from her eyes. It seemed that as if in the next second, if Li Yundong asked her to jump off a cliff, she would do so without hesitation

Ruan Hongling saw that Zhou Qin was so moved that she was almost crying in public. She couldn't help sighing in her heart, "You know that she likes you, but you still say such words to her! Alas, Li Yundong, how many people are you trying to hurt? Is it true that as long as women see you, they will fall in love with you and no longer love others, thus affecting the rest of their lives?"

Li Yundong didn't seem to see the various eyes and reactions of the people around him. He smiled, stretched out his hand, and wiped away the tears from the corner of Zhou Qin's eyes with his generous and soft palm. “There is a saying ’Go to war! Attack the heart, break the opponent's Tao heart, and defeat the enemy without a fight.' This is the best way to settle a score! Zhou Qin, don't disarm without fighting! It won't matter even if you lose. The most important thing is not to leave any regrets in your heart! Things you lose can be found again, and the battle can be won back again. But once regrets are left, there is no way to make up for them!”

Zhou Qin only felt that Li Yundong's palm was warm and soft. When his skin touched the corners of her eyes, she trembled slightly, as if she had been shocked by thunder. His words made her heart surge with a warm power, which quickly poured into her four limbs and internal organs, making her feel as if she had endless strength!

Zhou Qin looked at Li Yundong deeply and suddenly smiled brightly. She nodded hard and said, "Master, I understand! I won't let you down!"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "I've never been disappointed in you." After that, they looked at each other and smiled.

Zi Yuan, who had been staring at Li Yundong with a complicated expression, saw Zhou Qin taking a deep breath and slowly closing her eyes. She knew that Zhou Qin was going to do the final adjustment and go on stage, so she whispered, "Liu Yuqing's cultivation is not trivial. Zhou Qin, you fight with him. Remember not to let him make the rules here. Also, try your best to fight with him using fighting skills or a powerful magical weapon. Don't compete with him using magic, otherwise you'll have no chance of winning!"

Li Yundong also nodded in agreement and said, "Yes, Zhou Qin. The cabin here is narrow and this place is more suitable for fighting. You should try your best to fight hand-to-hand with him to narrow the gap between you and him in Cultivation Quotient and magic! In a contest of magic, even ten of you would be no match for him. In a comparison of fists and feet, you'll be equals!"

After the two of them finished speaking, Zhou Qin slowly let out a breath. This breath was like a straight arrow, spreading out until the couplets hanging on the cabin met the wall, making the papers rustle.

Zhou Qin opened her eyes. She no longer looked back at Li Yundong, nor did she look at Zi Yuan. She just stared at Liu Yuqing, as if everyone in the surrounding world had disappeared, leaving only Liu Yuqing and herself!

Zhou Qin took a leisurely step forward. She cupped her hands and said in a sonorous voice, "I am Zhou Qin, Zhenren Liu, please enlighten me!"