Zhou Qin's punch was like the roar of a cannon, and with this one move, the air around her seemed to be squeezed away, like a thunderstorm, rushing to Liu Yuqing's eyes in a split second.

Liu Yuqing was slightly startled. He had never expected such a beautiful woman to fight so desperately!

Although Liu Yuqing was surprised, he had cultivated kung fu for many years and had reached the Cultivation of strength following his mind. With a thought, he withdrew the palm that was aimed at Zhou Qin's head, and his body floated away like a ghost. Zhou Qin hit nothing.

Zhou Qin missed. Following that, she felt a strong gust of wind coming from her waist and abdomen. Liu Yuqing took advantage of the opportunity to turn around and aim a backhanded palm at her waist and abdomen.

This palm seemed to not be as fierce as the previous Chao Yang Rotating Palm, but the force was feminine, and it touched the vital parts of the human waist and abdomen. If he touched the kidney, the force would immediately drill into her body and cause great damage to the kidney.

Zhou Qin gritted her teeth and twisted her slender waist. Her whole body seemed to coil into hemp. She moved her hand to her side and tried to push away Liu Yuqing's hand that was around her waist. She clenched her other hand into a fist and smashed it towards Liu Yuqing's chest with a whoosh.

Liu Yuqing sneered. As soon as his hand touched Zhou Qin's body, he immediately flicked his wrist and moved his arms towards Zhou Qin's waist like they were loaches. His fingertips quickly brushed the side of Zhou Qin's waist.

This was the Horse Palm, the Vajra Eight of the Baji Fist!

Zhou Qin felt that as soon as his fingertips touched her body, an extremely cold breath suddenly filled her long. She felt as if she had been hit by an electric current, and half of her body had gone numb!

If it had been someone else, they would have directly lost their ability to resist. However, when Zhou Qin climbed Kari Holy Mountain, she had climbed through the snow with her bare hands and survived the frigid conditions. At this time, how could she not bear it?

Zhou Qin had suffered a great loss in the first round with Liu Yuqing. However, she gritted her teeth, and her entire body erupted with an extremely powerful force, like she was a wounded tiger. She suddenly took a step forward and burrowed into Liu Yuqing's embrace, then raised her arm and used her elbow to hit Liu Yuqing's chest. She lifted her knee and slammed it down towards Liu Yuqing's body.

Liu Yuqing was shocked. He hadn't expected that Zhou Qin wouldn't retreat after being hit by his palm. Instead, she would suddenly go crazy and come up to him to fight hand-to-hand!

In hand-to-hand combat, it was important to maintain momentum. Liu Yuqing thought that he was good at kung fu and he was a Qianbei. How could he give in to a young person, especially a young and beautiful woman? Without thinking twice, he immediately used his elbow to hit Zhou Qin's arm. At the same time, he also lifted his knee and hit Zhou Qin's knee.

Everyone could see that Zhou Qin and Liu Yuqing's elbows and knees were touching. They collided with each other, making two dull thuds. It was as if someone was using a hammer to smash sandbags together.

When Liu Yuqing bumped into Zhou Qin, he felt that her bones were as hard as steel. Although his cultivation was high, he was not a master of the Jinshen phase. After all, his physical body was only an ordinary physical body. The impact made his elbow and knee feel a sharp pain.

However, Liu Yuqing saw that she did not seem to be feeling any pain at all. Her face was as hard as steel, and the muscles in her cheeks were twisting together like metal bars. She gritted her teeth and elbowed towards his head.

Liu Yuqing couldn't believe that her elbow and knee would not be injured at all, so he immediately jabbed his arm hard toward her elbow.

The elbow joints of the two people collided heavily with a crisp, bloodcurdling sound.

Su Chan was also skilled with her fists and feet, and she was especially proficient with the joints and bones of the human body. When she heard the voice, she couldn't help shivering and said with a pale face, "Oh no, their bones are broken! I don't know whose though."

Both Ziyuan and Ruan Hongling didn't seem to hear her. They both stared nervously on the arena, not daring to blink for fear that the outcome would be decided without them seeing.

After Liu Yuqing's head-on collision with Zhou Qin, he felt like his elbow had been slammed with a hammer, and the pain made him see a darkness in front of his eyes!

But before he could react, he saw Zhou Qin hitting his face with a hammer again.

When Liu Yuqing saw it, he was shocked and furious. He thought to himself, "How could she hit me so unreasonably! What kind of kung fu is this!?"

No one had expected that the beautiful and cold-looking Zhou Qin would use a headbutt, which was like a street rogue's move. What's more, her collision had a wild momentum behind it, as if she couldn't defeat him, she would die!

The headbutt had no warning signs, and it was fierce. Liu Yuqing knew that he only had two choices: either he could choose to fight recklessly, or he could dodge. There was absolutely no third option.

Liu Yuqing was experienced. He knew that the braver one would win in a narrow escape. Whoever dodged first would be at a disadvantage in terms of momentum. The punches of young people were often more powerful. As long as he fought back, Zhou Qin's momentum would decline, and he could win the fight!

