Liu Yuqing hadn't expected that Li Yundong would actually support Zhou Qin in public like this. What was even more unexpected was that when Zhou Qin opened her eyes again, there was no fear or worry there. By this time, Zhou Qin had entered the Cultivation of no-self and no living creatures. There was no one else in her eyes but him.

Liu Yuqing sneered secretly, very disdainful of Zhou Qin's irresponsibility. He thought somewhat mockingly, "A serious sheep is just a sheep. Do you really expect to defeat me? You're just a baby. Even if I fight with you, others will laugh at me for bullying you!"

Liu Yuqing snorted coldly and turned his head to Li Yundong. "Zhenren Li, if you send your disciple to fight, then I'll also send my disciple. Lest I be said to be bullying young people by virtue of being older!"

When the cultivators from the other sects heard that, they all laughed in their hearts. They thought to themselves, "Liu Yuqing isn't dumb. He knows that it's dishonorable to fight with a girl. If he wins, he will appear harsh, but if he loses, he will feel shame. Sending out his proud disciple is the best choice. No matter what, his disciple's cultivation is better than that of the girl named Zhou Qin."

When Li Yundong heard Liu Yuqing's words, he smiled and cupped his hands. "Zhenren Liu, I don't have any objections. I just don't know if your disciples have any objections? Don't they fear that they will lose your right to continue with the competition after losing the game?"

As soon as he said this, everyone cheered in secret. Su Chan even laughed and said, "Awesome! Yundong is really smart. This is called giving him a taste of his own medicine! Liu Yuqing wants to break sister Zhou Qin's Taoist heart, so Yundong wants to break his disciple's Taoist heart instead! Let us see how he handles it!"

As expected, Liu Yuqing's expression changed drastically. He looked at Li Yundong with an unfriendly gaze and said in a deep voice, "Zhenren Li, what do you mean by that? Do you think that my disciples are not as good as yours?"

Li Yundong laughed. "Well, you'll have to ask them!"

Liu Yuqing turned his head and looked at his disciples. He shouted with a serious face, "Who dares to fight me?"

His disciples saw Zhou Qin’s beautiful appearance. She stood gracefully in the square with an extraordinary heroic bearing. As the saying goes, a gentleman is fond of beauty. Zhou Qin's beauty naturally attracted the admiration of these young male cultivators.

One of the handsome young men stepped forward and said, "Master, I'm willing to fight for you!"

Only then did Liu Yuqing's expression improve a little. He nodded slightly and said, "Alright, you can also be considered a cultivator who has cultivated to the Yangshen phase. I'll be a little more at ease when you fight."

When the young, handsome male disciple heard this, he turned his head and smiled at Zhou Qin with what he thought was his most charming look. "You're asking, Zhenren Zhou?"

Unexpectedly, Zhou Qin's eyes moved, and her eyes turned to the male disciple like lightning. Zhou Qin's character had originally been firm and strong. Her own aura was vigorous and strong. In addition, she had honed her aura and character in the Himalayas along the way. At this time, when she glared at him, her momentum was really extraordinary!

Zhou Qin stared at him fiercely, and said coldly, "Aren't you afraid of death?"

The young and handsome man felt like he was being stared at by a beast. He trembled. There was a panic in his heart for no reason, and he couldn't speak for a while.

Seeing the man's eyes suddenly reveal a hint of fear, Zhou Qin immediately sneered with disdain. "Zhenren Liu, it seems that your disciple is not so good!"

Liu Yuqing immediately flew into a rage and shouted at his disciple, "You waste, are you trembling after just hearing a sentence?"

The young male disciple's face turned red, and he lowered his head, not daring to refute.

Zhou Qin looked back and said coldly, "Zhenren Liu, I think it's better for you to fight yourself. Don't waste everyone's time!"

Liu Yuqing's expression was one of embarrassment. He gritted his teeth and sneered. "I've never seen a junior as arrogant as you! Very well, since you're determined to seek death, I'll fulfill your wish!"

Zhou Qin was not angry. She slowly adjusted her breathing and tried to adjust her body to its best state. She said faintly, "Zhenren Liu, since you are older than me and have cultivated for longer, we won't compete on magic. Otherwise, people will say that you are bullying the young. Let's have a competition of kung fu, fists and feet. Do you agree to that?"