As soon as Liu Yuqing thought of this, he was quick to react and controlled his Qi to the extreme immediately. He also punched at Zhou Qin.

With this loud bang, the two people’s foreheads came together. When everyone heard the sound, their hearts trembled. Many cultivators touched their foreheads subconsciously as if they also felt incomparable pain.

Liu Yuqing was slammed by Zhou Qin's headbutt, and he really saw stars. He leaned back and felt a burning sensation on his forehead. He knew that he must be injured and that there had to be marks of injury on his face!

Liu Yuqing was both shocked and angry. "This girl really hurt me and made me bleed?"

When he took a closer look, he saw that Zhou Qin, who was opposite him, was also leaning back. Her forehead was also covered with blood!

But at this moment, Zhou Qin forcefully halted her momentum. She gritted her teeth, ignoring the blood on her face, and threw another punch at Liu Yuqing's face.

Liu Yuqing was furious. He gritted his teeth and threw another punch at Zhou Qin's fist again. When their fists collided, there was another cracking sound, like a hammer smashing uncooked beans.

Liu Yuqing had crashed head-on with Zhou Qin several times in a row. He was in so much pain that he could not control his trembling body. However, Zhou Qin, who was standing opposite him, seemed to have turned into an uncontrollable monster. Her hair was disheveled, and her face was covered with blood. With extreme ferocity, she sent another headbutt at Liu Yuqing!

Everyone looked at Zhou Qin on the battlefield and their hairs stood on end. They couldn't believe their eyes!

“How could such a beautiful woman be so fierce and desperate? Is she crazy?”

Some people couldn't help looking at Li Yundong and secretly speculating,"Was it Li Yundong's words that inspired Zhou Qin to do her best like this?”

But Li Yundong fixed his eyes on the field. His face was calm, and no emotion could be seen in his eyes. Only he knew that this was Zhou Qin's true character. She would rather be injured than succumb, and if she could not win, she would rather die in battle!

This girl could still be calm when facing a pistol. She dared to fight to the death with people in tall buildings. Even in desperation, she would jump from the tall building without hesitation. She would rather destroy herself than give in.

The seemingly weak girl had an extremely terrible power hidden within her body. It was enough to destroy all her enemies as well as herself!

Liu Yuqing saw Zhou Qin aiming another headbutt at him. The beautiful woman had already completely transformed into a ferocious-looking Banda Lam. Anyone who was her enemy would be dragged by her into the bloody, cruel abyss and perish together with her!

Zhou Qin's madness was far beyond Liu Yuqing's expectations and imagination. Facing her fierce attack again, he finally hesitated and became timid. He stepped back and finally chose not to fight head-on but to avoid her attack.

Liu Yuqing thought to himself, "Zhou Qin can't keep up such a fierce attack forever. As long as I can hold on, she will collapse soon enough!"

However, when he chose to retreat, an old cultivator shook his head and sighed in a low voice. "It's over. The opportunity has been lost. Liu Yuqing can't reverse the situation in his favor anymore! From now on, there is only Zhenren Liu in the cultivation world!"

Some young cultivators that had not understood asked in a low voice, "Why? Zhou Qin is crazy. She will definitely not last for long. As long as he avoids her, once she gets tired, won't he be able to win when he counterattacks?"

The elder cultivator said earnestly, "That's not right! Haven't you heard the saying 'powerful young men are good with their fists, experienced old men are good with clubs'? If the two of them were to compete with weapons, then it would depend on who was more skilled. Liu Yuqing's victory would be without a doubt. But when they fight hand-to-hand, what they fight with is courage, internal strength, and endurance! Don't look down on how they were fighting just now. Although they fought for a short time, it consumed a lot of energy. These few fights are even more tiring than your three consecutive fights!

"Although Zhou Qin is a woman, she's full of energy and she's at peak condition. Furthermore, she's so young. Her endurance is definitely better than Liu Yuqing's! If he wants to waste time with her, he might not be able to use up her energy! Besides, one of the rules of the Baji Fist is to require a cultivator to control his heart correctly. Next, it needs those who practice martial arts to be brave and then have great strength. Liu Yuqing studies the Baji Fist himself. Once he loses his courage, his power of kung fu will be reduced by at least half. How can he win?"

The young cultivators did not think much of it when they heard that. However, the sudden change in the situation left them convinced.

At this moment, when Zhou Qin saw that Liu Yuqing had chosen to back down, she suddenly became more and more frantic on the offensive, hitting, beating, twisting, kicking, breaking, biting, and smashing. She didn't go easy on him for even a moment.

Liu Yuqing had lost his momentum, so he had not dared to confront Zhou Qin head-on. He tried to dodge every time and thought that Zhou Qin should be exhausted. However, she was not exhausted. On the contrary, she was only getting fiercer and stronger!

Liu Yuqing was beaten to the point of having to step back, but after all, he was powerful. Although he retreated, he hadn't lost his balance. After dodging for a while, he saw that Zhou Qin's attack was like a storm which showed a sign of stopping. On the contrary, he himself was a little out of breath.

Liu Yuqing was anxious. He knew that if he continued wasting time like this, it was very likely that Zhou Qin would exhaust him to death. He composed himself and when he saw her punch coming at him, he suddenly turned around and fled.

Without thinking, Zhou Qin immediately stepped forward to give chase. As soon as she caught up, she saw him suddenly turn around and use his elbow to sweep across the air. It was as if he was doing a fierce and powerful Trailing Blade Slash!

This move suddenly exploded and she was caught off guard. It was the Snapping Skill that came from the battlefield. Back then, the saint of war, Guan Yu, had relied on this move to kill countless vengeful souls.

Someone in the crowd who knew immediately cheered loudly, but as soon as their voices rose, they saw Zhou Qin suddenly lean forward at a fast speed, as if she couldn't control her momentum because she was rushing too fast. So she simply leaned forward to avoid Liu Yuqing's attack, but as soon as she dodged, she exposed her entire back to Liu Yuqing.

Liu Yuqing's elbow swept across Zhou Qin's back. When he saw Zhou Qin opening herself up like this, he was instantly overjoyed. He raised his hand and flung it at the back of her head.

However, just as he lifted his hand, one of Zhou Qin's feet suddenly turned over and kicked out from behind her head, like a scorpion wagging its tail, and rushed towards Liu Yuqing's face like lightning!

Liu Yuqing hadn't expected that Zhou Qin, who had been fighting in such a rough and simple way, would use such a subtle and clever movement. He couldn't even react, so he was firmly kicked in the face by her foot.

Liu Yuqing felt a sharp pain in his face. He had almost lost his breath. He immediately closed his eyes and retreated quickly. His hands were half closed in front of his body, like two doors waiting for Zhou Qin to break in.

Zhou Qin did not hesitate to go forward and chase him immediately. She patted Liu Yuqing's ear with a very big palm. However, he was experienced. He stretched out his hands like a venomous snake and touched her neck. As long as he exerted some strength, her delicate neck would be twisted off by him!

As Liu Yuqing grabbed Zhou Qin's neck, he felt her fingers touch his eyelids at the same time. A chilling feeling went straight through his head, as if her two slender fingers would penetrate his eye sockets and go straight into his brain in the next second!

Although Liu Yuqing was threatening Zhou Qin's life, he did not feel like she was going to give up. He had not doubted that if he twisted her neck, this woman would definitely penetrate his eye sockets and pierce right into his brain before he did so. She would die together with him!

"Is it worth risking my life for this fight?"

At that moment, Liu Yuqing had even forgotten that he was a Yang Spirit master. Zhou Qin's crazy and terrifying mutual destruction had completely destroyed his will to resist. Without thinking, he immediately released his grip on her neck and shouted in horror, "Stop! I give up, I admit defeat!"

At this time, he felt her fingers stop on his eyelids, as if the muzzle of the gun was against his forehead, making him feel cold!

Zhou Qin maintained her posture of two dragons grabbing pearls, and her two fingers seemed like strong steel hooks. Her hair was disheveled, and her face was covered with blood. She gritted her teeth and asked ferociously. "Do you really admit defeat?"

Liu Yuqing nodded without hesitation. "I really do admit defeat!"

At this time, the ferocious expression on Zhou Qin's face slowly faded away. She withdrew her hand and took a deep breath, then looked around sharply and shouted, "Even my master is not a master today. He will definitely be a master in the future! Anyone who dares to question my identity as a chief disciple can come out to speak!"

At this time, everyone understood and thought to themselves, "Zhou Qin was so fierce and desperate just to seek justice for Li Yundong and herself!?"

“But for the sake of justice, and for a few words of contempt from everyone, was it worth it to fight so ferociously and desperately?”

For a moment, all the cultivators in the cabin were dumbfounded as they looked at Zhou Qin. No one answered her or stepped forward!

Zhou Qin stood proudly in the field and shouted at the crowd three times in a row. Seeing that the crowd was not responding, she walked towards Li Yundong slowly.

Zhou Qin walked over to Li Yundong's side, and her originally ferocious face suddenly became tender and emotional. She smiled and said softly, "Master, I didn't shame you, right?"

Li Yundong fixed his eyes on Zhou Qin. All kinds of feelings welled up in his heart. He slowly nodded and said, "No, you did a good job, a very good job!"

Zhou Qin smiled. Everyone could feel that the woman was no longer fierce. She had turned from a blood-stained steel knife into a blood-stained peony. She was a cold beauty, peerless and ethereal.

After Zhou Qin smiled, her body suddenly tilted and fell softly towards Li Yundong!

Everyone knew that she had already exhausted all her strength, and she had only been able to sustain it until then with a single breath!

The cultivators of all sects sighed emotionally. Du Fei from the Quanzhen Dragon Sect shook his head and sighed, "After this battle, all cultivators in the world will know of Zhou Qin's bravery. They all know that Li Yundong has a chief disciple who cannot be underestimated! From now on, no one will dare to look down on Li Yundong, and no one will dare to look down on Zhou Qin, a cultivator who has just joined the sect."