Liu Yuqing saw that Zhou Qin was obviously showing off her cleverness after taking advantage of him. He was so angry that he started laughing. "Kung fu with fists and feet? Hmph, you actually dare to compete with me in kung fu with fists and feet? Do you know what kung fu I've learned?"

Zhou Qin said coldly, "I don't know. I just want to know, after talking for such a long time, will you choose to fight or not?"

Liu Yuqing laughed in anger. "Fine, fine, fine. Come, let me see what impressive kung fu you've learned!" With that, he crossed his arms and lifted them from below his chest. Suddenly, he let out a loud shout. His entire body shook and a burst of Zhenqi burst forth from within him. The clothes on his body made a crisp sound as the corners of them fluttered even though there was no wind!

Liu Yuqing frowned and widened his eyes. He swung his sleeves, and as soon as they touched the edge of the table next to him, they suddenly slapped like a sharp sword and cut the legs of the hard mahogany table!

As the saying goes, medicine is to carry the Tao, kung fu is to defend it. Nine out of ten Taoists knew kung fu, and the cultivators in this cabin were also knowledgeable about fist and feet kung fu. They were suddenly shocked, and some cultivators couldn't help but whisper, "So strong!"

Liu Yuqing had swung his sleeves and displayed a powerful, fierce move. Su Chan, Ruan Hongling, and the others gasped when they saw this.

Ruan Hongling couldn't help but ask Zi Yuan, "Sister Zi Yuan, what kind of kung fu can he use?"

Zi Yuan saw Liu Yuqing standing alone like a golden rooster with one fist facing upwards, while the other hand was stretched out behind him. Although he was standing on one leg, he seemed at ease, and there was a deadly move hidden in his posture.

Zi Yuan was slightly shocked. She whispered, "Oh no, this seems to be the Baji Fist!"

Ruan Hongling was shocked. "Ah? Baji Fist? Then won't Zhou Qin be in danger?"

With a serious expression on her face, Zi Yuan looked at Li Yundong, shook her head at Ruan Hongling, and she didn't say anything more, but her face was filled with worry.

There were also young cultivators who had followed their Qianbeis to attend the Taoist assembly not long after starting cultivation. When they saw Liu Yuqing's odd posture, they could not help but ask, "What kind of fist is this? It looks so weird!"

Some experienced cultivators explained, "It's Baji Fist!"

"Baji Fist? Is it the Baji Fist that Emperor Kangxi personally nominated as 'There is Tai Chi in the literary world to stabilize the whole world, and there is Baji Fist to stabilize the universe'?"


"The Baji Fist is known as the supreme skill of Waijiaquan. Tsk, it seems that Zhou Qin will be in real danger this time!"

"I hadn't expected that Liu Yuqing from the Shenxiao Sect could use the Baji Fist. I originally thought that he practiced the Neijiaquan! In Waijiaquan, isn’t it all the Buddhist fists that dominate?"

"That's not true. Ding Faxiang, who was famous for his Baji Fist, was taught by our Taoist sect. The person who taught him kung fu is Zhenren Huang Jue, who is known as the Sloppy Taoist!"

"I wonder what Zhou Qin will do this time. Will she be able to defeat Liu Yuqing?"

While the crowd was talking about it, Liu Yuqing suddenly glared at Zhou Qin and shouted, "Come on!" After that, he moved and was about to step forward.

Zhou Qin suddenly raised her palm and said, "Wait!"

Liu Yuqing forcefully suppressed the strength in his body and said unhappily, "What else do you want to say?"

Zhou Qin said, "Since it's a life-and-death fight, we naturally won't have to take responsibility for the death and injury. Is that right?"

Liu Yuqing sneered and said, "Of course. Girl, if you're afraid, it's not too late to retreat now! You haven't cultivated the Yin Spirit out of cultivation yet. If you die, you'll be snuffed out. There's nothing we can do for you!"

Zhou Qin smiled as if she hadn't heard Liu Yuqing's words. "I see. Let's get started!" she said.

Liu Yuqing took a deep breath and was about to step forward again. However, just as he moved, he heard Zhou Qin saying, "Wait!"

Liu Yuqing's Qi had just gushed out like a flood from the opening of a gate, he had no choice but to retract it immediately. He was very depressed in his heart and shouted impatiently, "What do you want to do now?"

Zhou Qin smiled. "There is something that we have to make clear first."

Liu Yuqing said angrily, "Why can't you say it all at once?"

Zhou Qin smiled. "Didn't you talk for a long time before? Why are you suddenly getting impatient now?"

Liu Yuqing only felt that he, as a Qianbei of the Shenxiao Sect, was entangled with a junior here. He didn't know where to use his strength. His fire of destruction rushed to the top of his head and he spat out angrily, "This time, it's different now. How can it be the same? What on earth do you want to say? Tell me quickly!"

Zhou Qin smiled and said, "I want to say that no matter who wins or loses, no one will be allowed to take responsibility. What do you think of it?"

Liu Yuqing said angrily, "Of course! Do you still want to fight or not?"

Zhou Qin calmed down and stood still. "Come on!" she said.

Liu Yuqing snorted angrily and got into position again. Just as he was about to activate all his strength, he heard Zhou Qin shouting, "Wait a moment!"

At this time, the people around them couldn't help but laugh softly. Liu Yuqing suddenly flew into a rage and said, "You, a girl, why do you have so many tricks? Just get out if you won't fight!"

Zhou Qin was not angry. She smiled and said, "I have to say a few words to my master." After that, she ignored Liu Yuqing and walked over to Li Yundong's table.

When Li Yundong saw Zhou Qin walking over, he took the cover of his body and secretly gave Zhou Qin a thumbs up. He laughed softly and said, "That's right. Liu Yuqing has been irritated and made impatient by you. He's gone down the drain again and again!"

Zi Yuan also whispered. "Zhou Qin, remember to use gentleness to overcome toughness later on. You can't take Liu Yuqing head-on. He practices Bajiquan. This type of fist method is strong and fierce, very terrifying!"

Zhou Qin nodded, indicating that she understood. She picked up the cup and took a sip, then turned her head and walked to the battlefield.

At this time, Liu Yuqing was already getting impatient to the extreme. In his heart, a beautiful and delicate girl like Zhou Qin, even if she knew kung fu, was just a showy and impractical fighter. It was not worth mentioning at all. She would be defeated as soon as she was touched by his Baji Fist!

Zhou Qin moved her wrists and ankles, saying to Liu Yuqing, "Zhenren Liu, are you ready?"

Liu Yuqing didn't want to wait anymore. He looked at Zhou Qin impatiently and said, "I've already prepared it. As for you, are you ready?"

Zhou Qin smiled, her right foot slightly forward and her body slightly leaning forward. She raised her back and said, "I'm ready too!"

Liu Yuqing waved to Zhou Qin and said, "Come on then!"

Zhou Qin took a deep breath and said slowly, "Well... Okay!"

After that, her eyes suddenly widened, and the strength of her whole body burst like a violent explosive!

Zhou Qin stomped down hard with her right foot, obviously tilting the ship, and her body, like an artillery shell, rushed toward Liu Yuqing!

The people on the sidelines only felt a strong wind blowing over their faces. It was like a fierce tiger carrying an unstoppable force, suddenly jumping down the mountain stream!

Liu Yuqing was stunned. He had never expected Zhou Qin's sudden attack to be so powerful. In the blink of an eye, she was already in front of him!

If it were an ordinary person, he might have been in a flurry and caught off guard by Zhou Qin. However, Liu Yuqing's Baji Fist could fight from afar and be under-handed. The name of the Baji Fist in full was "Baji Fist, which means that the power can reach extremely far in eight directions on four sides".

Liu Yuqing shouted, "Good timing!" With one hand behind his back, he put his five fingers together like a bird's beak, and with his other hand in front of himself, he slammed his palm towards Zhou Qin's head!

This was the Baji Fist's move called "Chao Yang Rotating Palm".

Liu Yuqing's punch hit Zhou Qin's head like a strongman waving a hammer. If it hit her, her brain would burst and she would die on the spot.

However, Zhou Qin did not dodge. Her eyes were wide open. With an explosive shout, she sent a vicious punch towards Liu Yuqing's throat!

This was exactly the same move she had learned from Li Yundong when he had been fighting Huang Yifei in school. It was a move of straight attacking, bridging of the three gates, and using thunderbolt momentum to fight the enemy and save oneself.

When the crowd saw that Zhou Qin and Liu Yuqing were about to fight to the death as soon as they touched, they were all shocked and stood up in shock. They opened their eyes wide and surveyed the field!

One was an older, veteran cultivator, and the other was a beautiful young lady. The two were fighting each other to death. Who would win and who would lose?